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Savage Worlds ADventure Edition

Would you be interested, @Dark Cloud?
Ok, that's a good setting trying out the system.

Any character ideas in mind?
TBL is full urban fantasy by default, my mistake. It's been a long time since I last read the book. However, it can be anything between pure mundane and all-time supernatural.


Well, it's up to you to agree on something from my list, and then we can start planning that particular game.
:) A little more flexibility would help a lot. Right now the fantasy vs. modern police single choices gave me a checkmate.

Although I could do a single-player game if you can't find some common ground, but not two games at the same time.
Two is a group, and good for some relaxed play. If we can agree on a setting, I can whip up a short, simple mission. However, the problem with Savage Worlds is that it's not free, not even as an SRD. You either need the book itself, or I can make a character for a player without the book. The rules are easy to learn on the go, but chargen is tied to the core book.

Sprawlrunners: cyberpunk, with a fluid equipment system.

Accursed: after an invasion of witches, many people are transformed into scary creatures, including the characters.

The Thin Blue Line: Detroit Police Department, perfect for a pair of player detectives. Optional supernatural tones.

Rippers: Victorian monster hunters enhanced by abilities and special tools.

Sundered Skies: Steampunk flying ships in a post-apocalyptic world broken into parts.

Seven Worlds: Hard sci-fi with no alien species.

Ghost Ops: Operators (modern mercenaries) going on combat missions.
If you're one, what settings / genres are you interested in? What games would you like to play in or run?

I would really love to play Sprawlrunners, with little or no supernatural, I also love Accursed, The Thin Blue Line, Rippers, Sundered Skies, Solomon Kane, Seven Worlds and Ghost Ops.
Hello, guildfolk,

My real-world rpg group is gone, lost to the ravages of Real Life. I've looked around on the web, and found the thing called play-by-post that I hope will satisfy my rpg cravings.

Looking forward to gaming with You
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