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ℂ𝕠𝕣𝕠𝕟𝕒 𝕋𝕒𝕝𝕠𝕤

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Location: Level 50 - Bunker Nine; Camp Half-Blood - Long Island Sound; New York.
Interactions: Bronwyn/Brynn @Moro | Pierre @MarshiestMallow

Corona smiled at Pierre upon hearing his opinion on the matter at hand. She was really glad that she brought him along since he did make a valid point. However, she is confident that she had addressed what he was concerned about when she designed her blueprints.

"The actual core is still under development. Since this is a rather large machine, it's gonna need a lot of oomf to make sure it doesn't drop out of the sky while it's airborne. However, the core is meant to be compact and can be repositioned within several points of the machine to ensure that it is constantly safe from attacks." Corona explained enthusiastically before turning to Brynn.

Slowly, she approached the brunette with a serious look in her eyes. She gently grasps her hands in hers and averts her gaze for a bit as she spoke to her in an uncertain voice. "I need help on the more... techie side of things, Brynn. I'm wondering if you can help me develop an A.I. for the ship I'm building. I have a detailed list on the specifications of what she'd need to be like... since I am modeling her after my twin sister, but I'm not really that confident with my coding and developing skills."

Letting go of Brynn's hand, the redhead approached the skeleton of what would be her greatest work yet, staring at it with a certain sense of longing in her eyes. This project was personal... way too personal for her. The fact that he had to ask for help from someone else wounded her pride greatly since this was supposed to be a dedication for Aurora. But if she really wanted to get this done the right way, she would have to endure it. Besides, if there is somebody in camp who can really help her get this project off the ground, in more ways than one, then it's Brynn and maybe she could get the rest of her siblings in on it too... when she is ready.

𝚂𝚙𝚎𝚗𝚌𝚎𝚛 𝙼𝚌𝙽𝚒𝚐𝚑𝚝

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Location: Cabin Thirteen - Hades Cabin ---> Cabin Eighteen - Thanatos Cabin ---> Tartarus; Camp Half-Blood - Long Island Sound; New York.
Mentioned: Erin Chase @Vicier Greyson Davies@Moro

Spencer merely scoffed at Greyson's attempt to rile him up. As much as he hated the other children of the Big 3, he was still Erin's cousin like the rest of them and he was particularly close to her to boot. Despite how wrong it is to call him "kid" of all things, despite never having grown up normally so to speak, he needed to be the mature one and hold back. If these people were going to believe him when he said he was the most experienced, then the best way to do that was out in the field. Besides, he wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of retaliating at him like some kind of mad dog. No... instead, he merely got comfortable on the ottoman chair as he silently awaited Erin's response. The last thing she needed was getting more stressed out by the sight of him and dolphin-head bickering like a bunch of children.

After hearing her saying that she needed time to think, he saw Erin make her way upstairs, presumably shutting herself off from the rest of them, at least for a while. She probably needed some time alone as she must have been overwhelmed with just how many people showed up in support for her. While he was glad of the fact, he knew that there was wisdom in what some of the others said. Having this many people over when one is supposed to be an introvert can be draining, more so when there was a lot of stake.

With that said, Spencer did not dare follow after her. Doing so was smothering at this point and he knew to respect her boundaries. Instead, the group would see him disappear almost instantly after Erin was out of sight. There wasn't any more reason for him to stick around, after all other than earn the ire of dolphin head and speedy gonzales. The son of thanatos would rematerialize still on the same seated pose on a black wingback armchair in his room. Standing up, he approached the nightstand and opened one of its drawers revealing an ornate mahogany box with the seal of Hephaestus, the hammer, and his father's, the scythe, imprinted on the center along with the words " Talos Arms Weapons Manufacturing Group Ltd". Opening the box revealed two distinct handguns, one midnight black, the other the color of pure silver, as well as several stacks of magazines for each gun. He retrieved both guns as well as some of the mags before equipping a custom-made tactical jacket complete with numerous open-top magazine pouches and internal holsters for each gun.

After sorting out his equipment, he allowed Qrow to fly off before he summoned his scythe and cut through the space in front of him. A portal opened up from where he had made the cut, letting off the heat and the smell of burning sulfur into the room. Without any delay, Spencer stepped into the portal and he was transported to the place he had been imprisoned to until recently. The poison lingering in the air, the heat of the ever-burning river, and of course, the roars and screams of the monsters that called this place home. There is a certain nostalgia to all this since no matter how terrible one's living environment is, sooner or later, you just end up getting used to it.

Eyeing the monsters that have slowly began making their approach towards him, Spencer took a deep breath and relaxed his entire body. There's are two reasons why he chose to train here instead of back at camp. First and foremost, there are a lot more variety of monsters here rather than just the 3 he can usually summon. Besides, if he wants to prove how useful he can be in this quest, he needed to resort back to what he was when he was stuck down here for all these years. He was neither Spencer nor was he the Centurion of the Fifth Cohort. No... he had reduced himself to less than that... to something more primal.

While at the beginning, he was only trying desperately to survive, he had learned that being on the defensive would do him no good. They were just going to keep coming and coming, pouring in like ants that have smelled the scent of prey. No matter how much he killed and killed and killed, they would just keep coming back because this godsforsaken place was their home, their cradle, their birthright. He needed to become more than that sniveling, terrified kid that still couldn't get over the fact that he was betrayed by two of the people he was supposed to be closest with. Either he adapted or he died. Thus, after re-forging his broken weapon, he changed his tactics. Never again will he run or fear any of them. If they were after his life, no matter who are what they are, he will kill them over and over and over again until he burned the image of him to their fucking minds as someone they should never mess with. Erin didn't need the boy that returned from hell nor the Centurion of the Fifth Cohort. What she needed was the terror that plagued every monster that encountered him. They called him many names but one in particular stuck out... Φάντασμα... Fántasma... Spectre.

Signaling the start of the oncoming battle several harpies started the attack, diving towards him with their razor-sharp claws. Merely side-stepping out of the way, Spencer casually retrieves Casull from its holster, turns off the safety, and fires at the Harpies' torsos. Each bullet had enough punch to obliterate the three assailants instantly. Hearing the shots attracted the attention of even more monsters as four cyclopes and a pack of hellhounds, followed by a squad of Scythian Dracaenae began making their way towards him.

Firing off the remaining three shots at the nearest 3 hellhounds, Spencer quickly readied Jackal as he reloaded the silver gun with a fresh mag. Before the nearest hound could attempt to close the remaining distance, the son of death had shadow travelled several feet in the air, both guns aimed at his aggressors. With a menacing grin, he began unleashing a hail of bullets at the monsters, taking out all but one of the hellhounds and injuring the rest. Without even letting the monsters recover, Spencer appeared in between of two of the dracaenae and shot them in the head point blank, their bodies crumbling into dust almost instantaneously after their heads were blown clean off. The rest of the dracaenae as well as the cyclopes tried to retaliate but the demigod was gone as soon as he had appeared.

