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Name: The Pale King; formerly Callidus of Yzen
Rank: Revenant Major

Background: One of the most powerful of the Kings of Leria prior to its fall. A formidable mage in his own right, Callidus foresaw the inevitability of Eagoth's victory and betrayed many cities into the hands of the Great Necromancer. He has been a valued- if never wholly trusted- servant of the dark lord ever since.

- Yzen, the White City
- The Wizard's Vale
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Name: Lady Arane Tiedriel

Rank: Revenant Major

Wards: None. Tiedriel's lands on Leria were stripped from her after her disappearance on the High Seas.

Posting in the OOC as requested! Apologies for the excessive length - I had trouble cutting it down.

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Name: Captain Coello “Redeye” Vivari
Rank: Revenant Minor. Perhaps Coello could once have been called a “major”, but the stalling of the war at sea has greatly diminished his authority. Not that he particularly cares.

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