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Also here are some questions I have for you guys while making everything
Please answer the best you can :)

1) Do you prefer to have a discord or rpg ooc only?
2) Are relationship sheets necessary/wanted?
3) How often do you feel event changes are necessary
A. Every two weeks same day
B. Every month same day
C. Varied by group vote

1) I like discord :D
2) Unsure: it might be nice to find a connection to start off with some people, but for me that doesn't have to be an entire sheet necessarily.
3) Once a month sounds pretty good.

Though, you know, I can probably live with all the outcomes to all the answers.
Well well well, this looks interesting.

David Almas

Location: Appolo's
Interacting with: Marcy @Write, Dallas @Plank Sinatra and Haley @HaleyTheRandom

"Three coffee please. Black." There was a new guy behind the counter. "No. No I don't a.. No! NO Puppacino's! No, my dog drinks coffee like normal people. Thank you very much." Yeez. He turned around to Haley with his hands full of coffee cups, after throwing some coins on the counter that were still in his pocket from the time he was chilling with Charon. "Here ya go. One soulcoloured coffee for the lady."

David looked around the café with still a cup of coffee in each hand. For some reason he still expected a normal café scene every time he came here. But the demi-gods were tirelessly excersizing their uniqueness. Today was a fairly quiet day it seemed. Let's see

1) People spilling coffee by the window
2) Half-naked lovescene in the corner
3) Dallas and David's half-sister doing a job interview on the other side of the room

Nothing unusual so far
It was almost too quiet. As if any moment something could happen. David wasn't sure if he would be relieved or dissapointed if it wouldn't.

4) Zoey Kepler smiling to herself and her dog at the bar "Oh crack!"

Now halfway his first coffee, he had totally forgotten that Dawn had F-d up the Zeus kids apartment doorhandle. Time was of the essence. And it was time to ask a favor.

David walked up to his half-sister and coughed just too suspiciously.
"Hey Mars!" Wide grin, then nodding at her companion. "Morning Dallas"
Back to Marcy:
"Hey, I was thinking, remember how I always thought it was really cool that you can bend metal and all.."

David Almas

Location: Appartment building
Interacting with: Greyson @Moro and Haley @HaleyTheRandom

Ok yes, the mechanical snow leopard looked like it could take a hit, and perhaps it was able to withstand Twilight's strength. But his horsesized companion was direct offspring of the guardian of the underworld, and David was unsure about what potential damage the creature could actually do. With any luck, the epic nature of their pets would cancel each other out a bit. Then again, what if the creatures would be fine, but the building would be damaged? The fact that Greyson seemed comfortable with it, made him slightly more optimistic. Still, if something did go wrong, he would feel terribly responsible. He sighed and decided to just watch how this scenario would unfold.

Dusk stopped. Dawn started barking at Sheba. David snuck through the minimal gap between his dog's body and the wall, only to find himself in the middle of a classic staredown between godly animals. "I hope you're right, Greyson." He quickly continued his way behind enemy lines. Once he had passed Sheba, he went on to fist-bump the other pet-owner. "Wait, what time is it? Did I oversleep again?" He had some trouble waking up lately. Most of the time, actually. Teachers were not a fan.

David peered into Hayley's room. "Morning moonshine, I was going to get some coffee at Appo's, Wanna join?"

Dawn had stopped barking, so David looked into the hallway once more, just to make sure. Dawn had started gnawing on the doorhandle of another room.

David Almas

Location: Appartment building
Almost interacting with: Greyson @Moro and Haley @HaleyTheRandom

David found himself having trouble breathing as he woke up. Twilight had decided to crawl on his bed in the night. And though he loved the two-headed
it was enormous and heavy AF. "Alright" He wheezed. "Down boys"
One of the heads woke and started licking David's face. Dawn's movements woke up Dusk too, who was annoyed and bit Dawn's ear. David decide to just push the dog off. It took some effort, but Twilight coöperated eventually.
It was still too early to force himself to do anything, but Twilight was already at the door, both heads whining to go out.

Might as well.
David grabbed the clothes he left lying around and was ready in a matter of seconds. Not looking very fresh yet, but a coffee at the café would help with his mind and face. The wrinkles in his shirt would stay.
He manouvered himself past the dog that was blissfully unaware that it was blocking the hallway to his front door.
"Be quiet alright? People are just waking up."

Twilight seemed to understand, and the duo-slash-trio strolled through the building for a peaceful twenty seconds. It didn't take long however, before the dog spotted the cat in the distance. From the threatening soft growls, David feared that soon he would have to run after his pet to keep him from harming the cat. Those were the only creatures Twilight would actually harm. Perhaps squirls too. But the cat dissapeared into Haley's room at the command of Greyson and now the dog was inclined to investigate.

"Greyson, Good morning! Better shut the door!"

@Obscurus While it's true we go through periods of silence, it always picks up, so there is nothing to worry about.

And as far as your character is concerned, Dave's accepted! Move him over to the chars tab and do the ic thing whenever you ya want to!

Great! Sorry for doubting;p

Does david get to live in one of the shared appartments or is he out of luck?
And if so, with whom would that be?

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