By the time one of the cyclopes sensed his presence, Spencer had already teleported himself behind the giant. With a forceful swing of his scythe, the cyclops' foot was severed cleanly. Unable to maintain its balance, the cyclops stumbled and fell to the ground, alerting the other monsters.

As the one-eyed monster howled in pain, the son of Thanatos began chanting what seemed to be a mantra in his native tongue. "Yr wyf yn dywyllwch..."

Another slash cut off the fallen cyclops' arm cleanly from the shoulder. "Yr wyf yn marw." Despite the other monsters charging towards him, Spencer continued uttering his mantra in sync with the howls and cries of the monster he was standing unceremoniously on top off.

"Dod ar fy wynebu fydd eich gofid mwyaf!" As if he had read its death warrant, Spencer wrapped the blade of his scythe around the cyclops' neck. He waited until its brethren drew closer before he tugged his scythe violently, beheading the cyclops and returning it to dust.

Motivated by its anger towards what the young-looking demigod did to its kin, the largest of the cyclopes charged towards Spencer, club raised and ready to crush him as if he were an insect. In response, the young lad waited until the last second before jumping out of the way, and onto the giant's club, using it as a makeshift ramp to get closer to the giant's face. The son of Thanatos willed his scythe's blade to be enveloped with the flames of the Phlegethon as he jumped off the club and above the boss cyclops' head. before bringing down the scythe with as much force he could muster as if he was delivering pure divine retribution itself. His scythe slid effortlessly as it split apart the monster cleanly in half, much to the terror of the 4 other remaining cyclopes as well as the dracaenae.

"Teimlo fy dicter"

Turning his attention to the slithering women, Spencer used shadow travel to close the distance between them. He appeared upside down while in mid-air, twisted his body sideways, and forcibly swung his scythe around, chopping off 3 dracaenae's heads. The rest of the snake women tried to retaliate by simultaneously attacking him with their swords, but Spencer parried their attacks as he deftly twirled his weapon, broke the serpentine warriors' guard and sent a shockwave of death around him, instantly vaporizing the Scythian Dracaenae.

"Teimlo fy nghasineb"

Not letting the deaths of the snake women go to waste, both cyclopes attempted to crush the demigod as they swung their hammers towards him from either side. Their attempts were foiled when a cyclops taller than even their fallen boss appeared, catching both hammers mid-swing with its hands. The son of Thanatos transported himself on top of his summoned Cyclop's head. As he gripped his weapon tighter, the liquid flames wrapping the blade of his scythe burned even more fiercely. Setting his sights on one of the cyclops' he hurled the scythe towards the monster. The burning blade spun briefly in midair before reaching its target and lodging itself directly into the monster's single eye, ending its life right then and there. With a simple grasping motion, the scythe returned to its master's hand just as Spencer chanted the last line of his mantra.

"...gadewch i'm sgrechian gyflawni eich tynged!".

Spencer's summoned cyclop's suddenly pulled the enemy cyclop's hammer towards its direction. As it lost its footing, the friendly cyclops delivered a nasty uppercut to the hostile cyclops' jaw, staggering its opponent even further. As it was reeling from the attack, it failed to notice that the demigod was already midair, about to bring down his flaming scythe on top of the cyclop's skull until it was too late. The moment the scythe made contact, the giant enemy began fading back to dust.

Thinking that the demigod had already let down its guard, the final hellhound lunged towards him from where it was previously hiding. It opened its jaws in an attempt to bite off the half-blood's head, but it caught an unfamiliar, black object instead. Spencer stared at the mutt with pure hatred burning in his eyes before pulling Jackal's trigger, blowing the monster apart.

After dealing with all the monsters that initially attacked him, the demigod would continue scouring Tartarus for monsters to kill before taking a dip in the Phlegethon. Upon returning to his Cabin, time had barely passed since he left. Despite having spent an entire day fighting monsters in Tartarus, only one second had passed in the real world. The second reason he chose Tartarus as the place he would train is because of how time-efficient it is.

There was only one thing left to do while he waited for their departure and that is to prepare his gear, supplies, and equipment, starting with reloading bullets for his magazines. He would continue to work in silence until either it was time to leave, or somebody decides to interrupt him.

𝚂𝚙𝚎𝚗𝚌𝚎𝚛 𝙼𝚌𝙽𝚒𝚐𝚑𝚝

— ۵ ۞ ۵ —

Location: Outside the Big House ---> Cabin Thirteen - Hades Cabin ; Camp Half-Blood - Long Island Sound; New York.
Interacting with Erin Chase @Vicier| Dorian Underwood@King Kindred | Kyrin Nahng @Rodiak | Greyson Davies, Tyler Rumancek @Moro | Elias Schneider @Metztli

As Spencer quietly awaited Erin to share the Oracle's revelation to them, he finally caught the smell of the tea Tyler had prepared for them though it may be more accurate that the son of Hermes only prepared the drink for Erin with them only being an afterthought. He knew that Erin was an avid tea enthusiast and he had shared some of his favorite brews with her from time to time. It was just a shame that some of his favorite manufacturers had already gone out of business or their quality had never been the same compared to 80 years ago. However, as much as he wanted to try some tea with the daughter of Hades, he figured that she needed the calming effect of the drink far more than he did.

With how much she hesitated before even considering telling them about the prophecy she received, Spencer knew that what she had heard from the oracle disturbed her quite a bit. But quests are more often than not an endeavor that required more than a single person. As much as he knew how she hated asking for help, and as much as she hated leaving camp, she needed to go on this quest specially after she admitted that she didn't want to die. As his anticipation reached its peak, Erin finally gave in and relayed what the oracle told her.

".. Six figures, tall, stand strong in the East... A land of Pisa, pasta, and much art none the least... While two might find love, one soul shall be taken... The Ladies dove shall be found, but what vengeance will it awaken..? ..."

Now he realized just why she didn't want to inform any of them of the prophecy. One line struck him in particular... "one soul shall be taken". Stemming from his own experience with quests and prophecies back when he was still part of Camp Jupiter, he knew better than to take the meaning of quests at face value. Quests are deceptively difficult to interpret and could mean a whole different thing than what one is thinking of. In this case, taken could mean abducted, or kidnapped instead of death altogether. Heck, a soul being taken could also mean something like getting down in the dumps. While he wasn't normally an optimist, he pushed himself to make the exception because quite frankly he didn't want anyone to die in this quest. He didn't bother interpreting the line about finding love at the moment since his only goal was making sure Erin succeeds and survives the mess the gods have put her in.

