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I'd recommend a good story for why Gallagher has a hand cannon. They're supposed to be rather rare and limited to only dwarves.

I'm thinking about a Sorceress and socialite, a "face man" if you will, who is good at confidence arts and spying.
You're not far off! *Lol *. It's an instinct thing. You raise the forearms when you're hustling to avoid dropping purses and shopping bags. You end up looking like a fool.

[Sarah Covenry]
[Downtown Raccoon]
[Tuesday, September 24th, 1998]
Current Location: Jack's Bar

Sarah stepped out of the battered Bravado Gauntlet, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. The car had seen better days. The orange and black paint was chipped and there was rust around the wheel wells. The driver, the greasy man with an open shirt that revealed far too much hair waved cordially, a satisfied smile on his face. Sarah turned away, brushing her long blonde tresses behind a slender shoulder and quietly folded the bills and placed them within her purse.

She was tired, oh so tired. Even the large golden hoops piercing her earlobes felt heavy. All she wanted to do was go to Jack's Bar, order herself up a stiff drink- or maybe a coffee; she really couldn't decide which- and go home. She'd only taken three steps, her black mules clicking against the sidewalk stones when someone called out.

"You working bitch?"

Sarah sighed. She paused, closed her eyes momentarily and breathed in before turning around with a smile. Gone was the weary young woman who desperately wanted to go home. She had replaced herself with a spunky, vapid woman who wanted nothing but to make a client happy.

"Anything for you sugar," she replied, beginning the time honoured tradition of haggling.

Some minutes later they were in a nearby alley. Her latest client was a cheap bastard, only interested in a quickie which suited her fine. She wasn't interested in finding a motel to properly entertain a "Walk-in special". She was doing her business when the man above her suddenly screamed out in agony. She opened her brilliant blue eyes to spy a teenager, his teeth buried in her client's shoulder. Sarah screamed incoherently, a shrill inarticulate sound of sheer shock and horror. The man also was yelling, in pain and in shock as he was pulled backwards by the teenager and- and- Sarah gaped. The teenager was chewing! Blood squirted from an artery, spraying across the man's face and Sarah saw no more. She had turned and was running back towards the street, her high heels clattering across the pavement, with wild eyes and with arms flailing!
Actually I'm starting to think of my dragon becoming a billionaire, having a cult and private army of thugs to do his bidding is not going to fit in. Am I correct?
Here's a thought. Why don't you make the thread a "Jump-in", with or without biographies as you prefer, and just roll with whatever happens?

Advertise it here in a nee interest check and away you go.
How does one deal with the multiple Earth's if there are no alternate universes? Halo, Stargate, Macross and Mass Effect for example all have their own version of Earth.
@The One

This is, of course, a work in progress. Let me know what you think. I tried to keep the "magic" aspect nebulous to better fit with what you have planned.
Another question... Are there evil dragons? Would our dragons be able to fight against these other dragons, possibly from another more magical world, in addition to hiding from the authorities of our modern world?

Given that idea, maybe the reason our dragons are finally hatching after a thousand or more years is because of magic returning, and the invasion of this other world?
So. Generic modern fantasy? Is there a code, or council that keeps them from killing each other?
What sort of dragons? What size are they at birth and when they grow up? Do they speak? Is it vocal or telepathic? Do bonded humans receive any benefits from their bond?
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