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At the end of an era comes a new beginning. Earth our birth place and our home has come to an end. Due to greed, corruption, and paranoia an age of plenty and of development has ended replaced by years of starvation and stagnation. But, as if was god’s or the universe will they survived and improved leading to the completion of the gate. Which contained of what remains of humanity's culture and technology, serving as a warning and guide to prevent those who will come next, of mankind’s mistake.

Then the gate came, and with it power, ambition and the sicknesses that almost drove man into extinction. Soon, aspirating minds gathered met in secret while many upheld the values of unity and cooperation many plotted their exit. But, for now they were silent awaiting for the prefect time to defect and make their own. Soon, what was deemed unnecessary was now back, weapons, gears, ammunition, coin and other luxury items that was laid buried and forgotten was searched and restored.

The flow of illegal goods in preparations for the massive expedition to the new world was blooming and alive and people started siding with people of statue and charisma as the times have started to change. Soon, violence and conflict arose and the government was needed and people that upheld order was needed and the need to protect themselves once world became a necessity.

But, in the end the preparations were done and the people of earth standby for their leader’s world and lead. Soon, the radios and the monitors lit up as their leader Alfred Green stood on the most powerful and largest ship in the expedition the S.S Hope ready to address the eager pioneers.

“People of the UNE, the greed and ambitions of our ancestors have destroyed our home.” He starts off as he stood up from his chair adopting a more serious face and tone. “We are not them, for we have done what they have never done before, in their years of plenty, we have weathered the destruction and diseases that they created and most importantly we have did so as one.” He continues retelling the victories and accomplishment that they did as united his tone and expression overflowing with proudness.

“And because of that we were given a new chance to start anew bearing the knowledge and wisdom that we have learned in this dawn of cooperation.” He adds as he raises his hand and forming a fist with it as he becomes eager for what was to come placing his faith on his people which he forms a smile as he readies for the last sentences. “Therefore my brothers and sisters let us cross, armed with the lessons and start anew, keep the spirit of unity alive as we start anew!” He ends signaling many of the proud pioneers to yell and cheer signaling the start the boarding and departing as they follow and group up outside of Atlantics.
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A New Frontier

While many people cheered across the radio waves, the radio on-board the AGS Chimaera was soon enough shut-off by a hand. Namely, Victor Hammer merely scoffed at those spoken words. One wasn't wise or powerful, speaking the words that anyone else in his position might. The people changed, yet ideals remained the same and the failure of the Old World would likely follow them into the next.

Victor disliked the United Nations of Earth based on the simply principle, that after everything they still chose to try and remain a democratic institution - despite World War Three and Four, showing to the world that you could never again, trust the safety of Humankind to the intelligence of the mass. The basic flaw of democracy was that rulership by the mass, would have the largest group dominating everything that happened - without having any oversight or safeguards in place, to make sure that the mass had the knowledge to make wise decisions. It was how the minority were either subjugated by the mob or the smarter and more corrupt ones simply used this to their advantage.

It was how the United States of America, ended up collapsing on itself - as the ignorant mass gorged itself on consumption and eventually collapsed from debt and pollution. It was how Russia, tried chasing some 'old glory' and ended up turning half of Siberia and Eastern Europe into a nuclear wasteland. The mass and the elected elite could never be trusted again - the mass once pacified would become apathetic to rulership, while the elected elite would simply use their given positions to advance their ego or pocket.

As such, it was only a matter of time, until the UNE decided to follow or have its successor fall into the same trap like before. It was an open secret, that Atlantis Group was the biggest criticizers of democracy. Since one had to merely look outside and see how it had turned out - they advocated more technocratic elements of leadership. Although, that got some to call them 'autocratic and dictatorial'. In all honesty, by this point Victor had simply lost any desire of 'appeal to emotions'. He was still human with dreams and feelings - but he wouldn't be persuaded by some 'nobody espousing about some idealism'. That kind of thinking turned half the world into glass and the other into a burning UV wasteland.

Atlantis Group had one purpose - to namely establish a form of society and leadership, based around long-term rational thinking and not short-term emotional need. Those thoughts were in his mind, as soon enough the order came to namely 'buckle-in'. Namely, they were going through a portal to an unknown region. While probes had brought forward positive results, they could as well end up at the bottom of the ocean or on top of a mountain. Or upside down. Anything could happen, since they were going to another world or possible universe that might have different laws of nature than this one.

As such, all ships of Atlantis Group, required it's passengers to buckle-in. In case they happened to get into a hard-landing.
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Argos had been peacefully sleeping in his hut that day unaware that the world was about to change on its head. He was the Alpha otherwise considered the leader of the werewolves or shadow strider tribe to be specific. They were a tribal race that coexisted with the nature around them. They had shamans and potion users that helped in protecting them along with warriors and hunters that helped keep them safe and provide the meat for their dinners. As the alpha, he was the strongest of all of them and was honor bound to keep everyone safe from whatever dangers that may come.

However, that duty has less meaning in peacetime since he mostly dealt with watching duels that sprung up from different disputes and organizing the tribe so they don't starve by overpopulating. Their kind can produce like crazy if not kept in check so it was the duty of the alpha to make sure that not everyone mated at once during a heat cycle. His duty was to keep everyone safe and to keep everyone except for the head shaman away from the tree of the eternal mother for if she falls the entire forest falls with her.

As he woke up he went and ate breakfast before he left and went to his throne made of thorns, wood, and the bones of previous alphas before him. It was a large throne obviously meant for his large size and as he sat there he watched everyone go through their lives peacefully. Then a young shaman came over saying she had important news. She said that something horrible was coming and that they should prepare. Something so horrible that her fairy could sense it and be actually shaking in fear! That was saying something! He then ordered for the hunters to go out for longer periods so they can develop a stockpile and for the warriors to train their apprentices longer than usual. He had a feeling that whatever was coming wouldn't be seeking peace and if it did then they needed to show they had the upper hand...
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The beginning of something new

"5 ships, approaching from 241, range 15 nautical miles." The Hawk buzzed silently as it soar through the air, making it's final perimeter scan around the gathering point before venturing into the unknown. The 360 camera under it's belly actively scanning the surroundings for any hostilities. "Looks like merchant ships, cargo haulers." Even now, with so many ships converged at one point, one cannot be sure that nobody will be foolish enough to attempt something. "Radar signature matches, all clear." But most of the ships were simple merchants or settlers, gathering to the gate either to make profit or hope for a better tomorrow. The last several days saw a massive amounts of merchant ships gather around the islands and set up shops or services. "Copy that, Hawk is returning to the nest, Eta 15 minutes. Over."

The drone swooshed to the left at a sharp angle, casting a meager shadow at the water below it. There was nothing to see here anymore. It will return to base to be refueled and refitted, so that it may rise to the skies once again in an unknown world.

Some time later

The Pelorus Jack stood half empty. Most of the crew left for the sialnds to engage in social activities before they would sail off again and never to set foot on land for months. Only the maintenance crew and the old sailors stayed aboard, prepping the Jack for her trip through the gate. The Orca was being prepared for possible engagements and manned by a skeleton crew, and the support ships were busy doing the last harvest and creating meals for several days in advance.

Only the bridge of the Jack stood in silence. The captain, Gregory and Lise sat in the faintly illuminated room, each with a beer in hand. The radio was turned on, but all other non essential devices were shut down for power conservation. The device spouted propaganda and lies that came from the mouth of an untrustworthy man. Nothing will ever change the lies that have been told to the meager men for centuries, yet these words felt more bitter than ever in face of the future and past.

The Jack and her crew saw a lot of cruelty and despair during the Long Fare, a lot of them things they'd rather forget. The world saw to it that the people suffered more than their fair share, and no amount of gilded lies will change that. Governments failed not once, but twice, and there would be no more lost love for those in power. Not from the people like the Jack and her crew.

The old cruiser carries stood out from the rest of the ships. It wasn't a supercarrier or a battleship, but it was the best of both worlds. Most other ships were repurposed merchant vessel, but several other warships had also gathered around. It was obvious that several others factions abided to the same principles as the Mare Delfino.

Antonovich looked out the window with a thousand year gaze in his eyes, focusing on the structure of the massive gate. "Do you see these people gathered before us?" The other two peered towards him, unsure what to think of the question. "Aye, I see those good fer nuffins. What 'bout em?" Gregory replied in his usual blunt tone while Lise rolled her eyes and took a sip of her beer. The captain, still gazing out the bridge, followed his line of questioning. "Do you know what connects all of the together? Hope." The other two looked at each other confused. Sure, they understood the notion, but not where this line of thinking was going to end up. "But we are different. We didn't come here because we had nowhere else to go. We came here for the possibilites. Those gathered before us are the meak, the sheep, and we are the wolves." Lise nod, but Gregory was still confused and he looked at the captain. "Excuse me asking cap'n, but what the friggin hell da ye mean?" The captain finall turned towards his subordinates and pointed out the window. "Examined the other Gregory. Some are not as they appear. Wolf in sheep's clothing, ready to prey upon them as we will. Which ships do you think will be one of these wolves?"

Gregory scratched his head and leant forward. "Well fuck me if I know. Let me see." He peeked out the blast windows and examined the ships. His first pick was the S. S. Hope. "That there, the UNE bastard and 'im ship." The captain nod and Gregory continued his search. "That battleship over yonder. Mighty fine vessel, I'd have 'er babies." Lise chuckled at the notion, almost spillnig her beer, and even the captain smiled. "We'll see about them. Those Atlantis folks might not be so different from us ye know."

As they sat there in the bridge, the crew of the Jack slowly returned to the ship. The soldiers were rested and ready to go, and the ship was ready to sail out into the great beyond. Gregory soon left the bridge for the maintenance deck as chief engineer. Lise left not long after that to tend to her soldiers and the other parts of the ship. Meanwhile the bridge crew tirckled in one after the other, and the captain readied the fleet for go via the radio. There was nothing left to do apart from waiting for the fleet to make their way across the gate.
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Dark clouds bought about by years of greed and aggression starts to form as the pioneers of man’s next chapter, prepares to leave and enter the world beyond the gate. The clouds soon let up, baptizing the ships and its brave passengers before they pass through. While some took shelter from the polluted water, many took this as the last good bye of their home- no their birthplace to its fleeing children. Religious, Elected, Self-elected and other kinds of leaders gave out their own rousing speech, to their followers about their goals, missions and objectives in the next world. Greeting the foul water with many of their people, as they relish the tainted water as this would be the last, they would ever see it once more.

In one of the cafeterias of the refugee ships.

Many of passengers were eagerly partying and enjoying the occasion as a cleverly stashed crate of liquor was found by the crew. But, instead of punishing the man in question they quickly popped a few bottles and distributed what's left to the others on-board. Soon, all that had carried their instruments started playing, filling the corridors with songs of merry and then people that were once at odds were seen dancing and singing with one another.

Then someone started throwing a bottle off board, landing and splashing on the surface as it quickly floats away, then another quickly follows until another from another ship carries the emerging tradition shortly snowballing into the other ships until the others quickly followed suit writing what they wanted, and putting it inside the bottles to throw it back for those that were left behind to read.

Green and his people have heard about the little antiques of his people and decided to do the same. Green, writing a brief summary of his life and revealing several mistakes that he had to make along the path. Before throwing the bottle over board and staring at it as it makes its way back to shore and hopefully find someone that will read it.

After some time and making sure everyone has collected their bearings and readied themselves for the challenge to come. The fleet set sails into Atlantis. Marveling at the ancient structures and infrastructures that suggested the culture that these people enjoyed in the past. Revealing the massive structures that was once believed to be the legendary dockyards of these ancient people. And the massive canals that hinted that most of them have traveled by boats and ships. But, like us the city was abandoned and its buildings of old laid scattered around and in disrepair.

But, the gate was still functioning and working, sitting at the middle where all the canals starts. Where mankind will start its new chapter of its existence. After being inches away from the gate the vanguards stood still as Green started to broadcast his last message here on earth.

“We are a united people, and together we have done the impossible. And as long as we are connected- no a family, we shall continue to bring the best in one another and to create the impossible. So my fellow brothers and sisters I employ you all to remember what we have done and continue to do the same afterwards.” He announces as the S.S hope and its three escorts the Pride, Goliath and Destiny starts off, signaling the start of the crossing.

Soon, the Hope’s tip reaches the gate, disappearing without a trance making the gate shimmer with unexplained energy. As it continues to absorb the massive ship, suddenly a blue beam bursts upwards from the gate and into the unknown as the ship slowly disappears into the gate.

Fantasy world

As the ship successfully crosses into the world. A blinding light greets the crew, as triumphant cheers and yells echoes from the deck as various men, women and children celebrate. Finally, for years the brush of clean air breezes through the crowd. While the men on the bridge celebrate as they safely transitioned. Raising their fist into the air while some grabbed as few a few bottles in celebration. Green and his officers looked with pride as they finally get the second chance that they wished for their people.

But, their celebration was short lived as several men stormed the command center blasting their way into the room where he and his men were at as they Hijacked the ship and without any warning heads off into the horizon before the others could arrive. Leaving its escorts and the rest of the expeditionary fleet on their own. Leaving a small trail, that in time fades away. Its people obvious to the fact that such an event has happened as they set sails.

Shortly after the pride enters, its crew mesmerized by the sight of the clear and open seas. But, confused when they see the vanguard already off in the distance, they tried to contact them but to no avail. Suspecting that something was wrong the pride starts off its engines as it attempts to follow the capital ship leaving behind the Goliath and the destiny that soon to emerged from the gate. The two dropped its anchors, wait for the others to arrives. Until the fleet have finally caught up, congregating around the gate waiting for orders that never came.