Stepping forward, the eldest son of Thanatos cleared his throat and began addressing Erin in a calm yet stern voice. "If I'm gonna interpret this quest, then one way or another, we're going to succeed. That part with a soul being taken is something of concern, and that's why I'm going in this quest with you. Not only do I have the most actual combat experience out of anyone in camp, I can also tell when one of us is in life-threatening danger."

Pausing briefly, he pondered on what Erin had said... how she was afraid of not only leaving camp but going back to her homeland. He might not know much about her past, but he knew from experience what it's like to have family problems. With what he did to him, Thanatos shouldn't expect any "Number 1 Dad" or Father of the Year mugs from him, that's for sure.

"Have you heard of systematic desensitization? If you're not comfortable jumping to Italy right away, then don't. In fact, it might be the better call since we don't know if we'll be walking right into a trap if we head there right away." They may not be able to arrive at Italy immediately but at least the longer route could prove to be much safer. There is wisdom in the words "slow and steady wins the race", after all.

"Instead, we could start from my old home in Wales and then make the drive to Italy. If all goes well, we could get there in half a day, anyway." Casually he approached the ottoman chair directly across from where Erin was seated, sat with his legs crossed and interlocked his fingers. Then he locked eyes with the daughter of Hades and gazed intently in them as he gave her a warm smile. "...besides, you aren't the only one who's due for a homecoming."

𝒜𝓇𝓉𝒽𝓊𝓇 𝒦𝑒𝓁𝓁𝑒𝓇

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Location: Camp Infirmary; Camp Half-Blood - Long Island Sound; New York.
Interactions: Octavia @Vicier| Kalinda @MarshiestMallow | Zane @Theyra | Vivian @metanoia

"Hey, Arthur! I'm okay. I mean I was just telling Kali about it. So, yeah, that's what my vision was like. Kinda weird, huh?"

Arthur breathed out a sigh of relief upon hearing that Vivian was fine. Although he couldn't help but be concerned with how inconvenient these visions have been for her. Turning towards her, he smiled though there were still some traces of worry written across his face. "That must suck, Viv. If you're gonna get visions that make you pass out, whoever's giving them to you should at least make them important. Judging by what you've told me, your visions are just pointing out the obvious to you."

Internally, he thanked the gods that his mother wasn't someone that gave him some unwanted, and particularly dangerous side effects for being their child. The last thing he wanted was to go Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde on the nights of a full moon.

A smirk appeared on his face as he had one of those Eureka moments. "Perhaps, we should strap a pillow to your head just to be on the safe side?"

"Admit it though... you enjoy watching my little stunts."

Turning back to Octavia, he offered her a much gentler smile rather than the mischievous grin he had on his face earlier. This cheeky girl... He knew that the daughter of Mars was tough, made even tougher by the stricter training the legionnaires receive at Camp Jupiter, but that doesn't mean she could throw caution in the wind just like that. "Not at the expense of your own safety, no. I swear, the next time you get seriously hurt from your little stunts, I'll have Spencer give you a healing bath out of Phlegethon fire water."

He heard from stories at camp how the fiery river of the underworld can heal mortals but as adventurous as he was, he still preferred getting treated for his injuries in the normal way. And he bet Octavia felt the same... nah who was he kidding? He could practically imagine her swimming in the lake of fire like nobody's business. "Anyways, I'm glad you two are fine. With the mood at camp right now, a bit of good news is quite refreshing to be honest."

ℂ𝕠𝕣𝕠𝕟𝕒 𝕋𝕒𝕝𝕠𝕤

— ۵ ۞ ۵ —

Location: Outside the Cabins ---> Bunker Nine; Camp Half-Blood - Long Island Sound; New York.
Interactions: Bronwyn/Brynn @Moro | Pierre @MarshiestMallow

Even though Pierre wussed out on swearing on the Styx, Corona was willing to take his word for it. She was just happy that she could show her friends what she has been busying herself with on the side which is pretty tough considering she also really wanted to show this to Hayden. Compared to when she first arrived at camp, Corona gradually grew closer to her teddy bear of an older half-brother and was glad to have him around. She never really had a brother other than her super famous older half-sibling, Leo Valdez, that everyone was talking about. She may have never met the guy yet, herself, but she is determined to blow his socks off as well with what she has underneath Bunker 9.

"Then follow me, my comrades. Greatness awaits... I think."

After saying that half-baked declaration, Corona marched towards the direction of the Bunker with Pierre and Brynn in tow. It didn't take long for them to reach Bunker Nine as the sight of a gigantic, hangar-like structure became visible after reaching a clearing. Approaching the humongous doors of the building, Corona was about to harness flames on the palm of her hand to form a fireball when a crazy idea suddenly appeared in her noggin. With a childish grin, she snapped her fingers towards the direction of the doors and immediately, a medium sized blaze spontaneously erupted. She didn't know if either Pierre or Brynn caught on on how she copied this guy named Roy Mustang from that anime she finished binge watching last night, but she at least felt like she looked cool while doing it.

After accepting the necessary input, a loud, rumbling sound could be heard as the doors of the bunker slowly swung open. Inside, an assortment of blueprints, plans, and unfinished prototypes were seemingly littered at random but the fiery-haired girl led the two deeper inside, only stopping when they reached what seemed to be a dead end except for a console attached to the wall. In an almost sort of mechanical manner, Corona began typing rapidly a 16-digit password on the console. It beeped to life, sliding upwards only to reveal a second console that asked for a retinal scan, and a third with voice-recognition features. Finally, a hidden compartment on the wall slid open to reveal an elevator hidden within the walls. The numbers on the elevator keypad suggested that the elevator could go 50 stories underground and it just so happened that's where they were headed. Finally, the elevator doors opened, revealing an expansive room complete with living quarters, all manner of appliances, and racks upon racks of tools and weaponry. Building materials were neatly organized at the far end of the cavern but the most eye-catching sight was perhaps the gigantic frame of what looks to be some sort of steampunk airship.

"Well there she is. My magnum opus, the Aerial Assault Airship: Aurora. Or at least it will be provided I work out a few problems I have encountered."

Corona grabbed a rolled up drawing from a nearby desk and enthusiastically showed it to Brynn and Pierre. While she was more or less expecting much of the advice from the daughter of Athena, Pierre may have a few ideas, himself, that she could find useful. "If I'm building something that's only meant to be an airship, then I could probably make the build myself, and on a much quicker pace. However, I never really have built a megazord before so I need some ideas on how I could make it so that it can transform from that to this."

