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Current Anyone wanna do an amalgam universe RP? OCs and established combinations welcome
8 mos ago
So I've got some superhero characters I'd love to play in a group rp. Anyone got one I can jump into?
8 mos ago
Super hero, anime, multiverse, and fantasy based role plays anyone? Seriously pm cause I wanna writing
1 yr ago
bored af right now
1 yr ago
Awesome. I've been let down again. Why do I try with anyone? No one in RL treats me with the same respect I give them. To them: next time you want me at a family thing. Then I think I might be busy.


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@Dnafein thank you and yes I am still interested. Just didnt want to assume it was still ok. Thank you again
It kinda focuses on the movies yeah but I will be pulling lore from comics too. I dont think there will be a problem with using wolverine. Though I havent decided if there is going to be an xmen team or if I'm going to be doing a government run superhero academy and that's where they get their avengers
Apologies everyone I know I agreed to be in this with you all but as life had gotten in the way over these past weeks I feel that it's in the best interests that I withdraw. I'm feeling myself again but dont feel it fair that I inject my character into something that's already started
@Alfhedil apologies if this came off the wrong way. I was actually on the verge of loosing my apartment along with dealing with my job. New Heroes is something I have time to do now and want to explore with a few friends of mine and whomever decideds to join. I merely was stating that I was going to withdrawal due my not introducing my character instead of being pushy and asking to go ahead and do an intro. Please take my apologies as you will.
Right now the basic idea is around the event of the Thanos snap. In this version Doctor Strange manages to affect the stones and it breaks the barrier between the two universes and destroys the guardian. From there our characters would come to know the new world or for them the world as they have always seen it. Maybe a few if us know the truth or have dreams of a world that used to be. Abominations crop up, people go missing, new things show up that arent supposed to be there like stark tower which has never existed.

Our characters will drive alot of the world we live in. Some city names will stay the same, along with some companies, monuments, organizations, and people. This depends in some of your characters. Getting to that use your craziest ideas and come up with either unique combinations, or OCs that might appear in this universe affected by the snap. Now dont go getting op god modding, and please limit combinations to two maybe three but run it by me.

This rp can run alot of ways in that some characters could know what happened and be out to fix it by somehow separating the two universes. Some could like how things are now and want to keep it this way. Some might not even know what's going on and just keep living their life the way they have always "seen" it.

Those that want to have a previous conciousness from the old universes would need to be in a state of discovery somewhat. In that you have more than likely a new body, new powers, no powers, or maybe even you keep losing moments of time because another also inhabits the body but has no clue you live in it as well till they start waking up in strange places. Those are just examples.

If you wanna play an established character that's fine as long as it's no one on the avengers team: Iron man, thor, black widow, hulk, hawkeye, doctor strange, black panther, vision, nova, and ant-man. Same goes for the main members of the justice league: superman, batman, green lantern, hawk girl or man, wonder woman, atom, Martian man hunter, aquaman, and shazam. That's not to say you cant take elements of these characters and use them in combinations. Also you may use villains as heroes in this new world with a few exceptions, dark seid, Thanos, and any other entities that enter god tier or omega level status in their own. That also being said no Sentry.

There will be no nova corps and no green lantern corps hence why I took their characters out. There will also be no Kree empire. These three organizations are going to be formed into one militaristic group that governs most of space. The powers of this new group will be that of the nova corps but with the construct forming and colored light of the green lantern corps. Their symbol will be the lantern with the nova star emblazoned over top. There will be no rings, only the light that will seek out new cadets in times of need. Otherwise cadets are chosen by the tribunal of OA who act as a single mind.

Lastly is that this rp will mostly be taking place on Earth to start with. Once things get a bit fleshed out we may take to space. That being said if you play a character that originated from space have a reason to be on earth with also no way off world currently.

Symbiotes or Klyntar are not forbidden but not everyone is allowed to have them. If you play a character that is bonded to a symbiote please explain if they are sentient or not as this will count towards a player limit. Suits that can produce something similar to the symbiotes count as tech not a living creature.

Some rules for this so far are; no god modding or oping, dont argue with the DM or COs, asking questions about an idea goes to the pm not in occ or the interest check, character limit is 2 to 3 depending on how well you can keep up, GM or COs reserve all rights to hold discussion about removing any character or anyone from the game if any of the rules are broken and can be carried out with a vote by those in the discussion. Lastly all rules of the guild apply.

I will not harp for grammar but please check you work. I also understand that those of you that can only post from phones might have a hard time editing things, I myself am in this category. Use all the creativity as you want when it comes to colors of posting for characters, showing locations, times, dates, so on and so forth but please dont get upset with others if they dont. This is in causal but I kinda wanna keep this going once it gets of the ground so I will rate it as advanced causal as far as posting goes. You wont get kicked for not posting in a while but please know you might hold others up in story with them if you are in one with them. They reserve all right to abandon that part of the story till you come back in or revisions can be made.

Thank you all for listening to this rambling and I hope to see you all in the forum. As stated above any questions please message me.
Well as it stand I never introduced my character because life got in the way. I'm just going to withdraw and wish you all the best
@JessieTargaryen@Alfhedil cs is posted for your judgement
Fixed it but having problems finding a picture for Magnus/Chimera

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