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Death and ruin have come to the worlds largest prison, harboring over a hundred thousand hardened criminals and a small army of highly trained guards. You and your team are mercenaries trapped at the top level of the massive tower of the main building awaiting payment, your weapons are behind locked doors to prevent potential mischief or other individuals posing as mercenaries from busting out a prisoner.
The guards have turned on you and locked the spire down as the festering stench of death wafts from the lower levels. The gargled screams of dieing prisoners has slowly been replaced by a hollow moan of extended agony and the ever growing sound of buzzing. Insects of colossal size roam the lower levels now, spreading their vile infection on the lingering prisoners caught in their swarm.

The virus, or plague, whatever it is, infects the body and rapidly reanimates dead cells and reshapes limbs into grotesque new forms resembling mosquitos. Bulbous abdomens or mandibles, long proboscis' sprout from their mouth to drain their victims of blood until a dry corpse is all that remains. Moments later that very corpse will rise and hunt with blind fury to kill and consume prey of their own.
Not all are transformed into raging corpses or insect-like abominations. Others resist the blood call and its mutagenic nature through sheer will. In the heat of combat the infected have displayed repulsion of the sickness by sweating, bleeding, even urinating. The disease cannot thrive in a healthy target with ease and is easily flushed out of the body.
But the swarm is not easily bested. Even the most resilient can fall to multiple infections at once and succumb to the rage or transformation.

Your objectives are as follows:

1. Escape from the upper levels
2. Retrieve your weapons
3. Rendevouz with the militant guard / or / free the remaining prisoners
4. Escape through the hidden exit on the ground floor.

Note: human/beast races, magic is allowed
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The concept of this RP is that it is not one single idea but a shifting 'episode' comprised of many ideas or concepts, voted by the players and pitched by the players. Characters will be re-written or re-used as they desire and the world/universe around them resets when the vote is over. Spreading out below your feet is a new world and a new objective to beat before advancing on to the next Adventure!

Sometimes these goals are very simple: Delve the dungeon, destroy the enemy, save the kingdom. Sometimes it changes and you must escape the legion marching upon your city, or prevent a persons life from ending, obtain an artifact of incredible power, achieve a lofty goal. Anything can be the definitive goal of each reset and will be laid out clearly at the start.


1. Re-using a character resets memories and skills
2. Voting is done by majority. Everyone participating can pitch an idea/thene/story to be voted on.
3. If the storyline becomes unappealing, we can vote to skip to a new adventure.
4. No god-modding or autohits on named creatures unless requested and approved by GM. (Interrupting an action before it begins, with your own action, is allowed on a case to case basis)


NOTE: sometimes the cs will have an extra part to foll out if the adventure requires it.

(Place appearance pic here.)
Age: (18+)
Race: (More options available on fantasy rp settings. Otherwise you are Human)
Appearance: picture only is fine.

Background: Fit the setting but keep it short.

Personality: again, keep it short.

Weapons: (detail every item at your disposal. If you go overboard I will ask some be removed)

Spells: (Detail spells and a simple explanation. Only available if the theme allows)

Misc: (detail anything you feel is important that fits nowhere else.)
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Name: Kris DeSilva

Age: 24

gender: Female

Race: Human

personality: Kris can be best described as cold, calculating, unforgiving and manipulative, she harbors a great detestation of nobility and people believing themselves to be of the highest authority; but she carries herself in a well-mannered, exemplary fashion to the same level of nobility, her mannerism and along with a keen intellect, leave people astounded when they hear of her past life. Despite her animosity towards nobility Kris wishes to become noble as well, with her dream to be owning her own kingdom at any cost.

background: Kris was born of a tryst between a noble blooded son and an elven servant, when she and her mother were found out, they were meant to be "taken care of" but were sent out into the night to fend for themselves. While Kris was only a child she was told by her mother how she was meant to be a queen and should act as nobility even without her kingdom and one day she would get her kingdom; as Kris became a pre-teen she found her mother slowly losing her mind and when people began to notice they arrested her mother and burned her to the stake believing her to be a witch. On her own now, Kris endured the harsher realities of life and let it shape her into the person she is today; choosing her life between two harsh decisions, Kris took up the sword and choose the harder of her two options, she joined a mercenary band earning her place within their ranks.


-Bag of holding

-4 healing potions

-Diin: A frost sword left upon a past battlefield, sold to many others before parting with it's old owner's hands that Kris cut off in mid battle, she still doesn't fully understand the blade's abilities, inscribed in the side of the blade are the words Diin.

