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The only explanation for this comment is that you have never seen a woman before.

Am I crazy
No, no. Though the men are quite a bit taller than the women, and far rarer, they generally look quite similar.

Oh god all an orc has to do is shave and they will pass as a woman! ORC TRAPS EVERYWHERE

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Because it seemed like we were running out of time and Solamelike was away from the computer at the time but his CS was finished so I posted it along with mine. They go together anyways.

As for why we have such a close relationship, we are best buds and worked on the characters together in a Google Doc.

This is correct
Interested if a space is still free

Day 1 Morning - Civility Forest - A few miles from The Capital Vanir.

The sun lay low in the sky, signifying the start of summer in Alba, however this could be easily argued false as the snow that blanketed the soil of the forest was still as heavy as ever. The snow of Alba tells a story, tales of creatures walking, or running. The tales the snow told Hundi, the heir to the Tostisson clan, was that of a large hoofed creature moving north of his position. He had been tracking the creature for many hours, and the hunt was soon to be complete. The snow told Hundi that the creature had begun to slow, and with this information the large man quickened his pace.

The next clue the snow gave him was the spatter of crimson splashed across it. The damage Hundi’s first arrow had placed was taking effect on the creature. Patience was all it took to finally take such a large beast down. He altered his path, moving slightly east until he made his way to a clearing, there he found the creature he had been following. It was stumbling slightly, the arrow to its shoulder still stuck deep within. Hundi looked at it for a moment, admiring the strength of such a muscular being as he removed the bow from his back and began to nock an arrow. The projectile flew quickly and pierced the horned creature in the neck, the antlered beast reared slightly and huffed viciously. It was not to be killed so easily, however the body of the animal was to give up before its mind and despite its determination to stay standing the creature slumped to lie down. Hundi began to approach, causing the creature to cry out and attempt an escape, which only caused itself more damage as it fell into the snow. The pelt covered man attempted to calm the beast, cooing slightly as he removed the large blade from his belt. It was over quickly, the animals blood spilling quickly across the snow. Another story for the frost to tell.

Day 1 Noon - The Capital Vanir - High King Vikar’s Bed Chambers

Why could he smell Cinnamon?
The High King awoke from his restful slumber, yawning loudly as he stretched out his muscular arms. He panned his head around the room, the walls adorning themselves with countless trophies from many hunts and battles, he stopped when he found the source of the unusual smell. Incense has been lit on Vikar’s desk. ‘Must have been one of the woman’ He thought slowly rising himself from the many furs that adorned his large bed. As he did so a faint knock came from the door.
“Who is it?” asked Vikar, wiping the sleep from his eyes. Instead of a response the door opened as his son Griotgard entered.
“Still in bed Father, how are you supposed to do anything these days when you are sleeping half the time.” Griotgard teased, he moved towards the desk, “You going soft on us?” He asked gesturing to the pleasant smelling incense slowly burning.
“I awoke to it, probably one of the new Thralls” He replied rising from the bed and moving towards the wardrobe “What brings you here Griotgard?”
“Oh, Thorarin of the Crossroads has traveled to meet with you. I believe it is to discuss the goings on in the south.” Griotgard replied, moving to the door. “He is waiting for you in the meeting hall, I suggest you hurry, before he sponges all of the ale.” He then left ignoring his father's groan of annoyance. ‘What does that idiot want now…’ Vikar thought changing quickly and moving to the meeting hall.

The meeting hall was a large stone room, adorned with many paintings and tapestries of past battles of glory and honour. Each Jarl was represented here and each had a seat at the long table. However today only one seat was filled, that of The Crossroads. The Jarl of which was a large fat man who easily lost himself to ale and food. Thorarin drank heartily from a large tankard, a half empty bottle sitting beside it. As Vikar entered the man sat up.
“Ah, so glad for you to join us your majesty” Thorarin proclaimed bitterly, swigging at his drink “I have only been waiting a cuckles breakfast!*”
“What do you want Thorarin” Vikar asked, seating himself at the head of the table and nodding towards the small woman who stood in the corner. She looked nervously at the High King then went to find some wine.
“It's about the southerners, this ‘colour’ is spreading and I was wondering what plans we have to dealing with it.” He replied.
“Dealing with what? This ‘colour’ will not reach this far north, the cold will kill anything but the strongest of Albians.” Vikar retorted, he found the whole ordeal foolish, the disease of the mind would not find its way this far north.
“But if it does make it this far?” Thorarin asked.
“Then we will deal with it, Albians are a strong people, they will not be brought to their knees by a disease. We will survive this and get through it, your lack of faith in the strength of my people is what I find the most worrying here Thorarin.” Vikar responded angrily. The wine was brought in as silence enveloped the room. The foreign concubine began to pour a glass but was shaking quite erratically. “Just leave the bottle!” Yelled Vikar, causing the woman to quickly place the beverage down and speedily walk away. Thorarin was unsure how to respond, he began pouring himself another tankard of ale.
“You should leave Thorarin, go back to your lands, and have faith in the Albian people.” Vikar drank from his glass waiting for a response. Instead Thorarin stood and left the room.
Vikar drank alone, wondering if the words he spoke would be easier said than done.

*A cuckles breakfast - Alba slang for a long time.

Is it cool if my nation had a war with Alba twenty or so years ago, that concluded in a stalemate?

