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Name: Griffin Green (GG)
Age: 2000
Species: Vampire
Powers: teleportation, mindreading, superspeed, strength,
Strengths: lock picking, persuasion, hacking, repairs
Weaknesses: sunlight, holy objects held by believers, blood lose,
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Appareance: Sporting a youthful physique, and slight Asian features, this young man seems to be your average human at first glance, accept for his unnaturally blue eyes. He is 5'9 in height, seems to be of average build, and has pitch white hair that reaches down past his ears. He has a small scar going down the right side of his face, starting below his eye and trailing down past his jaw.

Name: Jericho Song (Code Name: White Fox)

Age: 23

Species: Human with Kitsune blood.

Powers: Limited manipulation of visual and auditory perceptions in regular humans.

Strengths: Open Minded, able to operate under stress and keep a level head, has a strong moral code.

Weaknesses: Finds it frustrating to deal with superiors who lead from a safe distance rather then on the field with himself and whoever is with him. Takes great pleasure in making seemingly harmless mischief on people he doesn't like with his manipulations.

Bio: Jericho Song was born in Kyoto Japan to an American father and Japanese Kitsune mother, though his father returned back to America with him in tow due to a prior event that to this day remains a mystery to him. He quickly discovered his heritage when it turned out he can make regular humans see and hear things that he wants them to, causing more then a few incidents on his part. Seeing the mischief maker he was turning into, his father opted to have him home schooled, which is where he learned most of his education.

Eventually he was discovered by the Supernatural Division of the MIB, and he was offered a job in cleanup and intelligence gathering operations. Eager to leave his boring life he immediately accepted, and went through training. Though he was more then competent in the academic studies, he seemed to have issues with following orders from those he knew would be giving orders from the safety of their office while he risked his neck out in the field. He always follows them though, even though he makes it a point to give his own commentary on the orders, whether his superiors want to hear it or not.

Recently he has been requesting a partner for no other reason then just to have someone to talk to that isn't himself. He also casually jokes if they can make it a pretty woman at least six years older then him that's into younger men, that would be super. (If someone wants to play said partner I wouldn't object, dont worry, they can be whoever, he was just being humorous :P)
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Name: Henry "Hank" Dauterive

Age: 23

Species: Lich

Powers: Has body regeneration thanks to being a zombie and the magic he is under he can health quickly.

Strengths: A practitioner of Capoeria so he is skilled in hand to hand combat, And in his former life being in the army so as well skilled with using a gun.

Weakness Regarding the magic that brought back his body he weak against most magic spells and weapons, His body will need about half a hour or so to put on limbs or longer if his whole body is burned. Being stabbed in the chest with a certain dagger can kill him and send his soul to the afterlife.

Bio: (Mind if i showcase his backstory during the rp?)


Name: Michelle "Micheal" Jones

Age: 57

Species: Human

Powers: None

Strength: Knowledgeable in the occult and supernatural subjects, Skilled in using his shotgun and chainsaw.

Weakness: Being human he is weak to the supernatural and is not very strong nor fast.

Bio: (Will be explained later on so i do apologize)

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Name: Carmensita "Carmen" Ramanan
Age: 28
Species: Siren

    - Persuasion/Manupulation , In mythology sirens are known to lure men and women to their untimely deaths at sea. They can easily entice people of any specie, with mortals being much easier to control and seduce and if powerful enough, can fully take hold of person against their will. A Very useful skill for interrogations.
    - Emotional Empathy Similar to their Persuasion powers they can control and shift a person/group of people's current emotion through songs.

    -Goal driven, has a pragmatic mindset. It helps her achieve her goals faster and in the most effective manner.
    - Flexible, can steadily work in different environments, perfect skill for undercover work and subterfuge.
    - Street smart. Knows her way around the streets since she was a child. A survivalist.
    - Persuasive. Always knows the right words to say. Mostly.

- Excessive physical trauma, though she's not actually human, her body is still as equally squishy.
- Over-confidence in self and in choices that can sometimes lead to bad decisions.
- Impatient, gets ansty easily. Can pose a problem for her superiors, in cases she will disobey direct order. Carmen will do things on her own.


