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*grins evilly *

"Define" what you meant!
Palpatine is my hero. He defeated those evil Jedi, freeing the Galaxy of those baby stealing, murderous, vigilante zealots once and for all...

-and then he became even worse then the Jedi he defeated by becoming Space Emperor Trump, building his giant space wall... I mean Death Star.

Man the Star Wars Universe is quite depressing.
Personally, I'd have him reach it to the force, feel how the holograms worqk and then blow out all the emitters in the deck. Then he'd sit calmly and wait to negotiate.

Palpatine's greatest power is not access to the force. It's his keen ability with politics that destroyed the Jedi and felled the Republic.
As I said I'll take care of it myself.

Let me get this straight. There are two possibilities here I can come up with.

1.) You're going to jump the chain of command straight to the top and slam the commanding officer with a problem you won't let your second deal with while she's currently dealing with other more important issues that compelled her to leave her second in full command. I'm sure that will go over well.

2.) You're going to empower yourself without consulting the second or the C.O. and do what you think best, making some sort of post. Somehow I don't think that will go over well either.

Might I suggest sending your solution to the second, letting him appraise it, offer suggestions and come to a mutual resolution? After all Nanofreak is the only one other than Radne that has an inkling of where the plot is going providing you valuable insight into the future! Actual, real-life, prognostication!

I concur. This is the Co-GMs role. Nanofreak's actions are respectful to the GM's vision.
I concur. This is the Co-GMs role. Nanofreak's actions are respectful to the GM's vision.
This may sound rather self serving but one thing I've discovered while timing my own games inline is that splitting the action is often a good thing. That way something is always going on and even if your own arc is stalled you can read someone else's and be comforted in knowing things are still moving and that the GMs haven't abandoned things.

All right. On a different tangent, to keep the OOC alive, I actually liked Solo. It want what I would have done but it was still a decent space Western and that's what start wars is, a western.
Yeah but that's why you get Daniel Jackson!
Personally, as much as I like that, I don't think Ozzle would do that. Maybe if he had family and suspected they might be on Hoth? Otherwise, his position as Admiral of thImperial Fleet would be far more valuable than just one rebel cell, even one so large as Hoth.

I'm really looking forward to the crew of my ship to interest with Samantha Carter. That's going to be a lot of fun.
I just didn't want to be faced with real life issues. I go to Stay Wars to escape reality. I don't need social commentary on the 1%, animal cruelty, women empowerment or how common people can sieze their destiny.

I understand Rian Johnson wants to change the world with his writing, what writer doesn't! However... Stay away from my Star Wars!
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