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Character List


  • Timothy-James Macburi
  • Gregory Ashton O'Connor
  • Joseph Wahrheit
  • Darrell Flint
  • Freya Reddington


  • Dirka
  • Ravus
  • D'Yavol
  • Rueni


  • Marie Carol Ross - Landlady
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Name: Dirka
Nickname: Di
Age: 231 years
Gender (not necessary): Female
Sexual orientation: straight
Personality: Contemplative, annoying when someone aggravates her, interested in humans, and attempts to bond with humans regularly. Don't piss her off, then your in for a very, very bad day.
Emotion preference: Contentness
extra powers: Mind reading, don't lie to her.
Things they are easily affected by: Pure Water
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Name: Timothy-James Macburl
Nickname: T.J.
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Occupation: Teacher’s Assistant, Occasional Uber Driver
Sexual orientation: Pansexual

Subject/degree taking: Graduate Degree in Cultural Studies with a focus on Legends and Folklore
Allergies/medical: Insomniac, Allergic to Fungi
Things they are easily affected by: Seeing books mishandled or damaged, The possibility of learning or experiencing something new, comfy chairs, dogs.
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Proud. Adventurous. Independent. Easily Distracted. Gluttonous.


Ability to jump high.

Water, canines, and distractions.
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Name: Joseph Wahrheit
Nickname: Joe
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Occupation: Intern at the County Morgue
Sexual orientation: Homosexual
Appearance: 6 feet tall, thin, pale skin, brown eyes, short brown hair. Tends to wear black wire rimmed glasses. His usual outfits tend to be more muted and dark colors, it's rare that he'll wear anything bright and colorful and tends to cover up as much skin as possible.
Personality: Joe tends to be quiet and keep to himself, sometimes this comes off as him not liking other people in general with how little and how curt he speaks. He can be quite shy and can be a little awkward speaking to new people. Though, once he gets to know someone, he can be quite friendly and if the conversation turns to subjects that get his attention, he can get very chatty.
Subject/degree taking: Criminal Justice, Forensic Science,
Allergies/medical: Near sighted
Things they are easily affected by: Mysteries, unsolved homicide cases, injustice
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Name: Darrell Flint
Nickname: N/A
Age: 23
Sex: Male
Occupation: Student, Part-Time Cashier at local supermarket
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Appearance: Stands at 6'6" with a thin, lanky frame. Has a few scars on his chest from surgery on his lungs a few years back.
Personality: Deadpan, snarky, good-humoured and good-natured. Can be quite skeptical and disbelieving of most things, unless evidence is presented to him. As such, he's not a believer in ghosts or demons.
Degree: Film, Photography & Media Studies
Allergies/Medical: Sufferer of pneumothorax
Things they are easily affected by: Organised Religion, Cats, Birds, Photography
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Name: Ravus
Nickname: N/A
Age: Appears late 20's
Sexual orientation:Heterosexual
Appearance: Ravus manifests as human — bearing one hell of an aura (palpable through temperature shifts/sense of unease depending on his mood). Often times he's usually spotted in the staple white shirt, tie, black trousers, shoes. Also has the bad habit of smoking and goes as far as lifting cigarettes from unsuspecting "guests". His hair is in constant disarray. His expressions are usually apathetic at best, or cold and severe at worst, any other emotion he hides under the veils of stoicism.
Personality: Ravus merely exists. Bound to the property he has no where else to go. He's mostly kept to himself and does whatever ye can to stave off centuries of boredom. Its incredibly risky to allow another complete dominance over himself. So he'd rather take extra precautionary measures by observing any human he encounters. He has yet to trust anyone, perhaps Marie to an extent. Also, if he can manage to pick up any sustenance from humans, he'll make an attempt. If he can't attain satiation for whatever reason he'll resort to smoking.
Emotion preference: Affection/Love/Like
Extra powers:Manipulate the etheric phenomenon that revolves around a person or object. An individualized ability limited to his surroundings. (Can't pass the property line — he's tried.) He can sense "auras". At times, he projects his own within the surroundings on objects, or anyone within ten meter distance to his will. However, it can put a strain on him if he abuses the power so he keeps it contained. Yet, it isn't like an internal switch. He can't turn it off, it is like attempting to hold one's breath. Eventually, he has to let it go. When he's in a bad mood, the space around him will reflect that.
Things they are easily affected by: Exhaustion, rock salt, and being reminded of his own inability to move on.

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Name: D'yavol
Nickname: Volka/Volki/Volk
Age:"Older than your grandma for sure honey!" Appearance: 25
Gender (not necessary): Male
Sexual orientation: Anything to pass him by

Personality:On the Good Side: Amusing, often funny, after all, he likes amusing. A bit of a dark streak, sometimes ruining the mood. Bad Side: Manipulative, kind of being an asshole to the person. Neutral: Easy to talk person once meeting him. It's very easy to gain his trust.
Emotion preference: Confusion
extra powers:Illusions: Can make people smell, see, or hear something that isn't really there. He could make some things physical, only for a limited time, also only demon's could touch it. He could change himself and/or other things around him.
Things they are easily affected by: Hand sanitizer, Pure Water,

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Name: Freya Reddington
Age: 21
Occupation:Editor for online magazines/publications she works from her laptop
Sexual orientation: Heterosexual
Personality: Freya isn't what you'd call an overly social person. She tends to stick to herself, but may at times open up if she feels she can make a contribution. Time management isn't her strongest suit, so she's often spotted rushing through assignments. Nature-lover at heart, she tends to kick off her shoes and walk around barefoot, collect wildflowers, hunt for things that have character. When working she likes to shut the door and disappear for hours until ready, then she'll "resurrect" and make contact with others. According to her, such things as monsters and the supernatural are pure fantasy. But she also likes to imagine what it would be like if they existed. (More will be added as character is developed)
Subject/degree taking:a literary MFA
Allergies/medical: Allergic to dust. Partially deaf, must wear a hearing aid device to balance out hearing loss from her left ear.
Things they are easily affected by: Constant disruptions, background noises, running out of caffeine, headaches.
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Name: Marie Carol Ross
Nickname: /
Age: 68
Occupation: Landlady and she makes from home herbal remedies
Sexual orientation: Heterosexual
Appearance: Shoulder length greyish/brown hair. Weathered olive skin from years of traveling before she settled down in her 30s. Green eyes. Has a large scar from a gash on her left arm which never healed well. Normally wears the most comfortable clothes she can find as she doesn't care for how she looks anymore.
Personality: Wary to most people she meets, it takes her a while to open up or trust someone and even then she tends to not talk about personal issues to people she trusts. She tends to be pessimistic about most situations, believing that everything will fail before its even started. She enjoys gardening, reading and visiting her husbands grave whenever she can.
Allergies/medical: Back pain and other aches with her bones.
Things they are easily affected by: New situations, dealing with rowdy individuals and spiders
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