The sketch Corona showed them was an image of a giant robot. If the other campers knew what she had been up to, they would have called it overly ambitious, and perhaps even hubris. But the competitive spirit inside the young woman refused to let her settle for any less than that. If she was going to beat Leo and overcome Ky'vie, then she needed to pull out all the stops. It certainly was one of those go big or go home situations for her, quite literally in fact.
𝚂𝚙𝚎𝚗𝚌𝚎𝚛 𝙼𝚌𝙽𝚒𝚐𝚑𝚝

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Location: Outside the Big House ---> Cabin Thirteen - Hades Cabin ; Camp Half-Blood - Long Island Sound; New York.
Interacting with Erin Chase @Vicier| Dorian Underwood@King Kindred | Kyrin Nahng @Rodiak | Greyson Davies, Tyler Rumancek @Moro | Elias Schneider @Metztli

Having said his piece, Spencer was glad that the son of Aphrodite agrees with his sentiment. He assured her that she wasn't alone anymore and that it was alright to be afraid. Kyrin had a point... fear, more often than not, is an indication that one is still alive. Having spent an absurd amount of time in a place that even the gods feared entering almost made the child of death think that he can no longer experience fear anymore. Certainly no manner of monster would be able to instill fear inside him. Heck, he wasn't even afraid of fighting the embodiment of war and death if it meant saving Erin's life. However, he now realized that he is still capable of experiencing fear... the fear of losing her if she fails in this quest. Even if by some miracle, he and the other campers managed to repel Ares' wrath, they would just be delaying the inevitable.

His hatred for the gods burned ever fiercer as he saw the glistening tears streaking across Erin's face. In the short time he had known her, she always gave the impression of this strong, opinionated, temperamental, and mature young woman that wasn't the type to take anyone's shit. In fact, he had seen his fair share of Brandon and Greyson getting chased by her hellhounds, Darkness and Destruction. He bet that if she had her way, she would also call upon the three-headed pooch to terrorize those who try to mess with her. But that woman seemed to be a whole other person compared to the terrified and vulnerable girl before him. He wanted to hold her... hug her... reassure her that everything was going to be alright as long as she tried... but by calling her out like he did a few moments ago, he felt like he had no right to do those things. He'd already decided to play the role of a villain (perhaps asshole may be the better term) just so he could get her to move forward... not just stand still like a deer caught in headlights.

At the very least, acting like an asshole and pushing her instead of letting her be seemed to work as evidenced by what she uttered in a weak, almost defeated voice. "..I-I don't want to die...". That was what he was waiting to hear... confirmation that she had not completely given up... that after Olympus practically served her a death warrant, she still wanted so desperately to cling onto life. If they had let her be, the small, sputtering flame of hope could have been snuffed out by the seemingly endless despair she was experiencing. At times like this, despite how claustrophobic or intrusive it may appear, she needed people to lean on. Solitude only breeds more loneliness, hopelessness and despair after all, and it seemed like Erin did not have the pure unbridled hatred Spencer had for his father to endure her punishment all by herself. Hearing those words hardened Spencer's resolve. He was going to do whatever it takes, by whatever means necessary, to save her life and finish this quest. Even if compared to the others who knew her for much longer, and who were much closer to her, he was practically a stranger.

As if to accentuate the point, he suddenly felt a sickening force overcome his body as he, Kyrin, and Dorian were forcefully pulled away by an unknown force. The only difference was that Spencer managed to summon and plant his scythe on the ground and hold on to it almost as soon as the mysterious force pulled them back. Hearing the child of Poseidon speak annoyed him greatly, even more so when it became apparent that he was responsible for using the "force" on them.

"Sorry guys, but I really must insist on agreeing with Kyrin. It's prob'ly best we go somewhere private to talk. This out-in-the-open business is only going to make matters worse for her. Just the few of us is enough,"

"mab gwaedlyd poseidon!!!" Spencer cursed in tandem with Qrow who was cawing what he assumed to be 50 different profanities in Raven talk.

Gritting his teeth, Spencer begrudgingly followed the two back to the Hades Cabin. As much as Greyson's sudden appearance irritated him, he knew that having a family member show support was one of the best things Erin needed right now. He also made a valid point to continue the conversation somewhere private since he hated the idea of garnering unwarranted attention on the daughter of Hades when she already has too much on her plate to deal with. Noticing how much Darth Dolphin had exerted himself with that force pull, at the very least he found out something interesting he could use against the son of Poseidon... should the need ever arise. "Damn you, Corona for filling my head with pop culture references. I can't even think the way I used to anymore.". He also noticed that Elias had joined them at some point but didn't pay him any mind. After what their father has done, he didn't want anything to do with an Ares kid for the time being.

Upon arriving, he realized that someone was waiting for them, and upon closer inspection, it was one of the Hermes kids.... Tyler was it? The only thing that set him apart from the rest is that he's friendly with Erin while the rest just steer clear because their afraid of getting chased by her hounds or yeeted into Tartarus. For now, Spencer decided to lean against a wall, keep his mouth shut, and observe the proceedings. He figured Erin already had enough of his voice for a day. Despite acting like an asshole earlier, he didn't want the girl to COMPLETELY hate him.

"Tell us about what the oracle said to you when you're ready. We're here for you no matter what." Spencer said in the most reassuring and genuine voice he could muster followed by an enthusiastic "kraa" from Qrow who puffed his chest with pride the way a raven does.

ℂ𝕠𝕣𝕠𝕟𝕒 𝕋𝕒𝕝𝕠𝕤

— ۵ ۞ ۵ —

Location: Outside the Cabins; Camp Half-Blood - Long Island Sound; New York.
Interactions: Bronwyn/Brynn @Moro | Pierre @MarshiestMallow

Corona sighed in relief when she realized that Brynn had properly read the room. She felt bad because deep down she knows the golden retriever was a good boy but the redhead needs some serious therapy before she can get over her fear of dogs. "Sorry... I promise, once I get over my phobia, I'll be sure to give you all the headpats and belly scratches." Corona muttered as she guiltily stared at Brynn's dog.

Almost instantly, the daughter of Hephaestus perked up when she heard what seemed to be a yes from Brynn only to be interrupted by someone almost quite literally bumping into them. Adapting a defensive stance at first, she relaxed when she realized it was only Pierre. She quickly shook his hand and gave gave him a toothy grin. "Congrats new champion of the obstacle tower. I didn't think ya had it in you!"

Corona stepped back from the two for a second and paced back in forth as if in deep thought. Originally, she only meant to bring Brynn with her to Bunker 9 but if it's Pierre... "Pierre we're just about to head to my secret base. You're welcome to join us, but once you do, you must swear on the Styx that you won't utter any word of what you'll see to Hayden and Ky. I really don't want either of them to find out what I've been up to... at least until I'm done building it."

