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New Arc!!!

Classes Begin: Day 1

The Forges


While the day had been cooler, the Forges were blistering hot. Loud clangs of metal against hot metal could be heard. While most of the buildings near the Mansion had been made of wood, they soon turned into steel constructions. Students could be seen running between the many buildings, carrying everything from supplies to fully finished projects. In the center of all the commotion was a bear of a man. Long, thick, scraggly brown hair was tied back in a tail just as a short, but scraggly, beard adorned the man's face. Bright eyes looked out from under the man's eyebrows. He wore a black t-shirt with dark blue jeans and black boots. Over his clothes the man wore a thick and heavy leather apron. He had been listening to a third year girl when his attention suddenly shifted. Calling out to a boy, the man's gargantuan voice roared over all the noise. "BOY!! How many times do I have to tell you? Stop munching and get back to work! That silver ain't gonna forge itself, now is it?"

The boy's spine immediately straightened and his hair rose on end. Smiling, the boy turned around, a chunk of steel hanging from his mouth. "Yes Boss!" Was shouted as the young man inched away from the steel bin. Reaching the other side, he swiftly turned away and ran down the silver smithies. Just as the boy ran off, several first years turned up. Guided by Elliot Donovan, a tall and slender man, the group began to walk towards the Forge Master.

"Hey Damian! Don't you dare run away!" A mischevious grin lighted up Elliot's face as he walked between the buildings. A slight breeze always accompanied the dark-haired man wherever he went. With one hand in his pocket, Elliot waved at the bear. Of course, as soon as Damian saw the incoming 4th year, he quickly looked for something to do. While he hated the student, Damian couldn't very well say it to his face. Not after what happened last time. Gritting his teeth, Damian was about to greet the student. However, one of the smithies exploded. With smoke and flames off in the distance, Damian pulled out a third year student and sent her to deal with the newcomers.

With a smile on her face, Elise walked up to the new group. "Hello Elliot," her smile was definitely forced, an irritated twitch manifesting in the corner of her mouth. "What are you doing here?" The threat and suspicion was almost visible between the two students. If one looked closely, they would see the tiny flames sprouting up around Elise's feet. Not only that, but Elliot's breeze became slightly sharper as well.

Without missing a beat, his tone venomous, Elliot responded, "Well, Elise, I see that you're as beautiful as ever."Pausing for a moment, the man let his insult sink in. "If you must know, I found these two first years after breakfast and offered to guide them. It just so happened that they belonged here, much to my dismay." Looking down at his watch, the man feigned surprise. "Oh! Would you look at the time! Well, I better be off. I'll see you later, love..." His last word was filled with a knowing, insidious venom. As he turned to walk away, the winds around him picked up speed and density. Obscuring him from view, they immediately dissipated. Elliot Donovan was nowhere to be seen.

The woman, who stood with gracious fatality only moments before was now relaxed. No longer tense, she smiled at the two new students. "Sorry about that, I hope he didn't do anything to you," pausing for a moment, she continued. "I'm Elise, Elise Farlough." Holding out both her hands it was easy to see the mixture of soot, coal, and sweat that left blotchy smudges on her skin and clothes. Even so, clad in a t-shirt, jeans, and a leather apron, the third year had an almost serene beauty.

The Infirmary


Martha buried herself among the papers on her desk. In the room were several tables, covered with books and charts. There was only one other person in the room. A third year student by the name of Alexander Zydlewski, but most people just call him X. He had cleared off on of the tables earlier, and was now setting up his tea set. Clearing his throat, X surprised Martha. Jumping up from what she had been writing, Martha had been unable to catch the boy's words. "I'm sorry X, but could you repeat that for me." Her glasses sat lopsided on the bridge of her nose, and her hair was in a huge mess, but the middle aged woman still looked as young as a twenty year old.

"I said, 'when are we expecting the new student?'" Always the voice of reason between the two, X sighed as he plugged his electric kettle in. He had always liked the traditional kettles, but there was no stove in the Infirmary. As such, he had been forced to buy this kettle from Haven village.

