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Maxi Höfler, 23
Atlantic Federation | Charlatogne, Valois Republic


Maxi is in some ways a typical Imperial; Fair hair, fair toned skin, and otherwise possessing more alabaster features usually synonymous with the image of its denizens. Her silver-toned hair flows freely on most occasions, as Maxi found out early on that having a ponytail with long hair was an easy invitation for any manner of tug-based assaults on behalf of one of her brothers. When necessary, she'll take a few moments to tuck her locks into the back of her shirt, but otherwise, Maxi has accepted her vision suddenly becoming a bit more argent to be a fact of life. There's clearly enough care put into it to keep it from becoming overly knotty or tangled, and the apparent care clearly ends there.

Equal parts gifted and developed with a spry body, her lithe frame and swift posture often gives the appearance that Maxi is ready to spring to life at any given moment, even if she's completely laying down. A typical expression depicts her with a smile that is a rather coy one, as if to make the onlooker question whether it's one of a jovial nature or one of unbridled mischief. Given her position, she's almost always found in some variation of the fatigues, but off-duty, her fashion tastes can be described as...all over the place. There aren't many articles that you could not find her wearing. One moment she could be in simple shirts and trousers, the next in elaborate dresses, the next in combined vestments, and so on until all possibilities of clothing have been exhausted.
---P E R S O N A L I T Y

The first rule of growing up in a multi-sibling household: Nothing is fair, even when they say it's going to be fair. Especially if they say that it's going to be fair.

Maxi knew her entire life that she was going to get got. Not getting back at the getter meant getting whatever semblance of respect you had got thrown straight into the gutter, until you just got got again. The natural conclusion? She had to get them before they got her. And she got pretty good at getting. Yes. That means she's going to get you before you get her, too. After growing up with a deep admiration for all things physical, Maxi had a natural inclination toward any involvement which necessitated moving about...combined with her natural, insatiable curiosity, such a conjoinment culminated in a very vivid upbringing. At a very young age, Maxi had already prescribed to herself a doctrine of trickery; One such thing that has only solidified with age.

Although trickiness is almost tantamount to her core characteristics, Maxi is not entirely without recourse. During intense moments, Maxi's eyes widen and her grin deepens into the corners of her cheeks, pooling together her options as she connives her next plot. At the moments where she is in the greatest of peril, the typical attitude is one of silent machination, softly shutting out the world whilst the woman does her best work. A cornered animal is the most dangerous in the jungle, for Maxi does such poetic justice to the phrase.

If not up to some manner of antic or stratagem, she possesses a rather cool demeanor, preferring to make affirming - yet firmly controlled - motions of expression. Although many would describe Maxi to be a fairly expressive individual, still is it infrequent to see her display such that it is the height of any emotion, even in instances where such exuberance is expectation.

---B I O G R A P H Y

Maxi was far too young to remember much of anything about living in the Imperial Alliance. She hazily remembers moving a lot, she knew she only had a slightly older brother then, and she got told very often that it'd all be over soon. From the many, many stories - most of which categorized under the, "We'll tell you when you get older" label - the story of the Höfler household wasn't one to be particularly envious of. Herr Höfler was a distinguished political thinker of Freisinnigen thought, dedicated toward a guided democratic transition into a parliamentary constitutional monarchy. Similarly, Fraü Geißler was an ardent activist for the rights of Darcsens and other indigents. To both, the reaction within their home country was one of increasing backlash, until the point of undesirable status. In the days leading up to the First Europan War, the fledgling couple was faced with one of two possibilities: Exile, or silence.

To be raised in a household so lively and with such plentiful siblingship - whether that be a blessing or a curse - Maxi's dynamic with only brothers to abide by would develop much of her foundational years. There were many a moment at which her birth nationality would subject her to some ridicule, yet, just as soon was it discovered Maxi had quite a disposal at her fingertips. From a young age, then, Maxi had to learn how to use everything she had to access. If there were, in one instance, a clique of bullies intent on making sure that she receive "her fair share", then too would hatching a plot even the odds. Whether that be by humiliation, assertion, or inconvenience, from her youth Maxi knew full well how to "get even." Besides, if any of that didn't work out, she always had Walther.

