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Trinidad Academy - Three Days Before the Start of Semester

The center of Trinidad Academy was occupied by a garden, a garden where native flowers and trees circled a large pedestal on which stood a dark blue slab of polished stone; there, the names of Trinidad Academy's founders and its prominent alumni were set. This was the 'Founders' Monument', a symbol of the sense of optimism that had driven the establishment of the school before the realities of the Cold War and the War on Terror put paid to such dreams. Pablo Legazpi hoped that what he would do was the first step to said dreams' restoration.

"Place the hilt of your Noble Arm on the slab; I can rely on you not to damage it," said the person behind him.

The boy nodded, and summoned his blade, before pressing the pommel gently onto the monument. Then, he willed its power to life, the light blue glow revealing his own truths to him once more.

I had nothing to fear from my parents; I was still their son, no matter who I was attracted to. I were merely seeking excuses to whine, to publicly angst, to call for attention. I have a thirst for being the center of things, which is why I am allowing him to use my power for his own selfish ends.

Pablo breathed the truths of his life, not running away from his self-deceptions, his hypocrisy, and the moral weakness of his actions.

But I know this, that there is actual good that can be done! I know this, that if good is the promotion of peace, happiness, and the prevention of pain, then it's within my reach! That is a true enough reason to join that man's cause!

And with that, the truths of the Academy, the truth about the person just behind him, and the knowledge needed to pursue the good he believed in came to him. But so too did this truth: That his victory was not guaranteed, that goodness existed but can be defeated. Even with what he now knew, he might still lose.

But it was a cause worth fighting for - He at least knew that!

As the light of truth faded, Pablo respectfully turned to the person who had given him access to the monument, and gave a respectful bow.

"Director Bathala," he said in a firm voice, "What do you want to know?"

Trinidad Academy, Early Morning [6 AM]

Most of the students were still sleepy, still tired. But the announcement from the Homeroom Teacher, Ellora Minnie, might yet shake the Filipino students out of their lethargy. Her announcement was:

"Ladies and Gentlemen, we've received news that Our Lady President, Grace Poe, will be visiting this school in the late morning; this visit will replace our schedule after the first two classes for today. The purpose of this visit is for a guided tour of the Academy facilities by our Director, Jose C. Bathala, as well as a speech on patriotism and coexistence that is supposed to be made before an assembly of the entire student body - All are required to attend this speech unless they acquire a special permit from the faculty."

It was then that certain students would receive an anonymous text message either on their smartphones, or the small laptops attached to their desks as part of an upgrade paid for by the Academy's supporters.

<Do you guys want one of those permits? I can provide one, but in exchange, I'm laying claim to your time away from the assembly.>

Ms. Ellora continued, "Not merely that, but a selection of four students, chosen by raffle, of any power level, will be given the chance to join Angelito Jaime, the Hero of 1987, in his duties guarding President Poe during the entirety of her visit."

Another unknown person sent them a text message; this one said:

<Who wants to draw the lucky number in the raffle? All I want is for you to keep the President's attention to yourselves - Same for the Director and the Faculty.>

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The sound of Xris' phone could be heard resonating throughout the room."Ugh, just five more minutes." he groaned as he went to snooze the alarm. Try as he might, it wouldn't go snooze. Finally Xris shot up with a panicked feeling "What time is it?!" he quickly grabbed his phone and noticed it was 5:40 in the morning. "Oh no oh no oh no oh no, I'm gonna be late" He jumped out of bed, in only a pair of black boxers, and began to rummage through his drawers, grabbing pants, a shirt, a sweater, and socks. His feet hurried into the bathroom as he began to brush his teeth with one hand while attempting to get a dissolved hair look with the other. Satisfied, he began to slip his legs into his pants as he hopped over towards where his shoes lay. After a moment he finally finished getting g ready and checked his phone 5:50am. Xris grabbed his skateboard and over the ear headphones, music blaring, and began skating down the hallways in a race against time.

As he whizzed past students and teachers, trying to make time, he heard someone yell behind him "No skateboarding in the hallways!" Xris barely heard him over his music and gave the disembodied voice a shrug as he summoned his Noble Arm, transforming it as he kick flipped his board into his hands and proceeded to glide off towards homeroom. He checked his phone one last time as he saw the doorway into his class, 5:58 am, perfect still on time. As he neared the doorway, Xris stuck out his staff, using it to help him turn the corner into the door and then dismissing his Noble Arm upon entry. One foot tumbled over the other and he fell, tripping onto the floor and landing near a desk.
"Bloody Hell that smarts. Mornin' Mrs. Ellora, hope I didn't miss much." he said as a nervous laughter escaped him while he got up to make his way towards his seat. While Mrs. Ellora was speaking Xris'phone began to vibrate, there were two messages. One offering a permit out of the assembly and another offering a guaranteed raffle win. Tsk. What a drag, only thing worse than assemblies is playing guard duty or slaving my time away for who knows what. Denied." Xris placed his phone back into his pocket without replying to either.
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Buzz. Buzz. Buzz. Like clockwork, Charlie rolled out of bed and killed his alarm with one fluid motion. He rolled his neck and stretched as he rocked back on his heels a few times, clearing the sleep from his eyes. He glanced over to his dorm mate, noting that his alarm setting was low enough to leave the other undisturbed, and spent a few minutes making his bed in the dim light of his phone screen. He switched into the running clothes he laid out last night and neatly deposited his dirty pajamas into the laundry hamper. He popped in his headphones, synced them up, and set off for his morning run with Queen burning away the last of his lingering fatigue.

When his father first started him on this, the morning run was the bane of his existence. Why in the world would any sane person subject themselves to this? It took him almost a year for the utter loathing to fade as he ran. It was peaceful this early, only a handful of people out at the hour. He learned to love it, to have this time to just exist, no missions, no motives, no expectations. He could breathe.

As his soundtrack wound down, he made his way back to the dorm. He showered and dried off in his usual twelve minutes, went through his hygiene routine in five, and was dressed in the school uniform in three. Double checking his tie, he checked the clock and nodded. At this rate, he should be approximately twenty minutes early. Perfect.

Once the announcement was made and odd texts received, a little lightbulb clicked in his head. If he could secure a ticket to the guard through this mystery person, he could use this time to win some favor moving forward! Responding to the text about the raffle, he typed out a single word in response.

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