With Carmen's siren abilities, and love for a thrilling fieldwork, she applied work for MIB at a relatively young age. Before that, she was an orphan, growing up in the streets she relied on her skills to survive. One day the MIB was in the search of a dangerous supernatural, and Carmen who was 16 at the time was caught in the middle of a raid. When she was discovered MIB agents thought her skills would be useful to their cause. She used her to track down the person, whom she knew, persuaded him and brought great results for her efforts. At first she did undercover work, working in high class clubs and bars as a singer to spy on and manipulate their targets. Her skills and gifts proved to be great in the field and officially she applied and became an agent years later.
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Name: Gynar-021

Appearance: Gynar-021 stands at the meager height of 5'6", sporting a rather lean build across the majority of his body and his spindly limbs. He sports a set of thick grey skin that covers the majority of his lean body, dark gray in color much like that of the urban legends and myths created about aliens that exist within the cosmos and that have interacted with humanity. Gynar's head is somewhat large, although it isn't too much larger than a Human's unlike what urban legend has led to make people believe, sporting a set of large pupilless black eyes, and small slits for nostrils and a mouth. His body is usually coveted in a set of thin underarmor clothing based in a green color, with a various set of pockets and tools hanging from a tool belt around his waist. Most of which appear to be of mediocre design, although glowing rather colorfully and looking somewhat odd due to makeshift additions added to such.


Species: Alien Grey

Powers: The only real /power/ that he has is an enhanced amount of intelligence equivalent to that of a human genius. He's mostly capable of picking up on ideas and concepts very quickly, and easily capable of taking bits and pieces of electronic junk and somehow making such into something functional. He's usually fiddling and tinkering with tools and occasionally weaponry, which he tends to improve upon with ease if given the right equipment.

-Enhanced intelligence
-Superb technician
-Moderate medical knowledge
-Great mental resilience

-Mediocre physically
-Practically like a Human in all senses and cases besides intelligence.
-Lacks the supposed psychic abilities most are thought to have.
-Lacks some knowledge on the outside world.

Bio: Gynar-021's story mostly begins where the Roswell crash site had left over nearly over a century ago within the western portion of the U.S. An incident that rocked the nation and helped stir up the era of the Cold War not so long after the Second World War. The Roswell Crash was one of the first few organized incidents with extraterrestrial interaction between the U.S. government and otherworldly visitors. The crash had happened to leave behind a set of a few dozen survivors that were promptly took control of and held up underground in the infamous Area 51 test site. Where a small percentage of them were held up to experimentation and slaughter and autopsies done to understand the biology of an extraterrestrial being. A dozen or so were left and were confined to a certain portion of Area 51 underground where they were prompted to breed and be tested on by the U.S. government for years to come.

Fast forward nearly a century and Gynar-021 was born in one of the aging underground cells of Area 51. One of the first few born to a new generation of the aliens left captive in the test site. He was raised up and indoctrinated as a sort of technical slave by the reaearchers at Area-51, isolated from most of ghe databases and so on regarding the crash and his place of origin alongside his own kind's place of origin. Much like his brothers and sisters he proved go have an exceedingly amazing intelligence and a capability to fiddle with technology with ease in a matter of minutes where it takes a Human years to learn to do such.

Fast forward 2 decades when he became the equivalent of a young adult in Human years, and he was working as a sort of technician within the halls of the MIB branch of the U.S. government. Him being one of the first few of his kind to be stationed as such independently from the watchful eyes of the researchers at Area 51. He's currently been adapting and modifying and fixing whatever tools and weapons that are tossed at him, silently contemplating who he was and what he was within the large Universe he knew nothing about besides brief glimpses and such he's caught wind of.
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Name:Dexter Morager (Codename: Curwen)
Age: 57
Species: Human
Powers: Curwen is a extremely capable sorcerer with a specialization in Necromancy. He can raise up, speak with, and in some cases control the shades of the dead from as little as their "essential salts," some of which he keeps in vials on his person at all times. These viles contain mostly the salts of the numerous dogs he's had throughout the years. He can also raise up dead bodies as mindless servants that respond to his commands and has the knowledge to dismiss restless spirits.

Strengths: Curwen has been practicing magic for a long time and can defend himself against curses and enchantments and is well read enough to recognize it in many forms. He is an expert on ghosts and the undead. His abilities make him superlative at gathering information, scouting, and desperate defence.

Weaknesses: He's getting on in years and isn't what you could call physically spry and only meets the minimum requirements needed to be issued a firearm.

Bio: Contrary to popular belief, old wizards are not an incredibly common occurrence. Most magic is passed on by dusty old tomes or the half mad scribbling an enthusiastic hobbyist managed to jot down before meeting some terrible fate. It's how Curwen found his start, studying the diary of a distant ancestor he'd found locked away in his grandfathers basement. Before long he was digging up bodies, plumbing their minds for secrets and knowledge, until he happened upon one particular shade that impressed upon him the importance of the warning scribbled in the margins of those old notebooks.

