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Skyejacked Part 2

Eavesdown Docks

Abby, Mathias, Cyd, Isaac

OOC: JP between @Winters, @MK Blitzen, @Yule and @sail3695

“Depends on which is the least expensive?” Cyd replied, avoiding the word cheap, which some folk tended to get indignant over. “We don’t mind a double, I’ve shared a room with my brother’s before.”

"Dibs on the single then!" Isaac chimed in with enthusiasm.

"Cute. No Short Round … she ment us three cramming into a double." Mathias explained as Issac skated out of slapping range.

“He gets the sleeping bag,” Cyd tsked with a shake of her head.

“So,” Abby glanced from the big’un to the green haired girl to the blond Asian kid. “A double...fer all three of yah.” She shrugged. “Bit close, but we can setcha up. Standard fare fer each. Ten percent off fer each.”

Cyd shifted the candy in her mouth again, this is normally where they’d haggle, Mathias or Isaac most likely given the orange headed girl’s disposition, but getting off Persephone seemed like a better option. And the take was pretty good this go round, plus with sharing a room… She bobbed her head affirmatively. “Kiff,” she agreed. “Standard minus ten percent each sounds great.”

"Bomba!" Isaac and Mathias cheerfully concurred as they bumped fists.

The girl opened the clipboard. “Whilst yer diggin’ out yer coin, I’ll take yer names fer the log.”

“Cyd,” Cyd replied, pointing to her brother’s respectively. “C-y-d. Not S-i-d, it makes a difference. That’s Mathias, an’ Isaac, Skye,”

“Sky,” Abby repeated. “Like the wild blue? All three of yah?”

“Where the sun rises and sets,” Cyd agreed, “Only with an e at the end.”

"So … Who do we pay? Captain? First Mate?" Mathias asked.

Abby replied, “That’ll be me,” before returning to her clipboard. “Sky with an E. All three. Travelin’ family.” She conjured sayin’ somethin’ ‘bout the strong resemblance, but ruled that one out. Passengers was paychecks. No need fer her to go pokin’ their stories. “Alright...I’ll walk yah back after yah pay up.”

Cyd held her backpack straps a little tighter.

Isaac snorted a laugh as he hopped off his board. "Had a deckhand say that before. Cash up front, no guarantee. Go to board and the Cap knows nothing about it. Tell him we paid up in full and even pointed out the one we paid. Skebenga pretended to know nothin'." Isaac popped his gum as he slung his board under his arm and shifted his weight, leaning against his big brother. "Not much on a replay of that kind of...unpleasantness. Yabai. Need a guarantee or pay the Cap direct." he said, folding his arms and exaggerating his gum chewing with a smile.

"Cho. We don't mind waiting or you can walk one of us to him or her direct." Mathias offered. They weren't unreasonable, just very cautious.

“I can show you we got ‘em,” Cyd added in a softer tone as she nodded to Mathias. “But we were stranded for a pretty long time after that. Can’t blame a body for being cautious.”

The clipboard remained aloft, ink drying on the names of the three Skyes. Abby regarded them, feeling the burn of her honesty impugned by strangers. This is the part where Uncle Bob woulda gone back tah full fare, she thought. But Uncle Bob was dead. This was a new boat, with a new Captain, and if what she’d heard ‘bout Badger rang true, a skinny thread of a deal to carry them through.

“Bad luck, friends,” the girl swallowed her anger. “But here’s how it is. Cap’n trusts me tah log in passengers an’ cargo, and ta collect cashy money. Yer guaranty?” she turned toward the smallest of the three. “That was me tellin yew I’m walkin’ yah back soon’s I gotcher fares in hand. That ain’t good enough, then y’all can wait outside. Cap’n’ll be around presently, but with a boat fixin’ tah launch it ain’t gonna happen fer awhile.”

“We were just askin’ for a guarantee, you know, a piece of paper sayin’ we paid and who took our creds,” Cyd replied, unsure why that would be an unusual or difficult request. Maybe she couldn’t write? No, that couldn’t be it, she added their names to the clipboard.

“A receipt?” the girl asked. “Shiny. Happy tah oblige...soon’s I have yer fares in hand.”

“How long you been running with the captain n’ ship?” Mathias asked casually, thumbs hook on the strap of his shoulder pack and Cyd scribbled their names down.

R-e-c-e-i-v-e-d f-r-o-m Abby wrote onto a blank page. “Today’s muh first day on this boat,” she replied.

