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I guess I should do this, shouldn't I?
Meh, do I have to?
Yes? Fine.

Name: Confidential, although that's doubtful to last seeing how quickly I throw it around.
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Sanity: Non existent but always there.

Do I need to add more?
So that people might actually talk to me? Why would I want that?
Because that's what this site is for? I guess, but I though it was a site for finding and helping make interesting stories...
It is? Then why would you say it is for meeting people? Oh, that's the only way to make the stories? I guess I'll add more to this then.

Favourite Colors: This, this and this.
Food: Almost anything
Music: Almost anything
Likes and Intrest: Women, Books, Video-games, Dogs, Good conversation, interesting worlds, interesting characters.
Dislikes: Awkward conversation, bad host, shaky world design. Having to come up with something for this Bio.
Xbox Live: Zardoric.

When It come to role-playing I like well constructed and interesting worlds. Magic, advanced tech, strange world? I'm in, or may at least lurk. My main enjoyment in role-playing is in the story and the characters, and often take the story five or six different ways in my head then what actually happens, often with a romance plot in mind. Action is secondary, or even tertiary. However I myself am (relatively) new to forum Role-playing and most of my experience comes from playing and GMing a table top RPG.

I am also pretty good at designing RPs so if you would like help creating your RP I would be more then happy to help.

Oh, and if you want to talk go ahead and PM me.

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K, Sorry I haven't replied yet, busy weekend. Busy last couple of days.
Kaito Sūnwùkōng

Kaito almost wanted to laugh. These people? Fight demons, ghost, spirits and the like? How? Unless the powers they gained were far more powerful then he thought they would be whatever organization was setting this up would have been far better off just demon-marking a bunch of fighting priest. If everything he had seen was real then he was sure something like that was possible. Why take a bunch of kids with no training? Yeah,one or two others might have combat experienced, but it isn't like any of them...

Wait, why had he been trained? Yeah his mom and dad wanted him to be prepared for the world but... they couldn't know could they? Unless... what if that dream wasn't a dream? That large Monkey spirit had called him 'son' after all... He felt inside again for that pool of energy he had never been able to tap, and once again he felt as if he had slammed into some wall.

Frustrated with his failure again, and irritated at all of the people around him who, after being called lairs for there entire lives, are now doing the same to the one person who said they were right, doubting him; Kaito bounced out of his seat and did a hand stand on his desk. Walking on his hands, he went from desk to desk over to the girl with the brownies across the room. Dropping the pretty girl with the brownies a wink, he grabbed a brownie and said, "Thanks, Your pretty cute." Then he flipped back on his feet in front of the class and casually leaned up against the door, eating the brownie.

While leaning against the door he looked at Saito and simply said "I'm in. Whether or not we actually follow your lead or not is up for debate, but at the very least this should be fun. And for those questioning why, why not?"
I want to post, but I also want to wait for more people. I know today is the last day of my week long wait after my last post, and I will post tomorrow no matter what, but I would like for a couple more people to post first so that I can try for a bit more character interaction.

Or has everyone else gone bye-bye?

@Raging Fenrir Poke everyone?
I'm not interested in actually joining this... But don't forget about gender neutral,gender-benders and Hermaphrodites when talking about genders, you could open up a number of interesting plot threads by including them. Especially possible when considering magic. Including gender neutral into the mix could make it a lot more about the relationship for instance.
Kaito Sūnwùkōng

Kaito had spent most of the day just reading his latest novel while more or less ignoring the people around him. Including the teachers. He had already pretty much decided that he wasn't really going to participate in class very often. It wasn't that he didn't want to learn, but that he had already looked over and studied everything important. As for making friends, that could wait until he got to this 'Hunters Club' he was supposed to join. If no one there would make any kind of good friend then he could probably find someone somewhere... or better yet actually spend the extra time preparing for his return trip to China like he had originally planned before he got the letter from this school.

As Kaito got up to leave class, his teacher coughed and said "Kaito, please don't walk on your hands in school...". Kaito shrugged and flipped forword a couple of feet, landing just a little bit bow legged and slouched over. "And stand up strait!" Kaito rolled his eyes at the last bit and just continued on his way. Apparently he was supposed to go to this 'Hunters Club' after school in order for him to stay here. Hmm... where was that again? Looking around he saw a sigh proudly, brightly, and painfully telling him which room it was in. As he stood there looking at it he heard some voices from inside...

Kaito sighed, Grabbed a windowsill to lift himself parallel to the ground for a bit, and mumbled, "I should just walk away, that sign is not one to be trusted." After scratchinghis chin and looking at the room a bit more however, he decided that the sign must have been designed but some overeager underclassman wanting to make her upperclassman happy. It most definitely couldn't have been made by the person leading the club. Having forced himself to that conclusion he set himself back down on the ground and walked in.

"Hey, nice sign."
Hmm....What color should I make the various teachers voices?

Edit: Just going to go with a random color for now.

Finally done and ready.
Anymore space? Been awhile since I was last here and this RP caught my interest. Hopefully it won't run lightning fast like the last couple I have tried to join.
I'm interested.

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