“Do not call up that which you cannot put down.”

Unlike most sorcerers who make these sorts of youthful indiscretions he managed to actually survive this encounter, albeit at the cost of his ancestral family home, his father, and both his and his grandfathers research being consumed by a raging inferno. This early humbling is undoubtedly why he is still alive while so many of his peers are not. It instilled in him a respect for both magic and those beings that he called up. He rebuild his life, building a steady living as a professional magical consultant, even took on a few apprentices in his time. He tried to impress upon them the respect he had learned, and most took it to heart. One, however, is what brought him to the attention of the MIB.

This apprentice had slipped after leaving Curwen's care, gone quite mad with the power, and called up up a dreadful specter to slay his enemies. The MIB managed to capture the apprentice but neither they nor he were able to quell the specter, and so on the mans recommendation sought out his master. Bringing Curwen into the field he manged to dispel the specter with great effort, and since then worked for the MIB as a consultant in these sorts of matters until the official formation of the S-Division at which point he was offerd an official position with the organization.
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Name: Igor Oukranikov

Age: 30

Species: Werewolf

Powers: Transformation into wolfman & wolf forms at will.

Strengths: Wilderness survival, In good physical shape, stealth, tracking

Weaknesses: Silver, Lunar spirits/magics, Easily taunted/angered, Must hunt on nights of the full moon, Sharp canine teeth are always present, Bad with technology

Bio: Igor spent his life in rural America. He grew up as the odd one and attention-seeking clown among the jocks. When he experienced his first change, he fell into a berserk rage. He doesn't like to talk about what happened.

He fled from human society after that, hiding among the wild places until he found a pack who accepted him into the fold. He ran with his pack until something terrible happened. A ravenous bestial giant, like some kind of yeti or troll, came out of the darkness during a hunt and turned them all into prey. He awoke uncertain as to how he had survived at all.

Alone again, he left the old territory in search of a pack who could actually defeat such a beast. He discovered the MIB and the budding BSA. After explaining what had happened and just how he could be of assistance to them, he found himself with a real job and living in the city for the first time ever. Things are about to get interesting.
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Name: Daniel McCollough

Age: 46

Species: Human


-Black Magic- Daniel inherited his knowledge of black magic from his mother, a witch. He specializes in summoning incantations and certain curses. His favorites include the curse of light, which causes a target to light up in a bright aura, allowing them to be seen much easier in dark places, the curse of weakness, which weakens a target's physical attributes, the curse of silencing, which prevents targets from using offensive magic, and the curse of locking, which prevents use of teleportation spells, making it harder for opponents to flee. He is able to make much stronger incantations when within his potion forge.

-Potion Crafting- Daniel is skilled at creating magical potions, used to boost morale, heal wounds, or even stop time relative to the observer, though the greater the potion's effect, the longer it takes to craft, and the potions with the most impressive effect are also the ones with the greatest chance of failure.


-Gunplay- Daniel's greatest talent, even above his magical aptitude, is his way with weaponry. Daniel is a skilled marksman, and is able to make well=aimed shots even when within open combat. He is especially skilled at the use of a pistol, though he often uses rifles for combat-heavy situations.

-Tactics- Daniel is a skilled tactician, and is able to set up ambushes, organize defenses, and protect locations with considerable skill.

-Familiar- Daniel has a familiar, a crow by the name of Russel. Russel and Daniel are able to communicate wordlessly, and the crow often acts as an extension of Daniel's body.


-Detective Work- Daniel is much more skilled at wet work than he is at the investigative side of being part of a government agency.

-Fatigue- Daniel is getting on in years, and this makes him quick to tire, using magic heavily also causes exhaustion.

-Known of- As a former member of the Boston witch coven, many dark magic users know of his existence and what he's capable of, making him susceptible to ambush.

Bio: Born in Boston to an Irish immigrant father and second-generation Irish-American mother, Daniel seemed to be quite normal amongst the many working class Irishmen in the city, he was unique however, in the fact that his mother was a witch, part of a secret coven living within the seedy underbelly of the city. As he grew, he became a part of this secret world, taught curses, and assigned a familiar.

Daniel did not enjoy being a part of the witches' seedy dark magic, and fled their clutches as soon as possible. For a time he plied his trade as an independent exterminator, using his magics to force rats to follow him out of houses and into traps. He was discovered by the MIB soon after, and offered his help as an associate.

