London, Clocktower Mage Association HQ

Chapter 0 - Prologue to a Terrible War


The afternoon day here in London was a nice one, and the sun shined brightly around the city. The Clocktower that the Mages trained in the Clocktower went about their everyday activities doing what they would to further their own knowledge. However the Clocktower today was holding a little darker shade then it usually did, and the Clocktower was home to many dark secrets already. Today the Team of Black was being formed. Church Officials, and Mage Associates all gathering to form an alliance against the Family Grey. The mage family known for their mage superiority views now held the keys to the 'new' Holy Grail. However only the top officials knew the exact details. In order to assure secrecy the Association has yet to tell the exact details to those outside their domain in order to prevent leakage of their plans. Thus the group was gathering at the Clocktower in order to form a more cohesive group.

Normally the Association would go for mercenaries, and thugs for a job like this however with the Greys being former Mage Association members they have decided to make this more personal. The Association had left Director Orson Archibald as the one in charge of Allied forces. The Church for their part was sending a master of their craft their way as well. It was in the headmaster's office that the group would be meeting. The world would change for the better, or for the worse this day as a Great Holy Grail War was to start.