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Current If anyone wants to do a tabletop rp where you are a kid with a monster check out… I'd love to revive it.
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Interested in a Dark Circus 1x1? Check out my interest check!…
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Power is finally back on! I'll try to get to all my RP stuff tomorrow after I get all my homework done.
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Correction to my last status my power is estimated to come back on on Sunday at 11:30PM.
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My power is out. The website for the power company says it won't be restored until 11:30pm. If that's true, there will probably be no IC replies today.


My timezone is Eastern Standard, in case you need to know that sort of thing. I am very much a nerd, I like videogames and comic books. If you just want to chill and chat with me about videogames and comics, I'm totally down for that. I am more knowledgeable about the DC universe, when it comes to Marvel I know very little. My favorite Superhero is Superman and my favorite Batman villain is Mister Freeze, but I pretty much love all characters in the DC universe. As for video games, I usually stick in the range of anything with a good story. I've played the whole BioShock series, some of the Final Fantasys, both Portal games, all three of the Batman Arkham series and a whole bunch more. Right now I'm working on completing Persona 3 and 4, and Dragon Age Inquisition.

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About Me

  • I can write up from 2 to 5 paragraphs, of course I can manage to do more or less depending on what I'm given, but my preferred minimum is 2 paragraphs.
  • I like to have a plan for my rps so be prepared to plot things out. I hate running head first into a story.
  • I'm working full time so I may get busy from time to time. I should still be available to post at least once a week, but I will probably post way more than just once a week.
  • I'm 22 for those that care about the age of the person that rp with.
  • I don't mind OOC talk, and would actually love to encourage it! Even if we're just talking about our characters in the rp and planning for what to do next, either way I'd like to keep some kind of communication up.
  • I'd like to know your favorite animal, so that I know you've read this section
  • I am female but will rp both male and female characters (I'd prefer to play the female in fxm relationships though, as I have had to rp the male counterparts to female characters way too often in the past)
  • I enjoy romance in my rps! I'll do MxM, FxF or FxM romances, and of course any other sort of gender pairings as well. So if you want to play a non-binary character, for example, and want them part of the romance, that works for me.
  • Please ask me any questions you have!

Partner Preferences

  • Please be open to have romance in our rp!
  • Be willing to play both genders if it becomes necessary.
  • Be able to match my posting length. I set a minimum of 2 paragraphs per present character, but understand the occasional small post.
  • So I know you've read this section, as it is the most important section, tell me your favorite color
  • Understand that OOC talk is going to a thing so please be cool with OOC chat and keeping up with it
  • Please bring some ideas to the table, I don't want to be the only one throwing stuff out there. I want to know you're also really into the plot or pairing too and that you want to participate in this just as much as I do.
  • Be willing to play multiple characters.
  • If you have any other questions on what I'm asking for, please ask.

So, first plot is about a princess in a land filled with magic and the magical beings. Unfortunately, in the princess's kindgom, magic has been banned due to the loss of the King's eldest son. The princess had never seen any of this magic but the stories keep her enraptured and she wants so bad to see the things in those stories. I want to play the princess, I'm looking for someone to play a man, though the man can be anything. Perhaps a captain of the guard or a rogue magic user out to assassinate the princess. We can add some drama with an arranged marriage.

This plot is more dark. I want to do a classic human x vampire pairing, but there's some interesting properties to vampires. So, vampire blood has can cure any human ailments, it can heal a human's wounds and bring a human back from the brink of death. But, vampire blood is also strongly addictive to humans, so very few will actually give their blood to help. My character is a human that had been taken pity on after a horrible accident, now horribly addicted to vampire blood. Your character would be a vampire that sees an opportunity to use this human's addiction against them to get whatever he wants.
@webboysurf Yes, most of the staff has been working there for a while.

@AnaSilan Sunja As the opportunity presents itself.
Alright, first post is up! I do have one more person interested who might be joining in a bit later. Also, feel free to ask any questions you have!
It wasn't quite evening, but that didn't much matter in the city of Cedrella. The roads were already busy with people eager to get home and as far away from work as possible. Restaurants were starting to get busy from those trying to avoid the dinner rush and shops were busy seeing customers that wanted to avoid long lines. Plus, there were always students from the local college added to the mix which made the city feel extra busy during certain times of day.

The local club, Club Codename was just starting to get ready to open. Most of the staff wasn't required to show until an hour before open. That generally gave the staff enough time to clock in, get their work area ready and get prepared for the usual crowd. It was only when they had live performances that Thomas would ask a few of the staff to help him get set up earlier. Otherwise, it was just Thomas getting everything together until then. Which was fine, the staff usually did a good job cleaning up from the night before so he didn't have much to do himself.

Today, though Thomas would be training their newest staff in waiting tables. He suspected it wouldn't be much of a problem, but training was always a time consuming task. One that required his full attention and took away from managing the club and getting events set up for the rest of the week. But, it was a necessary part of the job and he wasn't about to complain about it. He was too old for that.

"So, Gabrielle, you are expected to arrive an hour before open which is five o'clock. You are expected to be clocked in and ready to work at that time," Thomas explained to the nervous girl following him around much like a lost puppy. The girl just nodded, so he continued, "When you have clocked in, your job is to look over your section. Make sure everything is clean and set the chairs. The lounge is for more experienced wait staff only, so you will only be working the downstairs area until you've been here for a few months, do you understand."