As an associate of the MIB, he worked with them to detain members of his former witch coven, acting as an inside contact. Eventually he became a full agent as a result of this campaign, specializing in detaining or eliminating magical threats.
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Name: Cedrick Roark

Age: 19

Species: human (or so he thinks)

Appearance: While not someone one might consider attractive, His physique has a charming "pop" (for lack of a better word) to it. His pale skin contrasts with his pitch black hair. He has piercing green eyes intently on the lookout. With his slight muscle tone and considerable height, he's large enough to be intimidating to at least those less bold.

Powers: He finds himself to be more energetic and useful during the night hours.

Strengths: Hand-to-hand combat, stealth, hunting/sniping

Weaknesses: Slightly sluggish at day, plus he is much less reasonable when a werewolf is involved

Bio: Cedrick Roark and his parents, Malcolm and Eldora, lived happily in their midwestern country home. His parents were generous and kind to him, they disciplined him in a loving matter, and overall Cedrick was happy with his family and life.

One clear spring night, when Cedrick was 8 years of age, His house was attacked by a pack of werewolves. They tore through everything in their path, killing and devouring his parents. They were about to consume him as well, right when a BSA squad tranquilized the creatures and had them taken away. Cedrick was relocated to his uncle's house in the city, and the BSA wrote off the werewolf attack as a "freak accident", removing all evidence of werewolves from the area.

Cedrick's uncle was abusive, getting drunk and beating up his nephew "for sport". He taught Cedrick some hand-to-hand fighting techniques, mainly so their fights would be more of a challenge for his uncle. Overall his uncle couldn't care less whether was healthy, happy, or at home. Because of this, Cedrick ended up becoming the class bully at school. After about 6 years living with his uncle, Cedrick ran from home for good to live in the alleyways. There he learned stealth from having to hide from police from time to time.

Eventually Cedrick went to join the military. At training camp he was approached by the BSA and offered him a job for his experience with supernatural beings.
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Name: Richard Anselm

Age: 72 (appears to be mid 20s)

Species: Human

-Miracles/Holy Magic:

Richard had a strong affinity towards miracles and faith based magics at a very young age after an encounter with a supernatural being. Starting off as minor miracles such as healing a minor cuts and bruises, but gradually getting stronger as time passed and his faith grew. At the age of 15, he was capable of healing more significant injuries and even exorcise minor forms of malevolent spirits. When he was 20, he was more than capable of dealing with serious injuries, the undead, malevolent spirits, minor demons, as well as capable of dispelling curses. Richard also likes to take care of his comrades by healing their wounds and providing protective or enhancing blessings.

-Minor Regeneration:
The chance encounter with the supernatural being not only gave him the ability to cast miracles and holy magic but also slow his aging significantly and granting him a lesser form of regeneration.

- Combat Medic:
Richard's experience as a combat medic in two wars has made him a highly skilled medic, along with his miracles, he can slam death's door shut in even the most dire cases. Richard is no pushover though, he is not afraid to take a life. Though he is saddened by the act but knows that sometimes one of the best ways to save a life in the field is to end another. Richard is quite skilled with his weapon of choice, a custom double-stacked 1911.
- Friendly and Cooperative:
Richard is easy to get along with and is capable adapting to best suit his team. He cares deeply for his comrades and will do his damnedest to protect them and keep them going.

Main Weapon:

- Tough but not unbreakable:
Richard may be able to recover from serious injuries if given time to heal himself or for the regeneration to kick in, but will still die if enough damage dealt to him.
- Magical Exhaustion:
If Richard casts one too many spells or miracles in a given moment, the drain will cause him to be disoriented and tired for a while.