-Flask of oil

-Piston and fifty feet of rope
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Name: Gabriel Hawke
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Race: Human

Background: Birn into a relatively wealthy noble family and once a soldier with a talent for killing bad guys, Lieutenant Hawke was court-martialed for killing his superior officer, following an ethically questionable but strategically sound order. He's spent the last 2 years behind bars.

Personality: Hawke gives off an aura of strength and passion, despite appearing disinterested. He also has a strong sense of justice, most likely what landed him here in the first place. Being a former military officer, he's a great tactician and fighter.


Prison Shank: A makeshift knife Hawke crafted, for defense.

Aether: Hawke's greatsword, currently on display in the warden's office. Pretentious dick.

Misc: Hawke's cell is currently located in the upper levels of the prison, with other "high security" inmates, in the infection-free zone. For now.
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Both accepted
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Name: Macy Vermillion
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Race: Mage

Background: Macy grew up in an average home with loving parents. As long as she could remember, Macy had been interested in death and life and the line in-between. She was an outcast in school, but it never bothered her much. One day, a girl her age pushed her way inside of Macy's bubble and became her friend. This young girl was bright and cheerful, and Macy liked the way she felt with her around. Then one day, her friend died in a car crash. Macy never knew what it was like to lose somebody before that moment. Now she keeps her distance from others to prevent that pain from ever happening again. She became a mercenary to find her place in the world - to find her purpose.

Personality: Very quiet. Does not engage unless it interests her or is necessary. Tries never to show her emotions.

Weapons: A belt with smoke bombs, and a rapier/dagger combo.

Spells: Possession - Allows her to control up to 3 other living beings at once for up to 60 seconds at a time. Black Flame - Allows her to create and control a pitch black flame that creates poisonous fumes; otherwise it is just like regular fire.

Misc: Macy tries not to use her magic unless necessary, due to her dark tendencies. She kills with purpose; she does not want to lose control.
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Name: Diana “Schwarzwald” Firebrand

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Race: Dragon Descendant (Human)

Background: Diana’s bloodline is descended from that of the dragons, from the spawn of a dragon a human in particular. Though the draconic traits have fade over the generations, her family like many in the country of Schwarz have lingering powers in their blood (though many dragons still live there too). In particular, the ability to speak the tongue of the dragons, which is itself a form of unique magic that affects the world and made their small home nation a haven during wars for its mighty power. Firing off a wall of force, breathing fire, raising zombies, a great deal of abilities are tied to the “Tongue of the Dragons”. Mages around the world have sought to study this unique magical tongue, though only those with dragons blood among their ancestors can use it even after years of testing.

Diana herself was born into the “Firebrand” family, who lived in one of their nation’s many forests. her nickname “Schwarzwald”, came from when she nearly burnt down part of the forest whilst learning the tongue of her draconic ancestors. Always ready for a challenge, and taking strongly to the draconic tongue in both conversation and usage for its power, she eventually set off into the world at the age of 17 with an urge to explore. In this she took up the life of a mercenary eventually, and in terms of power was worth her weight in gold when her group would be negotiating with clients.

But then the current event happened. The one boon? No one thought to gag her mouth, though her other gear was taken in the process.

Personality: A stubborn, brave individual who is not afraid to speak her mind at any given time she feels the need to. Not hesitant when taking action, possessing a mighty strength of will, though many assume her dumb based on her outer aspects such as the stubbornness. In reality she is a rather intelligent individual who can read the feeling of a situation and such well, and has a soft spot for children at heart as well. As her life since leaving home has told, she is great friend to have.....but a terrible enemy to acquire.


-Her voice, which can have a myriad of magical effects based on what is said/“shouted” by her in the dragon tongue. Also allows her to speak with dragons and others who know the dragon language, very fluently even.

-An enchanted handheld crossbow made by a weaponsmith and enchanted by a mage during her travels, and is “her baby” when it comes to weapons. Due to the enchantment this weapon magically generates ammunition for the weapon passively. It also has a rotating ammo chamber (similar to irl revolvers) that stores up to 5 shots at a time. After firing 5 shots, however, the enchantment need some time to “regenerate” a new batch of ammunition.

However, this weapon was taken like with the weapons and such of the others in her group. Drat.

-Her armor (seen in pic above and was taken with her weapon, so she was put in prisoner rags for clothing and wears those for the moment being)


-Dragon Tongue (A magical language of the dragons that can have a myriad of magical effects depending on what the user says. Though at times it can be dangerous to use some of its stronger offensive applications, such as in a narrow hall with allies in front of the user.)

Misc: Has been known to flirt with a female member or two from the mercenary company she joined. Does not have a taste for men. Enjoys swimming as a pastime.
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@Crusader Lord welcome aboard
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@Lunarlord34 accepted. Start in the same cell as crusaders char
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