Corona was certain that Pierre was someone she could trust, but one cannot be too careful. What she's building at the moment could potentially be on the same scale as her older half-brother, Leo Valdez's Festus and she knows just how much competitive Ky'vie can get. As much as she wanted to do a build off with her dear half-sister any other day, the same cannot be said when Corona was about to build her life's work... something that would define her legacy as a daughter of Hephaestus... something that could finally flush out the guilt she had been carrying all this time in her chest when one of her creations failed to protect her twin sister.

𝒜𝓇𝓉𝒽𝓊𝓇 𝒦𝑒𝓁𝓁𝑒𝓇

— ۵ ۞ ۵ —

Location: Obstacle Tower ---> Camp Infirmary; Camp Half-Blood - Long Island Sound; New York.
Interactions: Octavia @Vicier| Kalinda @MarshiestMallow | Zane @Theyra | Vivian @metanoia

Today has perhaps been one of the wildest since Arthur arrived at camp. The mood of the camp went from excitement out of the Obstacle Tower competition, to pure anger and disbelief when Chiron and Mr. D. delivered the news about Erin supposedly stealing Aphrodite's dove. Arthur was the type of person that believes everybody is innocent until proven otherwise, and from the looks of it, the God of War threw a dart on a board with a list of all the campers' names blindfolded and it just so happened that said dart landed on the daughter of Hades' name. While he was in full support of Erin and wishes she could get over her fear of leaving camp in favor of proving her innocence by going on the quest, he believes he wasn't as close as he wished to the girl in order to convince her to do it. There are far better people qualified, and apparently most of them went after her right away like an angry mob.

With nothing else to do, the boy decided to find one of his friends to spend some time with which shouldn't be a pretty hard thing to do since he's pretty much friendly with everyone at camp. However, he wasn't just going to walk up to someone or the group without reading the room. From what he observed, Talon, who had a pretty nasty fall, and a nastier confrontation with his half-sister, Octavia, marched off in the direction of the lake followed by Octavia and Brynn. Ky'vie and Brandon were at it again, flirting, which isn't a surprise to anybody at this point. The same can be said for Imani and Katherine. Corona seemed lost in thought for a moment but quickly recovered and went towards the direction of the cabins, and there are people who went to the infirmary either to get medical attention or check up on friends that needed it. He decided to head to the infirmary as well to see if there was anything he could do to help and that's when he spotted Zane, Octavia, Kalinda, and at the far back, Vivian. Arthur quickly rushed to the blonde girl's side and managed to catch her explanation to Kalinda.

"Hey, Sunshine, you alright? It's the visions again, isn't it? It must be pretty serious to land you here this time around." Arthur furrowed his brow as he inspected Vivian out of concern. The daughter of Apollo was one of his closest friends and finding out that she has this random episodes, most notably the one she had earlier made him worry about her safety. It's fortunate that she looked particularly unharmed but a bad fall can take out a demigod as much as any monster or weapon out there.

Arthur smiled gratefully at Kalinda before shifting his attention to Octavia. He nodded in her direction and began addressing her as well. "Are you doing fine yourself, Octavia? I was watching you all earlier and that was a pretty nasty fall. It was pretty ballsy on your part but you can't keep doing stuff like that or else you're going to be getting acquainted with the medics more than what you'd prefer."
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ℂ𝕠𝕣𝕠𝕟𝕒 𝕋𝕒𝕝𝕠𝕤

— ۵ ۞ ۵ —

Location: Obstacle Tower - - - > Outside the Cabins; Camp Half-Blood - Long Island Sound; New York.
Interactions: Bronwyn/Brynn @Moro

After Spencer left to chase after Erin, Corona was left alone again to her own devices. It was embarrassing for her to admit, but the forsaken son of death was the closest thing she considers as a friend in this camp other than her own half-sister and Sunny Sammy. By the looks of it, Ky'vie already has someone keeping her company. As much as she was would like for some company of her own, she wasn't that desperate to have a threesome with the resident dickhead son of Ares... specially after she heard how his dad blamed the kid that barely left her cabin for stealing Aphrodite's pigeon or whatever. The same can be said for Samuel who was deeply engaged in conversation with Niesha. She felt like she'd only be the proverbial third wheel if she decided to insert herself in between them.

Scanning her surroundings, she tried finding other people to mingle with for the time being. The down side of finishing her tinkering early was that she has nothing more to look forward to for the rest of the day until a flash of insight appears inside her noggin once more. The Aphrodite kids in their Parlor Shack of a cabin are a definite no go. Knowing most of them, they'd probably laugh their cushy asses off due to Corona's fashion sense, or lack thereof. Besides, she isn't exactly one of the pretty kids. And the Ares kids at Testosterone Tavern are even worse. Corona knows that there are some good kids in that bunch, but with the way she is at the moment, she considered attempting to befriend an Ares kid would be like trying to cross a mine field without a metal detector. She feared that one misplaced comment would be enough to make them go nuclear on her, both figuratively, and (hopefully not) literally. She decided to let Ky'vie flirt with danger instead since she seems plenty capable of handling herself with the worst of them. The Athena kids were another promising option, but they just seem so intimidating to her, with their grey eyes that seem to study her every move. Despite how she is supposedly a descendant of the Goddess of Wisdom, she has done her fair share of screw-ups over the years. And if they found out that she shares the same heritage as them, they would probably just criticize her for soiling the good name of their mother.

"Man, this friendship thing is pretty hard huh?" She said in a barely audible voice to nobody in particular.

As if sensing that his friend was down in the dumps, a particularly mischievous streak of black and white swiftly made its way up Corona's slender legs, straight up her back, before settling down on top of her head.

"Guess it's me and you again, eh buddy? At least you're always there for me, Bandit." the fiery-haired girl said wistfully as she gently scratched the Panda Ferret's head. The cute cooing sounds he produced was almost enough to melt her sadness away.

Initially, Corona was meaning to return to her cabin, but after overhearing the voices of Ky and Brandon inside, she decided that now might not be the best time to barge in. This did give her an idea that had her grinning from ear to ear. With practically zero traces of her feeling the slightest bit depressed, Corona started towards Bunker 9 with a spring on her step. However, she hasn't even made it several feet from the Hephaestus cabin when she crossed paths with a certain child of Athena. The redhead's brain practically short-circuited at that point partly because she was trying to remember the girl's name but mostly because Corona was trying not to flip out so much after seeing the dog accompanying the daughter of the Wisdom Goddess. Granted that he didn't look particularly as large and threatening as the Hellhounds Erin lets loose on people that are unfortunate enough to piss her off, Corona's trauma still prevented her from fully understanding that fact.