Summary of Transcribed Recording of Detained Subject: "R. Anselm" Regarding Evaluation of Release
Reason for Detainment: Suspected Magical Threat
Name: Richard Anselm
Date of Birth: August 11th 1945
Place of Birth: Concord, New Hampshire, USA.
The subject was the only child of two English immigrants that had moved to the United States of America after their home was destroyed during a German Blitz early in the second world war. Subject claimed that they lived a humble but happy life for a number of years during his childhood until he contracted an unknown illness that threatened his life. The subject's parents were unable to look for a cure via traditional medicine and, as the subject's illness worsened, turned to religious means. Subject then claimed that his parents must have been praying with significant fervor, that on his apparent deathbed, he was visited by a being encompassed by light and 'gave a part of it' to the subject and was completely cured of the ailment. The subject claims that that it was that event that had caused him to become attuned to performing miracles and holy magic. Subject then states that the miraculous healing was not left unnoticed and soon word got out that the subject was alive and well, causing the once peaceful life to become chaotic with numerous occasions of attempted kidnapping or harm to the subject. The subject expresses his sadness regarding his family forced to move to Queens for his family's safety and regret over the manner he acted during the transition. The subject then goes on to discuss his dark days where he was in his rebellious phase and acted out of line but then discusses on how faith had saved him from that life and enhanced his abilities. The subject then goes on explaining that he had a working theory that the stronger his faith is, the stronger the miracles and magics he cast and that the older that he got, the more stable and more numerous he could cast them. He then explains that he had enlisted in the military to help aid the Vietnam War through utilizing his 'God given blessings' as he calls it to save numerous lives. The subject then talks about the numerous times he had saved his comrades from dying. The subjects face goes somber as he hesitantly explains one specific experience that changed him. He does not go into detail but allows me to know that the experience taught him that saving a life sometimes required another life to be taken. After his tours and the war had ended the subject then tells me that he realized that he wasn't aging as fast as others a decade after the conflict, his former comrades, friends, his family were getting much older as he stayed youthful. The somber expression returns as he mentions that it was inevitable for him to outlive all of them. The subject explains that the realization made him chose to stay off radar and spend the remainder of the next two and a half decades with friends and family. He mentions the passing of some of his friends were agonizing but the death of his parents had to be the of the most painful experiences he had. He shakes his head gently before wrapping up his story on how the FBI had managed to detain him just before his second tour of the Iraq War and was kept in this facility until further notice.

Result of Evaluation:
Subject means no harm to the general public nor to the government and has expressed altruistic personality.
The subject known as 'Richard Anselm' is permitted to be released back into society.
Subject is also noted to be a possible candidate for MIB-S Division.
Sending Files to MIB-S Division Head for consideration.
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Here is the demon and I know I most likely will need to change things so tell me and I will

Name:Shadow AKA Mason
Picture or detailed discription:



Personality:stays to himself, quiet, calm, hard to get him to open up, will protect his friends over himself.
Species:shadow demon
Powers (if any):three transformations
1 daytime: when he is like this he is at his weakest, but be warned he is not a push over.
2 nighttime: second stage of transformation, he can use his fingers like razor sharp claws, his strength is doubled from his daytime form, puts.
3 MiDnIgHt: if you see this run, his strength is multiplied ten fold from his nighttime form, his claws are longer and can fire like a arrow and regrow, he can shoot all he spikes out on his body to kill or push back enemys, this form puts a lot of strain on his body and if he was pushed far enough he will lose his mind and begin attacking everything around him including himself.

Weaknesses:UV light, sunlight, holy weapons, too much mental and physical stress makes him revert to his more feral state of mind.

Other:selectively mute, doesn't like transforming and will try to keep people away from him when he does including running and hiding but will try to defend only to avoid attacking, his second form makes him about as tall as a bear on its hind legs, his third form can fluctuate in size the biggest size and largest strain on his body his about the size of a two story house he can only stay this big for five minutes.
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Name: Zi Cai
Age: 19
Species: Half-Deity
Powers: Chi Manipulation, Fire Blast, Advanced Combat, Energy Blast

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Name: Cazzy Barnes or Caz
Age: 33 (stop aging ever since 1945)
Species: Wraith

Intangibility- Caz can phase through walls, making himself untouchable to a certain degree

Telekinesis- Caz can lift objects with his mind

Drain Touch - Caz can absorb the lifeforce out of his victims via making contact with it.

Icy Aura- Caz produces a chilling aura whenever he is around and can lower the temperature of an area to a certain extent.

Spirit Transformation(Raven) - Caz can transform himself into a Ghost-like Raven whenever he pleases.

Master Tracker - Caz is knowledgeable about hunting and tracking down humans or object.
Hand to Hand combat- his military training comes handy when fighting close quarters
Sniper- Caz is proficient when wielding a variety of firearms.

Weaknesses: Salt, Holy property items, Iron

Bio: Caz is a soldier fighting for the U.S during the 2nd world war and was betrayed by his most trusted comrades and sold him to the Nazi in exchange for their lives and valuable information about the U.S plans. He was held a prisoner and was tortured endlessly. Even in pain, Caz's mind is filled nothing more but vengeance and hatred and even resort to Witchcraft to get his revenge on those who wronged him. During his last dying moments inside his cell, Caz performed a blood pact ritual and sold his soul to the devil. A representative of the underworld answered the desperate soldier's call and granted him his request to fulfill his revenge. He returned to the mortal realm as an apparition with otherworldly powers and was bound by a contract and use this given time to kill his comrades that betrayed him.