After the successful crossing the ships stood there to wait for orders obvious to the fact that the world was already occupied. But, such an act didn’t go unnoticed as the pillar of light stands in the horizon marking the new dawn of an era that will in no doubt change the world. Halflings, Humans, Elves, Constructs, Fairies, Giants, and the other constructs looks on with awe as the pillar continues on for what seems like hours on end before disappearing. Soon, nobles, and common folk were clamoring for answers seeking the advice of holy men and far-seers for what to do. While many reacted like nothing happened and continued on with their daily lives some were fearing the end and started to prepare for what is to come.
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Clean slate

The livestock and animal section of the Ark smelled like shit. Literally. Walter Neumann had considered asking someone to get him a gas mask from the Vanguard's equipment storage, because these working conditions wouldn't be approved by any government agency before the world wars. Walter used to be a farmer, so he, along with a few others, had been assigned to taking care of the animals of the fleet. In an odd twist of fate, it turned out he'd been doing the same thing he was doing before they destroyed the world. Sadly for him, his job mostly required him to transport the animal biowaste to the Neptune during one of the rare fleet refuel days, where it would be turned into the biofuel that all of the Crusade ships so desperately needed. He petted a small Labrador pup before turning to and looking out the nearby window, where he saw the Neptune already getting closer. He didn't really like his impending task, but it was a necessity for the rest of the fleet. He walked towards the elevator, mentally preparing for his task, when the speakers on all of the ships crackled.

Everyone on the ships stopped working for a moment as old TSUK propaganda music could be heard moments before the Khan, the leader of both the Naukan Crusade and the Trans-Steppe United Khanate started speaking. "Greetings citizens of the TSUK and colonists of the UNE. You have managed to surpass my expectations once again. Not only have you persevered the harsh steppes and wastelands of our home, but you have also worked tirelessly to build these ships. Then you agreed to live here for a long time until we can start making the colony, all for the future of humanity. I am proud to announce to you that your tireless labor has bore fruit. At the moment, the gate is just beyond the horizon. I recommend you all take a break from working until we've passed through so you can celebrate." Walter was delighted. No more shit-shoveling today!

He quickly went to the nearest dining hall, where he saw everyone was celebrating. The ships had been refueled, and were slowly making their way towards the gate. The three helicopters were flying next to eachother as fireworks were launched from all of the ships.

The people in the bridge, including the Khan, his advisors and commanders, as well as the Pioneer's captain were all celebrating this victory as the fleet slowly moved to join all of the other ships near the gate
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The Seasons Change


The sky turned dark for a moment and in the north eastern horizon shone a beautiful, bright, white pillar of light that shot up straight into the heavens. The khalai of all shapes and sizes walked out to observe, mesmerized by the light’s beauty. Many disregarded it as a mainland event, others thought it was an omen of end times, but the Matriarch of their society thought differently.

In the mountain capital region of the realm she sat in silence as her guards left her one by one to view the light. She sat on a low pedestal, legs crossed and smoking through a long pipe – fine rami from one of the more esteemed plantations. Behind her was a window facing towards the north east, no doubt shining leaving her nothing more than a silhouette for anyone entering the finely decorated, ornate halls of the mountain palace. She took her pipe from her mouth to glance behind her briefly

“Hmm...” Her thoughts began to flow and rise like wispy airs of smoke, only to slowly disappear as calmly as they arose. Her lips parted slightly and she began to smoke again. A few hours would pass and the light calmly faded away; the halls were then filled with guards and the hall echoed with sounds of foot steps coming from the steps that led up to it; the religious sect have come to report what they’ve found. Within moments the hall was filled with both guards men and robed practitioners of their faith clamoring for a chance to report what they saw, it wasn’t long until the arcane branch arrived to join in the imbroglio.

The matriarch – Dayala, finally had enough and stood begrudgingly from her comfortable spot; in an instant the room went silent as they recognized their places within the hierarchy of their society – the matriarch is now presiding the room. She scanned the hall in silence, jumping from face to face, looking at each individual and peering into the depths of their soul. “I see you’ve all ceased your obnoxious squawking...” She sat down, crossing her legs and sighed in disappointment – She took another piercing look at everyone in the room and exclaimed “Do I have to waste my voice to tell you all to get in order!?” The room burst into motion as everyone scrambled into position; the guards got in to their usual spots while the captain stood to the side, the men from the scholarly clergy all grouped up and organized themselves in ranks and the arcane branch did the same.

“Clergy, you may speak” she gestured with one hand and turned her head to face the head of the clergy. The tall, slender, robed man spoke with a hoarse, raspy voice, “Matriarch, we have come to report that the relic – no, the two spirits within the stone manifested themselves and told us that something has begun, something that might bring imbalance to our world.” as he spoke the arcane branch head nodded in agreement; it only took Dayala one look and the woman in the middle began to speak, “We of the arcane branch believe that it is one of the signs of end times – our days have become numbered my Matriarch.”

Dayala took a puff from her pipe and gave the captain permission to speak, but as he was about to open his mouth, Altaz the Fox entered the hall; he respectfully bowed first and asked, “With your permission my Matriarch I’ve come to deliver a much needed report.”

“And what does a disgrace like you have to add to the conversation?” The captain’s disrespectful tone caught Dayala’s attention, “Captain, if I were you I’d be more careful with what I say; disrespecting an officer that has constantly proven himself and his capabilities is not something you’d want to do in front of me.” Dayala’s stern words caught the captain off guard as he bowed for forgiveness, Dayala however turned to Altaz and said, “Speak.”

“Matriarch, my guards in the surrounding villages have reported saying that our people are worried. There’s a feeling in the air that’s new and unfamiliar, even my own elite guard are on edge...” Altaz was old, but his voice was deeper, and more whole than the clergy elder, “I wanted to bring this to your attention because undoubtedly many people from the different regions of the isles feel the same.” His voice and spirit were both filled with doubt and worry much like everyone else in the room.

Dayala pondered for a moment as she set down her pipe and stood up, she then strode across the hall’s marble floor pass the small gathering of concerned Khalai, she walked all the way to the mouth of the building; she gazed upon the villages below and then towards the horizon.

“Look out there and tell me what you all see...” Dayala’s calm, candid question gave off vibes that differed from the tense atmosphere; the people in the hall looked at each other in confusion, but one arcane practitioner – a witch doctor replied after a long period of silence, “I see people, Matriarch.” Dayala clapped and smiled, as she turned heels to face her audience, “Yes! Strong people – Khalai people. We’ve endured hardships and strife to achieve the peace we have now. I can sense change in the wind and it is not something we should fear, we are Khalai after all... Tell our people to be ready… Tell our people to be strong for the change in the wind may very well blow hardships and struggle towards our shores… Tell them that we will endure.”

The clergy could not refute her for she was correct, the Khalai are a strong people and have always endured hardships; the arcane branch could not refute her for they could sense it the strength though faint returning slowly within the people around her; Altaz and the guards visibly relaxed as the tense atmosphere began to unwind, “we needn’t worry ourselves, we will simply adapt to the change and if change seeks to wipe us from history we will not be rid off without a fight.”

“I shall take my leave and relay the message to the other regions my Matriarch” Altaz bowed his head respectfully and left with a smile on his face for yet again the Matriarch impressed him. The clergy and the Arcane branch trailed behind him bidding their respectful farewells. The realm held its breath for what is to come whether it be the end of their existence or the dawn of a new era.

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New World

Unlike the other common folk that had eagerly run outside and to breathe in the air of this mysterious world - the members of Atlantis Group, took things a bit more 'calmly' and with some caution behind them. A clear sky and sea, didn't necessarily mean that they would be one-hundred percent compatible with life from a likely completely different reality or universe perhaps even.

They might as well be breathing in micro-grams worth of arsenic or some other compound that might be harmless to any inhabitants here or perhaps deadly toxic to regular humans like them. As such, while many others eagerly climbed out to smell the air - the AG simply deployed a few members in hazmat suits to go ahead and measure the air content. Suffice to say the current area they were at seemed to have acceptable quantities of oxygen and other elements to prevent any quick reactions. Yet nonetheless people were warned that if they felt ill or strange, then they'd quickly get back inside and report to the nearest medical office.

After that was said, the members of Atlantis Group soon also joined others in watching this strange new world - for some of them in was almost a dream come true. Namely they had direct confirmation, that other worlds existed of habitability, that there might be exotic creatures even here as well. Secondly, it also proved the theory of wormholes and many other things. As some of the folk started immediately collecting samples of the water - they needed to check if this was water after all and not some other liquid.

For those naga poking at the submarine behind them, they were unknowingly giving off their location due to the small bangs echoing int the submarine. With also passive sonar detecting their presence, as such - soon enough the all-clear was given to the submarine and they soon broke to the surface. Those few who had been touching the vessel, soon were pulled up by the sea pressure. The naga soon enough found that the 'fish' they had come to investigate was HUGE. Approaching the size of a small leviathan - although what happened next was more surprising. It started 'spewing' out creatures from inside of it. The biggest shock...they looked like humans.
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Argos watched like all the others as they saw the pillars of light in the distance. He knew and he didn't even need to see it know that like him all of his tribesmen had their fur standing on edge. We couldn't tell if it was from fear, excitement, or something in between. Pillars of light were a sign of something but of what nobody, not even the shamans with their great wisdom could tell. They all began to panic asking the shamans for answers and even talking to him directly asking what they would be doing and if they were even safe here.

Argos crossed his arms and stood tall before he gave a loud roar snarling at them and they all understood that he wanted their attention and he wanted them silent. When they calmed down Argos then said "Calm down! I saw it too, stop whining like little pups who got lost in the forest! We can handle anything that comes our way! Nothing that could have come from that pillar will be able to break us! Remember what you are! We are the mighty shadow striders! WE DO NOT GIVE UP! WE DO NOT SURRENDER! AND WE WILL STRIKE FEAR INTO THEIR HEARTS!" He called out then gave a loud howl and soon everyone in the tribe followed in melody and a loud howling could be heard from miles around. Anyone who has been around them for even a small amount of time would know that when the shadow striders howl it means that they are preparing for something big. This was there home and they would die to the last pup to protect it.
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The ships of the Naukan Crusade slowly heaved on the calm, polluted seas. They had been moving towards the gate after the announcement of the Khan of the TSUK as well as the leader of the Naukan Crusade, Temir Zima. When the digusting, polluted rain started pouring from the skies, nearly everyone went inside to celebrate there. They had enough of this world and its pollution, and didn't want a good moment ruined by rain.

On the Pioneer, flagship of the Crusade, the scientists working in their labratory were turning on and adjusting all kinds of instruments. There was ton of very interesting scientific data to be gathered when the fleet would cross to the new continent, and lots of new information would need to be gathered if the colonists of the Crusade wanted to stay alive. The machines in the ships's factory and resource refinery were all turned off and dormant, like a seed waiting to sprout and grow into its full potential. The storage area where the nuclear reactor and everything needed was checked to ensure nothing would be lost. The scientific database containing all of the blueprints and information the colonists would need on this endeavour

On the massive container ship known as the Ark, most of the colonists were either celebrating or looking out the windows where they would see many other ships that wanted to leave dissapear through the gate. The animals had all been cared for, and the seedbank had been carefully inspected the day before to make sure nothing was missing. The Neptune's biofuel refinery was turned off, and the endless noise it would usually make subsided so most of the crew could celebrate as well. The fishing nets were being prepared for use. They were no good on what remained of Earth, as all the fish there had either mutated horribly because of nuclear, chemical and biological bombardment or died, but it was going to be very useful where the Crusade would be going. All of the three helicopters had been secured to the Vanguard's flight deck, and most of the people on that ship had either gone to the Ark to celebrate or stayed to prepare for any possible conflicts that might arise.

The ships were at the gate. Logically, the Pioneer went through first. Then came the rest of the ships.
Slowly, the Pioneer, flagship of the Naukan Crusade, emerged from the gate. Scientists in the lab checked the air using instruments they had attached to the ship's outside before, and it seemed to be safe enough. An all-clear signal was sent out, and many of the people went outside. Temir looked at the other ships, but no orders came. After what seemed like hours of waiting he sent another message, to both the Pioneer and the rest of the Crusade's ships: "It looks like no orders are coming from the UNE. We will be going southwest. Please follow the Pioneer. The Pioneer altered its course and went to the southwest. The Crusade fleet followed.
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As soon as the ships have anchored and remained motionless above the depths. The fleet had its first encounter with the inhabitants of this new world. The first interaction with them, started when the engine rooms and the other lower quarters of several of the ships started to report lots of scraping noises coming from below the floors and behind the walls. At first they didn’t seem to care as other than, annoying most of the people working or resting below, the sounds were more then harmless, discarding it only to the characteristic of the unknown waters below. As most of the crew and leadership were prioritizing on trying to re-establish communications with the capital ship and its escort.

But, when the AG submarine resurfaced, it brought the natives along with it. At the start of its ascend, there were only a few dozens of them that unknowingly hitched a ride with what they though was an rare inhabitant of the ocean.

These creatures or rather humanoids were odd looking with some covered in scales, while others had several tentacles that operated as flexible limbs as they move along as their owners stood up, mimicking what octopuses and squids would do back on earth. But, as soon as they surfaced, many of their kin that were still on the bottom revealed themselves poking their upper torsos from the ocean.

One by one, these strange creatures emerged from the active waters below revealing more of the different appearances these species seem to enjoy to the prying eyes of the observers on the surrounding vessels. The civilians and soldiers that were on deck were in awe as they stood in watch, the events unfolding before them.