Truth be told, throughout her adolescent years, Maxi was never quite one for following in the family footsteps. Activism, on her mother's side, was one thing she hadn't a particular interest in, for many a year of seeing an unfruitful endeavor quickly turned her away in favor of a less "preachy" career path. To be lead along in her father's path on the road to political theory was one that she found herself a dilettante; One such path that became increasingly clear she was never going to truly adhere to. And while she had many a trick up her sleeve, an enterprise at the travelling circus was one whose emolument would be one to ensure that she'd be a fool. Late in her teenage years, a final elucidation came about, sparked by a discussion with both her parents; Perhaps the Officer Corps of the armed forces - to follow in the footsteps of the Foreign Legion as they did - would give her the guidance she needed.

There was a slight problem, however...

Maxi was described by her instructors as a very...odd student. There were many aspects of such a dictum which she excelled at (Maxi could awaken at the earliest hours of the morning with greater keenness than even her awakeners had), there were quite a few things which held her back from being a definitively good cadet. Though she displayed a skilled ability at the absorption of information, her scores were often held back by a lack of organization by which this could be condensed and reiterated. Similarly, while she was quite adept at coming to solutions, the unorthodox means by which she did so made her thought process seem quite errant when the time came to inevitably explain her logic. Paired with what was - to put it mildly - a very chaotic dorm room record, Maxi had been at the forefront of the minds of her instructors...for perhaps the wrong reasons.

At the time of her graduation arose the opportunity for Ranger Corps certifications, for such any and all cadets were encouraged to make their go at what was a new and exciting opportunity to lead the Federation's finest. With strenuous questions and very tight tolerances for acceptance, the probability of anyone getting acceptance was slim, to say the very least of what many thought of Maxi's chance. Yet, they all, too, forgot how much a schlenter Maxi was, for Maxi would be among the few who received a passing grade on their exam. They of course had their skepticism, their doubts, but at the end of it all, Maxi was rightfully entitled to her position in the Rangers. It has been there, at the 21st Armored Rangers Corps, where Maxi has pridefully taken her band, and there too, partaken in the traditions of such elites.

---P O T E N T I A L S

Troublemaker: There's no denying that Maxi has a penchant for getting herself into tight spots. Sometimes, it's her getting overly confident. Sometimes, she makes the wrong calls. And other times, the girl just wants a challenge. No matter the cause, the simple truth is that no matter where Maxi winds up, she's walking arm-in-arm with trouble.
Carnie: From a young age, Maxi's favorite hobbies have included performing handstands on two fingers atop a glass bottle, folding her legs behind her head, and diving off balconies into swimming pools while doing a few backflips. As one might expect, Maxi is very deft, her evasive maneuvers excelling at throwing off the aim of others and reaching difficult spaces an elementary task. She's great at parties, too.
Thorough Trickster: Anyone who has been in the Ranger Corps for longer than 5 minutes will be more than glad to point out Maxi's famed reputation as a practical jokester. Her plans are meticulous, planned and set up over several months at a time, and set up in such a fashion that they're always sprung whenever need be. Maxi's aptitude for planning extends into making battle plans, often finding intrigue in improvisation that blossoms in the form of finding out how to ambush her foes in very...creative ways.

---E Q U I P M E N T

- Lenfield M3
- F1 Grenades
- Ragnaid
- BD-3 Light Armor
- SPG-3 Grappling Device (Gizmo)
- Throwing Knives (Requisitioned)

---A F F I L I A T I O N S

- Eckhard Höfler (Father)
- Kristin Geißler-Höfler (Mother)
- Walther Höfler (Older Brother)
- Dominik Höfler (Younger Brother)
- Leon Höfler (Younger Brother)
- Adrian Höfler (Youngest Brother)

---R E L A T I O N S

-A Template by Load Wraith

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