After a startled "Eep!!!", Corona started fidgeting in place so much that Bandit would have felt like he was sitting on one of those La-Z boy massage chairs. As if saying enough was enough, Bandit delivered a well placed slap across the girl's cheek which somehow prevented her from having a full-on panic attack. She had to remember to give the cheeky little fur sausage one of his favorite treats later because the last thing she wanted was to make a fool out of herself in front of one of the smartest demigods at camp.

"Uhhh... Um... I'm sorry but... I'm not really good with dogs... Pa..Past trauma and all that." While she had been a stuttering mess, at least she finally delivered a coherent message to brown-haired girl. "You're Bronwyn right? Hi there, I'm Corona, Ky'vie's younger half-sister." While she was attempting to extend a shaky hand for a handshake, her eyes met the gaze of Bronwyn's pet dog, causing her to jolt back and shudder. Whoever said that dogs were man's best friend probably never experienced getting attacked by one.

" Listen, I know this may come across as pretty sudden and random at the same time... but can I ask you for a favor? I'm on my way to my secret base, and I would like to invite you to come along. There's this really huge secret project I'm working on but there's some stuff I'm not really sure off at the moment, and it would really mean a lot to me to have the input of one of the smartest campers here."

She finally managed to do it... Talk to someone that isn't in her small circle of people that tolerated her company. What happens next is entirely up to Bronwyn, but regardless whether she accepts the invitation or not, Corona was determined to get some work done on potentially her life's work.

𝚂𝚙𝚎𝚗𝚌𝚎𝚛 𝙼𝚌𝙽𝚒𝚐𝚑𝚝

— ۵ ۞ ۵ —

Location: Obstacle Tower ---> ; Camp Half-Blood - Long Island Sound; New York.
Interacting with Erin Chase, Adeline Vos @Vicier| Dorian Underwood@King Kindred | Kyrin Nahng @Rodiak | Greyson Davies @Moro

Upon taking a better look at his immediate environment, Spencer realized that Kyrin was among the group that was slowly starting to gather around Erin... no it might be more accurate to say that he was the first one there, beating even Dorian and himself. The arrival of Adeline with Greyson in tow was more than enough evidence that despite Erin's prickly attitude towards others, a good deal of people genuinely care about her. As much as Spencer disliked being in the company of his younger brother as well as the son of Poseidon, he was more than willing to put up with it because right now, Erin needs to understand that she doesn't need to feel alone throughout this trial the gods have placed her under since there are people who have her back.

Unfortunately, introverts like Erin can find themselves to be quite overwhelmed when a crowd suddenly gathers around her, specially when she is in such a heightened, emotional state. As such, too many people checking up on her can prove to be a double-edged sword.

This was soon proven when Erin cursed in a foreign language, directed towards the Big House. Whatever the Oracle told her, clearly had shaken her to the core, and even though his Italian wasn't very good, he still understood the gist of it. The fact that she said something about not doing it, which all he could think of ever meaning is the quest that was thrust onto her all of a sudden. His suspicions were finally confirmed, unfortunately, when she blatantly expressed that she had given up and would rather let Ares kill her when she fails her quest. Despite knowing how much Erin hated being told what she needs to do, he can't very well let her waste away in that musty cabin and await her death. He needed to do something quickly, even if it meant straining their friendship and painting himself in a bad light.

Sighing vehemently, Spencer cursed the gods in his native tongue for putting Erin in such a bloody predicament. "Duwiau gwaedlyd a'u sgriwiau gwaedlyd. The gods always make their children clean up after their mess and threaten them with damnation if they refuse."

Dorian attempted to prevent the others from going after her, but he sure bloody ain't listening to the words of the "favored" son of Thanatos any time soon.

Without saying a word to the other halfbloods, the eldest son of Thanatos marched after Erin, determined to make sure she sees this through to the end. Stealthily, his pet raven, Qrow, perched himself on Spencer's shoulder, cawing furiously like some crazy backseat driver.

"Okay, okay, I'm picking up the pace, ya wanker." which was met with a defiant "Kraaa!!" as Qrow flapped his black wings erratically.

Upon catching up to her, Spencer placed his hands on hers and squeezed them gently in an effort to calm her down and stop her in her tracks.

"I don't know what that oracle told you, but are you really just going to give up like that? Accept death like it's a minor inconvenience that you can't escape from?" He let the question hang for a few moments before shifting uncomfortably. Truth be told, this was the longest he held the hands of a woman since that traitorous bitch of a lover he had in Camp Jupiter, but he quickly shook those thoughts off since this wasn't an appropriate time for his personal feelings to come over him.

"Do you know how much time I spent in Tartarus, when Thanatos abandoned me there? 80 years in the mortal world... but that isn't entirely accurate. You see, time works differently in Tartarus. 9 days in that bloody pit is 9 seconds here on the surface. So if you do the math, I spent almost the equivalent of the entire Cenozoic Era trapped in that godsforsaken place, fighting desperately not only to survive but to get my life back with each passing day." A somber expression riddled his face, as if he was reliving the horrendous days he spent alone, almost helpless, and completely broken in the darkest depths of hell, clinging onto one sliver of hope that he could find a way out if he keeps on trying.

"I know what it was like to give up... No mortal can spend over 62 million years in hell and come out without going completely insane. There was a time when I was on the verge of giving up... I even put myself under a cursed sleep, broken only by a miniscule chance of a mortal arriving in Tartarus with the potential to overcome and escape from it." What he did back then was the ultimate gamble between hope and despair. Because no matter how much he loathed to admit it, somehow, someway, he got lucky.

With his voice filled with all the conviction he could muster, Spencer looked Erin in the eyes and began speaking genuinely from the bottom of his heart. "If Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase didn't arrive at Tartarus, I would still be in that deathless sleep... And you saved me from spending a second more in there when you opened that hole all those months ago... so forgive my rudeness, but if you think I'm just gonna sit idly and watch you throw your life just like that, then you have another thing coming, Erin Maree Chase... Fuck Ares, and fuck that Bloody dove! I'm going in this quest with you, and I'm not doing it for any god. Because I swear on all 5 bloody rivers of the underworld, so long as I draw breath, not even Ares, nor my pathetic excuse of a father is going to harm a single hair on your body!"

That wasn't enough... he needed to fill her with the same conviction he has in order help her save her own life.

"They thought you were weak and easy to pin the blame on... in fact they are probably betting you would fail, give up, go sit in a corner and die like you're doing right now in order to sweep the mess they've gotten themselves in under the rug. So do yourself a favor... go on this quest and prove them that it is a grave mistake to bet against a daughter of the underworld."

ℂ𝕠𝕣𝕠𝕟𝕒 𝕋𝕒𝕝𝕠𝕤

— ۵ ۞ ۵ —

Location: Forges; Camp Half-Blood - Long Island Sound; New York.

