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The Gathering

Interacting with Frogshade @The Elvenqueen

Crowjaw enjoyed Gatherings, though he was never a talkative cat, it was refreshing to be with different cats, he wasn't well loved in Lightclan, almost every cat in lightclan gave him kind nicknames, such as "Weak", "Coward" and some of the mean cats like his loving brother, called him the little brother, which drove him nuts. The reason why he was so hated was because he had the "stupidity" to stand up for the weak, Crowjaw was a Warrior, Warrior's exist to defend those who cannot, but Lightclan was full of "Warriors", ones who are "honorable", they act "honorably" hurting the weak and treating them like slaves.

Horrible memories of his childhood came back to him, his older brother Crookedclaw, his name fit him perfectly, he was crooked and evil, yet his parents favored that scumbag over Crowjaw, in his parent's eye, Crookedclaw was a sweet little kitten who couldn't do any harm, so they look the other direction when Crookedclaw beats his blind Sister Rosetail, then Crowjaw would attack Crookedclaw in a futile attempt to get him to stop, but in the end it would all be for naught. His parents would instead yell at Crowjaw and his sister for hurting their poor little baby, performing mental gymnastics to make the victim look like the bully. He scowled at the air, other cats had childhoods made of shining gold, while Crowjaw had nothing but ash for one.

He followed his leader Jaggedstar down the gathering, in a line of other warriors, Though Jaggedstar didn't followed the philosophy of defending the strong and punishing the weak, he was still his leader nonetheless, it was his job to follow his leader's every order, any true warrior would do the same, He liked Jaggedstar in a way, he was strong and ruthless, he was a leader that would lead Lightclan to glory and it was Crowjaw's mission to follow his lead. He walked off into the crowd of cats, being one of the only Lightclan cats to intermingle with the rest, he spotted Frogshade watching Ashclaw with a sort of worry, he didn't know what was wrong but he did know one thing, it was his duty to help her. Is something wrong? he asked her with a voice full of concern
I think we should just start, if we need important rolls filled we can just have NPCs and if someone wants to play as one of the unfilled roles they can just play as the NPCs
Jarold sat still as a statue in the Bush, he feared no evil, yet he found that when he saw this foul hellspawn, he had begun to shiver, the beast was humongous, he had to look up in order to see it's twisted face, Jarold had no idea what hell looked like, but when he saw that beast, he knew that hell would look exactly like that monster.

Jarold took out a silver hatchet, not that the silver would help much against this monster, the hatchet used to be used for the peaceful work of chopping trees, but now it had been re purposed as a tool for chopping heads, after all to Jarold, every beast of the night was just a tree for him to chop, he took out a vial of manticore poison and poured it on the axe head, his hand shaking as he did so. he silently prayed that the first blow would kill the monster, Jarold was strong but this monster would give him more than a little headache.

The Monster's word's fell upon deaf ear's, Jarold does not run. He suddenly leaped out of the bush holding the hatchet in his right arm, he threw the poisoned hatchet in a arc towards the creatures skull, he had one shot, one opportunity, now he just had to capture it before he let it slip.

@Lurking Shadow
Lightclan best clan
@Lurking Shadow is it ok if I attack you IC in this rp?, I feel bad for tracking your character down and hunting him, I want to know if your ok with Jarold attacking Xidhru in this
thats perfect!
can you please change the blue to a lighter color?, I can barely see it since it's so dark
Jarold took the three vials and thanked the kid, it was a shame that he left, he could tell from the kid's eyes that he believed Jarold to be insane, what a joke, Jarold could tell that the kid was more insane than him, everyone but Jarold was a nutter in his eyes, monsters prowled the night, killing innocents, yet everyone pretended as if it was no problem. he used to live in a frontier town, with only 2 digits of people living their, one day a person went missing, but no one cared. Jarold noticed that people constantly went missing yet nobody was willing to search for them, everyone just silently celebrated that it was someone else instead of them.