The people of the ocean slowly approach the team, their tridents in hand as one of them that seems to be their representative; an feminine looking humanoid with tentacles approached the hazmat team.

She started to speak but, none of it made sense to the people of earth but, one word seems to stick out and that is the word Nimfade as she gestures to herself every time she says it. Then, the others came up with their weapons on hand, ever vigilant. These creatures on the other had tails rather than legs and unlike the representative and the others before them that had a human-ish looking head, these creatures had serpentine heads lined with sharp teeth.

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The UNE fleet slowly moved through the gate. Captain anotnov signaled for the engine room to set speed flank ahead, and the old Kiev class cruiser began to inch forward with the other ships. The other ships of the fleet followed behind the Jack, the crew members anxiously looking out the windows.Dozens upon dozenf of ships passed through the gate as a massive pillar of light emerged from the structure. Antonov reached for the intercomms to prepare his crew for the passing. "All hands, general quarters." He needn't make any rousing speech; his crew already had full confidence in him.

Soon the bow of the ship disappeared behind the blue shimmering wall, the bridge crawling ever closer to the gate itself. The crew looked out the windows anxiously in the last seconds as the Jack passed through the gate, finally revealing open oceans all around them. Antonov navigated the Jack to the Northern part of the arrival area, the rest of the ships following behind closely. Antonov reached for the the intercom again, tuning into 1MC. "Code green, we have arrived." He waited out the cheers of the bridge crew before continuing. "Take your time off enjoying the fresh air, we'll be moving out in 60."

Most of the Jack's crew had taken to the flight deck, taking the best positons atop teh cargo containers or the sides of the superstructure to look around. The captain and the Sarge were scouting around on the fore, binoculars in hand. Then the sound of Gregory appeared in the walkie-talkie, with a faint background nosie that sounded like clings against metal. "Uh, captain, we might have something under the water. The boys here in the engineering are pretty sure it's not the engine, so keep your eyes out." Antonov turned to Lise with a worried look, the silent command understood perfectly by the Sarge.

In under five minutes, the deck's crew manned surface positions, their guns at the ready for possible attacks. Soon enough, the perpetrators of the clinging sound emerged from below water along with the AG's submarine. Lise raised an eyebrow, not quite believing her eyes. "Huh, they look like Naga. What's next, elves and dwarfs?" It didn't take a second before Gregory replied via the comms. "Hey, I heard that you know." Lise just shook his head, whilst Antonov continued to examine this alien race through his binoculars.
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@Jangel13@Liotrent@Willy Vereb

Like a switch many of the parts of the world started to experience hundreds of strange phenomenon’s like earth quakes or sudden mass migrations. While it wasn’t out of the ordinary the event was seen by the inhabitants as eerily connected with the strange light from the distance. Soon, people of noble or common birth rush to the advice of their religious leaders on what to do or if the time of preparation was now.

In the orc capital, Mother’s embrace

"The spirits are restless." An orc decorated by the bones of small carnivorous beast found in the orcish wastelands announces as a green fire continues to blaze out of control in the middle of the room "An stoppable force comes from a new world." He continues "An army encased in iron which shakes the land." He adds as the green fire starts to materializes into a ship none of the orcs have seen before.

"This is the work of the hammer hands!" One of them cries out pointing to the unknown ship "No, this is the work of the guardians of the wood!" one of them points out in rebuttal "No, it was the people of the horn!" Another yells out which starts to fill the large hall with screams and noise as the chieftains begins to fight one another.

"SILENCE!" The shaman orders causing the green inferno to spiral out of control engulfing the room and setting the other orcs into the flames "THIS IS NOT THE TIME TO FIGHT ONE ANOTHER!" He continues as he waves his arms around making the fires calm down back into the middle, leaving the orcs that was caught within it with permanent small burn marks.

"This enemy is not of this world" He starts again irritated with the act of his kind. "This enemy has mastered the air, the land and the seas but, even with their mastery these creatures have" He pauses as he whispers something to the green flames displaying the remains of their homeland, showing a planet with no green or color as the air is filled with green deadly fog like cloud that suffocates all that breathes it in and the ocean as black as the bogs due to an substance unknown to them.

"This people are world eaters, spreader of death and corruption" He rises up, both of this arms making the flames rise up towards the roof of the spirit house burning the roof of the building "THEY ARE DEMONS." He screams out as the fire begins to take the shape of man but with two different features sharp teeth and two large horns in the front of his head with tips so sharp it can penetrate any armor the inhabitants of the world can make.

"As the guardians of the world mother we must do everything in our power to repel them from our world." The shaman orders making the chieftains rush off to the distance with weapon in hand "By our might we will destroy the demons.” They yelled out in unison as they start mustering their forces.

The shaman unlike his brothers was far from happy. He feared the capabilities of these creature and contemplated if they really had a concept of honor like his people. He bids farewell as the warlords starts to recruit and muster their forces to eliminate this new threat from their world

Similar scenes like this but, coated in their own beliefs and way of telling. Some portrait this visit as a positive thing and called for welcoming these new creatures but, many have taken up arms to combat this new menace but, as they ready themselves, out of nowhere creatures of old emerged from the ground their size and length could easily rival the castles and fortress they had.

They were Ents the guardians of Titania. Creatures feared and loved by its inhabitants as one if legend was to believe can level mountains or burn continents with a simple breath from their mouths. But, like in the legends they were slain in the time of heroes were monsters and anarchy run rampart in the past. They made their ways into the walls of capitals or nearby settlements as they begun speaking but, as expected no one understood their words. They existed in a bygone age and as such even those with the longest lifespan had no way of remembering.

They stood in place as they continue their message even if they knew no one can understand them. Kingdoms had little to no choice then to mobilized their armies in order to stabilized the situation while religious sects started to preach that this was a day of celebration and the gods have given us guardians for their loyalty and faith in an attempt to prevent anarchy from spreading.

Soon, leaders, and rulers wanting to see if what was happening to them was happening with their neighbors have sent out spies or messengers. While curious scholars have embarked with their own journeys to find the truth of the light and its secrets. While paranoid warlords have begun stockpiling their weapons.

Then it came multiple elven messengers and their constructs were sent all around the known world with formal invites to an meeting in the highlands calling for talks about what to do with the crisis they have found themselves in. Calling for the leaders of small or large countries in order to decide the next course of actions they should do.


While the capital ship was long gone the goliath tried to try peace and order but, being only one multiple and far from the others it can do only little but, protect the colony ship with it. So with hesitation the acting leader of the UNE had no other way but, to get settled as fast as it can. Setting course to west in hopes of getting to land. Leaving the other ships to fend for themselves until it was powerful enough to resume command with the rest of the ships and its other colonies and to continue its investigation of what happened with the main ship and its escort the prince.

As the last authority barring them together the fleet is now officially disbanded. Leaving the purely colony ships open to attacks from the military ships if they do decide that stealing what they needed is more beneficial than making their own.

As soon as the goliath made its way many of the ships bolted out of the huge gathering of the ships. Rushing to find new open land in hopes of settling and starting anew like their original plan.


  • After the light faded, earthquakes and other various natural disasters begins to erupt all around the world.
  • Ents started appearing all around the world speaking in ancient language that no living creature an understand.
  • A grand meeting was called by the Tarsian empire inviting all recognized nations to discuss the next following actions would be.

  • The fleet was disbanded
  • Many of the ships started to make their way towards land.

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Soon, the pillar of light coming from the gate had dissappeared. With it, however, apparently had the flagship of the entire fleet that had gathered earlier to depart Earth, the Hope, the flagship of the UNE. After this had happened, the fleet had been disbanded and the leader of the Naukan Crusade, Khan Temir Zima, had given the go-ahead for the Naukan Crusade ships to officially leave the main fleet to its fate and go away. Thus, the Naukan Crusade had set sail to the south-west, to find new lands they could colonize. Slowly, the massive ships of the Naukan Crusade accelerated to full speed, and the other ships on the horizon slowly became smaller as the fleet was moving away. It had not even been an hour of travel before the sounds started. Strange scraping and knocking was heard by several crewmembers in the lower decks of the Pioneer. At first, the captain of the ship wanted to accelerate, as the sounds were frightening the crew, but Temir had told him to anchor the ship instead, and had given the same order to all of the other ships. There had to be a logical reason behind the sounds, which was most likely the inhabitants of this strange new world, and there was no reason why they would not try to meet these new peoples. Soon, the four ships of the Naukan Crusade had stopped and anchored themselves. Several people went outside to see what was going on, and what they saw surprised them very much. There were strange creatures, half human, half sea creature, that emerged from the water. The fleet didn't pay much attention to them and continued on their way.

Although the general atmosphere of the people in the fleet was relatively optimistic, Walter's mood was less so. Due to the fact that he was known on the fleet a good repairman and engineer, as well as very strong, he had been sent to all of the different ships multiple times. He first had to repair one of the cooling units of the seedbank on the Ark that would otherwise have caused a cascading failure and broken the entire cooling system of the seed bank. He was about to take a break and relax with a coffee in one of the dining rooms of the Ark, the ship that he had to temporarily call his home, when he was called again, this time to help repair one of the reconaissance vehicles on the Vanguard. After that, he had been ordered to help fix some machinery at the Pioneer's factory. Even though it was not fully operational yet, it still had to be checked to make sure nothing was broken on the day that the fleet would finally make landfall.

Unlike Walter's day, Angela Szarka, researcher in the laboratory of the Naukan flagship, kept getting a better day. After the fleet had passed through the gate, a massive amount of data was gathered even though the fleet had been in the new world for mere minutes at that point. The scientists and researchers had just gone through processing all of the gathered data. So far, there didn't seem to be any major differences between the new world they were currently in and Earth, except for the fact that logically this world was far less polluted and on the brink of death.
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As the naga had arrived, they would also soon note that numerous other vessel were around them. While the hazmat suits in question did some strange hand gestures. After that was done, the large metal beast started moving ahead - the gestures made were 'human' strangely enough. Namely, it meant a similar way of 'follow'. As it was, they seemed to be heading towards the nearby island, that was off the coast - a usual location, that other sea trades interacted with other naga merchants upon.

The naga while hesitant at first, followed or rather rode along with the "humans". While the others who were not on board were doing their best to come along with the iron vessel and the strange yellow dressed team on top. The serpetine creatures or what was safely assumed was the warrior caste of the race remained vigilant. Eyeing the team and closely guarding the representative while leaving the pack to explore the ship. The fish people that were allowed to wander were touching or rather feeling the vessel feeling the strange architecture and material these "humans" had.

Though most of them sounded awed of how they could make this ship function and if this ship was indeed designed to sink rather than float which most of them found it quite strange, or how such a ship could exist in the first place. The representative kept on speaking, with some of the sentences ending with a nod to her race, while her bodyguards seem to have an strange purplish gas that oozing from their mouths. While the ride along was indeed strange, other than an awkward stare with some of them their was no trouble - until the ships sonar caught whips of something large approaching from the depths. While at first it was only one, an addition of two suddenly popped out of nowhere. Soon, the oceans inhabitants became noisier or in distress trying to warn them of an danger from the ocean.

The people on the top soon enough evacuated inside, or rather ran inside. Soon enough, they were replaced by warriors themselves - as the naga could easily tell by their body language and how they moved. Namely they carried much different weaponry, then what they possessed and they seemed, much more heavily armored than even some of her naga.

Then the representative saw something, that might make her question what she was seeing. As walking among the warriors was a human female, namely as armored as they were and having a strange glowing thing in front of her eyes. As she soon enough, yelled something in her native tongue - and soon enough, the warriors kneeled down, pointed their weapons and started firing. The initial shock of a shot, might've sounded like something had struck lightning - but it was soon replaced by a gentle thud, as the ears of the naga would adapt.

Although, that didn't do much - until they simple switching to something else. Namely, the warriors soon enough locked their weapons behind their backs and jumped into the waters - their arms crossed in front of them. The female leader also pulling something over her mouth, before she also jumped in. Despite this, they didn't sink to the bottom at all - instead having bubbles streaming from behind them - that allowed them to move through the water as swiftly as a naga. The metal vessel too submerged, then as the leviathans got closer - the vessel spit out two javelins from its 'mouth'.

They seemed small and tiny compared to the large leviathans approaching, yet the naga representative would witness some...bubble explosion in the far distance....which SCARED away the leviathans. The show of force was enough to tell her that these 'humans' were more then just humans. As they easily scared two leviathans away without having to sacrifice or kill it, and the gear and weapons they had was a clear indication that these people had more than their fair share of combat. She sighed, she wanted to know more or observe them more but, due to not knowing their language, though that it wouldn't even matter regardless as the moderns were using a language unknown to this world.


While they were safe for now, a few of the other ships that decided to follow the Atlanis Group vessels weren't - as a large whale with sharp pointy teeth collided with a ship. Penetrating its hull, quickly flooding the lower quarters of the ship, while at the same time sending most of the men on top to the open ocean. The creature was massive with one big chomp, ripping through the ships hull once more as it started to sink. Its escorts doing their its best to protect the ship but, to no avail as its guns had barely penetrated its hide being simple mounted machine-guns only.

The creature, after taking another bite quickly submerged, leaving a large bloody stain on the sea - as its meal was made of sharp iron and steel. Enough to ruin its stomach and internal organs in one swoops making it bleed out in a matter of seconds before dying due to the amount of blood loss.