Corona woke up earlier that day, her eyes shining with excitement and glee. The obstacle tower event is supposed to be held later that day and that meant that most of the campers would be coming to watch. Subsequently, it meant that Corona would have the forge all to herself! With how much of a workaholic her siblings were, an opportunity such as this would be way too good to pass up, even if it meant missing the absolute spectacle of her fellow campers climbing the imposing Obstacle Tower.

Now you might be wondering, why would Corona go to such lengths just for a chance to work alone in the forges? The answer was simply because she recently came up of an idea for a very useful, yet potentially dangerous device that would power the automated turrets she was building as part of the camp's defenses. Since most of her siblings, aside from Ky'vie aren't exactly fire and explosion-proof, she couldn't risk crafting it while they were there, and Ky would probably never let her hear the end of it if she causes ANOTHER accident. Seriously, how was she supposed to know that her formulation for the "Mother of all Skunks" stink bomb would be far too potent that they wouldn't be able to wash it off for a week. "We couldn't even enter the forges at the time, and I think the Cleaning Harpies have been out to get me ever since." She mused to herself as she got dressed in an orange Camp Half Blood shirt coupled by overalls and safety boots.

As she was walking towards the forges, Corona couldn't help but enjoy the crisp morning air just before dawn as well as the tranquil atmosphere that had yet to be broken as most other campers would still be dozing off in their cabins. With how hectic and busy living at camp tends to be, moments like these are meant to be savored. By the time she arrived at the forges however, her enthusiasm was cut in half when she saw that somebody had beat her there. One of her siblings, Lucas if she remembered correctly, was busy hammering away at a piece of metal, molding it into the form of a sword. He gave Corona a surprised look when he noticed her arrival but quickly smiled at her and gave her a knowing nod before getting back to what he was doing.

While the idea of getting the forge to herself was now out of reach, the fiery-haired girl refused to let that dampen her spirits. Whatever happens, she was going to accomplish what she had set out to do. Thus, after gathering all the necessary tools she needed for her personal project, she started working on the energy source of her automatic turrets. The first thing she needed to get sorted out was the container for the battery. Nothing a skilled Hephaestus camper couldn't accomplish. After smelting and molding the vessel from Tungsten, she started working on the core, infusing molten Celestial Bronze with the hottest flames she could produce. In her effort to pour her entire focus on her task, she failed to realize that some embers from her flames were leaking out, and by the time she noticed, a stray ember had already ignited some of the more flammable materials she had set aside, causing a decent-sized explosion to occur and sending tools, ingredients, and newly-forged weapons flying everywhere. While Corona was unharmed, as expected, she couldn't help but worry about Lucas who was directly in the line of fire of the debris caused by the explosion. After the dust and smoke had settled, she was relieved to see a black-cloaked figure firmly holding onto one of the spears sent flying by the blast. Had he not arrived in time, Lucas would have been inadvertently turned into a life-sized shish kebab. "So... uhh... what are you doing out here this early?" Corona asked meekly, trying to hide her embarrassment from another accident she had caused.

𝚂𝚙𝚎𝚗𝚌𝚎𝚛 𝙼𝚌𝙽𝚒𝚐𝚑𝚝 & ℂ𝕠𝕣𝕠𝕟𝕒 𝕋𝕒𝕝𝕠𝕤

— ۵ ۞ ۵ —

Location: Forges ---> Half Blood Hill ; Camp Half-Blood - Long Island Sound; New York.

Spencer woke up in a fouler mood than usual. The nightmares about his time in Tartarus plaguing him every night hasn't done wonders for his sleep schedule, and repeatedly asking Adeline to literally give him sweet dreams is embarrassing in of itself that he only consults with her once a week. Upon looking at the alarm clock by his nightstand, he figured that there was no point going back to sleep at that point and instead decided to perform his morning routine a little bit earlier. Said routine involved some calisthenics to start things off, 100 push-ups, 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, and 10 kilometers of running every day before performing calisthenics again to cool off.

Just as he was getting back from his exercise, he happened to pass by the forges. All of a sudden, the hairs on the back of his neck stood on end, as a chilling sensation crept up his spine. Hurriedly, he rushed into the forge just before the Life Clock of a Hephaestus kid was about to wind down to its final seconds. Without a warning, a decent-sized explosion occurred at the other side of the forge, sending all manner of debris hurtling across the area including a celestial bronze spear which Spencer managed to catch deftly before it could impale the child of Hephaestus.

Turning to the origin of the explosion, the son of Thanatos gave Corona Talos an incredulous look as he motioned her to the spear he was still clutching in his hand.

"So... uhh... what are you doing out here this early?", the young daughter of Hephaestus said nervously before flinching when she heard the spear drop to the floor with a loud clang.

"Oh, I don't know? Saving this poor bloke from getting a one way ticket to the doors of my father?" Upon saying that, Spencer glared at Lucas, motioning him to scram, to which he complied, running out of the forge in sheer terror. He could have sworn the poor lad had also soiled his pants from the whole ordeal. " For gods sake, Beer Girl, be careful with your little experiments! You're lucky I was nearby, otherwise, you'd have a hard time explaining to Ky('vie), Chi(ron), and Di(onysus) why you decided that one of your brothers was in a drastic need of a new orifice."

Corona visibly frowned from his comments, pouting and giving him the stink eye. "You know I didn't mean to do that! I was working on a personal project when suddenly BOOM! There was this huge explosion, and KAPOW! Stuff just flew everywhere. Okay, maybe I shouldn't have placed those flammables so close to where I'm working, but still, aren't you worried about me the least bit?" She protested, puffing her cheeks in an attempt to look offended at him.

Sighing vehemently as he facepalmed at Corona's poor excuse of... well an excuse, he began chastising the reckless inventor. "You do realize I am aware that you're fireproof, right? Even if you somehow had gotten hurt, I'll make sure to give you a Phlegethon Fire Water bath, then you'd be good as new."

The mere mention of the procedure seemed to have terrified Corona for a brief second, before she managed to regain her composure and sighed in relief. "Wait, did this idiot forgot for that brief second that she was immune to fire, then remembered it just as quickly?".

Ever since arriving at camp a few months ago, Spencer seems to have gotten dragged into every major accident Corona had caused within that time span, INCLUDING, that Mother of all Skunks incident. The smell was SO bad, he had to go back into Tartarus and soak on the Phlegethon for an entire day just to get the smell off. Surprisingly, no monster dared to approach him while he had Pepe Le Pew perfume all over him, so he guessed that it was effective for its intended purpose, but he didn't dare tell her that. Still, no matter what crazy antics he gets involved in due to Corona's mishaps, he can't seem to get angry at the redhead the least bit. For some reason, he reminds her of his best friend back when he was part of Camp Jupiter, and at the same time, she feels like a little sister to him of sorts.