Sounds good to me :)
If we don't get any new players soon, I might be closing some of these borders if you are willing.

Spaces that need to be filled now: spot between @LordZell, @Lone Wanderer, and @Willy Vereb. Up to you three who wants it.

@Liotrent the rest of your peninsula needs to be claimed, do you want it? Maybe a colony for someone else?

Space between {@solamelike] @Elgappa and @Lone Wanderer.

@Ekreture Want that strip of land leading up to Solamelike?

I will become bigger and stronger. I will be viking mother russia!
[hider=Nation Sheet]

Nation Overview & Government


Alba is a nation filled with large barbaric individuals known mainly for pillaging and conquering land without remorse. In recent decades the wave of chaos have slowed as raiding parties have begun to settle down to create settlements. This is partly due to the centralisation of the original clans of Alba that have now joined together under one flag.

Alba society is divided into three socio-economic classes of Thralls, Karls and Jarls.

Thralls are the lowest ranking class and are slaves, used for everything from chores to large scale construction. New Thralls are supplied by either the sons and daughters of thralls or enemies captured.

Karls are free peasants. They own farms,land and cattle and engage in daily chores. They employ Thralls if they can afford to buy them to do the more manual aspects of farming life.

Jarls are the Aristocracy of Alba society, owning most of the wealth and living in excess. Jarls involve themselves in administration, politics, hunting, sports and expeditions. Jarls will have many Thralls tend to them, and receive offerings of allegiance from Karls. Jarls rule over Karls, a beneficial agreement for both parties as Jarls receive food and minerals from the land of the Karl's of which they trade with other Jarls. Karls receive protection from the Jarls in exchange for this, and also can buy food and minerals from other settlements that the Jarls trade with.

At the top is a King, a recent addition to the classes, this man or woman is the main connecting force between the Jarls and calls upon them when diplomatic manners must be attended.


Albians are tall and bulky individuals, men standing at an average of 6’ 5”, and woman standing at 5’ 7”. They speak Branter, a mix of Old Norse and Gaelic languages. The Albians deem non-Albians lesser to themselves, seeing those south as weaker and feeble.


The climate of Alba is that of frozen tundra, the further north the worse the conditions are, despite this many settlements reside all over, surviving however they can. Despite this most settlements are to the southeast, as the climate is better and allows more opportunity for farming.

Ruling Jarls
Yellow (The North) -Sigvid Snækolsson
Orange (The Crossroads)-Thorarin Kolbeinsson
Green (North islands) -Svein Arnorsson
Blue (WestLands) -Ormhild Krakidottir
Red (Grasslands) -Holmfrid Sveindottir
Black (Civility) -Hervor Havardottir
Grey (The Swamps)-Thyre Kardottir

Albians are a hardy people that take pleasure in the simplest things. Fighting, sex, money and eating, because of this many festivals occur all year around in Alba culture. Power is deemed the most important and impressive aspect, and an individual who can show they have power, be it through physical strength or through the subjugation of others, will earn respect with the Alba people.
What are your people like? What is notable about their culture and how they do things? History may play a large role in this section, and vice-versa. Include a religion here if you want! There is no official dogma, so have fun.


Alba is rather technically challenged and so must import firearms and gunpowder from other nations, as well as any machinery.

The mines in the mountains of Alba produce many minerals including copper, iron and gold. This, plus the large amount of vegetables such as potatoes and turnips that are produced provides an excess of possible export goods. The large furry animals of Alba also produce a large fur trade.


The military consists of all aspects of Alba society. Thralls are used mostly to carry and care for animals whilst traveling, but can rise to become true Alba Warriors. Karls are expected to fight at the request of a Jarl, and most will gladly take up arms to prove their worth. Due to the large population of Alba, this creates a large military force.

The general equipment of the Alba military is varied between the different clans and Jarls.A large axe or sword is the most common weapon, paired with a shield. Muskets have become more common but many factions will fire off only a single volley of musket fire then throw their guns to charge at the enemy. This technique is used effectively due to the size of the Alba forces, as well as the intense fear it creates in the enemy that is traditionally used to volley tactics.

Alba forces are adored with many furs, covering the body from head to toe. This armour is a necessity in the cold, but has also known to deflect a sword slash or bayonet lunge.

The Alba are also master seamen, the longboats they hand craft light enough to be some of the fastest ships on the continent, and able to transport many men and women over large areas.


Started off on one of the islands to the north then expanded. IM BAD AT HISTORY OK.


The Trade Union of Isang Tribes.
Many raids in past.
Hired by them sometimes

'The Federation of Lythian States'
Import citrus, steel, blades, guns, textilea,olive oil, wine and lumber
Export gold iron copper and furs.


High King
Vikar Tostisson

Son's of High King
Hundi Tostisson

Griotgard Tostisoon

Sigvid Snækolsson
Thorarin Kolbeinsson
Svein Arnorsson
Ormhild Krakidottir
Holmfrid Sveindottir
Hervor Havardottir
Thyre Kardottir


Gnupa Onämsson
Bjalfi Steinkelsson
Osvald Wengosson
Vandrad Hjorvarthsson
Vigdis Kætilmundottir
Holmfrid Jorundottir
Freygerd Blanndottir
Jarngerd Cnutdottir
Thjodhild Thorfrethrdottir
Thorhalla Arnlaugdottir

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