For the humans, this had been a show of failure, since they had lost a vessel and people - that wasn't a victory to the humans, thus the large cannons that had been attached to the ships soon enough were put on alert. As the naga leader, could see JUST how large they were. Many times larger than any cannon the dwarves had constructed or the elves had 'formed' into existence. Plus they kept circling the ships - all five of them from one direction to the other, in a perfect formation. Machinery operated, that would make a dwarf blush with envy.

While the soldiers that had submerged with them, soon enough simply swam along - namely utilizing their 'bubble-packs' to namely increase their speeds to even faster than a regular naga at that. As they soon enough reached the small stretch of land in the wide sea - before land. The soldiery in question stepping onto the land and quickly forming up. As she could see, just how advanced and efficient they were. Even after spending time in the water, their armor simply had the water slide off like nothing - nobody appearing affected at all. As even the female would step onto the land, having experienced no ill affect.

Carrying on themselves, advanced techno-sorcery, that seemed to make a mockery of anything the elves, dwarves or both combined could imagine and...all of which were commanded by humans. Once thought the most primitive people on Titania and here the naga representative had to stare face to face with someone - who had a literal visor in front of her eyes.


Once, they have entered land, the warrior caste and the assumed royalty made their way into the meeting point. The serpetine warriors rushing to meet with these strangely clad warriors. They examined them, the helmets and armors they wore, were of nothing they have seen before in battle or in their lifetime on this world. They looked constantly, back and worth spewing the strange purple cloud from their mouths as the representative made her way to meet the human with the unknown object attached to her head.

She bowed down to show her respect viewing the one with the face covering as someone of great importance, as was custom to dress up fancy to appear the important. Before she stood out to speak but, now with body gestures to emphasize and try to create a bridge for the two to communicate or form an understanding between the two. Though the first few moves did nothing with the very large language barrier the two had to cross, the next set made somewhat of a loose connection as she summoned one of her people which seems to be carrying a large basket full of strange fishes that came with all shapes, colors, and sizes.

She pointed to her mouth, suggesting or implementing to her to take a taste or that it is food. While the servant wasn't ordered to, she placed the ceramic bowl in front of them before bowing and taking to the sides. The fishes on the basket was still alive. Jumping and thrashing about as they try their best to get back to home.

The woman in question looked strangely at the strange bowl of fishes. Namely, they could much easily do with a glass one instead - since in this way, the things seemed rather cramped up. Although, they would be very interesting a sight for some of the scientists. Although, when showed the gesture of eating, it seemed a bit too much at that. Nevertheless, she attempted to remain cordial and accepting - since they had just got here and discovered sentient lifeform. As she did pick up one that seemed to be jiggling in her grasp and then put it in her mouth. That idea wasn't the best, as she immediately became ill once her tongue made contact with the fish - likely breaking the rule of 'not eating anything, unless tested and sterilized'.

As for the naga, they saw the 'human' take one fish in her mouth, assuming that was the gesture - before immediately looking ill and thrashing about in place. Eventually, that was followed by one of their own soldiers, simply hitting her on the back and causing the fish in her mouth to get free and back into the water. While she had a face, that spoke of disgust and displeasure - and rubbing her tongue against her hand.

The representative looked in awe or rather in curiosity with the action of the human female as she attempted to swallow the fish whole. As most of the humans she saw or rather most of the creatures of the land had never eaten fish whole before - or at least cooked them first. She realized her mistake as she failed to explain the fact that you have to prepare them rather than eating them whole as she knows that there’s are uneatable parts or poisonous bits in them even for her race, but she was just relieved to see that it didn't out right kill her. She shakes her head in responds doing the gesture once more, pointing to her mouth once more but, now adding a chopping motion to reveal that they have to be prepared before served.

Namely, she shook her head in reply - not wanting to offer up the idea of eating that thing raw, if anything. She nonetheless handed the bowl to another - before they resumed their basic tour de talks. Which mostly was an hour long game of pantomiming. To get a basic understanding of their ways and acts of contact.


For the naga, Nim had luck since these 'different' humans had by point similar expressions and gestures to those living inland in much poorer conditions. Although, any idea of thinking they were the same was dispelled when during their long 'discussions' - one leviathan had poked it's head out and tried to attack their metal vessels again.

This time, the humans replied with twelve cannon blasts that shook the sea and made her ears ring even a few hours later. Namely, they had demonstrated their 'power' - just as elves liked to flaunt their construct armies, the modern humans showed just HOW much advanced they were. A single blast from their cannons had turned a leviathan into a red paste in the sea. That, was only on their ships - the way they acted, used their own items - which nearly bordered on magic and also not.

Namely, the human woman talking to her was 'Anna' - as during their talks, they had managed to graduate into small words, Anna had told them how the humans had MADE and constructed the very things that the naga saw. Items made from metal and forged by their own hands into technology, that made any dwarven technology look like two rocks in comparison. Plus, they could easily make more of this - new arrivals, in much larger quantities then what she currently saw. People that would shake the very foundation of Titania - all that remained to be seen, was who would benefit and who would be...as the leviathan before her...blown away.

Witnessing the death of an feared predator of the abyss in a matter of second. Nim and her entourage were more then concerned with their visitors and their steel vessels. With the serpentine creature raising their guards after the massive guns had fired, mutilating the head of the once proud creature reducing it to little more than a pile of flesh floating on the vast sea feeding the flying creatures in the skies.

Nim looked with more concern and more attention due to the recent show of force with a clear sign of disbelief in her eyes. It wasn't the first time she saw a leviathan taken down by the many creatures of the past but, those were expeditions and were heavily armed to the teeth and would often need the help of their kind to draw them out and would often result in the deaths of many but, these creature not only didn't need their help they were able to do it in a manner of seconds - leaving her with many sleepless nights to come.

She shutters at first when they resume their talks once more now going to a more serious manner. While the barrier was still ever present and delaying any official diplomatic ties with one another. Though she was able to understand that the one in question was named 'Anna' while she on the other hand that her name is 'Nim' while the world "Nimfade" was ever present in her words though it was still hard to understand what she was saying.


As the talks continued, eventually another woman would appear. This one wearing only a white long coat on her and looking less armed than the others. Although 'Anna' did delegate role to her, as evident by the bow and hand gesture towards Nim. The woman had long red hair and a much friendlier and happier face compared to everyone else. It seemed that Nim had been talking to a delegate and this woman seemed to be their leader or high enough to withhold going with a weapon or armor.

Yuna for her part, happily shook hands with the naga woman. Showing a much friendlier and charming side compared to the hard steel and firepower of the others. Seeing the sudden change of tone to a more welcoming which push off more tension and opened up more avenue for the two to discuss about something other than clear intimidation. She starts off with a simple gesture of a handshake which unlike the others is more incline or open to a more dialogue kind of approach. While her appearance made an impact with Nim as she had not seen clothing of sometime like what she wore right now and was curious if their diplomats all wore if as proudly as she did which resulted in a clear curious smile in her side.

She spoke to her even grabbing a bit of her clothing since it was clear she was more than curious with it. She gestures to the chest brought before them as a kind of tribute to open up a clear diplomatic relationship with the two. expecting them that once they do take the goods that a strict non-aggresion pact between the two would be enacted and scholars from each nation was to be provided to further the understanding and in one day break the language barrier.

Of course she tried to explain the terms to them as best as she can at the time which was to rely heavily on body language supported by a few words that they had an mutual understanding with. Though it wasn't enough to make them understand most of it and the important parts like the fact that they had to provide an scholar to build upon a 'creote' to start breaking down the barrier and in turn lead to more diplomatic missions in the future.

Yuna for her part was more than willing to allow the naga woman touch her clothing - since it was always good to have a sentient species attract some sense of interest in another. As it was better than fighting as some of the soldiers were more inclined. While the language barrier existed, Yuna understood most of with - being gift was both a gift yet also declaration of peace. She felt almost naked, not having anything to give. Until she snapped her fingers and asked one of the soldiers for their earpiece.

Thus while the naga woman had given them a chest, she was given something much smaller in return. Although as Yuma showed her, it went into one' ear or rather was attached to it. While it might have seemed like jewelry, the naga representative would soon be shown something truly amazing. Once the thing was in her ear - Yuna took several steps back and then covered her mouth and whispered something. Which was heard clear as day in her ear. The 'Yuna' had given her a direct way in speaking with them and it seemed to be long-distance - something far greater than any messenger pigeon or scrying crystal could achieve.

Then Yuna returned and soon looked more excited when the naga woman spoke of scholars. As Yuna said it, she was a 'scholar' or in their words a 'sci-en-tist' - which was a scholar of knowledge and progress.
Plus, Yuna spoke or tried to explain - that she could, come with them - if such a thing was required.

"I friend, come, be scholar. I smart. Our leaders are scholar too. We lead by scholars," she stated - to the naga woman.

She was baffled with the piece of equipment that she had just received from her as what was supposed to be soft and hard to hear was now infact easy and clear as if the two was still talking with one another. Wanting to try out her new found abilities, as she fiddle with it before speaking in her own language. "I am Nim.... leader.... of the... Nimfade..." While she unleashed a wave of words into the ear piece with various tone and tempo it was more than impossible for her to know all of what she said but, it was enough to understand her rank, name and her kingdom or empire or allegiance with how things were structured and presented in body language.

"Trade... fish... Main... kingdom" She started after introducting herself again in her tonge but, like before she was just too quick and with her testing out her voice quality have created an even more harder barrier to break through. "... Scholar..." She says pointing towards herself like in an happy expression. After she pointed to herself many of her kin started hauling nets and boxes full of aquatic delicasies which would have been connected with the word trade from before. With the other kin bring along the chest of gems closer to the ship of the AG.

Nim went up to her guards and with a fury of words and exchanges nods as they retreat back to the depths once more. "They... bring.... food... Trade... Main.... Kingdom." She answers as her escorts retreats and her kin readying to haul the cargo to the ship waiting for her responds.

Yuna quickly shook her hands and reply. "No wait. We new...just arrive. No much trade yet..." replied Yuna, revealing to Nim that the humans here might be something completely different. Or might even be not from this world in the first place - which felt almost as silly as water flowing upwards.

Although, as they talked Nim would spot the namely vessels that her people would usually partake in trading with. Namely mainlander vessels and they'd likely be in for a much bigger shock. Since compared to some of the vessels they had, be they warships or trading vessels - they all looked tiny compared to the juggernauts these humans possessed.

"Who they?" asked Yuna, pointing at the approaching vessels, while her own group of humans gained a more serious expression. The grip on their weapons tightening as they looked at the approaching vessels.


While the ship in question didn't look it was made for trading. It was relatively well made and looked like an crude galleon that the spanish made in the past with iron plastered or hanging from the sides. It had several cannons on the top but, its lower quarters had little to none cannons on them. The ship itself was impressive and one could easily mistake them as pirates but, Nim and her men expected them and instead of fleeing stood their ground and quickly gathered the boxes that had the live fish in them, while her warriors comb the area for anyone that can interfer with them.

She readies herself, taking up position near the center of the beach as the ship gets close to the shoreline. Yuna and the others are uncertain of what race they were as from away, it seems like it was operated by a greenish humanoid crew, running around adjusting the sails of the ship as they get ever closer to colliding with the shores. Slowing down fast enough in order to turn and dock just in time to avoid any damage to the vessel. The crew stood on the deck as they examined the strange ships with the naga but, seeing as they didn't attacked they sent out an representative to investigate.

The one they chosen was the largest of the group and was by far the most armored out of all the ship's crew as he wore black armor with material unknown to the human scientist. He moved proud and confident as the two meet in the middle where both of them quickly started talking to one another.

Yuna' guard soon tightened their circle around the scientist - seeing as the green humanoid very much resembled something that looked like an ork. Some of the gathered men even stated that - calling out the appearance almost immediately. As it was, Yuna even ordered for the Leviathan to ready a missile burst, in case the 'orks' proved hostile. Since despite all the cultural background behind them, as a scientist she hoped that the stereotype of the wild and brutish orc in this case wasn't true.

As it was, the new arrival would see that the group beside the naga were...human. Or rather human-like, they had the same appearance and facial expressions, and even shape of the regular savages deeper inside the lands. Although these humans were much better dressed, looked much healthier and were decked out in some rather fancy looking techno-magic equipment that not even the elves could match.

"Who they?" asked Yuna, from Nim - as her guards, kept their weapon safeties off - in case they needed to unleash several dozen bullets at the new unknown arrival.

As the two met with the center, a small bow was given as they officially start the meeting. While the two were now conversing to that of an new language then what Yuna and Nim was talking with awhile ago there was no to little way for her and for the other humans to understand with one another. While the orc wasn't displaying any signs of hostilities there was some instances of where he sneak a curious peek with the humans.

While the two were talking it was obvious that some of it was directed to the moderns and what the orcs would see as alien ships. While the two were locked in a heated discussion, it soon ended with the two separating and with nim ordering some of her men to ready the goods. With most of them starting to carry and prepare the previous boxes of live fish for transportation.

While the numerous warriors and crew of the orcish ship started hauling their own cargo for what they could see an organized exchange from the two proving to be an insightful look on the value of goods and how trade in this or rather for the two different races do trading. After the two had exchanged words Nim return back to Yuna bowing down in an apologenic manner as she answers with one word. "Ogars."

"Ogars? Huh. Strange word to say. Sure they not orks?" asked Yuma in reply, since in her mind - it sounded like used the word 'ogres' and those things usually looked much bigger and larger than orks. Or that might have been her more colored and cultural background that might have been mixing up things.

"Okay then. So. Me come with you?" asked Yuna, knowing that Nim needed people to help translate and decipher both language and culture. Plus with the communicators they could easily keep in contact with the surface vessels on top.

