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Current If anyone wants to do a tabletop rp where you are a kid with a monster check out… I'd love to revive it.
11 days ago
Interested in a Dark Circus 1x1? Check out my interest check!…
11 mos ago
Power is finally back on! I'll try to get to all my RP stuff tomorrow after I get all my homework done.
11 mos ago
Correction to my last status my power is estimated to come back on on Sunday at 11:30PM.
11 mos ago
My power is out. The website for the power company says it won't be restored until 11:30pm. If that's true, there will probably be no IC replies today.


My timezone is Eastern Standard, in case you need to know that sort of thing. I am very much a nerd, I like videogames and comic books. If you just want to chill and chat with me about videogames and comics, I'm totally down for that. I am more knowledgeable about the DC universe, when it comes to Marvel I know very little. My favorite Superhero is Superman and my favorite Batman villain is Mister Freeze, but I pretty much love all characters in the DC universe. As for video games, I usually stick in the range of anything with a good story. I've played the whole BioShock series, some of the Final Fantasys, both Portal games, all three of the Batman Arkham series and a whole bunch more. Right now I'm working on completing Persona 3 and 4, and Dragon Age Inquisition.

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About Me

  • I can write up from 2 to 5 paragraphs, of course I can manage to do more or less depending on what I'm given, but my preferred minimum is 2 paragraphs.
  • I like to have a plan for my rps so be prepared to plot things out. I hate running head first into a story.
  • I'm working full time so I may get busy from time to time. I should still be available to post at least once a week, but I will probably post way more than just once a week.
  • I'm 22 for those that care about the age of the person that rp with.
  • I don't mind OOC talk, and would actually love to encourage it! Even if we're just talking about our characters in the rp and planning for what to do next, either way I'd like to keep some kind of communication up.
  • I'd like to know your favorite animal, so that I know you've read this section
  • I am female but will rp both male and female characters (I'd prefer to play the female in fxm relationships though, as I have had to rp the male counterparts to female characters way too often in the past)
  • I enjoy romance in my rps! I'll do MxM, FxF or FxM romances, and of course any other sort of gender pairings as well. So if you want to play a non-binary character, for example, and want them part of the romance, that works for me.
  • Please ask me any questions you have!

Partner Preferences

  • Please be open to have romance in our rp!
  • Be willing to play both genders if it becomes necessary.
  • Be able to match my posting length. I set a minimum of 2 paragraphs per present character, but understand the occasional small post.
  • So I know you've read this section, as it is the most important section, tell me your favorite color
  • Understand that OOC talk is going to a thing so please be cool with OOC chat and keeping up with it
  • Please bring some ideas to the table, I don't want to be the only one throwing stuff out there. I want to know you're also really into the plot or pairing too and that you want to participate in this just as much as I do.
  • Be willing to play multiple characters.
  • If you have any other questions on what I'm asking for, please ask.

So, I've been craving some DC Universe rps. Specifically anything going down in Gotham City, but I'll do anything in the DC Universe. I'm most familiar with Batman and Superman, but I know good amount about the other heroes and villains. I don't have any plots in mind, but I will list some pairings that I would do. So here's that!

Canon Character Pairings (Some of these pairings are weird. I'm aware)
Bolded characters are who I'd like to play
Batman x Superman
Batman x Catwoman
Superman x Lois Lane
Catwoman x Lois Lane
Mister Freeze x Nora Fries
Poison Ivy x Harley Quinn
Black Mask x Hush
Killer Moth x Firefly
Lex Luthor x Sinestro
Booster Gold x Ted Kord
(More to come, when I've got more time to think about it)

Original Character Pairings
Daily Planet Employees
OC Gotham Rogue x OC Gotham Rogue
OC Hero x OC Hero
OC Gotham Henchman x OC Gotham Henchman
OC Metropolis Rogue x OC Gotham Rogue
Gotham Civilians
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