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The Voice of Reason

I guess I should do this, shouldn't I?
Meh, do I have to?
Yes? Fine.

Name: Confidential, although that's doubtful to last seeing how quickly I throw it around.
Age: 31
Gender: Male
Location: Tacoma, Washington, USA
Sanity: Non existent but always there.

Do I need to add more?
So that people might actually talk to me? Why would I want that?
Because that's what this site is for? I guess, but I though it was a site for finding and helping make interesting stories...
It is? Then why would you say it is for meeting people? Oh, that's the only way to make the stories? I guess I'll add more to this then.

Favourite Colors: This, this and this.
Food: Almost anything
Music: Almost anything
Likes and Intrest: Women, Books, Video-games, Dogs, Good conversation, interesting worlds, interesting characters.
Dislikes: Awkward conversation, bad host, shaky world design. Having to come up with something for this Bio.
Most other platforms and sites: Zardoric.

When It come to role-playing I like well constructed and interesting worlds. Magic, advanced tech, strange world? I'm in, or may at least lurk. My main enjoyment in role-playing is in the story and the characters, and often take the story five or six different ways in my head then what actually happens, often with a romance plot in mind. Action is secondary, or even tertiary. However I myself am (relatively) new to forum Role-playing and most of my experience comes from playing and GMing a table top RPG.

I am also pretty good at designing role play setting and such so if you would like help creating your RP I would be more then happy to assist.

Oh, and if you want to talk go ahead and PM me.

Most Recent Posts

@Zardoric How is everything going so far?

Sorry. Life turned chaotic. Not going to be able to join. Was really looking foreword to it too. Actually completely forgot about this site until just now, so sorry for almost ghosting.

I have part of my character done and am working on it bit by bit.

@Demous Yesss.... come join us.
@Squirrel98 Is it okay for us to create NPC members of the guild as part of our histories?

I am planning on having Klahadore (character name at the moment) Be a founding member of the guild, and one of the key components to its rapid growth. As such, I was planning on creating a couple of NPC members that he has worked with in his history... although he has yet to have formed a permanent team, he has worked with several. He has also used his abilities in order to (at first) refine the guilds other diviners info, before reaching the point where he could do the whole job himself (going to have him start of as a B-rank in history, and an A-rank at the start of the RP...unless we want to lower it a bit).

@alexfangtalonHmm, enchanting magic plus requip magic? So basically a variation of Erza, only with custom made equips for yourself, and the ability to remodel your weapons mid battle if given the opportunity? Perhaps at the higher levels she can use her script enchanting on the fly creating specialized weapons to hit her enemies weakness? This could work especially well with my own characters ability to identify the weaknesses. Add on a whole lot of combat power and she becomes terrifying in her own right, but if used as @Polaris North's character's Queen piece, and backed with mine's info network and planning... Yikes...
Hey hey hey, I'm interested as well!

I kind of want to play around the idea of buffing magic that revolves around chess pieces. Sort of like chess magic wherein when you are bestowed a piece, you gain buffs corresponding to that piece. So it's more a mainly support type of magic. And they can summon a board where they can track all the pieces and then build the environment of the entire board from there, as well as possible enemy spots.

As for their offensive magic, I was thinking along the lines of gravity magic and probably a war hammer of sorts.

I'm thinking they're around B or A rank, depending on which you would prefer to have. But I think they're gonna be an experienced mage.

It would definitely work well with my own character plan. Mark my character as the teams "King" (weakest combatant), and the most combat inclined as the "Queen", and we could use my character's ability to gather info to locate the enemy plus your abilities in order to manipulate the entire battlefield to our advantage.

Now we just need some meatheads powerful front-liners.
@Squirrel98 More or less what I was planning. I would like to adjust his rank based on what other players make. If we start as a team of lower ranked mages, then he might only have a handful of spells (or even just items with some low level combat magic) useful in a fight. While at higher ranks he would gain the counter/copy spell abilities, more powerful items, and unique spells.

And not one of the weakest in direct combat (at lower ranks at least). Probably the weakest, unless someone else wants the spot.

I'm planning to build an A-rank Info mage then. Think that the primary spell form is that of a computer search engine. Would also have a "status screen" and a few other things from Lit Rpgs. Large number of detection and sensory magics as well, including stuff like ESP(tasting colors,feeling light ect), Clari-all, ect. Actual combat abilities revolve around deciphering the enemies spells and using specialized counter magic, and identifying weaknesses. Although he would be capable of using some of his opponents magic, only the weaker spells, and only at a minimal level as he wouldn't really have the practice in perfecting said magic. Weak on his own but a very good in a team.

Would also have some moderately powerful combat magic items so as to be not completely useless on his own.

Over the course of the RP would learn to use the magic he has deciphered to a much greater degree (perhaps even surpassing the original source depending on the type of magic), as well as a selection of ancient and advanced magics. This would be his S-rank breakthrough point, as it would allow him to increase his combat abilities by leaps and bounds.

Interested... But I'm nowhere near caught up enough on Fairy tale...
@Dead Cruiser Oh hey, missed that description. Thanks.

Hmm... So branches of Aeromancy would probably include the anti-magic group of spells and whatnot then, which could be a very good reason as to why it is unsanctioned... as even a small mistake could have horrible results.

Gravity magic would probably be Extremely difficult considering the amount of energy involved...

How difficult is it to affect magical energy with magical energy? Looking at disrupting spells by throwing "wild" energy into it...

How perceptive of the magic energy is everyone? As in can anyone see the raw energy and/or tell an object is enchanted/infused with it, are the spells to do so fairly common and low level, or is it all purely "perceived" within the mind?
@Dead Cruiser

Definitely interested. But I am seeing multiple Biomancers already, so I guess I will make that a secondary area of study, or look at something else completely.

Would a character looking into immortality through Biomancy be fine? This would generally be approached by healing "wear and tear". Mix in some "Telepathy" magic in order to help preserve the mind.

Does "Pyromancy" cover "Cryomancy" as well, as it is just slowing down and removing energy as compared to speeding it up?

Is there any Space manipulation magic yet (bags of holding, rooms larger on the inside then outside, teleportation, ect)? If not, is that reachable (long term goal) through "Divination" (aka Time magic) or would that be a different branch? Looks like it would be...

Oh, and I would be unavailable to post most weekends.
K, Sorry I haven't replied yet, busy weekend. Busy last couple of days.
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