Cyd gave her another warm smile. No wonder the hiccup!, she mused. “Bon Bagay,” She congratulated. “It should be a good trip. I have a good feeling about this boat.”
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Skyejacked Part 3

Eavesdown Docks

Abby, Mathias, Cyd, Isaac

OOC: JP between @Winters, @MK Blitzen, @Yule and @sail3695

Abby’s hand was still. “We’ll aim tah please,” she attempted an amiable tone. “I can’t finish a receipt without actually receivin’.”

Cyd turned her head to nod to Mathias, switching sides with her lollipop again to prevent her cheek from getting raw. “Kiff. All good, Yobo.”

Mathias obliged. A neat tight roll of credits appeared as if by magic with a wrist flick, he rolled the bills along his fingers before holding it out for the carrot top to take and count.

"Mooi mooi!" Isaac clapped his hands, excited to go on another trip. "Make sure to save a few of them, brav. I wanna taste some of that lekker fish when we land!" he added with a huge grin.

With no undue fussin’, Abby relented and took the roll. She tucked the clipboard under one arm before popping the cash loose. “Three fares,” she said aloud, “ten percent discount each.” Stretching the sheaf across the palm of one hand, she drew off their fare amounts, counting aloud as she went. “That’s one,” the girl said as the bills slipped into her breast pocket. Soon after counting out all three fares and stuffing them away, she handed the rest of the wad back to the big’un. “Gimme a minute,” the girl offered as she reopened the clipboard. “I’ll have yer receipt straight up.”

The meager bills the kid handed back vanished into the folds of Mathias’s coat. He had only been a few off but it was something to practice on.

After some dedicated scribblin’, Abby held the receipt out. “Lists all yer names and fare amounts. Shows yer paid in full with my signatcher. We square?” she asked.

“Ja,Nee,” Cyd replied, adding: “Square,” for confirmation. “We have our guarantees, you have our credits. Shot, just point us in the right direction.”
“Folla me,” the girl offered a nod, “Mind the ramp; she gets slippery on leather soles. Welcome aboard tha China Doll,” Abby said as she led the three into the cargo hold. “If’n yah never flew a Firefly afore, here’s whatcha need tah know. Cargo Bay, Engine Room, an tha cockpit is all off limits. Galley’ll feed yah three times a day. That’s tha infirmary on the left,” she pointed out the metal enclosure as they came through the aft hatch. “Yer room’s here...first on tha right. Also closest tah tha lavatory.” She slid the panel aside to permit the Skye’s into their new home. “After we’s in tha black I’ll come ‘round with some extra beddin’. Most like there’ll be food about then, too. Have yah got any questions?”

“Three squares?” Cyd repeated with a grin. “Cho - that’s super. I don’t have any off the top of my head.” She looked between her brothers to see if there were five by five also.

“Cho.” Mathias smiled making an ‘L’ with his index finger and thumb. The sign for everything being square. Chobo was thorough at least, understandable with her being new.

"I hope it's soon. I'm starving!" Isaac said as he munched on a fresh candy bar he just unwrapped as he followed along on the tour.

“You just ate Lo Lo! You're … eating … right now!” Mathias said, tugging on Issac's ear.

Isaac yelped in pain. "But that was, like, hours ago!" the teen whined.

“Thirty minutes ago!” Mathias said tartly.

"That long?!" Isaac said in annoyed exasperation.

“I promise, we brought food to hold them over,” Cyd apologized.

“Don’t lump me in with the bottomless pit here!” Mathias said, offended.

The deckhand waited for a break in their antics. “Name’s Abby,” she said evenly. Other deckhand’s called Hook. If yah need somethin’ while we’s in tha black, both Hook an’ me will help yah find it.. We got a bit afore we take off, if’n yah want tah see tha galley or tha sittin’ areas. Fer now I got some chores.”

“Shot, Abby!” Cyd said warmly. “We’ll look for you or Hook or the Captain if we need something.”

“Shiny,” the girl gave a final nod, then turned to sip through the cargo bay hatch.

“I got a good feeling about this boat, Yobo.” Cyd giggled, claiming one of the bunks by dropping her bag on it.

“Mahjong?” Mathias offered it to his siblings.

"Before or after one of those square meals I keep hearing about?" Isaac impatiently enquired.

“Mahjong,” Cyd agreed, ignoring Isaac’s request.

His request roundly denied, Isaac gave a petulant roll of his eyes and a sighed as he slumped into a chair around the table where the trio was to play. "I'll take first deal." he said, his tone flat and defeated.
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Hook finished storing the equipment Mr. Caruthers men dropped off for the China Doll. It appeared to be items used for fishing. The deckhand, galley cook, veteran of a forgotten war and orphan from Hera looked it over with some curiosity, but it wasn’t his so left it alone. He had spied the young people who boarded. They seemed fine for now, but young people often had a knack for trouble. Maybe these three were trouble, maybe not. He didn’t care right now as long as they didn’t mess with him.

