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How many days have passed?

How many weeks, how many months, since you've awoken into a darkness warmer than a mother's womb?

They all melt together now, a stream of memories replacing the ones you lacked when you first came to this land.

Once, all you had was a name. Now, what more did you have?

Skills. Friends. Connections. Weapons. A metal tag around your neck.

But, as the night grows long, as you sink into the shadows of the dreamscape, you recall again.

The weight of oblivion, the meaninglessness of a life dedicated to the slaughter and the hunt.

The phantoms of the comrades you've left behind.

Urging you, again and again, to...


Altera ; Of the Destitute and the Destined

Three generations have passed since the destruction of the King of Corpses by the prophesized hero, and yet, the continent of Altera had not yet been claimed by the Jeaulian Empire. Fractured as they are, the demihumans that once banded under the Corpse King’s banner have stayed strong in their respective territories, pushing back all attempts of liberation to this date. Of humanity’s many conquests, only the Seaside Fortress-City of Andeave remains stalwart against the monstrous nations, a frontier town guarded by thousands, housing those drunk on imperial propaganda, those holding delusions of grandeur, those without a home on the fatherland.

But this is not a story about the patriots, the fortune seekers, the outcasts.

This is about those without pasts, without memories, without families, without friends. Those who awoken in the catacombs of an abandoned church, who, with no futures to work towards, were conscripted into the Volunteer Army and tasked with the slaughter, the pillaging of the inhuman.

None of them are heroes, and this is not a fantasy.

But each of them had survived for so long, already. Some adapted. Others broke to bits. They've all crawled, they've all struggled. And, every night, they all do their best to believe.

That this has purpose. That this has meaning. That they are destined for greatness.

For if they are not, then they are naught but a destitute, discarded and neglected by fate.

Whether it be hope or fear that drives them, however, one truth remains.

Life goes on.

They must live on.

The Divinity of Mankind
Ain-Mala, The Woman Within the Gourd
The goddess of the harvest, of festivity, of fertility, of beauty, Ain-Mala is the most beloved of all, and warriors especially toast to her on a nightly basis for being able to enjoy her gifts once more. However, there are no shrines built for her, and she is a goddess without priests. Her worship is found in honest, physical work.

Alri-Qua, Keeper of the Sun
The god who exercises his power the most upon these realms, Alri-Qua's symbol is that of a sun-shaped hexagram, and he shares his powers of life-giving light to all those who offer their prayers to him. It was by his influence that the King of Corpses fell at the hands of the prophesized hero, and for that, many banquets are toasted to his name.

Kur-Inuus, The Jaws of the Eternal Cycle
The beast-god who presides over the cycles of nature, whether it be life and death, drought and flood, feast or famine, and the elusive patron of those who devout themselves to the wilderness. Kur-Inuus's servants take the form of silver wolves, mysterious reapers who punish those who do not properly respect the bounties of the land.

Vyr-Nilil, Lawmaker and Ringholder
A nebulous god-child born when civilization was created, Vyr-Nilil is the watcher of those who tread the gray spaces of the law, whether it be thieves or businessmen. Their symbol is that of balanced scales, and those who wish to avoid karmic retribution will do well to ensure those scales remain balanced.

The Seaside Fortress of Andeave

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Bounty Board

Purify the Undying
The recent temperatures will have frozen many undead solid. Before they can be buried under snow and be hidden from sight, purify them and return their ashes and tags to the crematorium. Diligence in winter means less of them will be around to desecrate their former selves during the spring thaw.
Bounty: 1 Silver Each
Lives Claimed: N/A
Warnings:Undead mages who held knowledge of fire magic can still free themselves and others around them of their icy shackles.