After Caz finished his revenge on his hit list, His contractor extended his contract to do his errands here in the mortal realm as part of the deal. Caz has no choice but to accept since he bound by this pact. His otherworldly recommended Cas to join in BoSa for the time being. Caz now serves the BoSa as an agent until his last breath or his contract expires.
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Appareance: Amaya looks like nearly any ordinary girl besides her very fair and pale skin. Her wavy pastel ice blue hair is normally in a ponytail reaching down to her waist as she had bangs that reach to about midway down her bright sky blue eyes, that she typical keeps brushed to the side. She stands at a comfortable 5,3 and her weight is about 100 lbs making her a very thin girl with a slightly tone body.
As for her typical clothing she tends to stay in a white or blue tanktop with shorts and for the most part refuses to wear shoes unless she absolutely have to. on her back between her shoulder blades is a Tattoo like birthmark that is from the power she holds.


Name: Amaya Yashika
Age: 21
Species: Partiel Water elemental
Powers: manipulation of water in every form of its existence, Healing, transforming into the various water mediums.
Strengths: Calm, very open minded to learning new things, loyal and protective to those she calls friends
Weaknesses: Fire, Will put herself in harms way to protect her friends no matter what the cost.
Bio: Amaya has came from a long line of race mixing form the purest water elemental of the world allowing part of its power to fuse into her great great grandmother. With the birth of each female that power was passed down and taught to each child making them in a way a keeper to this power. AMaya was born into this bloodline but She never was really taught it since her mother died when Amaya was the age of 6,making her a orphan. She had learned about her ability from a dairy her mother had kept over the years and had learned how to manipulate and use her ability to get things she needed to keep alive.
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Appearance: A natural shape-shifter, able to move between two forms -in part or in full- at will.

His default appearance is that of a young adult human with bright red dreadlocks that reach his neck, coarsely textured olive-tan skin, and fierce-looking gray eyes, a large nose, square chin, and thin lips. He wears black jeans held up by a black belt with gunmetal grey buckle and studs, on which hang several black polyester pouches for carrying his gear and a plain dark red t-shirt. Over his shirt he wears a black leather jacket with a red band on the left sleeve.

The other form he can assume is his natural form; A humanoid reptilian form slightly larger than his human shape, with grey scales, red eyes, and a tan underbelly. Rather than legs, his torso terminates in a whispy smoke-like tail that is hot as fire to the touch but will not cause ignition of flammable materials. This form possesses four-fingered hands with razor-sharp bone claws protruding from the tips.

Name: Argus Grau (assumed name, real name unknown; believed to be Arabic.)

Code name: Firebrand

Age: 240

Species: Djinn


Shapeshifting: can switch between human and djinn forms at will, if given adequate time can alter the appearance of his human form.

Enhanced healing: As A Djinn whose life force and mind are sustained by a magical flame at the core of their being rather than an organic brain and heart, Argus can heal from wounds to both his human shell and Djinn body by consuming combustible materials to strengthen his flame, granting energy to repair his other forms.

Memory magic is a fundamental part of a Djinn’s true nature. They are able to view and extract memories through touch as well as fabricate false memories to replace the ones stolen. Stolen memories are drained of their emotional energy and serve as fuel for a Djinn’s magic, including their memory magic. Though it takes time to find specific memories, the versions viewed are the closest to the true events possible as they are not filtered through layers of other memories which alter a person's perception of the events. Viewing memories directly is also significantly faster than taking the time to interview a witness when details are needed urgently, and more effective than interrogating suspects in custody as they are unable to lie about the events in question or stall for time.

Most importantly, memories still stored in short term memory can be accessed, extracted, and replaced in am atter of seconds as they have not yet been committed to long term storage and still remain on the surface; allowing for the rapid retrieval of information and simultaneous deletion of sensitive knowledge from witnesses when investigating and containing an incident.

Enhanced resilience: As his mortal bodies (both Djinn and Human forms) are effectively hollow shells to protect and animate his Inner Flame, Argus is noticeably difficult to kill. Though he can be injured to slow him down and injuries to his shell will continually weaken his flame, he can continue operating after any injury which does not outright kill or dismember him.

Peak human abilities: Though easily outclassed by most other mystical creatures, Argus’ ability to manipulate his human body allows him to maintain the peak physical condition possible for humans.

Enhanced sense of smell: Due to the reptilian nature of his true Djinn form, Argus has a sense of smell far beyond most creatures natural or magical, and is able to identify the nature of many entities by scent if he has encountered their kind in the past.

Argus is strong willed and though not especially intellegent is a prodigy at memory manipulation.

