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Kiki smiled up at the bard who cradled her, glad someone cared for her well-being. The pain from the goblin's attacks subsided as her wounds magically closed, and she let out a quiet giggle as Ardiane kissed her forehead. "I think I like you best this way," she whispered before forcing herself back to her feet. "Should we keep moving?" she suggested.

Kiki stepped into the cave's opening once everyone had gathered. These goblins didn't seem very vigilant; perhaps they didn't expect anyone to interrupt them. The sound of running water echoed through the cave from the stream that flowed from its mouth. Kiki hoped the sound would cover their advance.

>Everyone who wishes to enter the cave, please roll Stealth with Advantage.
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Spelunking into the subterranean depths appeared initially to the goliath as martyrological, especially since the rogue had just recuperated, barely healed, in time, of her lethal wounds, by the wondrous, malleable bard. The ambush intentionally predicated upon Kiki and Bar’s prior anonymous but calamitous assembly. What were they doing? And why? Considerations of stone and clay torrentially riddled his gaze as the sorcerer’s pair of eyes vantaged the faint creek along the edge of the green canopy. He subconsciously traced the narrow stream that ebbed away from the maw of a potential cenote. It was naturally shielded by the coppices and groves that the forest provided in camouflaged concealment.

Was this their trek’s apparent terminus, the barbarian had premeditated for their journey?

Alongside the brook, their feet bubbled upon a parched trail leading to the mouth of a Platonic cave. With gallantry, diabetic thoughts plagued the giantkin’s superstitious concentration as he allowed others to slowly venture before him. Perhaps, inside, the company would possibly discover seven more goblins, all unconscious, snoozing and oblivious to the previous harrowing encounter their recently departed brethren paid with blood, now buried beneath the earth of Phandelver. Would these proverbial sleepers of Ephesus meet the impending persecution the troupe prefigured, by the mesmerizing shadows cast by the heroes’ ambling bodies? Puppeteered by the clashed strings of fate and destiny? Or escape, emerging into another eon, proclaimed as an Edessan homily as a warning? Sirens urging unsuspectingly these landlocked sailors of purpose and fortune to seal their ears with wax, deafening their minds to the screams of innocent enemies?

Brim hoisted his sternum, as the rearguard, in anticipation of the swelling danger, like an Odysseus chained to a ship’s mast, brushing upon the waves of grass and thicket. He only hoped this organized formation would lend itself to stealth and strategic investigation as they pressed further onward, into the belly of the Faerunian fissure.

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Bar thought his cloth would cover enough for now and felt like his sinister plans would have to wait.

Sneaking in with the rest of the party, he wondered if there would be any tasty food he could take from the goblins.

While sneaking into the darkness, he thinks back to the days before he had to start wearing anything at all. He sighs silently, dodging a low-hanging edge along the way.

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Ardiane stood up as Kiki did, grabbing the other woman's hand. "No," she said, pulling her back. "You got hurt just fighting the goblins here, and you want to go into their home?" The half-elf looked down, rubbing Kiki's hand. It wasn't like she owned her, or had any right to say what Kiki should be doing, but part of her screamed that this was a bad idea, and that she should stay outside. With Ardiane. Her cheeks went red as some small part of her mind whispered precisely what they could be doing instead of climbing through dirty, filthy goblin cave, but Ardiane didn't have the courage to say anything out loud.

She was concerned, worried for the Halruaan woman with a gap in her armour bigger than Ardiane's hand. And it was only leather armour, not even proper solid metal. The soldiers back home on Moonshae always put on solid metal before hunting monsters. Even the druids had that spell that made their skin like tree bark. She absently put her hand back over the smooth skin where Kiki had been bleeding from not ten minutes ago, and ran her fingers over it. "I don't want you to get hurt..." She murmured, probably only loud enough for the other woman to hear. Ardiane pressed herself against Kiki's side. "You're not going in without me to fix you if you get hurt again."

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Only for payment I shall ferry,
Boating you across to paradise,
Offer me one when you are buried,
Lower the body to lower the price.

May the dead bury their own dead. The psion watched as the earth sunk and swallowed up the beheaded bodies. It was a curiosity that their resident smell stone sorcerer had the gall and grace to give goblins a grave. Missing heads in their shallow beds, unmarked but far more than what an enemy deserved. Still, there were no last rites to commend them to their goblin gods, merely unceremonious executions. And of course the former street-rat knew better than to leave such warm bodies unmolested. Not in the way of Hymn-Adriane and Kiki, but rather with an intent to search their corpses of whatever useful things before the goliath finished his mounds of earth. Slim fingers lifted two silver pieces from the dead target, and a thought considered if he should pick up the discarded goblin blade. Twas either the blade or bow and arrows left behind, and a blade was far more fetching than sticks and string. Another weapon to be added to the growing collection, as the mute affixed the new piece to his belt and tucked the coins into the man's coinpurse. Perhaps he could fancy himself now as one of those warriors from (Hammerfell) the western desert with their curved swords.

Now that the scavenging was completed, the silent watcher considered the next course of action to be done as the loam and gravel covered the remains away. Three goblins to sentry was adequate, but their lack of vocalization was worrying. Did the greenlings believe a force of three could take the five lot of them? Bar the smoldering wizard who seemed to contracted either apathy or hydrophobia, their party had the numbers. So why did these cretins not call for backup? True they had nearly killed Kiki, but given the nature of the changeling's and the rogue's budding affections, it would only incite more than just vicious words from the tiefling.

Kiki has a bard in this wretched place
Ardiane is the singer in the band,
Kiki says to Ardiane: girl I like your face,
And Adriane swoons as she takes Kiki by the hand.

Yes, being the silent one had its benefits, set aside in solitude did allow you to people watch. Watching how their little party had begun to interweave as one cohesive unit. Each having their particular place and partner as it seemed, though the stragglers were just as dangerous as the Bonnie-&-Clyde's. Certainly he knew they had been wary of his silence, and so had he been of their words. For what was not said bore secrets which intimidated the mind, but what was said could also be a lie, with acts done to deceive. Of course they didn't know his name, but he knew theirs unlike the nameless corpses lying low and under now. And the more you knew about one's enemies, the better, but the more you knew about one's own allies? Well, even better still. As it is said in the east: know your enemy, know yourself.

Into the depths of Hades, threading the trickle of the Styx, the rushing sound of its waters running over the stones as shoe-clad feet stride across the rock. The resounding footsteps, prated by the very cave telling of where and when. Not as so much a stealth operation as a stroll into the cave, keen to take the observation in what little light left lingers behind them. The shadows of Nyx unto Erebus, darkness along the path unpierced by human eyes, but alas they had amongst them a walking candlestick to illuminate the path should that sooty snooty Lordsmen take the lead. And yet by placing the wizard there, to be a neon light advertising their decent into the fold, was to ask to be riddled by arrows from all sides. Hence perhaps it was a blessing the fiery mage was a step behind thus far. If perhaps the bird could care to blaze ahead, and tell of what use a ranger has in settings un-urbane, for the psion was only versed in the city alleyways and slums not repulsively pungent goblin caves. The smell of damp molds stank like guano, or perhaps goblin feces turning the olfactories away from inhaling such foul spores. Oh wait, a moment, it was the be-lisped goliath who made such offending odor, albeit perhaps it was the orc as well? Either way one of the boys would most likely have announced their arrival beyond attempts to muffle their walk into the cave. Of which, why bother thought the psion as he simply walked inside with nary a reason to so excruciatingly conceal his presence with every step.

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