The Ravager-Wyrm
A writhing creature measuring 20 meters in length has been spotted west of town. Has seemingly claimed a large portion of the forest as its territory, and has damaged many roads in the area. Kill it before further damage is done to infrastructure.
Bounty: 13 Silver
Lives Claimed: 0
Warnings: N/A

The Salamander Riders
A kobold of uncommon intelligence and ferocity seemed to have tamed a nest of salamanders in the depths of Idra Cave. Utilizes a long spear, and appears to trained their fellow kobolds with the same techniques. Exterminate them all before the knowledge spreads too far.
Bounty: 25 Silver
Lives Claimed: 3
Warnings:Salamanders enter a berserk state when sufficiently injured.

The Embalming Hunter
A nine-limbed arachnid of abnormal size. Ninth limb stems from behind it and can seemingly extend without limit. An ambush predator that has crawled over the walls of Andeave at night and plucked people off the streets. Highly likely to have set up a lair in the Goloreen Pass, north of the city.
Bounty: 40 Silver
Lives Claimed: 20+
Warnings:Presumably employs a paralytic venom.

Special Request: Bring Supplies to Fort Stalwart
The storehouses of Fort Stalwart are less robust than Andeave, but the importance of maintaining morale in the Fort remains of utmost importance. Map out your own path to the western mountain ranges and deliver the supplies. Will require knowledge of horses, as well as the vigilance and personal preparations necessary to spend a minimum of 2 days in the wilderness.
Pay: Maximum of 10 Gold Per Successful Shipment, varies depending on whether or not supplies are lost along the way.
Warnings: Marauding monstrosities are of constant concern. Varying road conditions must be considered, and maintaining the wagon’s condition is also important.

Marosh'kil, the Skull Faced Lancer
A spear-wielding goblin, the flesh of his head damaged to the extent that his countenance was absolutely skeletal. Resides within the ruins of Rugome Fort, west of Andeave. Leads a large band of goblins and often preys upon new adventurers using traps and ambush tacics.
Bounty: 30 Gold
Lives Claimed: 100+
Warnings: Utilizes poison, smoke, and some form of blood magic.

Tithemal Dragonscar, the Dragon's Dervish
A skinny, blue-haired orc with dragon-shaped scars over the entirety of his body. Dual-wields warhammers, and has a belt of throwing knives around his waist. The Champion of the Dragonscar Tribe.
Bounty: 5 Crowns
Lives Claimed: 70+
Warnings: Master-class duelist. Breathes fire. Defend backline, as lapses in protection will end with a thrown knife between your priest's eyes. Heavily-armored warriors should not engage if they're not confident in their parrying technique. Has noticeable resilience to magic. Does not appear to rely on sight in combat.
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@Th3King0fChaos@Skyswimsky@OwO@GreenGoat@Searat@Rondo of Blood
Winter in Altera is cold af. Right now, it's still dark, but there's enough light to make out where people generally are. The Bounty Board is relatively empty, but I'll start filling it up in due time. For now, y'all should generally know where you all are, so just interact. The goal of the next couple of rounds will be to somehow mesh everyone into a singular party, because none of you have parties right now and it's extra smart to have a party in these high-difficulty conditions. Feel free to post as much as you want, as long as it doesn't become obnoxious.

Deadline is and will always be on Fridays. As in, I will be posting on Fridays. Don't forget.
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Duly noted, GM.
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@Th3King0fChaos@Skyswimsky@OwO@GreenGoat@Searat@Rondo of Blood
Altera remains cold af. This round will basically be the whole preparation/purchasing round, if anyone wants to get extra supplies or whatever in preparation for the three day journey. Friendly reminder that the round trip will take 5-6 days total and all. If you want to talk to the freckle-faced page or run off to pack extra clothing or whatever else, feel free to go for it. I'll approximate how long it takes for everyone to be travel-ready by next Friday. Also, I don't really intend on going super anal for the pricing of things n all, so don't make me become anal about it. ;3

Probably also won't require everyone to be super hardcore realistic about preparing supplies as well, just saying. Mainly, it'll be for flavor or for making things more pleasant for you during your travels. We'll be starting the actual adventuring next week.
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@SamaraJayne96I got enough people for now, but I'll keep you on the waitlist in case someone drops.
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I didn't post here. No never.
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