She nods, as the orcs started hauling the goods once more her people were quite in ease waiting for their turn to haul their price back to land. She points to the orc vessel, suggesting that it would be her new destination waiting for her for an sign of approval of any kind.

Yuna shook her head in reply and crossed her arms and then pointed at her and the naga then at the ocean. "You...me...ocean...talk scholar...not orks..." replied Yuna, trying to translate the misunderstanding. As she soon enough had one of the soldiers had over one of the rebreathers which she put around her face. Then pointed at her gills and then back at the water. Indicating that she could swim with them.

She nods understanding from her body language that she wanted to swim. She agreed quickly diving to the cold waters awaiting her friends keeping close at the surface knowing that from experience that humans aren't able to hold their breathes long enough for her to show them her lands.

The warriors who were keeping an close eye on them with some jumping but, diving deeper than Nim had waiting for an incident to happened. While the others were curious to check out the armored soldiers of the strange humans. Their mouths emiting a faint purplish gas around them. "Hastend..." One of them says while they examine the humans.

The soldier grumbled something in reply, while he didn't emit gas from his mouth - he did wear something that easily filtered out any water or gas that might interrupt with his breathing. Yuna for her part, was rather excited - so much so that she literally ordered one soldier out of their suit and onto her instead. So she could keep up with the naga woman.


Thus ten minutes later Yuna followed Nim underwater, likely surprising Nim with their technology that enabled them to be underwater. As Yuna soon took a hold of Nim' hand and pointed deeper to the others - indicating that she wanted to follow them and her to their underwater city.

She wasn't too keen with the whole idea of bringing her down towards her city in fears of acciendentenly killing her like all the others that attempted in the past.

She shakes her head worried about her current state. But, seeing as she wasn't grasping for air she reluctanly agrees, holding her hand as she prepares to dive deeper. She slowly guides the curious scholar to the nearest of their civilization.

But, while she was down far from the sights of the humans on the surface, she could clearly see the beauty of the untamed wilds of the underworld, as school of fishes swim about and the rainbow colored surfaces that thriving coral colonies seem to thrive on and the many differents ocean life thats foreign in nature of the world. Knowing what was happening the guards rush to her aid. They examined the 'scientist' curious to see if she was still breathing.

As it was Yuna was doing rather finely, looking around her and everything that she saw. The vast array of wildlife, marine life and simply colorful fish in general was making the young-excited-girl within her to go crazy with all the possibility. Her mind was going several times an hour, trying to imagine how such creatures came into existence. As it was, she even fished that she had gills in this moment - so she could get a closer look at the fish. For the most part though, she held onto Nim' hand, to make sure she didn't slip anywhere else.

While the bottom was full of wonders and curiousity she would soon find that it was not without its threats as a strange creature which had oddly had limbs was prowling around the coral reef in search of prey and like an shark out in the ocean the fishes and the other sea inhabitants were constantly keeping a distance from it like, they sense the malicious intent of the beast. While it was far from them, a sense of dread overcame because other than its hostile look and movement it seem to have no interest with the smaller prey that surrounds it.

Nim, pulls her away from the creature, leading her to an plateua surrounded by the colorful reef that pique her interest. Aside from that what seems to be structures craved out from the rocky surface of the terrain. Aside from that, many more of her kind there were artificial spires whose sole purpose was to encourage coral reefs to form around them. While the structures had its walls around sandblocks or reefs. But, if it was the case of how these race make their buildings is still up to debate, but it was obvious that this place or settlement was far from the capital as the spires would suggest that it was used for agricultural purposess.

Nevertheless for Yuna it looked amazing, since it was artificial constructs, which spoke of sentient and also culture to have them formed in the first place. For Nim, it was like watching a newborn swim around and discover everything for the first time. Except this time around it was with a human, who was likely ten times more advanced than her entire race combined. Still it showed that despite the ungodly power they wielded that they were... relatable.

Namely they had an interest in the unknown and new, like they had. As it was, Yuna soon tapped something on her wrist, before something was deployed from the larger human ship and started heading towards Yuna.

As the woman soon enough met it and returned, appearing to be holding onto somekind of cylindrical tube - that seemed to move about in the water as fast as a naga. A device as simple as an underwater scooter, yet to Nim it appeared to be something out of magic. As Yuna soon used it to buzz around Nim, appearing rather excited at everything she was seeing.

As she mounts on her sea scooter and zip through the small civilization she could see that wherever they were whole sums of fishes swimming nearby using the farmed corals as breeding grounds to lay their young and further their numbers. While the naga which further enriches the bio diversity of the ocean.

The coral works of these people were remarkable to say the least and in a sense can reach out her hand and grab on the passing fishes like the people of the sea were doing but,aside from the small fishes around her their was larger creatures that were swimming around them which they have seem to domesticated for these lifestyle and companionship. Which were guarding the reefs from those that would destroy it, eating some of the fishes as compensation for their services.

The citizens of the plateau and easy going as they let the scientist fly around their coral fields and enjoy what she once had in her youth. Yuna almost felt a bang of jealousy upon witnessing to all of this. Their own oceans had been bathed in both chemical and nuclear warfare. While the deeper parts of the ocean might sustain life within them - the more surface and more beautiful and biodiverse rich area had completely demolished. So much so, that she looked at one tiny rascal that seemed to have settled on her hands. It was a good thing, that one couldn't see her she'd a tear underwater. Once that show was done, she arrived back at Nim' location, nodding for her to continue and pointing with her hand, that she was ready to continue on their journey and discovery.

She understood her curiosity no human has ever seen their farms up close or see the marvels of the sea before but, traveling towards the next village was impossible or too dangerous for the new comer. Gesturing above in telling her that its finally time to return back on top and conclude their adventures for now. As she sees that night time was almost upon them causing her to appear and sound more worried then before. "...Up...." She said a whole series of words explaing why but, due to the water and her limited knowledge she failed in making her understand the reasons why it was important to get out as fast as possible.

She grabs her hand and starts to ascend back to where she knew her ship was. When Nim returned she would be surprised to see that construction was happening upon the small stretch of sand. Barely a day gone and already the humans were building - namely having dragged the destroyed ship that a Leviathan had tried to chew, eat and swallow. Now it was being stripped for parts and utilized in constructing the first naval yard in this world.

Some of the naga might even be surprised at how rapidly things were going. As the former stretch of sand was starting to resemble an actual port at that, although instead of wood and timber - this one was made of hard, welded metal.

She was curious on what they were doing and rather impress. She could see that they were using steel which was solely used in making weapons into structures for them to use but, to what purposely was what pique her interest the most making her come out of the waters and into land in order to find out how these humans built such an structure. Seeing the skeleton of the said structure with clear sense of awe present in her face.
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The Bastion was among the last ships to enter the portal. After being temporarily blinded by the bright lights, the ships of the fleet emerged on the other side. There was a near audible sigh that could be heard throughout the fleet as for a few moments... they thought that perhaps the portal wasn't portal, but rather instant death. Still, on the other side, it appeared that the other ships bumped into... problems. However, one thing was clear, the Bastion was in a bit of a rush. The Mercy was filled with settlers that the fleet brought on to bring to the new world and things were pretty camped in there. They needed to find land and unload everyone so that they could start rebuilding their lives. Admiral Wolff looked at the radar in the bridge of the Enterprise. It seemed like that the best options were to head west or south west.

Thus, Admiral Wolff made the call to head to the south west. Hopefully, they could find a plot of land where they could start building up a settlement. But, these were strange new lands. There could be natives or... well anything really. Not to mention exotic and foreign animals. While seemingly to be interesting, the presence of any natives in the new world gave the Bastion a lot of... concern. That could mean new pathogens, viruses, and bacteria that they were never exposed to. In addition, they were bringing in germs from the old world. Perhaps, this would be a repeat of the colonization of the "New World" millenia ago. But, the colonizers were lucky that the natives did not have many native illnesses that could be spread. No one could say the same for this current situation.

The fleet would have to take precaution and land some of the doctors and scientists first to draw samples from the New World. Everyone would initially have to wear hazmat gear to account for the possibility that the "New World" wasn't as inviting as it currently seemed. But, hopefully, things would be fine, or they would be able to develop medicine or vaccines for any new illnesses.
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The men of green


As the wolves roared the earth started to shake as something in the forest begins to wake. The birds flew to the heavens in a rush, while the beast of the earth mother’s forests started to flee away from the east side of the forest. Then large footsteps echoed from the distance growing louder and louder with every minute as it gets closers to where Argos and his pack was. Nobody knew what or who was making the noise but, whoever it was, it didn’t felt out of place.

Soon, a giant humanoid creature easily the size of a three story building stood on the distances, making its way towards where is Argos. With every step it takes, the forest seems to roar driving off the nearby wildlife away from it without any second thoughts. It had a body made out of stone and wood with a visible green moss as its skin and a dark green flame emanating from inside, revealed by a large hole in its body.

It was a creature told in tales and forgotten by time, though it was formidable in the distance large cracks and holes in its body have suggested that it has seen its fair share of battles, sporting scorched makes and some of its body has either been scattered or have broken off. Once it has closed the distance, it crouches as it eyes the alpha.

Argos few silent with the others as they heard loud noise echo through the forest as if it was getting closer. He could feel something in the air but he didn't feel threatened at least not to the point of growling or trying to attack outright.

He moved forward towards the noise and soon he saw an ancient creature of the earth. He remembered his ancestors speaking of the tree men which they called ‘Soctoa’ though to human speak it was Ent. When it crouched Argos sniffed him a bit before he asked "what wakes you ancient one?" He said not wanting to seem threatening but he stated in his wolf form for he was still small in stature and needed to display his own strength even to one did ancient as He

It lowers its head as it sees the alpha, mumbling in an unknown language, but it doesn't matter as the loudness of its voice and tone makes it impossible for him to understand. But, as it spoke the roots covered by the land burst forth creating a platform below, and raising him from the ground and at eye level of the earthen giant.

He spoke once more with the forgotten language and with every word the ground shifts and the trees grew higher than they were supposed to be. Dwarfing those near them creating a wall of trees that separates the two from his kin. The giant sits down with the pedestal maintaining within eye level.

He continues to talk with the begotten tongue but, in time his tone becomes weaker and weaker and the green flames continues to dim as the trees around them continue to grow.

The alpha was shocked for a moment as he was suddenly moving upwards but he calmed when he realized that the Ent was simply giving him a pedestal so he could see the ancient one eye to eye. He then crossed his arms and listened as he spoke in a forgotten language that he couldn't understand. He wished he was able to speak with him properly that didn't seem likely anymore.

He saw the flames on his body as the Ent grew weaker and he didn't know what to do. He then said "please speak plainly ancient one I can't understand you. If I can't understand you I can't help you. Please know I want to help you, you are an ancient and powerful being and you do not deserve to simply burn away like this. My shamans and potion makers can heal you if you let them" he said firmly hoping that the ancient one understood what he was saying. He repeated the same sentiment in beast speech in case that would trigger something in him so they could speak.

Though the forest giant didn't understand a word he said, he understood the sentiment and care in his word. earning him a time to talk and explain himself even though it was futile due to the language barrier between the two. After he was done the giant nodded that it was going to be related to his current state knowing that no matter what he could do or after his time was up.

He spoke once more as large bits and pieces of its body begins to erode and rot away. The flame within him slowly starting to fade away. His body which was given by the forest was once again returning to where it came as his legs and hands that were connected to the land was becoming brittle and still transforming to that of a natural wonder as he still looked like a giant humanoid that once lived and roam the lands.

But, there was still time for the alpha to get something from it, a lead or a cause to his awaken before he finally becomes that of a mountain.

He watched as the large Ent laid down and looked as if he was decaying and wouldn't be able to accept help. He wished he could help the ancient one he really did but for now he would have to find something from his body to aid him in case he saw another Ent wake up. He then got on his knees putti g his hands on the pedestal floor and bowing. He then said "forgive me for what I will do" he then stood back up and jumped down landing inside the body of the Ent before he started to look around for anything useful before it's body completely eroded

As he jumped inside, he can see the giant's inside were turning to that of a naturally occurring cave as the nerves of the creature and the organs have completely turned to stone and dirt as its life has come to an end. But, still strange green lights still illuminate his insides leading him towards a straight path further inside him. But, he could sense that there was something inside the giant like he was but, they didn't sound friendly.

While the insides where that of a maze the alpha shouldn't have any trouble navigating to where the Ent wanted him to go through as the other routes was shouted in complete darkness giving him no other direction to go through.

The alpha looked around and saw his path. He wasn't a fan of looting a corpse but it was clear he needed to get whatever the ancient one wanted him to grab. He ran through the lit passages and looked for what the ancient one wanted knowing he needed to move fast

Once he passes one of them it light dims until it fades away hinting that it could no longer have the energy to keep it up as it starts to return once more to nature. But, once the light fades away a creature takes its place hiding in the shadows waiting for the alpha to fall short from the light before he could attack. Soon, he could see a radiant green light off to the distance many times brighter than the small lights that was guiding him.

Argos didn't stop running at full speed. He could sense that something was wrong but for the time being it didn't matter. He was on the clock and it clear from the dimming lights that he was running low on time. He ran as quickly as he could towards the light. When he got close he didn't break his stride and instead reached out as he kept and grabbed the beautiful green orb waiting for him.

As he grabbed for it, the orb of green shined brightly for a second as the last traces of life was sucked out of the body of the great one.