His own innate ability to alter memories provides him with a small degree of resistance to mind magic, and a strong capacity for determining if memories (his own or those of others)have been tampered with.

His natural resilience and enhanced physical abilities make him an effective fighter, though he has limited martial arts training, with his only notable training being for a technique few have heard of, ‘harq makhlab’ or “Burning Claw”, an art used exclusively by Djinn.

Unlike humans vampires or other mythical creatures, Djinn require three core forms of sustenance to survive and remain healthy. They must consume food to maintain the condition of their human form, fuel to strengthen their Internal Flame, and, being unable to generate their own mana, Memories to power their magic. Though his human form provides a shield against the effects, a Djinn’s true form is highly vulnerable to water both natural and magical.

Argus is often hot-headed and easily made confrontational when angered, resorting to physical violence when detaining a suspect rather than using a stun device or knockout spell.

Though his memory manipulation is powerful, it is heavily limited by the time it takes to be utilized properly, the cost of magical energy used to create or alter memories, and the need to consume memories to fuel it. Fake memories created by Djinn magic are also unable to alter a person’s personality, as they are devoid of any of the emotional energy used to fuel Djinn magic, and the spell used chains together real memories through the gap created by removal of the original.

If Argus ever runs out of mana completely, he will permanently lose his ability to use it as he is unable to naturally replenish his mana. This effect could be reversed with the help of another Djinn (using their own magic to replenish his own), but they are incredibly rare outside of the Middle East, their traditional domain; and losing your powers is considered incredibly shameful of Djinn, often resulting in them being ejected from their kingdom.

Bio: Argus is a Djinn and early case for (As well as addition to) the BOSA. Ge claims to have come to America after fleeing from his home -a small kingdom of Djinn somewhere in the Arabian desert- after angering the leader of his people and being sentenced to life in prison.

After spending several months in hiding, he was discovered by the BSA after several cases of unexplained Amnesia were uncovered in Virginia. Though he was originally to be detained, he was released from custody and recruited after revealing the great secret of the Djinn, explaining that he was simply trying to survive, and that his homeland had dispatched a bounty hunter to bring him back for punishment. Now on working parole, Argus serves as an information containment and interrogation specialist for the organization due to his advanced memory manipulation abilities compared to the memory spells used by human mages and the MIB-issue neuralyzers.

While initially he was required to wear a magic suppression device and be accompanied by a handler when on duty he has recently acquired good standing within the bureau and has been given leave to enter the field without being assigned a handler and having his magic suppressed. Though he has earned some freedom to operate, Argus is still technically on probation and required to remain on base unless accompanied by other agents or on field assignment. Has developed friendly relationships with many other agents due to his restrictions on leaving BOSA headquarters.
Appearance: A tall and well built man, standing roughly 6'4" and fairly muscular with short, unstyled blonde hair and bright blue eyes. Wears an ankle-length dark blue trench coat with two visible hip pockets and a number of concealed internal pockets and loops for storage of small items. Underneath his coat, Rost wears a black vest over a white long-sleeved button down shirt with a red tie, black slacks, and heavy work boots.

Name: Rost Smith

Age: 38

Species: Human

Scrivening: Rost has spent most of his life studying ancient magical arts, with a particular fascination for runes and symbols. Through extensive practice and study of a grimoire dedicated to the subject, he has developed the ability to craft magical runes and enchantments by writing, drawing or engraving specific symbols into objects and creatures with specialized tools and incantations; allowing him to bind magic into them in specific forms.

These runes are powerful and highly versatile, but even slight damage will disrupt their power and undo their effects as the required symbols for runic enchantments are extremely precise. Though runic casting is low in mana consumption, the time it takes to create usable enchantments makes it prohibitively difficult to utilize in combat without advanced preparation, limiting the improvisational usage of the art.

Multilingualism: Fluency in the reading and writing of a number of ancient languages such as celtic, egyptian, and sanskrit.

Runic knowledge: Extensive photographic knowledge of runes, emblems, sigils, and seals; able to identify the origin of nearly any magical symbol, and given time devise countermeasures.

Taurus Judge revolver chambered in .454 Casull
Assorted .454 casull rounds engraved with focal runes to imbue them with arcane, divine, and infernal energy, allowing them to harm creatures resistant to mundane weaponry.
Set of engraving tools (themselves marked with runes of invulnerability, to protect them from damage)
Portable tattoo kit consisting of a battery powered machine and inks made from materials often used in more traditional witchcraft.
Several pairs of cheap, store-bought reading glasses. the lenses have symbols etched around their edges so that, when worn, the bearer can see things outside of normal human perceptions; such as incorporeal spirits.
Magic suppressing handcuffs (His own custom made pair, not the agency standard issue form)

Physical conditioning: Rost is in exceptional physical health as a result of a careful diet and training regiment.
Intellect: Highly intelligent and well educated in both mundane and magical fields.


