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Current There's never drama when you just reply with lyrics to Allstar
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If I could stop having terrible luck and flat tires that would be great....
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Ken bby call me a cornfield cause I'm always stalking you
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I saw you creeping earlier Celaria
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[@Altered Tundra] In that case is it even hitting Texas at all or are we the runner up :thinkingface:
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Known to the majority jk no one knows me as Beth, I am a 21 year old Nursing student, full of punny dad jokes, who avoids her life responsibilities on either the Guild Discord or the equivalent Nordic cancerous server belonging to the mighty Óðinn. I started rping on a site known as maxdanwiz which has long been dismantled by the masses, and through various wandering over the years, I found myself here. I'm down with nearly any rp topic though my writing styles range from casual to advanced depending on my levels of procrastination and the excessive levels of collabs. If anyone ever needs anything or wants to talk you can find me in any of my pms. Always down to help my famalamas any way possible :). There'd be no way to tag all the cool cats I've met here.

Useless facts about me: though originally American, I have travelled to four European countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and little Liechtenstein). May 24th I will be getting the opportunity to travel to Kenya (Kigulu and Kisumu) for two weeks on a healthcare mission teaching first aid care to the villages there and helping to treat as many of the locals as possible. I'm thankful for where God has taken me and all the adventures that are yet to come.

||~the Moon heals the soul||

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@Lady Selune Also can you go ahead and post your character sheet up for me dear ^-^
@CollectorOfMyst I'm a forgetful old lady 21yearold OLD LADY

@Majoras End We may be having a new Red king that will result in some changes in the future other than that she is perfect and can be moved over to the character tab.

@EchoicChamber Finally a character that isn't tragic..just normal XD I approve. Move her over :)
Katrina Marie Kingston

Hot steam floated gently upwards, swirling into the air as if dancing to some unknown tune only mother nature herself could compose. Kat’s eyes stared into the distance though her mind never lingered in the present for long. What began as gathering order to morning duties (for surely, she needed to trim the Rose bushes, gather the morning news from the Daffodils, and be sure to perk up the sour bushes) led to thoughts on the war. The Red Kingdom had never been this silent since the last batch of guests who appeared here. How long had it been? 12 years? The last time war hit the town it became a desolate shade of grey splashed with red. Whether this was from melancholy and heart soldiers or bellowing smoke and blood…she could not remember. All the same she couldn’t forget the screams.

”Greetings to you Kat.”

A familiar voice. A warm voice. Pulled back to the present, Katrina found herself with delicate hands clasped tightly against the body of the mint teacup. She didn’t even realize her heart had been pounding. Taking in her surroundings once more, eyes readjusted to the sight of a black and white cat floating belly up. All worry dissipated melting away like snow on the first of spring; no remanence of the past could be found in the simple smile adorned by red lips. He always had that effect on her. Placing the cup on the windowsill Kat unlatched the hooks while pushing the panels outwards. Fresh morning air filtered in, lightly moving the lace curtains to either side. Always the gentleman. She couldn’t help but to smirk.

Opening her mouth to offer a greeting the blissful moment disappeared instantaneously to the sound of the garden attacking some unknown object in an effort to protect what has always been theirs. Leaves, rustled against one another, the sound of surprise and shock as a retort. Her eyes opened wide for a moment fear from her earlier thoughts flooding her mind and muffling her senses. It’s the King. Moving back in a dazed shock she couldn’t feel her hand hit the porcelain. Hot liquid splashed against her legs on the way down, burning her slightly. The sound of glass shattering seemed distant and easy to ignore.

Heart beating wildly like a caged bird, Katrina turned, disappearing from the Chess’ sight before bolting out the door in direction of the scene. What she found instead only left her bumfuzzled. Fear subsided as quickly as it came replaced by a bubbly laugh. Instead of finding a card soldier or a hired aid, Kat lighted upon a petite blonde girl, no doubt from the other world. Grabbing the girl’s hands, Kat pulled her away from the angry plants scolding them as she did. The vines withdrew into themselves at the lecture.

“This girl is not an enemy; she is a guest now. I will not tolerate you all hurting innocent ladies. I expect you all to treat her as such!” Hands on her hips she turned with a humpf before readdressing the figure before her, voice now laden with motherly undertones/ “My dear are you alright? You must be full of fright with popping in another dimension and being attacked like that.“ looking back at the now calm flowers she made a small gesture, “They usually aren’t so misbehaved. They thought you were a scout, that’s all.”

Listening to herself, Katrina wondered how this girl would handle such nonsense. ‘Alices’ came and went yet she was still no better at explaining herself. People didn’t always react well to the news. Emotions ranged from disbelief, to shock, to anger. Katrina preferred to give each person a moment to gather their thoughts before giving telling them the truth about this place….They would be here for a long time.

Remembering the moment, the woman blushed bright red with embarrassment before glancing back towards the cabin. I just made that scene in front of Cheeesssss! I ignored him and it ended up just being a girl!!

There would not be any living down of this emotional morning. Shaking her head to brush away negative thoughts Katrina held out a hand, offering another smile, “Let me help you up. I live in the small cabin over there. Let’s get you a cup of tea and let you gather your thoughts. Then I’ll answer any questions you have.”

It looks as though she will be having all sorts of visitors today.

Hey guys I'm sorry for ghosting the last couple days. My family decided to come kidnap me for labor day where I ended up losing my internet for a couple days but they finally fixed my apartment internet (yay!) Unfortunately, that went up today and I had to be up and at my school at 5 am for Nursing tutoring over peds (we do tutoring in order to keep up with lecturing) After that (for 2hrs) I had 8 hrs of lectures between two classes and more tutoring. Needless to say I accidentally passed out when coming back from school.

My schedule will even out by the 18th. I understand Leaves decided to leave us so the Red King is now up for grabs as well.

@EchoicChamber as far as the civil war I pictured it to be gruesome in areas where the war breaks out. I imagined the Red King to be rather reserved until the Alices came back. With him now on the move I picture it to progressively get more dangerous as the rp goes on. If We don't get another Red King I will probably Narrate my own. As far as your friend I am finishing up my replies now and will read over any bios.

Once again I apologize to all of you ><
For this week alone I'm going to try not to make you guys wait that long. I have appeared from the pits. But I'm eating a really late dinner so it'll be a bit but I'll have a post up
How did I forget Absalom O.o. For bow he can be manipulated by any character. As far as Ross you have several options. It is possible of letting him pop up somewhere near the mansion or he can run into Dee. Or anywhere in the town for that matter. The garden. The woods. The bistro. He could fall upon the Red Jigs land and be at His mercy. They sit on the type of person your character is; where would they be drawn to?
That is truly up to y'all. Just because I did that with my Alice doesn't necessarily mean you have to do it with yours. If you do want them to fall into Wonderland then I would recommend having them fall in a location of Wonderlander can find them. Ie Allison fell in Katrina's garden. Dee in the mansion where she'll likely run into the hare. Ect.
@Akayaofthemoon I'm sure it'll be a lovely novel to read lol. Mine should have been longer in all honesty but I kept getting distracted by notes on Mental Health 😂
You guys can always post in whatever order you like.
IC is up. Had to write it during class so forgive me if it's not top notch ><

Lol top quality memes
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