It stabilizes shining a constant light around the alpha's surroundings. And like it never breathe the body of the creature stood in silence now part of the scenery as the emerging roots of the trees pin it into place removing any clear indication of its face and body and now no longer different from a solitary hill around the forest of the eternal mother.

The alpha could sense it as the wooden roots and stone walls stopped growing and moving as the giant finally rests once more. While the orb glows with pride it can only light up what was near leaving what was beyond unknown from sight but, the wolves keen senses does not betray him. A foul smell of rot was ever present outside the reach of the orbs glow.

But, it was clear that there was more to this chamber that he had found himself on. As visual clues littered around the walls and floor of the room suggest that it was artificially made.

Argos made a grab for the glow and was soon rewarded or at least he was treated to the site of the ancient one falling silent. The area had stopped moving and it seemed like the ancient one was finally asleep. However, he smelled something foul in the air so he kept his light held high to keep whatever was close away from him.

He didn't know why or how but part of the ancient one’s body was artificially made and not part of the earth mother as He expected. He started to look around using the light as both a torch and a deterrent as he looked around.

Looking at the walls of the chamber it was clear that it told about a by gone era. Where monsters, legends and heroes lived and existed. It told of a legend forgotten by time, where a coalition of heroes has driven back the horrors of the night and providing light to their world.

It was a story that the alpha had not heard about, from the orcs, dwarves, elves and all of the other races. But, as he could think even further a spear was launched from the shadows and towards him.

He looked through the walls interested in the story since he never heard it. He knew the shamans would love to see this and examine it. Then he heard the swoosh of a spear being thrown and he dodged it easily. He turned to the direction it was thrown and said "if you are no coward then show yourself. If you dare attack an alpha prepare to die" he said giving a loud roar in challenge into the darkness.

As he shines the light at the direction of the attack he would see no one as the assailant had already vanished and retreated away from the door. But, as he did a new spear was thrown from the opposite side of the room.

Soon, the faint smell was ever present the smell of rot and decay started to surround the room and from the initial greeting they were far from friendly.

He growled and used his free arm to grab the second spear that was thrown at him. As much as he wanted to fight he knew he was at a disadvantage and whatever was throwing spears wouldn't be taunted. He growled and said "cowards" before he clutched the light tightly and ran at full speed the same way he came in to get out.

As you charge back towards the corridors many spears were being thrown from behind him or not, but in the front it would often be delayed as it seems that whoever was doing it was eager to distance itself from him. But, it was obvious that it wasn't one that was harassing him earlier as the smell started to emanated from everywhere. Though he was halfway through.

Argos kept listening and predicting where the spears would land as he kept dodging past and avoiding them running at full stride. He didn't hesitate to run as fast as his legs would take him until he saw regular sunlight again. He then jumped out of the ancient one and landed back on solid ground with the glowing heart in his possession. At least he assumed it was the heart.

He would see the light Cleary from the distance which was clearly the exit out of this maze like structure, and once he had gotten closer and jumped into it he emerges from his what seems to be a woody hill propelling. Combined with his speed and rush he propelled into the skies visible around the other wolves living inside the forest.

The creatures of the dark soon fled back into the darkness but, it was obvious that this wasn't going to be the last time they would meet. As the day have sunken and dusk was nearby the creatures whatever they would be will emerged from the carcass and into the divine forest of the mother.

Argos ran out and soon found himself looking over the hill that used to be the ancient one. He also noticed it was close to dusk, he wished be was able to leave sooner so he could have prepared for what he knew was going to happen next. He saw the creatures hiding in the shadows inside the ancient one spew out like rats making him growl. He grabbed the bark of a tree to stop his forward movement before he dropped to the ground and said "potion wielders grab your light fires and throw at the hill where they are spewing from! Shamans create a wall and trap them in a cage! Warriors at the ready carry torches these things fear light!" He ordered and everyone scrambled to fulfill his orders the females and pups hiding in their tents as they got to work doing some extermination.

Upon further examination it was clear that these creatures are nothing short of abominations. Creatures overcome by rot and mold as fungus, and other illnesses plague whatever was left of its body. Faces sunken and overcame with sadness and despair as these creature’s swarm outside finally out of their prison. However instead of freedom the same thing they dreaded the most was in front of them or thrown towards them.

As the life reveals more of these foul creatures they escape retreating to their cages once more. Cursing these new creatures of fur and claws, but, as he walled off the hill the alpha knew that these creatures would eventually come out once more.

He watched as the lights revealed what they were and to say he was disgusted was an understatement. They were rot incarnate and he had to struggle not to puke. He watched as the creatures scrambled back into the ancient one who was now just a hill. Once inside Argos said "shamans I want mother's flame by those entrances! Potion makers I want production of light fire to be a priority and warriors set up a patrol around the hill from now on." He said knowing that mothers flame was something only the eternal mother could provide and were bright green flames that could not be extinguished. They were hard to obtain and could only light a small area like a torch but they didn't die out and that's what he wanted right now. He wanted to make sure that those beasts never came back out again.

As the potion makers and his people rush their way into creating the necessary barriers to keep the abomination away. But, it was odd on why such creatures lived in such a being of growth and stability and to what those creatures were was another but, for now they were kept in bay by the light that they wielded but, since they had weapons or tools proved that they had the ability to think of an alternative route.

As the shaman nears one of the entrances spears started being thrown out in an attempt to stop their attempt to bar anymore of the entrances.

He watched and wondered how such an amazing being had such rot inside them. He was powerful and ancient so why were those creatures inside it. He then growled when he saw spears being thrown at his shaman. He then grabbed a large shield and went over letting the spears be thrown. He took the brunt and he gave the shaman time to set up the light. Once that was done he pulled away before the shield could be broken. He repeated this until all exits were sealed.

They retreat back to their caves cursing the alpha and his kind. But, the downside of these was that he had no idea what these creatures are capable of. All he knew was their disgusting figures and their capabilities of making tools and weapons. But, all around him was his people confusion and fear of this new force would affect them and in turn to him for answers noticing the green orb in his hands.

He groaned as all the passages were covered in light to keep them out. The alpha knew however that this method wouldn't last forever, they were smart enough to make tools after all. If they could do that than they would surely find a way out. The problem was actually getting rid of them.

When he noticed his brethren looking at him he held up the orb and said "the heart of an ancient one! He entrusted it to us and we shall prove we were worthy of such a gift. Shamans when you are done securing the rot beasts examine this orb closely. I want to know everything possible"

With the announcement of the what was the green orb in his hand the people of the forest cheered out in response never, for them the winds of change were in cycle and now part of what would soon change the world as they knew it. They yelled out in pride as their leader now held up an item of mythical importances and one that could in legend used to modify the land as the user sees fit. But, as they celebrated a loud sound vebrebrated throughout the forest, coming from the nearby orcish port town and from the years of interaction with the orcs in their lands it was clear that war was coming.

He smirked as he was given a loud cheer from his clan as they obviously saw how important the orb he collected was. Argos knew that this would be important but for now he left it in the care of his eldest shaman. When he heard the loud sound conning from the orc lands he growled a bit knowing war was coming. He then said "war time rules" he ordered knowing that his clan would be excited cause now it meant they could fight. Though he knew that the warriors would be pleased as well cause it meant all fertile females could breed.

Out from the foliage an orc scout has emerged bring with him a letter of great importance. "I have come as the representative of the venerate sage." He announces before bowing down in a bid to show respect. "I have request the representative of our brothers the shadow striders, in mother's embrace." He told in his own tongue, awaiting his answer before continuing.

He grits his teeth when the scout came knowing they had an agreement with the orcs that they wouldn't venture this far in unless it was an emergency. He didn't want them so close to the eternal mother like this but it seemed that thus was important so he would let it slide, this once. Once he handed the orb to the shaman he walked over and said "speak then green one" he said standing in front of the orc the obviously stronger and larger of his brethren signifying his alpha status

He was relieved to have known that the wolves were in fact ready to hear them out like what his masters and peers would say. "A force of unimaginable power has come and tip the balance of the world." He said in a worried tone. "Our world and the eternal mother is in danger, for these creatures are world eaters, demons from an unknown world that have destroyed there and are seeking to destroy our world.' he continues maintaining the same tone as before.

Argos grit his teeth and was enraged at the thought of the eternal mother conning to harm because of the world eaters. However, they were going to have to fight on their turf and if there was one thing his brethren could do was defend. He then said "where is the meeting taking place?" He said knowing that such an event would call for a council and because of their connection to the orcs and dwarves they would no doubt be called upon as well

"In the capital of the mother herself, Mother's Embrace." He answered with humility. "We have arranged transports for you and your escorts, me and my brothers will be waiting at the ports to take you there to the orc lands on the south." He continues. "though you and your people are not part of the orc clans we have considered that you are a great ally in this time of crisis." He ends awaiting his answer.

He sighed as he heard him call it the mother's embrace. That was one thing he didn't like about the orcs as they said that the eternal mother was in their domain instead. He wouldn't bring up the subject however since there were bigger issues to deal with. He then said "fine we will get to the port in a few hours once I have my affairs settled here. Now go and jet your masters know we will be coming"

He nods pleased to hear of his answer, as he bows and rushes off back to camp to rejoin his kin and his masters. Right before an elf with two of his constructs emerged from the foliage. "You are summoned alpha, to the highlands." He said in a commanding voice." Do not attempt to go attend their superstitious council of fools, go to the highlands and you and your tribe shall benefit greatly" He continues with every word being more and more commanding and authoritative as time goes by and without warning leaves with his escorts expecting the wolf to choice them rather than the orcs.

He sighed and was about to go pack when a sharp ear came and told him to go to their meeting instead. He disliked the condescending tone the sharp ear was giving him. He was an alpha and would be treated as such. As the elf turned away the alpha ordered two swords fruition his warriors and when he threw then they pierced through his constructs. The alpha then said "get back here or the next one will go through you. I don't know who you think you are but when you speak to me to speak as an equal or not at all. If you choose to turn away still, then this conversation never happened" he threatened knowing that if he was sought out by the sharp ears it was for good reason. He hated their condescending tone and he could manage it but when they come to his home as speak that way he won't let that stand. He also suspected that the elf was told to get his cooperation so he doubts he would just walk and gain dishonor

After the display of force with two of his escorts being pierced near him. He was impressed at first he thought that there was no real reason to get the tribal to their side but, seeing that their swords pierced through two stone constructs had him interested with one more they could do. He turns back with a smirk in his face, and so did his stone guards. "Well done." He said clapping his arms together as his body guards have pulled the swords right through revealing a white and green orb inside their bodies that he narrowly missed.

He waits as the constructs ready themselves for a fight. He looks around seeing the other wolves around them and even if he knew that they were beneath them he still displayed caution he was outnumbered and out gunned at the moment. "Ok, alpha you have earned that right." He says with a cheeky bow. "I bring great news; you have earned the right to sit with our race in the hall of heroes." He continues as he stands with pride.

He crossed his arms as he turned around and he glared a bit as the elf clapped as if he was putting on a show for him. He was surprised when he saw green orbs inside the construct but he was easily able to hide his surprise. Clearly if the orb could bring life to stone it would change things for his tribe. He growled a bit as he instead became cheeky and said he earned the right to sit at their table. Truth was the only reason he was even considering this was because the sharp easts clearly understood what the green orbs were and how to use them. If they could figure out what they could do he could only imagine how much stronger his tribe as a whole would become.

He decided to get more information and asked "who is at your table besides you sharp ears. The orcs are also holding a meeting and I want to know which races I'm allying with. Not to mention I want to know what these rewards you promised are"

"We are a nation of heroes, the strongest of the strong, unlike the cowardly orcs in the south we bring prosperity and wealth to all within our ranks so I trust you alpha to be smart and choose your friends carefully." He continues once he knew he got his attention trying to make sure he has the better deal and the upper hand in this situation.

He growled and said "that's not what I asked. I asked who was at your table. If all I find is that you only have others of your kind, then how is it a council? You can't deny we are facing a global problem if you think this can only be handled by sharp ears then you are even bigger fools then the orcs"

He was caught off guard when he heard of comment about being more idiotic than the orcs. "Every race are welcome of course, as we speak many more of us will be coming and preparing their delegates for the council meeting." He answers which was obvious that he was annoyed at the words he commented about them. "As for rewards we are more than happy, to fund your journey to the capital which is more than enough for you and your kind." He continues

He listened as he explained that all races were welcomed though he highly doubts that was the case if they weren't informing the orcs. He then had the nerve to say that just the trip to the capital was reward enough. He growled a bit and said "we are not dogs that are excited about a ride your pretentious sharp ear. You offer nothing that the orcs wouldn't offer, then I have an ally in you what do I get? Sharp ears looking down on me and my kind because we weren't born the same way? Unless you offer something serious then you can leave. Though by all means just try to take me by force" he challenged knowing that the sharp ear wasn't dumb enough to think that he was just a mongrel on the street. He wouldn't wag his tail for a small kindness.

"Watch your tongue, we could easily burn down all of this." He said reaching his arms around him indicating what he meant. "Providing you access to our lands is reward enough for you savages." He continues abandoning the previous half-baked attempt to diplomacy with them. "But, by virtue of my benevolent master I will conduct myself and show you creatures respect." He ends before his constructs readies for battle.

"So don't be an idiot alpha, done us the place where heroes are born." He says before starting to leave with his body guards obvious fed up with this 'negotiation'.

He turned his nose up at the sharp ear and growled loudly as he threatened to burn the earth mother's domain and date to call him a savage. He then ordered the warriors to destroy the constructs and if they could to salvage the hearts. They finished the job in only a moment with their ferocity and skill working for them. Argos then ordered some rope and when he was given it he charged after the elf knowing that even if he could run fast Argos as the alpha was the fastest beast on 4 legs.

