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@Sep or @Assallya Thoughts on me taking over the Solomon?

No objections whatsoever
Spelljammer. D&D in spaaaaaace!
Shaavi and M'rella looked about themselves, familiarizing themselves with their new environs. The wide corridors, the strange nature of the walls with embedded crystals were off great interest as was the variety of uniforms arrayed before them.

They listened to McKay ramble on at length while getting a great of the situation.

"Greetings," Shaavi stated, showing her hands to the sides to illustrate their lack of firearms. Thor only apparent possession was what appeared to be a technological box in a custom sheathe pocket on their hips. "We come in peace."

"We have had some experience with alternate worlds ourselves," the green skinned woman commented, "Unfortunately neither of us are part of the science division. I'm Shaavi, ship security and tactical. This is M'Rella, helmsman and pilot for our vessel."
Actually I'm somewhat grateful. I've had a cat in the hospital. Visiting everyday while spending a thousand dollars a day on him was really stressful.
"They're from Earth?" the intercom reiterated as their captain chimed in, "with a ship like that? It has more in common with the NX series than a modern vessel. Maybe they're temporally displaced as well?"
"There are residual chronoton residues," Shaavi added, lending more credence to that theory, "but are they in the wrong time or are we?"
"Or both..." Chandani mused.
"Great," M'rella commented, mostly under her breath, "The one time we encounter humans in the vast universe and we have no humans on board making the introduction. The Faith of the Heart is ninety percent human by the brood mother."
"Easy there. Don't get a furball." Rengaging the communicator Shaavi replied to the vessel, "Yangtze to Daedalus. We uh... welcome your hospitality. We also have transporter technology but need to know- err... we respectfully request coordinates to beam in."
Yeah, Shaavi thought to herself, that sounded better.
In short order, with the coordinates provided, the pair stood and stepped back across the carpet to stand beneath the transporter arch, Shaavi in her gold and grey jacket and M'Rella in her red.
"-and there it is," M'Rella stated as they listened to the hail from the massive vessel that seemed to be center-most in what appeared to be a rag-tag fleet.
Shaavi nodded and made sure that she was broadcasting towards the Faith of the Heart in a tight beam transmission. There was no need to alert these ships to the exact position of their vessel.
"Captain," she stated for the transmission, "Sensors indicate a collection of vessels, seemingly with no relation in silhouette or design. Technological levels seem to differ as well. For one, we are recieving lots of radio. All telemetry and sensor readings are being forwarded."
"I see them," the radio replied, "No deep scans. We don't want to alarm anyone."
"There doesn't appear to be any hostilities. Heat signatures appear cold. No signs of shields or charged weapons as we would know them. I'm going to initiate contact."
"Confirmed. Stay Friendly you two"
Shaavi manipulated the LCARS, opening a new channel, modulating the frequency to match the radio frequencies being transmitted. Given the distances and the slow speed of radio it would take a minute to arrive, then a minute to receive any sort of reply. She then ensured both channels were linked in a manner where if their Captain chose to speak it wouldn't be heard by the vessels in the fleet. She then took a long deep breath and ran her fingers through her shoulder length green hair. She really didn't like the idea of speaking on behalf of her ship. She was the security chief, the tactical officer. She felt more comfortable pummeling people than winning them over. Remember your training. Keep things simple in case they were using a translator.
"This is the U.S.S. Yangtze. Lieutenant Shaavi in command. We are a peaceful exploration vessel. We have become lost and are in need of navigational assistance."
M'Rella smirked or at least Shaavi suspected that was what she was doing. It was hard to tell on a cat sometimes.
"What is it the humans say you are doing? Pulling over and asking for directions?"
"Better than flying without any idea where we're going."
"Loosen up. It's going to be a slow conversation at this rate. You should relax."
"I'd rather be holding a phaser than waiting for someone to reply."
"You'll be fine. I'll slow down the approach a bit more. We're practically running down the radio signal to the target."
"Oh great. Slow down and make the exchange take longer."
"I'm just trying to look non-threatening. It could look like we're stating 'We come in Peace' while moving in for the kill."
"Good Point. Nothing to do but wait then."
M'Rella and Shaavi stared at the canopy window. To the naked eye the ships in the distance weren't even pinpricks against the vastness of open black.

Raziel gazed only briefly at the duplicated missive. Without reading any details beyond a desire for adventures she quickly stuffed the paper in her skirt and pranced along behind the corpulent dragon-born. She slapped the door open before it was fully closed and immediately caught sight of the object of Narrakas' attention.

"-and now that I'm here," Raze proclaimed, firmly entrenching her position with the team, "The adventure can begin!"
I was told by Kuro that one of my more complex character concepts could possibly be accomplished via multiple styles of magic. So I would tentatively say, "yes".

The magic is taken from World of Warcraft so I would further posit that anything you see In that game should be okay.

The key, of course, is to try not to overshadow other players. For example: Siv and Raze are both ranged fighters. Raze can deal more damage but can't hope to match Siv's range or her accuracy.

The main throughfare of Bruvell was rather bustling this day. Most days it was not. Rural towns were mostly farmers and farmers tended their fields most days. Today was market day. Stalls had been erected to sell seeds. Caravans had opened their wagons to sell pots, pans, axe heads, scythes and all manner of tools necessary for farming. (This last was to the stern indignation of the local smith who vocally berated the quality of these imports.) A wainwright was speaking with a customer about purchasing a wagon, discussing details of delivery and a dozen, dozens more were at work haggling and undermining one another.

Raziel danced in the midst of this chaos, bare feet slipping across the packed earth. Her hips swayed to a music only she could hear. Scarlet hair flung about her head, concealing her elven ears. She whirled about and about, the occasional gust of flame surprising those that trod by. At her feet was a simple plank of wood, propped up against a rock. The letters, scorched into the wood by flame simply read, "Mercenary for Hire, seeking adventure".
Raziel "Raze" Entarian

Raziel is an elf from the forest kingdom. At puberty it became apparent she had a very close relationship with flame. Some say her mother most have slept with a demon, others say an efreet, still others claim it was a dragon in human form. Nobody knows. The only thing they can be certain is is that she lives to see things burn.

This, of course, is problematic within the sacred wood. The spirits themselves seemed unnerved by her penchant for flame. As a result the elders suggested she try her hand as a mercenary so she could embrace her talents without risk of burning down everything in sight- except, of course, the goal was to burn down everything in sight.
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