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God keep me from ever completing anything.

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Also quick question, what are your thoughts on musical links? Just in terms of setting tone etc, because quite frankly, I have the MOST HEROIC SHIT planned.

Nah, I kid. I ain't the fun the police so I say GO FOR IT!


Oh yeah, she's totally out of her element. If this circle was her element this would be her approximate location at the moment. Girl is like not even 5'5" and barely weighs one hundred pounds soaking wet. Not the type to be caught in a scrap much more likely to be running away from the scary cat-men like a sensible person.

Also fun fact for you folks! At the current moment your characters would'n know who she is at the moment either given that she isn't in the telltale robes, as the party is to officially meet the caravan tomorrow morning when you set off.
Of course the other option is nobody rescues her. Valya ain't exactly a damsel, she has the capacity to turn her foe into bloody chunks smeered onto the wall. (Then again capacity to do something and the skill and experience to pull it off are two very different things.) She's just not a grizzled soldier/adventure, and so has a habit of panicking in actual combat scenarios. But if push comes to shove she should be able to deal with her current situation mostly okay. Hopefully. Maybe.

Butttt, I'm certain she wouldn't mind the help.
Yeah, I actually don't know how somebody like her might feel.

I mean, my brother spends a lot of time down in Washington D.C for work, and is by Gallaudet University and the bar scene over there is still filled with people, so you have a bar filled with college students texting instead of talking because it's easier for quick communication in like a group chat then signing sometines, it's kinda surreal in a weird/awesome kinda way. But then again most of those kids are deaf as well as mute, so I don't know how just a mute person would find it.
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And we have an introduction post up and ready to go. Starting things off nice and simple with a bar brawl of sorts. Because how a character punches somebody in the face tells you a lot about them! That and it helps establish tone pretty quickly: serious grimdark adventure story this ain't! Feel free to watch, partake, or if you feel so kind save Valya from being eaten by a cat-man.

There are few typos scattered about, but I'm sure that can be fixed with a good look over! Besides that though everything looks good on my end. Feel free to move him over at your leisure!

Besides the building plan not really. Through the ork may be able to point you in the right direction on who you should get to know as it were.
The real joke here is that you all think there is a plot.

I mean... yes everybody will be fine!

I still wanna give @Dogematix some time. Butttt that being said launch date is set for the 27th, so no matter happens unless I like die or get horribly ill the intro post will go live then!

P.S @Dogematix everything looks pretty good so far!
Much better now! Feel free to move her over to the CS tab. ^-^
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Hey sorry for the late reply! Kinda caught a stomach-bug yesterday and even getting out of bed was kind of an issue. But, the next post is up! It's kinda terrible now that I'm looking at it, or at least I think it's kinda terrible so uh sorry about that!
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