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I guess I should do this, shouldn't I?
Meh, do I have to?
Yes? Fine.

Name: Confidential, although that's doubtful to last seeing how quickly I throw it around.
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Sanity: Non existent but always there.

Do I need to add more?
So that people might actually talk to me? Why would I want that?
Because that's what this site is for? I guess, but I though it was a site for finding and helping make interesting stories...
It is? Then why would you say it is for meeting people? Oh, that's the only way to make the stories? I guess I'll add more to this then.

Favourite Colors: This, this and this.
Food: Almost anything
Music: Almost anything
Likes and Intrest: Women, Books, Video-games, Dogs, Good conversation, interesting worlds, interesting characters.
Dislikes: Awkward conversation, bad host, shaky world design. Having to come up with something for this Bio.
Xbox Live: Zardoric.

When It come to role-playing I like well constructed and interesting worlds. Magic, advanced tech, strange world? I'm in, or may at least lurk. My main enjoyment in role-playing is in the story and the characters, and often take the story five or six different ways in my head then what actually happens, often with a romance plot in mind. Action is secondary, or even tertiary. However I myself am (relatively) new to forum Role-playing and most of my experience comes from playing and GMing a table top RPG.

I am also pretty good at designing RPs so if you would like help creating your RP I would be more then happy to help.

Oh, and if you want to talk go ahead and PM me.

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I'm interested.

Hmmm, interesting.Maybe maybe I shall join in... Question, can we get more abilities* as the RP goes on? And has this been asked and answered before this?
Similar, and as examples. I am working on a Hunter x Hunter/ Pokemon RP where the characters use there Hunter X Hunter abilities as Pokemon moves, and Pokemon walk around... Would that mean that I could draw those characters in as well? What about Poke-morphs, Poke-hybrids, fusions, special evolution (beyond X, Y, Mega), Pokemon intelligence, etc.
I'm going to officially bow out... the Rp is running a bit too fast for my liking...
<Snipped quote by KillamriX88>

I just prefer to keep the amount of chats I'm subscribed to at a minimum. It's not really anything that serious, I was just wondering if I could get by without it.

RoflsMazory has indicated in the Discord that the separate chats were going to be very important later on... My guess is that each faction is going to have story elements that the players from the other factions can't/shouldn't know about. There is of course the increased ease of coming up with plans and character interactions.
For those who didn't notice, there is a Discord link on the first post. We are having a lot of fun without you.

Ah well @Bartimaeus, you really should have waited for the host opinion first... Edited my character a bit. Added a sentence actually. And a word. In addition to how he was, he is now a bit of a joker, and his Perfect Spirit allows him to make contact with such ethereal beings.
@jynmi88 You could actually use several of those together, just have one at full strength and the others at weaker levels.

@Bartimaeus Other then the formatting I actually don't see many problems with your character. Maybe reduce the physical stat increases and the maximum strength of your Newtonian Control. Maybe limit it to reducing an Items weight by 50%, or increasing gravity by up to 5Gs. And don't forget the negative aspects of it either. As for the strength boost from training within the field... Muscle training doesn't work like that, so don't follow DBZ logic. You can be maybe twice as strong with that alone (using science, Because Science). It is just normal resistance training. And don't forget about reducing molecular friction to cool things down. Just my opinion of course.
@RoflsMazoy I knew I forgot something... Zach does Have a joking Side...
@Burger I think our characters could actually be good friends...
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