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"We will start with Griffin. Even though he hasn't been the leader I hoped he stills has superiority if only barely. I will give him a map to the location. All of you will go along and help in anyway you can. While this is Griffin's item and challenge this is about working together. We will start first thing in the morning. Any questions?" The director asked.
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Rost and Argus

"I've seen the professors binding work, that shadow of yours couldn't take a street lamp right now." the Djinn joked, shooting the shadow a dirty look as Mason shooed it away, "I'm fond of paint the town red; basically means going out and having one hell of a party; vandalism may be involved." the senior agent began to raise devil horns on his right hand but received a pointed glare from Rost. With a shrug, Argus focused on the Director; "Loud and clear, boss; scavenger hunt, first thing tomorrow."

"I would advise my fellow agents not to engage in such raucous behavior; we do need to keep a low profile." the Scribe advised, watching Shadow curiously, "It is odd he has retained this level of autonomy under binding; then again Mason you are something of a strange case already; Hopefully the next iteration of the seal will do the trick." he nodded to the Director's proposition, "A fine idea, Director. I've always enjoyed a good scavenger hunt."

"Seriously though, anybody want to go out for drinks? There's a dive not far from HQ run by a couple of shōjō; Japanese spirits that love a good drink. They make their own sake. The stuff is literally magic, it's a powerful healing tonic AND it'll knock you on your ass." Argus offered, glancing around the room, "Not that alcohol does anything for me, but it's been a long day; gives us some time to talk, get to know each-other a bit."
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@Phantomlink959 "It has worked really well, he can't take over and can't interact with anything see?" Mason said and to demonstrate his point he waved his hand and it passe S through shadow. "If I can't take a streetlamp what does that make you a candle!" shadow said chuckling before trying to stop Mason from passing his hand through him "hey! Stop that!"

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"Understood, Director. The team building exercise will occur tomorrow morning. I have no further questions." Richard then salutes the director before using his free hand to let a yawn out quietly into his closed fist. He looks to the Dijin and ponders on his offer for drinks. "A good drink or two is good once in a while. I do hope that those drinks can treat magical exhaustion." Richard comments as he tries to gather enough energy to stand up and attend this little get together.

Astra was confused. How could an alcoholic beverage be capable of knocking someone down. It was an inanimate object and literally incapable of doing so. And why knock someone onto their donkey of all things? As far as the databases had given her, none of the agents present owned a donkey. There was so much more Astra had to learn from her more emotive companions and she was not going to let this chance of understanding more of them in a personal level, as well as a lesson in emotions, go by unanswered. "My body does not require traditional sustenance, but I am interested in attending this event."
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Griffin had never gone out drinking. Friends weren't something he had had in either life. He had a few coworkers but mostly kept to himself. He was tempted to do that now. It wasn't like they were close. Still something about the offer made him hesitate. It wasn't likely he could get drunk. Not that he wanted to do that. While he wanted to trust these people, mostly because his life might depend on it, it was still hard. Not just because they were different species. "I can't stay long but I will join you for one drink."
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