An RPG Valentine

You Are Loved

I did this last year and figured it was time to do it again. Valentine's Day isn't exactly all hearts and flowers. It's a great day for some, horrible for others. Some feel the love, some can't feel anything. We want to feel the love all Lion King style but we get caught up in everything that is wrong and forget to give some props to what is right. Perhaps we are just too cynical and scorned to believe that even the love we see is real. Who knows. Either way, I'm personally pushing that aside for the next twenty-four to forty-eight hours to spread love all over the place like Nutella.

So Happy Valentine's Day to Role Player Guild, this crazy place we can come together, wrap our arms around ourselves, dive into our delusions and fantasies, and create whatever we wish. To each member, you are loved. Some more than others but you are. Without you we wouldn't have the community we have: our little groups and crossovers. Our friends, past and present. Enemies, trolls, thorns in our sides. Each adds a little bit of spice and flavor to the place. So today, note you are loved and well if you can't feel the love from others then give yourself some self love. (Take that anyway you want, innuendo fully intended.)

If you would like to jump in on this, please do! Leave some love! Some for those that are most dear to you or just your friends. Love isn't all about romance. There are different types. Friends, family, your pets, etc. We usually get a smart ass or troll stopping by, let them be, hug them tight, it's great to watch them flip out like the Grinch when his heart grew three sizes. Don't let anything dissuade you, like I said, if nothing else, give yourself some love. Be kind to each other and to yourself.


Be the reason someone smiles at their phone.
Then walks into a pole.

My Valentine's Day Peeps
Love a lot on the forum, too many to list,
and hate none but these are my dearest.

@Dragoknighte @Nallore
@Sigil @Rivaan
@Remipa Awesome @ONL
@The Grey Dust