Baseline human: No inherent special properties, he is not resistant to, nor especially weak towards, any elements; and has no special abilities beyond his training in runic magic.

Bio: Rost comes from a family scholars on both sides; those who have for generations sought to unearth and understand the lost secrets of the world. His mother’s side of the family is dominated by simple scientists who merely look for relics of ancient civilization and learn about where they came from. His father’s side of the family, however, has much older roots. Rost is the last and youngest member of a secret society of the occult, one which was founded in the 18th century to bring together the wisest magicians from every magical tradition so they could share knowledge and, as a group, further the study of magic while protecting its secrets from those who would abuse them.

The group dwindled over time, and when his father died Rost inherited what remained of their combined knowledge in the form of a grimoire of runic spells, with teachings from the Persian Magi, Nordic runemeisters, and Egyptian magicians.

Rost kept the secrets of his father’s legacy safe while studying them to keep their arts alive, simultaneously pursuing archeology in his mother’s footsteps to acquire further knowledge of the cultures from which the practices began.

He was recruited by the fledgling BOSA when his mastery of scrivening was discovered, and he came to work under their banner as a crafter of tools specially designed for their unique line of work. Rost is currently stationed as the Head of Arcane Research for the Bureau of Supernatural Affairs, and makes occasional outings as a field agent when his magical talents are required outside of headquarters.
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Name: Bikatu
Age: 26
Species: Elf
Powers: Athough she is very agile, it's not really a power since all elves are extremely acrobatic. Her big white lion, Jian, fights for her, crushing enemies under his strong jaws. He is twice the height of a normal lion, and thrives under cold climates. He is an ice lion to be exact, breathing out frost and sometimes shards of ice. It has created a strong bond with Bikatu, and I will explain why in her Bio.

Bikatu's only weapon is her trusty elven sword. She's a very good swordfighter, unlike most other elves.

Strengths: Agille, Good archer.
Weaknesses: Not very strong, A bit edgy, Has no magical powers and relies on her lion to fight with her.
Bio: Bikatu was thrown out by her elven family long ago because she was strange. Most of the elves loved socializing and playing outside in the summer, but Bikatu loved the winter, the feeling of snowflakes landing gently on your face and the cold frost freezing your fingertips. She spent all of her time outside in the winter, playing around in the snow. But in the summer she stayed inside and rarely talked to anyone. Her parents were ashamed of her and kicked her out into the cold of winter, with nothing but her clothes, a loaf of bread, a water bottle, and a tent. Bikatu actually wasn't very sad, since she'd never really liked her parents anyway, and the elven town was quite boring. Soon after she started walking away, she stumbled upon a small ice lion cub, and Bikatu immediately took him in. They grew up together and Bikatu named the lion Jian. And that's her story up until now.
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Normal Mode

Combat Mode

Name: Astra
Age: 420 Years old
Species: Golem
Powers: Supernatural Strength and Endurance
Strengths: Melee Combatant, Diligent Worker, Patient
Weaknesses: Mana Dependent, Literal Minded, Lacks Emotions, Not Agile
A tall pale skinned woman was discovered in a hidden chamber sealed by a number of magical wards and runes in an ancient dig site in Europe two decades ago. The sleeping woman was taken into custody of the BOSA for safety and containment reasons and had any evidence of her existence either taken or destroyed while any witnesses were given minor amnestics to erase memories of her discovery.

Bureau scientists soon discovered that she was not human, but rather some sort of artificial being in some sort of stasis. The bureau scientists and researchers at the time deduced the stasis to be some sort of power saving mode. It took years research and experimentation to accomplish the task, even with the full effort of the research division members assigned to the task. But early this year, they managed to reactivate the mysterious woman. She had nearly gone on a rampage when she had awoken to the new environment and the lack of her master. If not for the quick response of the people on site, numerous lives would have been lost as well as hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage to the facility.

Once pacified, the researchers then reprogrammed her directives and tasks. Though the golem had been turned into an ally, it was at the cost of her memories of the past. The only fragments of memory Astra could recall was her name, her former master's name, and her primary directive to serve and protect. Other than those three details, her memories were lost to the void. The research division would soon place Astra to field as the BOSA's first golem agent.
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