Watching as the young man turned to his herbs, Martha began to dig around the papers on her desk. Reaching about halfway through the third pile, the teacher found what she was looking for. Scanning the page, Martha answered X's question. "It says here that she should be here at 10:30." Fixing her glasses, Martha looked up at X. The boy had a startled expression frozen on his face. Coming to his senses, X finally responded.

"Damnit! Ms. Bedleck, It's already 11:30!" Pulling his jacket on, X rushed around the tables. Stopping at the doorway, he turned to Martha, "Ms. Bedleck, just-just stay here." Rushing out the door, X ran down the hall, eventually ending up at the stairs. Several flights loomed below him as he began to make his way down. Flying down the stairs, X eventually made his way to the bottom floor. Running towards the front door, he began to hear the ringing of the doorbell. Reaching the handle, the young man yanked the door open. There, in front of him was a girl with green, slime-like hair.

The Forest


Felix stood, undisturbed between the trees. His golden mane surrounded his head and neck. A tall can in hand Felix merely tilted his head as a perfectly placed flying kick flew past. Reacting fast, the second year landed smoothly against the trunk of a tree. Folding swiftly, the younger lioness fell gracefully to the ground. Standing on all fours, the woman took a breath and roared. Immediately, the very trees shook from the shockwaves, causing all manners of avians to fly up. As the lioness charged her father, several other students burst from the undergrowth. Felix’s ears twitched in response, but that was the only response. Sidestepping his reckless daughter and dodging underneath the swipe of a bear, Felix let her run into the most troublesome of her friends. Then, with pinpoint accuracy, Felix brought the end of his cane up, smacking the side of the bear’s head. The bear disappeared, replaced with a boy clutching at the side of his skull. With a bellowing roar, the last contestant charged, more out of honor than out of a hope of winning. However, the axe-wielding minotaur soon stopped in his tracks. A golden-furred hand was already on the student’s chest. Mark was clearly surprised, Felix was standing there in front of him, and had stopped his charge as though he was an ant.Felix flicked his wrist, and the bull was gone. The only evidence was his groaning form covered with the remains of a tree.

Turning towards his daughter, his eyes never truly focusing on her, “Andria, take your friends to the infirmary. Mark will need to be healed, and I fear that Bastion,“ Felix motioned towards the boy that was now cradling his head, “might have a concussion.” With a twitch, Felix’s ears perked up. He could hear four bodies walking through the woods. They took frequent stops, possibly checking a map. “Hmm, it seems that the new first years are on their way.” Immediately, Andria’s ears perked up as she roused Ivy from her slumber.

“Oh yea, I heard about this dragon guy that nearly tore up the Arena!” Felix sighed at his daughter’s words. He had tried to teach the girl, but she would never listen.

“My daughter,” Once again, while the lion’s face was turned towards Andria’s face, his eyes were focused somewhere else. “Do not forget the strength of his opponent. It is only because of the girl that he would even destroy the Arena.” Felix sighed inwardly. He knew Kaze, he knew the boy well. WHen he had first came, his strength was immense, but unrefined. Felix had taken him under his wing and raised the boy like a son. Of course, he was unable to take the boy to his home, as the house would not survive it. Instead, Kaze had stayed with Thuckle, the supposed janitor of Haven.

Suddenly, four bodies entered the clearing. Kaze, of course, loomed over the rest, but those that stood in front of him were indeed interesting. Cole, the Beast; along with the wolf girl. Lastly, the smallest of the four, a simple rat girl. “Ah, you’ve arrived,” stepping towards them, his eyes never quite reaching them, Felix continued, “Welcome to The Forest.”