"Well, good luck cleaning up this mess, Ronnie. I don't want anyyyyyy part of this." Just as he was going to leave the forges, Corona hastily went after him, tugged his shoulders, and gave her one of those "puppy dog eyes" that clearly meant that she needed something from him... Oh boy, as if he hadn't helped her enough with that incident earlier. "What?"

"Well, I'll have to tell you that my tinkering wasn't a complete failure." She said excitedly as she gingerly held a metallic object in front of him. It was the size of a typical baseball but it must have weighed heavier than that due to its composition. The center of the object radiated a pleasant warmth and it glowed fiercely as if it was some sort of... "Tadah!, I call this, the Prominence Mark I. It's basically a mini reactor for the turrets I've been working on. Since the turrets need to be operational 24/7 so it could assist fleeing half bloods no matter what time it is, I figured I needed a self-sustaining power source for them to be online constantly."

Internally, Spencer was amazed beyond belief that Corona has managed this feat at such a young age. He felt like a proud parent right then and there, but he didn't want the fiery-haired girl to get a big head out of her achievement so he settled for giving her a pat in the head. "As impressive as this is, how is this any of my concern?"

An excited grin spread across Corona's face making Spencer regret that he even asked. "Well, I needed to test the operational capacity of this baby right here. I can't have it sputtering out just after a few shots... and that is where you come in, my good friend." Corona said in a conspiratorial manner.

"Let me guess, you need monsters for target practice?" He figured that was the case. This wasn't the first time she asked him to spam his Shadow Necromancy for her field tests.

"Bingo! So whaddya say, partner?" She extends her free hand to him in an effort to shake his, but Spencer brushes it off heads toward the exit, leaving the redhead feeling dejected. However, he stops momentarily just as he reached the exit, turns to her and grumbles "Thalia's tree, 1 hour from now. I'll leave if you're even one second late." to which she immediately perks up and nods enthusiastically.

After taking a much needed shower, and having a refreshing cup of tea, Spencer trudged towards Half-Blood Hill to meet with Corona. Fortunately, it seemed that she had already finished preparations as a a rather imposing turret was now set up right next to the infamous pine tree known for once temporarily being Thalia Grace. She grinned sheepishly when she caught sight of Spencer before motioning for him to begin using his death kid powers a couple of yards behind some hastily set upped practice dummies.

"Are you sure that thing is safe?" Spencer had a doubt written all over his face as he eyed the gigantic machine. "I seem to recall the last time we did this you not only managed to rip my summons to shreds, but also the dummies we were supposed to be protecting."

"Oh ye of little faith. I made the proper adjustments since last time. Now can I please have my monsters already?"

Smiling wryly, Spencer stretched out his hand before making an upwards grasping motion and uttering the words "Arise!". As soon as he said the trigger word, three columns of darkness burst from the ground before revealing 3 distinct monsters; a hellhound, a flesh-eating horse, and a Cyclops, all of which were made out of darkness. He noticed Corona shudder for a moment after seeing the Hellhound but after taking a deep breath, she regained her composure and stared down the shadowy mutt with fiery conviction in her eyes.

"Commencing First Field Test of the Prominence Mark I Energy Core for the Talos Turret Defense System in 3... 2... 1... BEGIN!" Pushing a small remote, the turret spewed out a column of steam as it roared to life. Almost immediately, its targeting systems began tracking the monsters who were already in pursuit of the automaton dummies. The dummies were designed to accurately simulate how a demigod desperately trying to reach the camp's borders would act, from the running speed, down to any possible erratic behavior half bloods who were scared shitless while running for their lives would act. This made every individual field test a very unique experiment and it helped the Defense System react accordingly to every possible situation. As soon as the turret identified the flesh-eating horse as the most immediate threat given how it can easily close the distance to the fleeing dummies, it trained its sights on it before unleashing a hail of celestial bronze bullets on the creature, disintegrating it almost instantly. The hellhound was shot with a formidable-looking javelin soon after, and finally the cyclops was felled when the turret launched a grenade chock full of celestial bronze shrapnel.

"Huh, that went unexpectedly well! And not a single scratch on the dummies this time! And it looks like your little battery performed as intended. Great job, Ronnie." This time, Spencer genuinely gave the young redhead some much needed praise. If there's one thing he admires about Corona Talos it's how she gives it her all in everything she does and how she stops at nothing in making sure her final products are always reliable. The sudden praise seems to have flustered the fiery-haired daughter of Hephaestus but she relished it for only a second before signaling for another run. The pair were able to perform a total of 20 tests in total before the loud, booming voice of Mr. D had both of them scrambling to clean up the mess they caused.

𝚂𝚙𝚎𝚗𝚌𝚎𝚛 𝙼𝚌𝙽𝚒𝚐𝚑𝚝

— ۵ ۞ ۵ —

Location: Obstacle Tower ---> ; Camp Half-Blood - Long Island Sound; New York.
Interacting with Erin Chase @Vicier & Dorian Underwood@King Kindred

Thanks to Spencer using Shadow Travel to instantly teleport the two of them just in time to hear the important bits of Mr.D and Chiron's announcement. Majority of the campers expressed their disdain immediately towards the baseless allegations on Erin stealing Aphrodite's dove. Of course, this included Spencer. He basically owed her the second leash on life he was enjoying right now. They've bonded considerably since then, and aside from Adeline and Corona, he considers Erin to be one of his most precious friends. Despite seeming like a standoffish, cynical twat to others, Spencer was extremely loyal to those he considers as his friends and he was ready to go through Tartarus and high water for her.

"Yet again, the cunts upstairs pin the blame on someone completely innocent!" The son of Thanatos glowered at the sky as if he was scowling at Ares himself. He was half-tempted at putting a middle finger up on the sky just to spite Ares but he figured the gesture would just be pointless. What he needed to do was find Erin and join her on her quest to find the dove and prove her innocence.

After saying a quick goodbye to Corona, Spencer set out to find Erin. By now, she was supposed to receive her prophecy from the Camp Oracle, Rachel Elizabeth Dare so the Big House was his first destination. By the time he arrived, he spotted Erin... along with his younger brother. He was aware that Dorian was also close with Erin and he also caught what he said about swearing on the Styx to fight Ares if he lays a finger on her. He had to admit, as much as he detested the little twerp, he was willing to put their differences aside for the time being for Erin's sake.

"So, what did the Oracle tell you, Erin? Whatever it is, I'm in. No buts." The older child of Thanatos told the distraught daughter of Hades in the most reassuring tone he could muster.








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