If that wasn't insanity, Jarold didn't know what was. because of humanity's apathy towards the creatures of the night, they dotted the earth like flies on a corpse, he got up and parted ways with the child, it was a shame he didn't join him, the snowy wastelands were getting too dangerous to be traveled alone, when he was a kid he could take a long walk in the forest without any trouble, yet now he felt nervous in a crowded bar, he got up and left, he had finished his work in this town, now he had to go find new prey.

Jarold's face was hit with cold, it was always cold in Kansas but here it felt even colder, fog obfuscated the view in front of him, though Jarold did not mind, he was born into this weather, a regular traveler would stumble, trip and die in this weather, but Jarold was not a regular man, he survived even colder weather, fought through worse odds, if anyone would survive the night, Jarold was that man. The fog suddenly seamed to part in front of him, looking down he saw a severed arm clutching a revolver, he kneels to examine it, the snow crunching beneath his knees, the arm was completely ripped apart, blood pooling around a stump which used to be connected to a body, at a closer glance he found even more body parts, gut's lined the field in front, he felt a shiver go down his spine, in all his life he had never seen something like this, he had killed vampires, ghouls and countless other creatures of the night, but not once has he seen something this big.

But this big creature didn't do a good job of covering his tracks, most people would be blind to see his frontprints, after all the snow had done a good job of tracking it, but Jarold practically lived outside, he could tell the size of someone simply by looking at their footprint, he followed the gigantic footprints to a cave, a deep endless cave, he knew that whatever monster committed this crime laid deep inside this cave, he crossed his chest and muttered a silent prayer as he set up traps in front of the entrance, when the monster walked through it's leg's would be tangled in a rope he had hidden, Jarold found a bush covered in snow and hid it in, to the human eye, they would simply see a cave and a bush.

@Lurking Shadow
The Demon walked up to him and sat next to him, staring at him straight in the eyes with a unblinking face, a face with a mix of hate, disgust and contempt, the world seemed to pause around him as he spoke, everyone slowly cocking their guns and aiming at his head, the kid went to defend him but why? this was Jarold's fault, he was given the choice to save humanity, but all he had done was kill humans.

"This is why I'm here, to stop you from doing this, to stop you from committing a massacre on INNOCENTS! the demon suddenly yelled at him, getting up from the chair, the demon spat in his face "This is your fault, you can change and stop this madness right here, it will only bring you and other's pain the demon added, the words striking deep into Jarold's veins, causing him to get cut into a thousand pieces, scars that only Jarold could see. But Jarold learned from this, he learnt that his religious zealotry had blinded him and driven him to hate, to kill other's for being different, but Jarold could stop right here!, he could use his strength for good instead of evil!, in the deep depression he had spiraled into, he realized tha-

Then the Girl turned to ashes, turns out she was a vampire after all!, Jarold's epiphany dissolved in front of him, his blind zealotry had worked!, everything he had thought earlier had disappeared and he quickly went back to his old way of thinking, supernatural creatures weren't meant to exist, god wills it so. Jarold burst into a bubbling laughter, he had been so foolish. the Demon ran screaming out of the bar, enraged by how close to his unholy victory he had come only for it to be torn away by the sense of reason. "There is no need to apologize!" he told the kid in a happy voice "Some are more faithful than others, though it would be great if we were to work together, this land is covered with creatures of death and darkness, only together we can slew these monster's and inherit the earth" he preached, despite the kid's lack of faith, he had grown to like to him, he was level-headed and intelligent, which most people had none of.

He got up from his chair, he downed a cup of water that he had ordered, he would drink alcohol but it was unfortunately the devil's liquid, "Well!, these beasts are going to kill themselves, let's go out and see what prey we can find" he spoke with enthusiasm, for most of his hunting, he had been completely alone with nothing but voices and visions to accompany him.

@ViolentViolet I can create another character as a love interest if you want
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