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@KaiserElectric @Drakey

Claude looked back at that guy, Elliot, as he vanished from view and sighed wistfully before turning back to face Elise. For two seconds, two real good god given glorious seconds, she'd thought that something exiting had been about to happen here. She had actually put herself in front of the other girl Elliot had grabbed to lead over here in anticipation of the tension exploding into something more. Then it had all just petered out into nothing, the boy had turned tail and run off, and all the build up had led to nothing. It deflated her like a balloon.

She reached out and took there offered hand, gripping it for just a little to long to be comfortable before starting to shake. It wasn't that Claude was intentionally trying to size this girl up. It was a habit that had become mostly instinctual when she met anyone else with powers. Claude had seen the literal sparks licking up her legs during her and Elliot's stand off, and while fire had never done any good against Claude she had learned the hard way not to dismiss anyone based on something like that. Regardless of what she felt, she tried her best to give the girl a smile. "I'm Claudia. Claude to my friends. And don't worry, he would not have survived the attempt."
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Kaze yawned as the group moved through the wooded area around the school. He was letting the younger students lead the way to the spot they were supposed to meet Felix. That massive cloak was back on him even though Cole knew what he looked like. But Kaze hadn't seen the other students before, so no point scarring them to early. Under the hood his ears flicked back and forth, he could hear the sparring up ahead so the group was going in the right direction.

When they broke the treeline he took a quick sweep of the clearing. Boy clutching his head, knocked out minotaur under some trees, and plant girl doing plant things? "Sup, Lil Puff." He said while giving the lioness a wave. His attention turned to Felix and gave the older man a slight bow. "Hey, Gramps." He said. While Felix wasn't that old the guy was wise like a grandfather and Kaze tended to give people he liked a more personal nickname.
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Cole was uncomfortable. It was all so unfamiliar - the sights, sounds, and smells. The surrounding forest seemed dangerous, and unsanitary. The roars and crashes echoing from a distance only agitated him further, though, according to the map that he and the other students had been given, the presumed chaos was exactly where they were headed for. They eventually emerged from the trees into a clearing, or a wreck of one. Cole spotted a lioness hybrid with her hand on a plant hybrid. An unconscious minotaur was lying under pieces of a fallen tree, and there was a boy who looked to be in pain not too far away.

"What in the world happened here?" Cole muttered, mostly to himself, though, it was audible to those close to him.

The newcomers were then approached and welcomed by a lion hybrid, whom Cole assumed to be the teacher-in-charge.

"Thank you, Sir. A very good morning to... you....." He trailed off, raising an eyebrow as he noticed something odd about the lion's focus, which did not seem to be on him or any of the other students.

Cole turned to look behind him, where the teacher seemed to be staring, but found nothing that was of interest. Considering what he thought was an unlikely possibility, he turned back and gave the lion a short wave. His eyes then shifted to look at Kaze, the expression on his face a mixture of confusion and fascination. He hoped for the dragon boy to confirm, or deny, the theory that was clearly in his mind.

@Kazemitsu @Drakey
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The creep with the glass wings called this place The Forge. The naming conventions this place had were straightforward, if a bit lacking in creativity, Alex pondered.

Shrugging the jacket off her shoulders, she felt the breeze pick up slightly as the fourth year traded some icy words with the girl who the teacher sent to talk with them. Nervously taking a step back, not wanting to get in the middle of a super-powered brawl on her first day, Alex inwardly breathed a sigh of relief when tensions cooled and the glass-winged kid left, taking a good deal of the sliminess with him. It was good to know that everyone at Safe Haven wasn't like that guy.

Curiously glancing over at smoke and flames pouring from a distant forge, she nearly missed it when the girl introduced herself as Elise Farlough. Before she could react, the other girl she was with stepped forward to greet her first.

"I'm Claudia. Claude to my friends. And don't worry, he would not have survived the attempt." Alex could believe that. She wasn't sure what her powers were just yet, but she'd bet money on them involving fire in some way or another, and Claudia already looked like she knew how to hold her own in a fight. Realizing it was her turn, she forced a slight smile and stepped up.

"Um, I'm Alexis. You can just call me Alex."
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