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Mathers - Cold, blue eyes. Pale, sickly skin. Black hair, combed back. Bespectacles. The surly, perpetually displeased receptionist of the Silver Moon Recruiting Office.

Etono - A fair youth with a warm smile. Silver hair is tied back in a short ponytail, with red streaks running through them. Dark chocolate eyes. A Silver-class Thief who likes acquiring favors.

Old Bear - Thickly built, with a drunkard's red nose. Dark tattoos line the left side of his weathered face, and his eyes are small and black. He's got a scruffy beard and crew cut hair of the salt-and-pepper variety.

Waitress Girl (???) - Braided twintails. Bagged eyes.

Gavriel - Paladin of the Silver Light. Long, blond hair. Conventionally handsome face. Burly and tall.

Darius - Paladin of the Silver Light. Medium length curly brown hair. Sorta chubby, with dimples and freckles. Thickly built, with a bit of a stomach. Very good chef.

The Kebab Man (???) - Master (?) of the Ranger's Guild. Bald, with a black, wiry beard. Quiet, communicates with grunts, and likes (?) to cook meat.

Rahere - Member of the Ranger's Guild. Blond with a cropped beard, moustache, and short hair. Beady, blue eyes. Ruggedly handsome and very tall. Wears a parka and muddy boots.

The Receptionist at the Mage's Guild (???) - Long, light blue hair. Smouldering blue eyes, with a monocle on the right. Pale skin. A face that could be seen as 'dangerously' beautiful. A sadist (???).

Seaweed - Member of the Thief's Guild. Red eyes, a comely face, and brown hair cut shoulder length. Modern day woman with modest assets but a capricious, fiery personality.

Ash - Nun of the Church of First Light. Short, black hair. Pale face. Large, dark eyes. Diminutive in both stature and personality.
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