Once he caught the sharp ear he broke both his hands and tied him up. He then said "oh we will go but only so I can see if your master is anything like you. You made a grave error threatening this forest if I don’t get an apology I'll show you what savagery looks like you whelp!" He growled showing his sharp teeth. He ordered for a scout to inform the orcs that they needed to have "a discussion" with the elves.

In of a second the elven representative was tied and his hands crushed by the power of the alpha. He struggles to keep his cool demanding to be let out. "Don't you dare, if I die then my people will avenge me." He said knowing that his life was completely within their hands but, his eyes widen when he said that he was planning to bring him back to the elven territory. "Are you crazy, you're going to get your people and yourself killed." He said absolutely trying everything for him to not follow through.

While he discusses with the elf, the scout that was ordered to the port town shall the wooden palisades and the iconic structures of the orcish race. Seeing the stoned religions temples dedicated to the mother herself and the diverse nature of their everyday life. He soon, found the orcish representatives that quickly waved for him to go to them.

He growled as the sharp ear said that he shouldn't dare kill him nor go to his turf. The alpha then said "if I wanted you dead you wouldn't be speaking. You sharp ears like to say your smart then I know your master will realize that if you dare insult our home and the eternal mother then as far as we are concerned it's a declaration of war. What I'm doing will keep that from happening. Now your going to lead me there and for every time you try to lead us into a trap or steer us off course I'm breaking another body part" He warned before he ordered a squad to be readied with his head shaman and warrior with him and a few potion wielders along with a crate of extra potions to squeeze through the dwarves in case they run into trouble.

The scout soon went over to them and bowed his head saying "May the eternal mother guide you" as a greeting he then said. "I'm sorry to inform you but our alpha was approached by an elven representative shortly after your scout left. The damn elf had the nerve to insult our forest so the alpha broke his hands and is taking him back to their council. Instead we will be sending a beta to act as the alphas representative" he said with a deeper bow as apology.

The orcs accepted the scout’s apology. “Brother our council are more than welcome to accept such brave race as yourself.” He said as he pats the wolf on the back, his escorts wearing a grin as he hears the plans of this races alpha. “BROTHER AND SISTERS WE WELCOME THE FANGS AND CLAWS INTO OUR COUNCIL.” He yells out with his brothers and sisters cheering in triumph.
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For the naga, they would be surprised to see how quickly the usually dull land of sand had been turned around into a naval port. The modern humans literally melting metal from the destroyed civilian vessel and then quickly having it put down around the sandy shore. They had been gone for mostly the day and already the humans had gotten busy.

Plus, it seemed almost everyone had chipped into the building. This place started to almost resemble like a port, that were found around the coast - as it was, people started up even some ram-shack buildings, some small for living and others something big for entertainment. Since as much as they had gained from Nim - this place seemed to be a rather used trading hub. Or rather, one that that the people used to trade with the naga.

Thus in the interest of being close to their new 'friends' and to make more in the future - Atlantis Group had decided to build their new home right here and then move on from there. As it was, Nim would see adults, younglings and even children among the group. As it made one ponder, where had these 'humans' come from.

There was only a few words that can explain her amazement with the development of the island that was happening right in front of her. But, it was strange why this human came to be, for what she was seeing right now did not relate the humans she knew in this world. They were able to bend and melt iron easily and their ideals are vastly different than them.

She was amused as she was able to see the start of something new, something that can change the very ideals that dominated this world. She was happy to see that her neighbors are settling well forging their new home near hers, while she looks at them at awe she decided to take a closer look in hopes of seeing more of their and reveal something about their origins or what they really are.

She rises from the sea and into the shore of their new colony but, unlike before she doesn't have any escorts. Landing in the sands of this new strange port that they were building. She roams around straing and observing the people around her. Some of them were building and while the other were playing or doing something strange or unknowns to her.

As Nim would roam the place, she would soon enough, find herself hearing music. It seemed that these humans had also developed some kind of it. Plus, it was being played right now and not in some large Symphonium or Theater.

The music they played was in their own tongue, something that Nim could understand now yet only barely as it was.

Although, instead of joyous celebration, the music they tuned sounded like something more suited for a battlefield or funeral.

Namely singing of 'depression, sorrow, death of liberty, freedom burning and the killing of billions'. The emotion they put into the song though, it was almost equal to one of their own. It further increased the question of what had happened to them in the first place.

While she could only understand some of it she knew what the song was able. She knew that they came from death or destruction a clue that she would clearly remember for many days to come. She followed it her feet scrubbing the sand to the sides as she continues on her trip to understand these creatures more.

From the distance she looks at the massive iron ships that they used for their voyage here even seeing the guns that some of them had. She could see that some of the children had strange substances with them that they like to drink, gulping the liquid down with glee.

She was confused as why would someone drink a dark liquid that seems to bubble but, the strangest out of all was the little glaciers they have inside the bottles which she didn't know was to make the drink colder and tastier. She was amazed at how strange their culture was as she examine the dresses of the various people in the port seeing clothes that had printing in them which she didn't know was possible.

And from the looks of it clothes also determine what job you had as she saw men with orange clothing and orange helmets that were building the structures this people would need.

As Nim took in the many sights and machinery, eventually a hand padded her shoulder and the form Yuna appeared next to her. A smile on her face.

"Hello. You come see our building and culture now?" she asked, after all Nim had shown Yuna their side of the ocean. It was only fair that Yuna returned the favor.

"We still building. Take time. But I can show you history...our history. You want?" she asked, although while she was smiling her heart was aching at the mention of their history. Since it wasn't a pretty one up to the last few years.

She nods as she returns a smile of her own she was glad to see an familiar face that could guide her in still maze of iron and culture she had found herself in. She started speaking in her own language before she stops knowing that she was going too fast for her to understand. She resigns and points to the kids drinking the strange substance they were drinking.

Then she then nods when she noticed she was taking about their own history and how they came to be making her grab her hand and nod hinting that she would be more than happy to know.

Yuna soon lead her naga friend into a building, that seemed a bit better manufactured and built than the others currently surrounding them. There, Nim soon saw her first glimpse into the world of technology - as this place seemed to have plenty of glowing things everywhere - displaying words, numbers and other strange symbols.

When she entered, Yuna merely clapped her hands and everything soon disappeared - before she did a few gestures in the air, activating the holographic projector. "I will warn you. Our history...." she spoke, growing saddened and remorseful. "...is not pretty."

As for Nim, she might likely regret her desire to know about human history. As a while, she got her first glimpse at a 'docu-men-tary or mo-vie' - it spoke about World War Three. Namely one of the first catalysts for bringing. While Nim might have enjoyed the beautiful planet and its vast array of people, architecture and culture as the voice spoke - it soon was twisted into more of a horror show.

As many of the footage, had been collected by the AG from real-life helm-cams - they wanted everyone to know and never forget the mistakes that lead to it. The naga, got to see how true warfare was enacted - neither glorified, nor justified - simply wanton slaughter. Rail guns tearing apart fleets like paper, drones destroying cities and armies, hordes of armored and faceless soldiers fighting among each other, destruction called down from the very skies and much more. Under the screen ran a skull-counter, something that even Nim might understand, since every time a city was shown to be 'demolished' the counter simply grew bigger. Reaching eventually billions.

If Nim ever wondered, how Gods waged War - she got a front-row seat to watch it all, while Yuna simply stared at it with a dull expression.

While she was ready to learn about the rich history of man she wasn't prepared for what came with it. She wasn't ready to see the devastation and destruction before her but, she watched attentively with what was before her. Not batting an eye to look at her friend or the other surrounding her seeing distance lands burn and torched while mechanical beast and iron people with unimaginable strength ships on the distance delivering conflict from the skies leaving no time for them to respond.

She grasps it was unimaginable for her what these people have endured so far but, she marveled at the incredible creatures that these people possessed with their fingertips lighting an spark of interest within her. She was interested in the gadgets that these humans have come to liking making them agents of feats unimaginable to her and her kind.

She was hooked on the idea of learning how this machines were made and if she was able to learn how to making her pull on Yuna sleeves pointing to one of the machines.

While Nim might not understand just how deadly these war-machines could be - her way of saying it, did make Yuna smile up a bit.

It wasn't everyday some, new race was wanting to learn from them. This time though, they would get it right and not abuse that trust like how the Americans had done in their earlier years.

"You want study? I can provide that kind of gift," smiled Yuna, soon closing the movie.

She nods glad giving her a sudden and without any warning a tight hug.
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Time skip 01/07/00
7 days since arrival

As the giants of the past rose up, the elves of the Tarsian empire alone the orcs of the south have started hypnotizing and researching the strange occurrences of the light and the sudden awakening of the ancients, calling forth a meeting with their alliances in order to decide for the best course of action.

As the orcs have called for the nations of the feared wolves of the eternal mother’s forest and the beast men of the land of the giants and the ones in the lonely isles. While the giants still breathing and roaming the land, many tried to find out why they stood once more as the language barrier was too great of an issue for the scholars of the time. The dwarves on the other have were now richer then before as the meetings have generated hundreds upon hundreds of travelers to come to the capitals in search of answers heightening the security in order to maximize their profit.

In the orc capital, Mother’s embrace

Many of the people were in high spirits as hundreds upon hundreds of people came to visit the capital in hopes of getting to the meeting in order to find more about the light and the guardians. Bringing with them new materials, goods, and people to the great orcish capital.

Soon, the proud reddish banners of the orcs were raised throughout the city for all to see flaunting what is arguably the third most powerful race in the world pride to all to see. While the orcs did not have the best start interspecies pride has been common for the race making rise to a new phenomenon which is at that time an experimental version nationalism for us.

While most of the orc leadership was rather far from merry and festive their people were not. As various types of orcist entertainment were set up and with some quite barbaric to the others races like where one of orcs has to put his hand inside a hole full of large ant like creatures for duration of time before pulling out. Leaving the customer with large wounds afterwards an attraction that will never have a place in a normal human amusement park.

While orcs holding strength important above all have some attractions designed to test one’s power like pulling out a heavy object from the ground with one hand or getting hit with a massive hammer all for knowing the capabilities one has while for some a means to an good time.

In the elven capital, Ashfall

While the orcs loved a more anarchistic manner in their celebrations the elves were a different bunch preferring the thrill of planning every time and detail like the must clothing, the venue, the gear, the weapon, and many more extra details that they wanted to plan for.

As these times of merry it was also a time where nobles can show off and establish connections between people of rank and statue that they don’t normally meet. Where esteems one open their manor to those of the outside in order to attract the attention of various people of interest.

One of the visible differences was the fact that instead of the Tarsian flag risen in all of the houses or structures various different banners and crest little the capital while manors were converted into meeting halls for the privilege.

While various of the other races have called for their own councils none other than the two have caught and gathered the attention of the world. As the dwarfs barred everyone each from their councils and taxed everyone that needed to pass through their gates.

As ambitions men look to get to the elven capital to boost their standings while the strong flock towards the orcish mother land.

Time skip 01/07/00
7 days since arrival


As the UNE fragmented into numerous different nations and Green nowhere to be found many took it upon themselves to find land and start the colonization effort arriving at sea where the chances of meeting other races aside from the naga was slim still making them innocent to the creatures and races that roams the land mass around them.

Many of them would just be landing at this point where they would start making the foundations of their new nations and in turn their identities. As most of the settlers were multi-cultural before crossing to the new world and was now excited to see what living in this strange new world would be like causing some of them to fear roaming too far off from the others in their parties.

The land however was full of life one’s that were obvious too big to survive in their previous world. Like giant boars that roams around the forestry areas of the world. While giant crabs littered the sands of the beaches, and other creatures completely foreign to man.


  • Many of the races are attending the council meet ups.
  • The Orcs and the elves councils are now underway.
  • There were other councils but, the orc and elven one was the most popular and known.

  • Many of the ships are starting to land for the first time.
  • The colonization effort has started.

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Breaking the silence

collab between @Liotrent & @Wildman13

just on the outskirts of the lonely isles three orcish galleons carrying trading goods and materials was on its way towards the kingdoms islands. But, aside from goods it also carried orcish representatives whose mission was to deliver an message of great important.

They have of course heard the rumors, it had spread from kingdom to kingdom, the farther you go the more farfetched it seemed. Some humans said it was a place where people went missing often and that it was a curse upon the island, others said that it was a gate to the old world of beasts and demons, the dwarves and elves recall different things that happened during their stays - tales of giant beasts and mysterious happenings. Despite the rumors being quite severe, the Khalai have been nothing but civil and quickly dismiss these rumors.

As the galleons sailed ever closer to the isles, something caused all three ships to slow down and the upper decks were more lively than ever. A small fleet of six warships approached the galleons, their flag bore the symbol of the Khalai. They were smaller vessels, but were battle hardened nonetheless. Not long after spotting the warships, waterborne Khalai began to emerge from the water and boarded the galleons "Keep calm, we are a patrol" they appeared at first to look more like different aquatic animals, but different, they then reverted to their near human state with the sound of bones shifting into new positions and their exterior seemingly being pulled into itself until they looked more human than beast. They inspected the cargo and rounded up the passengers of each vessel and brought them to the top deck before the six ships arrived. The Khalai explained the situation, "Our patrol will board this vessel and question you on your intentions. Though you may be here to trade, we Khalai do not slack on our responsibilities."

The six ships approached and eventually were side by side with each galleon, they questioned each of the crew and the passengers, with one of the Khalai captains noticing the Orcs. "What is your purpose here green ones?" the captain shot them a question and had a few of his own men walking around the deck, double checking the cargo and keeping the crew of the galleons in check.

