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Current Spontaneously moving to a new account- OfWindAndRain.
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Born too late to explore the world; born too early to explore the galaxy.


I'll eventually get a real bio in here.

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viciousEmpress 4 yrs ago
You are a really awesome and sweet person.
Willy Vereb 4 yrs ago
Hey, can you log in for chatzy?
Madame Kitten 4 yrs ago
Tip for rice; use a rice cooker and one cup of water per cup of rice (same goes for half a cup) and then add an extra cup! Guarantee you it'll work! ^~^
Rain 5 yrs ago
You know, it's usually an enforced policy for officers to wear vests either external or under the shirt. Well, in the United States at least.

Source: Lived with a Police Officer.
Sarpedon 5 yrs ago
Thanks for the vote of confidence bro, you're pretty dope yourself.
MsMellow 5 yrs ago
I figured I might as well graffiti your wall in turn. :P
CandiBarr 5 yrs ago
Yin 5 yrs ago
No, thank you for making me feel welcome! You're surrounded by good company when you need it. Thank you, again. ^3^
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