Gabrielle nodded and helped the owner with going over her section of tables for the night.
@Fabricant451 Are you still interested? We haven't heard anything from you in a while.

I'm going to try and get this started within the next few days, so those that are interested, please get in your character sheets as soon as you can.
@Instigator Go ahead and apply!

@CaptainSully Why don't you PM me your character ideas and we'll figure something out?
@Shard It isn't required, but it'd be nice.
@Fabricant451 Alright, I've save a bouncer spot for you!

@AnaSilan Sunja@webboysurf@Tyler Night All of your characters look great!

I'm going to wait a few more days to see if anyone else wants to join before we get this started, since there was quite a bit of interest in the interest check.

Name: Thomas Clark
Age: 43
Powers: Emotion Manipulation
Position: Owner
Appearance: He's a little above six feet tall and lanky. His hair is more of a salt and pepper color, and his eyes are a light brown. He's always nicely dressed, generally going for a button up shirt and blazer more than a full suit.

History: Thomas knew at a young age that he was special. He wasn't aware of his powers but he was born in a rather well off family and he was an only child for most of his life and given quite a good life. Though, in his teenage years, his parents had another child, Thomas' sister. His parents started to take notice of things that Thomas was able to get away with for the longest time. They started caring about how well he did at school, in which he really wasn't doing well in. The only thing he seemed to really excel in was music and his parents found that to be unfit for a career path.

His parents, attempting to get Thomas to work harder at school pulled him out of his orchestra class and pushed him to focus on his studies. When he still wasn't doing as well as they wanted him, they started to take other things away. He was frequently kept from his social life and from any sort of hobby he had. Unfortunately, he still wasn't doing well enough for them. He was in a constant state of anxiety and helplessness. Every time he showed his parents another barely passing test, and sat through another lecture, he just wanted them to feel how he felt. He wanted them to realize that he was trying his best, but he just wasn't particularly good at most things. He was just average.

One day, when he came home and was about to show his parents another graded paper and his anxiety was getting particularly bad, his dad had a panic attack before even seeing the paper. It was out of nowhere and after that, both his parents started acting strange. His dad had frequent panic attacks before looking at anything Thomas had done and his mother seemed to be under constant stress. Thomas didn't quite understand what was going on until his mother lashed out in anger from all of the stress. She was close to actually hitting Thomas when suddenly all of that anger turned into fear and that fear turned into surprise. Thomas realized that his parents were actually feeling what he was feeling.

After figuring out what was going on, he started to figure out the extent of his powers. He started to figure out what he could do with them. And his parents did too. They decided that it'd be for the best if he didn't live with them anymore once he was eighteen. They decided that he was a disappointment to the family and that he would have to figure out his own place in the world. So, when he turned eighteen he left.

He decided to pick up the violin again when he moved out and eventually found a small band to be part of. This band played regularly at small bar. Thomas and the bar owner became rather good friends and when the owner died, Thomas took over. He expanded the bar into a club and made it a place for people to just get away from everything going on outside. He started working with others that had super powers, taking in those that wanted to still be civilians. He made it his job to make sure his staff was taken care of and to keep the place club running.

Name: Gabrielle "Gabbie" Peterson
Age: 22
Powers: Hypnosis through song
Position: Wait staff
Appearance: Gabbie is of average height and build. She dresses in mostly comfortable clothes when she isn't working and always brings her backpack with her.

History: Gabbie always felt like she grew up with a single mother. She had a father, but he was barely around and when he was he wasn't the talkative type. Her mom was quite overbearing, constantly looking over Gabbie's shoulder and getting involved in everything. This was most likely because Gabbie was born with a stutter. Her stutter made her an easy target in school and adults were quick to assume other things about her. Her mother probably became very defensive over it.

Gabrielle tried her best to just keep her head down and continue on with her life. That was until a teacher suggested that she join the school choir, because singing can help with stuttering. She wasn't too interested, but after making a passing comment about it to her mother, she was forced to join. Things were strange on the first day, people around her were constantly dazed and confused and snapping out of it only to go back to the same state moments later. Things never got better after that. It happened often, but she continued to stay. The choir teacher was nice and had told her that she sang beautifully.

It wasn't until Gabbie tried out for her first solo that she realized what was going on. She sang in front of her teacher and her teacher got that dazed look that other students were always getting when she sang around them. She would pause and her teacher would snap out of it, so Gabbie would continue only for it to happen again. She realized that somehow, she was doing this. Later, Gabbie realized that if she sang it she could get people to do certain things for her. It only worked if it was something that person would do anyway, but she still found it to be great.

Gabrielle decided to leave her overbearing mother after high school and try to make it on her own. She didn't make it very far and ended up going back home after three years of struggling to make a living. Her mom demanded that she go to the local community college, which she did. Then there was word that Club Codename was looking for live performances and her mom had gotten it into her head that Gabrielle should try out to be a singer at the club. Gabbie, not wanting to argue or explain to her mom that the club was definitely not looking for solo singers, went to the place after classes one day. She ended up applying to be part of the wait staff after the owner talked to her for a bit. Now she's the newest staff member of Club Codename, though if you ask her mom she's a regular singer at the club.
Here's the Thread everyone…

@webboysurf Definitely apply if you're interested! I don't mind this being a larger group if it happens that way.
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