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Dulce et Decorum Est

Pro Patria Mori...

This is the end and the beginning of an age. This is something far greater than the French Revolution or the Reformation and we live in it.
- H.G. Wells

Map of the World

Political Map of the World

[url=http://]Alliance Map of the World[/url]

A heavily WIP Koppen Climate Classification Map for fellow geography nerds

Yevrazha and Anyamundar, vast continents of diverse peoples, cultures, creeds, and more. A land that has seen suffering and splendor. The year is 1914 PA, the world stands at the precipice of… something. The end of an old era is at hand, and the beginning of a new. Empires, many of them host to cultures and traditions millenia old, dominate the world, and to many it seems as though this is the dawn of a true golden age; - the wonders of technology bringing about new and never before dreamed of comforts to the world. The nations of the earth are at an unprecedented stretch of relative peace, international trade flourishes, railroads connect the continents, and the world faces the new century with excitement.

Some, however, face the new age with less enthusiasm, with grim warnings and dark foreboding. Beneath the enlightenment and prosperity is a tension building - there are many great powers in the world, vast nations with ancient and proud traditions. Some say there are too many, and that the world cannot bear for much longer the intricate web of alliances and pacts that bind the powers together.

The new century can bring enlightenment and prosperity or suffering and death. War is a certainty at some point, for sure. Any little scuffle that might flare up will be over by the new year - no nation would be fool enough to sacrifice their economy in a true war. Still, at times, the pen fails and the sword must be taken up - but, when all is said and done, ‘tis a sweet and seemly thing to die for one’s country.


In this NRP, you play as a nation of your own creation. The leaders, ministers, generals, admirals, and everyone else within. Guide your nation to the best of your abilities, avoid the inevitable war - or jump right in. We are here to explore a narrative of world war one, the horror of modern mechanized warfare where lives are but a number to be thrown into the meat grinder. This is not a map painting simulator, and if you want to conquer the world, I fully understand, but this is not EU4.

Individual nations are player created, with randomly rolled stats serving as a guideline upon which you should build your nation.

This setting is a fantasy one, but a fantasy setting wherein the arcane is a rather different entity to that of many high fantasy settings, I encourage you to read below for information on its function

This is a world with by now some well established lore from a previous RP, and I encourage you to speak to me and the other players about how your own nation fits into it!

I invite those interested to join our Discord server and get to know the players already in. Slots are somewhat limited, unfortunately, so we do not have indefinite room for new players.


  • Use common sense.
  • Don't game the rolls. I can be flexible, but I will not roll over. Their purpose is to provide some irregularity and random chance.
  • No godmodding, powergaming, etc. You get the point.
  • What the GM and Co-GMs say, goes. Please don’t push things this far. I don’t like having to put my foot down but I will.
  • No meme nations (why do I have to make this a rule?)
  • Don’t be a piece of shit.


Other Information

This is a link to all roll descriptions for use in creating your sheet, still WIP as I have had a busy work schedule lately.
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Name of Nation: Kasakka Hetmanate

Government: Puppet state; emerging republic

Species: Kasaks (kemonomimi fox girls)



Territorial Claims: The blue blob between the woofs and the celestial empire

Agrarian based economy
Food and raw material exports
Industrial good imports
Recent industrialization

Natural Resources:


Social Development:


Navy: N/A

Air Force:

Land Area: 10 (swapped with naval power)
Land Fertility: 20 (swapped with economic strength + 4)
Natural Resources: 16
Social Development: 13 (swapped with Land power)
Technological Development: 9 (7 + 2)
Industrial Production: 10 (15 - 5)
Total Economic Strength: 12 (swapped with Land fertility)
Land Power: 20 (swapped with social development)
Naval Power: 1 (swapped with land area - 5)
Air Power: 1 (7 - 6)


Foreign Relations:


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Though I might not have the time to (I will if I can get it) join the RP, I just wanna come spread my love at the Wilfred Owen poetry name that has me fanboying k thanks
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Thank you!
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