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Name: Morgan
Age: 33
Gender: Female

Tavern Owner, GM controlled character, moves events forwards.
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Name: Draven Stagnum
Age: 31
Gender: Male

Personality Type: Arrogant, Introverted, Sarcastic and Curious

Skills and Weaknesses: Draven is a Warlock from Duskwood, Azeroth who made a wrong turn while portal hopping. His skills include Fel magic, demonic manipulation and a tactical mind. His weakness is that he underestimates anyone he passes.

Trivia: Draven was first used in the RP WarCraft: War of the Ancients in March of 2019
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Art by Max Gibson
Y'velda | F | 58 | Barbarian turned Bartender

Arms like a bear and more scars than a whole platoon of veteran warriors put together belie Y'velda's kindhearted nature. She's boisterous and a bit loud, but affectionate once you get to know her, a real sweetheart. Don't worry, the tusks are just for show even if she's quite proud of their size. She delights in entertaining her customers with stories of the many strange and fantastical people who've passed through. Everyone who enters the tavern is in her care whether they know it or not and won't leave hungry or thirsty if she has anything to say about it. Mom died as part of your tragic backstory? That's alright because she's your mom now. Be it advice or just an ear to hear your woes, Y'velda is there for you.

Once a member of a renowned adventuring party and orcish barbarian of incredible strength and constitution, she rose to great heights only to come crashing down when a furious black dragon attempted to devour her as revenge for the javelin she put through its shoulder. That incident ended up costing her most of her left leg and forced her to wear a brace on the other where the dragon's teeth shredded her knee. There was a time when Y'velda was lost, feeling she had no purpose now that she couldn't fight. This changed when a friend helped her get a job at the tavern. She started as a barmaid and eventually took over as the bartender when the previous one retired. That was many years ago and Y'velda has worked the bar ever since.

Skills and Weaknesses:
She may be missing an eye and half a leg, have a bad knee, be a bit deaf in one ear, occasionally forgetful, and... where was this going again? Right! She's still lively and spry and knows how to swing a great ax better than most folks know how to tie their shoes and can pour a perfect pint with just the right amount of foam every time.
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Name: Armant the Slayer
Age: 35
Gender: Male

Personality: There's a lot to say about Armant, but two things you'll never forget are that he's responsible and persuasive. Of course, he's also creative, daring and disciplined, but these are in a way balance by being sadistic as well.
His responsibility though, this is what he's most popular for. He is far from the cheery young soldier who signed on twenty years ago.

Skills and Weaknesses: Armant has seen horrors of war. Learned and experienced in the use of his greatsword. A fearsome warrior who learned a little magic to supplement his martial prowess. What most would consider his weakness is that he holds no qualms with murder. He doesn't see any value in human life. Not since the wars, where he lived and died multiple times.

History: Born in the far off country of Crualevush. Born to a blacksmith. He lived a pretty normal life until the Blood War erupted between the countries of Crualevush and Tuawix. While from the outside, it appeared like a normal war, something much worse was afoot. IT turns out both sides had at least one Chronomancer who kept sending soldiers back in time to win lost battles. This turned the two countries into a displaced state when it no longer landed in any continuity. Armant was one of the soldiers that fought for Crualevush that kept being sent back in time. He became one of the few that could remember the other timelines. Remembering his past lives and deaths.
When the real impact of the war became apparent to the Chronomancers, a truce was drawn up to restart the war one last time. UNdo everything. Only ten per cent of the citizens from Crualevush and Tuawix remember the War happening at all. One of those was Armant. To remember a war that never happened. He couldn't bring himself to get a normal job, so he became a professional monster hunter. Left Crualevush to make a name for himself in the greater world.
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Name: Letrixia
Age: 24 sols on her planet
Gender: female

Personality Type: Savage, stubborn, bossy, bigoted, confident
Skills and Weaknesses: Huntress, herbalist, and survivalist. Struggles with people skills, communication, acting in a manner accepted in most civilized societies.
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Name: Cpt. Krin Bonsu
Age: 50 (with the average Lifespan of 136 years)
Gender: Male

Personality Type: Quick to jump to conclusions and eager to act, the captain of the Frigatte "Lucky Day" is the definition of a knucklehead. Family is not a big priority as the vast distanceses of empty cold space and the shere number of his siblings don't suit forming bonds with those not serving under his command or in his taskforce "Expeditionary Squadron 41".

Skills and Weaknesses: Cpt. Bonsu is quick to act often endangering his crew and entire taskforce, drawing the anger of his supirior in command during basically every mission. On the other Hand his Insight in enemy tactics and the ability of seemingly pulling good ideas out of his ass at the right time saved many lives before leading to him remaining in command neither rising nor falling in his rank.
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Assallya Kressair

Elven Enchantress

Personality: Assallya Kressair is a charlatan, con-artist, dancer, courtesan, and really whatever role she can think of that gets her by. She is exceedingly good at lying and feigning emotion. Generally, there are two ways to look at any good deed. One could perform such an act out of honest good will but others look upon it as an investment by establishing a bond that can be exploited at a later date. Assallya is of the latter. She is a coward, a braggart and a bully but what she isn't is needlessly cruel nor traitorous. She would not betray her fellows, not unless the reward involved a sum large enough to alter her life substantially. After all, What use is scoring a gem or two in return for a half dozen angry and resourceful adventurers eager to tan your hide?

She also has something of a phobia of the undead which are largely immune to her magical abilities. She, thanks to her upbringing, most unlike an elf, despises all things related to nature.

Abilities: Sorcery, Carousing

Weaknesses: No close combative ability. No armor. Cannot cast most combat spells like fireballs or lightning bolts. Must be able to speak, or at the very least whisper, and move her hands to cast most spells.
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Name: Alphere
Age: 28
Gender: Male

Personality: Carefree, inquisitive, and extroverted.

History: Alphere comes from a cushy home where cloth is long and flowing, politics are a daily discussion, and all meals are the exact same luxurious setup. But he hasn't been there in years. Instead, he's spent his time traveling in a lust for obscure and exotic findings - obscure spells, new and different people, and the occasional "exotic" meal. His upbringing has led him to some avant-garde ideas about what qualifies as obscure and exotic.

Skills and Weaknesses: Alphere specializes in magic, mostly arcane. He has obtained a small variety of spells from wandering. However, he may occasionally forget the correct words to a spell... or did he actually properly memorize them in the first place? Additionally, he is cursed with a cheese allergy.
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STAR WARS Imperial Royal Guard. {image eventually}

Name: Sebastian Dabrowski.
Age: 28.
Gender: MALE.

Personality: Coming from thee 'Dabrowski' royal bloodline, the pure-blood Sebastian Dabrowski silenced his bashfulness with proving his virtue to the peers of planet Poland138. Poland138 is in honor of the first Sebastian Dabrowski over a millenia ago - with great pride this Sebastian always defeated an empire.

So, at 23 the Galactic Empire lost to Poland138. My Sebastian wanted to further end the empire and enlisted into the Imperial Royal Guard. He's charming, noble, normal and x-treme.

Skills: Highly proficient killer.
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