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Current oh god. help.
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Anime is real.
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I'm here in my garage- with my lamborghini. You know what is better than my lamborghini? Knowledge. I have 3000 books and I read one book everyday.
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I deal with self-sustaining depression that makes me aware of the deep wrongs of the society of the world that surrounds us.. no. not really.
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A lone warrior surviving hundreds of battles, when it comes to losing, I'm the strongest.


Bio means life.

Boi means here come dat boiii. (o shit waddup!)

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Bois, bois.

Ma men.

Sorry for the inactivity. It was just; busy life? Good god. I'll try to catch upp peeps don't worry ;^;

My summer is ending, so does the color of my life. D:


Day/Time: Day 2, Morning
Location: Mama's
Tag(s):[@Holy Soldier (Cloud, Wario, Waluigi) @Bright_Ops
(Luigi) [@@Guardian Angel Haruki (Frisk) @DracoLunaris Naija @Zarkun (Varrock) @Etherean Fire (Fox)

Bartz nodded at Frisk's thanks and hopped down Boko's back and down to the stony sidewalk beside Mama's. "Boko, stay here." Bartz said before entering Mama's, then going outside again. He knew Boko would disobey Bartz and follow him. "Boko!" Bartz hissed and went back to Mama's. Bartz, for the last here to enter the Mama's, still doesn't know what's happening so he decided to wait and figure out the what's and why's. Bartz could smell food that he doesn't have tasted or smelled before, but he was sure it was food. Because the Wario brothers are eating it.

Bartz remembered his powers are still gone and what's left was his sword and dagger. He doesn't want to speak up and give a nasty remark to Wario, because he doesn't kniw him. So he bit back his thoughts.

Day/Time: Day 2, Morning
Location: Sans' Bedroom - Pixel City
Tag(s):@Guardian Angel Haruki (Frisk)

Sans looked down at his phone and shrugged. Not asking who Bartz is or what Mama is. He felt like maybe he wouldn't help, after all, it seems like they got it covered. And Frisk is not there for Toriel to know he's still here. "welp." Sans gave a sigh and teleported to their Kitchen, where Papyrus is making spaghetti loudly with pots and pans crashing and banging. He trudged towards the fridge and took a bottle of ketchup, then started drinking it and walked towards their front door.

"bye paps. see you later." Sans said aloud and opened the door and went outside, closing the door behind him. Then he continously teleported until he reached the edge of Ebott Town that leads to Pixel City. It was a City, so it should have convenience stores with ketchup.
I'll post tomorrow!!


Fasuto blinked to confirm that they had indeed teleported away. Nodding from Ophion's instructions, he assisted Smith to carry him by taking his arm over Fasuto's shoulders.

Fasuto glanced at Kara, then let Ophion do his thing. His head jerked to Aerta as she seemed to be shocked to see a fox, he ignored it and shook her hand.

" I'm Fasuto." He said as he shook his paw.

" Looks like I can't argue." Fasuto said and paced beside Ophion, wishing Adykon good luck.

Day/Time: Day 2, Morning
Location: Mario's Funeral
Tag(s):@Guardian Angel Haruki (Frisk)

Bartz told the chocobo to find a way around, which Boko did without hesitation, he began to jog to their right, to where Frisk pointed, to a street that he hoped that will bring them around the wall.

"What's that thing on your hand?" Bartz asked as he saw Frisk dialing up. Waiting for a reply, he steered Boko to the street and entered it, only to find the chasers might've gotten first and they'll come last. Boko started running to try and catch up. Bartz steered Boko around to signal him where to go. Eventually, they'll find where the others are.

Day/Time: Day 2, Morning
Location: Lost In Pixel City
Tag(s):@Guardian Angel Haruki (Frisky)

A slamming of a door alerted Sans awake, Papyrus have entered his bedroom, a pink apron that says 'THE GREAT CHEF PAPYRUS' was wrapped around his neck and waist and a chef hat on his skull. His scarf was still there, though. There was an uncooked pasta in a box grasped in his right gloved hand and a cellphone in his other hand. Papyrus looked furious.

"SANS! YOU LEFT YOUR PHONE LYING AROUND THE FLOOR BESIDE THE COUCH!!" Papyrus yelled in dismay, the phone is ringing. Wonder who would that be? Bet was on Frisk. Or Toriel for Frisk. Sans eyes widened in realization that he was supposed to be with Frisk in Pixel City! Sans sat on his bed, his usual goofy grin still in place.

"huh? thanks paps. didn't know it was floored." He snorted, his grin wider. The kind-hearted tall skeleton gave his brother the phone after a long exagerated groan and exited the room with another banging of the door.

" and here I thought he was open to people. heh." Sans stood up with a deep chuckle. He looked at his phone and found out who the caller was, relief flooded his whole body as he saw it was Frisk. Then stiffened as he realized it was Toriel calling using Frisk's phone and found out he woke up late. He took his blue jacket and wore it on then answered the phone.

"hey kiddo."

totally not lost my laptop (dammit dad) and our wifi because of YouTube reasons (dammit Fritz!).

Jesus christ please send me a sign I'll be in technolandia soon.

Plus the schooltime is near im cryin.

I got so hooked on reading Warriors. Sorry :P
@Aristocles @Eviledd1984

" I'll stay where I am needed most. I'll stay here." Fasuto replied, his tone firm. "I'll fight with him. Aurescia said she once have a summoned companion, perhaps she can talk with Ennave when you're done." He added.

"She's the very first we know as a summoner, and we did not know if that would work! But! Good thinking anyway." Ennave crawled her way to the other side of Fasuto's shoulder.

"We can handle ourselves! Go!" Ennave urged.
@Landaus Five-One i forgot were the dragonpass encampent was.
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