As the ships started to descend in speed the experienced orc sailors and traders stood in attention as they knew what was to come leaving the less experienced diplomats dumb folded on what was to unfold. So when the khalai boarded they could see that the diplomats were sticking out like an sore thumb.

At first they panicked with the bodyguards quickly drawing out their weapons but, was told to stand down when they saw how the crew was reacting. "I am Metos the quick and I seek audience with your ruler." He says kneeling in order to show him that he means no harm and to show he will show respect.

"I bring a message of utmost importance." He adds to show the urgency of his message. The khalai soldiers quickly found out that they were nothing more than orcish crafts and goods. From the usual plants, gear, and armaments that was requested by the khalai. The merchants stayed compliant as they search the ships as they made sure that they respected the wishes of these people and made every way to not offend or turn them hostile.

The captain, a reptilian Khalai examined the delegation, his men had finished searching and told him that there was nothing on board that would be harmful to their way of life. In the past, the orcs were usually part of pirate raiding fleets, some would come to shore and disturb the peace by poaching eggs from the Naga who used some of the Isle's shoreline as a breeding ground or come towards the town which the pirates would immediately regret as the pirates were descended upon by guards who were used to the usual pirate riff-raff.

The khalai from before changed in a process known to the Khalai as woging. They changed in size and volume, their features becoming animal like once again, they jumped back into the sea and the others started to return to their ships. The captain replied to the orcs, "Whatever it is you green mainlanders want, the Matriarch will listen, but a word of advice - move quickly and don't stay for longer than you have to." The captain withdrew to his ship and they sailed past the orcs and turned 180 degrees in a semi-circle maneuver to come up behind the galleons following them to shore.

The orcish galleons docked, and unloaded their supplies, the Khalai isle guards approached, all of them were woged, a striped, orange furred tiger Khalai stepped forward and said "I am here to escort the Orcish delegation to the Matriarch. The captain from the other ship that docked told us that they'd be here!" his voice was loud, rough, and deep and he was encased in dull looking, but practical armor.

The dock yard was large, it had many stone constructions that jutted out as places where the ships could be tied down and supplies be splayed out and moved towards the town which was separated from the dock area by a large wall with cannons spread across the top battlements. All around were ships of different sizes and Khalai of different shapes and sizes were going around minding their business.

The lively atmosphere was different from that of other places, it was noticeable, they were calm and were not in a panic. It was as if the light and the tremor was never felt or seen here. Beyond the town were the lush tropical forests, they looked nearly untouched, there were some towns here and there, the Khalai have tried their best to preserve nature as much as possible, only taking what they need. It was a paradise, or so it seemed.

He nods as the reptilian Khalai advise. "if all goes well we'll be gone by night." He replies to the captain as he inspects the ships that followed them. Seeing that they prioritized more on the speed rather than the power and armor that orcs prided themselves in.

Metos gave a sigh of relief as the Khalai patrol finally leaves them be. "They would be a fine addition to the legion." He says fascinated with the Khalai biology and their way of life seeing as these creatures turn to a more animalistic look after their encounter. "But, will they help us as far as I know this issue is far from their problem?" Another orcish representative questions scoring Metos attention. "The world is changing, no matter how much they hide themselves or keep to themselves this change will eventually find them." He answers him earning him an respectful nod in return.

it didn't take too much time for the group to arrive to port seeing the iconic and strange architecture of the people of the lonely isles. Looking at awe as it was the first time he saw such structure sparking an curious respond from him like most of the first time visitors of the islands. But, like in his homeland he could see that there was an importance for powerful and intimidating defenses as the cannons comb the stone fortifications of the port.

Once they docked at port the crew of the galleon started unloading their goods and trading their wares to the numerous merchants all around them. the representatives however were greeted by an intimidating Khalai that introduced himself as their escort. "I am Metos and I am in your care." He says with a bow, noting that this one likes to turn up the volume.

Without a word, the guard turned and motioned for the arrivals to follow them. Their business was more or less just to escort them - presumably alongside their own orcish guards as well as to make sure no foul play takes place. They led the orcs through the town and onto a path that leads straight through the wooded area. "Follow closely, this place still has ancient beasts long forgotten, stray from the path and you might end up lost and consumed." The guard captain warned as they marched up the path towards the mountainous region.

Around them were other Khalai scouting the tropical forests around them, but before long they began to thin in number as the escort began to march farther and farther away. "The capital region is a day's march from the docks, thank the spirits that you arrived early for your business." Hours pass by and by then the capital could be seen towering above the forests, it was a mountainous region with structures carved into the mountains and cities surrounding it on the foothills and near the its base. It was much similar to the docks as there were walls here as well, with a larger amount of guards. Above them they could see Khalai capable of flight, with large wings carrying them through the wind.
As they entered the city limits, they found themselves in a sea of people, with market places and other races studying them. The elves were present as well as the dwarves making a living as smiths, teachers, scholars, and writers - a minority among the population of the realm. They found themselves in lofty living, the lonely isles weren't as lonely as it once was. The history of the isles is closely guarded and only a few races know of what actually happened here, the elves here have never forgotten and the dwarves, while missing a few details, were more or less educated on it. Some orcs were here too, looking for goods or work, they were welcome as long as they didn't cause trouble.

The new leadership was more lenient towards the orcs, in the past they were persecuted for disturbing the peace and raiding their port towns along with pirates. These days, they were given a second chance, the lonely isles offered those who were fed up with the mainland another choice, a new life. However, this did not mean that it would come without a price. The society looked down upon people who could not work without good reason and looked down on people who provided nothing to their growth, as such, these kinds of people would be picked up by the guards and were given a choice - become a soldier or become a scholar. This ensured that at least they earned their right to live in the isles. By the time they arrived in the fortified home of the hierarchs it was already a quarter past noon.
The halls were decorated and adorned with masterful works of architecture, the guards were close-by disciplined and seemed to be battle hardened - likely chosen from the best of the isle guards. at the end of the hall was a woman smoking some weird smelling herb native only to the lonely isles. She was turned away, viewing the outside world in contemplation, beside her were two people, the captain of the guard and a representative of the arcane branch. "The green ones approach with hopeful spirit, their souls quivering in fear, but not of us... They will be of no harm to the matriarch captain. Their purpose here is different." the arcane one spoke, she was a shaman of high order, her robes distinguish her. The captain nodded in response and allowed the Escort closer.

The matriarch stood and turned to face the escort and the orcs who came seeking an audience with her. She stared daggers into them, appearing to size them up, then gently settling down onto her seat, parting her lips only slightly to let her smoking pipe enter. She puffed a small cloud of wispy, grey smoke as she waited for the Orc's introductions and their purpose for seeking an audience.

He looks at awe at the marvel that was now infront of him, making him see a connection that these people love working on stone evident by the careful craved out mountain side. Seeing the imposing yet elegance palace of the mountain city he wondered how he would get there in time as to not impose on the strict isolationist of the people living these lands. He though that he would have to travel by foot but, was confused when his escorts told him that they would be picked up instead, thinking of an air ferry he waited until large winged Khalai arrived and offered their services to carry them towards their destination worried at the same time curious he reluctantly accepted.

As he was lifted as promised as the creatures started their flight grabbing hold of the orcs towards the home of the ruler of these lands. Seeing an truly unique building exotic to the orcs and most of the people of the continent. Seeing the structure made him grasp as the manor of the lord it was of well-crafted and defendable as its secluded nature and experienced guards can easily deter an unprepared army. He enters noting that it was not only defendable and imposing it had an clear sense of style put into it seeing the noteworthy cravings engraved into the wood and the distinct structure present within.
He follows his escorts due to this being an time sensitive mission he wasn't able to carefully examine the seat of power for their matriarch. He enters the halls which was an art form of itself gaining an look of wonder and awe from the representative. And seeing arguably the most powerful individual of the whole of the isle. Seeing all of the creatures in this lands so far have granted him a glimpse of their nature and culture so when he heard that they were led by a woman of great importance he thought to himself that she would be terrifying or intimidating at first glance.

But, what was presented to him was an beautiful woman who was smoking in an strange manner as she used a pipe to fill the room with the smoke and its strange smell one that the orc was not accustomed to. Seeing that he was now face to face with the ruler he bows down as an sign of respect standing only when asked to.

"I am Metos, and I bring a message of great importance from the orcs." He starts off his words calm and easy to follow. "We seek your audience to an council meeting discussing the strange light from before." He explains with the same tone and control as before. "We hope to add you to our legion as an honorable guests." he ends awaiting her answer.

Dayala was surprised at the orc's words, 'legion and guests in the same sentence?' the matriarch mulled over her thoughts as the guard captain beside her began to relax, the orc's were definitely not here with some secret plot. She then replied, "A legion implies an army, an honorable guest also implies we're invited to join that legion..." she paused taking a glance at her Shaman, the shaman's face conveyed many emotions of silent communication - she too was worried. The matriarch returned her attention to the orcs, "Why would we march to the tune of a mainlander? We deal not in the politics or wars concerning the mainland, it has been that way for generations and has guaranteed our survival as a people..."

Dayala kept her demeanor frank and candid as she continued her response, "Why would we change now?" She already knew their response - the pillar of light. It seems that they too were bracing for the imminent change, but it's foolish to face it with mere brute strength. What is required is understanding and cunning, and right now that is what Dayala intends to gauge from the orcs present in front of her.

"Because my queen you do not have the luxury of waiting." He answers calm and collected as he is there was an clear indication that fear lingers within him. "From the words of the wise sage, this new race has mastered the land, sea, and the air... they are invaders of unimaginable power said to have wield the power of gods." He continues. "But, I am not here to force you but, to invite you to our council meeting one and from there you yourself shall judge if you will join or not." He adds before awaiting her answer.

The orcs response was unsatisfactory, their response to those who wield godly power is to challenge them to a contest of strength, but perhaps his compatriots joining to listen to their fearful preaching are more willing to listen to reason. She played along, giving a deep sigh to sell her act, "Alright, who else will be attending this meeting? I ask as a measure of security." She wrangled for information. The orc before her seemed to play a facade of strong faced will but his choice of words betrays him.

"All who call us a friend or are willing to listen to all of us, human, dwarf, elf, human, beastkin and if the goblins want to then they are welcome." he answers answering as truthfully as he can. Not knowing the total or who has accepted to their invitation. "We will listen to everyone advise or help, as we have not yet decided on what to do, personally I suggest that we as a people should build up defenses rather than attack, if we are going by the words of the venerable sage of legend." He suggests in an attempt to influence her actions and deems choosing his words carefully to prevent her from noticing his play of power.

She lifts her pipes to her lips and takes blows out another puff of smoke, during this she thought again to the orc's words, 'we as a people? they were very divided as it stands, the dwarves are becoming just as secretive with their society, the elves grow an ever more irritable ego, and the various beast races have gone into hiding - scattered by the humans who've actively hunted them, the orcs themselves don't have a good reputation to begin with.

The matriarch then replied, "Very well green one... I will send a dispatch of my own to that council, what that dispatch contains is up to me and my people - that point is non-negotiable." She already had a few candidates in mind. She is most intrigued by what people the orcs will gather and how many are fool hardy enough to invite their demise. She already knew what this meant for her people, many will turn their attention towards the lonely isles, this was the change she anticipated. Many of her people will accept their fate, whether it is benevolent or malevolent in nature - they will endure, adapt, and survive.

"As you wish I will be at the port awaiting their arrival." He says as he bows down indication his departure accompanied by his escorts as they return to the port of where they came from awaiting for the crew and the merchants to finish all of their goals and objectives of the day with the merchants finishing all of their business in the islands and the crew finishing their merry making at the port's various pubs and inns, enjoying the little time they have before having to leave for sea once more.

As the orcish delegates finish their talks with the queen, metos sighs as he gets the feeling that something wasn't right like he had failed in some way causing him to zone out for a moment before letting out a heavy sigh as he exits the room where he and the khalai ruler had talked. "My brothers... I hope we are doing the best course of actions." He says before he started his journey back to the port.

The matriarch allowed them to leave and head back to the port, but her dispatch would not come until the next day. Their fleet escort was once again used to ferry the dispatch; other fleets would fill their patrol role. The dispatch carried a platoon of able bodied Khalai from all walks of life, many of which were scholars. They disembark from the isles following the orcish galleons away. The reptilian captain that held rank equivalent of that of commodore was in command of the fleet, the platoon of men and women were headed by the tiger khalai escort, and the scholars along with the arcane practitioners accompanied them, they would be the representatives of the Matriarch in the meeting of the council.

The practitioners and the scholars were both covered in cloth and robes, one of those scholars recorded the events of their journey as mandated by their clergy elders. This would be the first time in many years that an armed escort has left the realm in over a century. Times were indeed changing, just as the Khalai had all anticipated, now they all waited whether this change would bring about their doom or a greater prosperity.

As he waited for them to dispatch back to his homeland preparing for the journey by buying a few fruits and vegetables in order to prepare for the 3-day journey. Seeing the fleet that was send towards them he notes that the queen has graciously prepared a whole platoon of her men and robe men that was said to be their eyes and ears in the old world. After a few hours he gave the command to start the voyage back home as he sees the khalai show signs of departure going further up in order to guide the ships to the meeting place.

He on the other hand sighs in responds as he guides the khalai back home before getting a pat in the back from his escorts. "More allies are a good sight Metos." He says congratulating him on a job well done which he gives an hesitant smile still thinking of "If it was enough or will it ever be enough."
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