He made his way back up to the Galley. He washed his hands thoroughly and pulled the white apron over his head. He pulled out a large package of hotdogs and some hamburger patties. He fired up the grill, then pulled out several rolls for the hotdogs and hamburgers. He lit the oven for some French fries. When the oven was hot, he spread the fries over a large cookie sheet and inserted them in the oven. They would be ready in a half hour. As the grill heated up, Hook began placing hamburgers on the grill to begin cooking. Once the burgers were in place, he then placed several hot dogs. He made small slits along each dog with a knife to create scorch marks. It was something he was taught on the farm and continued to do it to this day.

He put a paper tablecloth over the galley table and spread tin plates, buns and condiments out for others to take at their leisure. With the food cooking on the grill and in the oven, he placed the hamburger and hotdog rolls on the table. The dogs would be done any minute and the burgers a few minutes later. He had some slices of cheese if someone wanted a cheeseburger.
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After closing the cargo bay hatch behind her, Abby heaved a sigh which sent a stray wisp of hair skyward. Gaslightin’, Uncle Bob had called it. Word made no sense to her; try her best, Abby couldn’t conjure how a gas lantern compared to folk comin’ at yah one way, then doublin’ back on ever’thing. Don’t matter now, she considered as the cash was transferred to a pocket in her dungarees.

But what did you learn, Abigailita?

Aunt Lupe’s favorite question. Always brought her to thinkin’, most times when she straight up didn’t want to. But she would, Abby offered a silent promise to her aunt as she walked out into the cargo bay.

Hook was there, strappin’ down a fresh load ‘o’ crates. They’s all painted blue, ‘cept for where the wood splintered off. All had the same big white letters, S T, with a lightnin’ bolt between ‘em. Must be Seatronics, the girl thought as she lifted her clipboard. “Thanks, Hook,” she offered up. “Jest got three new passengers. Sounded hungry. They’ll come lookin’...”

“Scuse me!” The man yelled from atop the ramp. He’s wearin’ coveralls ‘bout the same blue as them crates. “You Abby Travis?”

“Yep!” She offered Hook a grateful nod afore facin’ the delivery man.

“Boss says give this to you,” he handed off a plump coin pouch. “Same as in the deal.”

She accepted the purse. “Ku,” Abby flipped the clipboard open. “Who’s pickin’ ‘em up on New Melbourne?”

“Fella named Jinks. Clevus Jinks.”

“How’s that spelt?” She copied the name as the freight handler spelled it out. “Shiny. We’ll be there’n three days”. The coin jingled as it slipped into her pocket. As the fella waved an’ left, Abby turned back to find Hook already gone...most like to stir up grub.

But what did you learn?

She flipped to the last page, where Rex Black’s first teachin’ lay.


Her next pondering was over his bird, Lucky. Abby wrote:


She frowned. “That ain’t right.” Hadn’t been a year since she read Captain Blood And The Pirates Of The Outer Rim. Fun story, she recollected, but them pirates? She’d seen pirates afore, and weren’t none of ‘em like Captain Blood. An’ he had a parr… “Oh yeah,” the girl smiled and corrected her work.


Mayhaps China Doll had a cortex she could use to look them things up. Next, she called up words as she could remember...curious words mouthed by them three as she took ‘em aboard. Didn’t sound like no Chinee she conjured, but that didn’t mean nothin’. She put pen to paper, sounden’ em out, tryna make sense of how they’s spelt.







Her brow furrowed on that one. Weren’t shot from a gun, or a shot ‘o’ likker. Mechanic says shot when somethin’s well worn out...but..green haired girl used it like it meant ku. All these lessons was wont to park her on a cortex fer a good spell.

A squeal of air brakes brought her back to the here an’ now, as a big lorry backed up to the ramp. Passenger door swung open, an’ she could make out one fella as he jumped down. When he stepped into the light, all dreadlocks an’ autorifle, Abby signalled “jest a minute” with a trigger finger an’ went fer the com.

“Cap’n,” she keyed the mic, “cargo bay. Yah wanted tah know when them last crates showed up.”
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OOC: JP from @psych0pomp and @wanderingwolf

Rex heard other voices and movement throughout the ship, but he made a beeline for the bunks. He threw his bag past the bunker-like door and it gave out a muffled thump as it hit the floor. He more carefully brought Lucky’s cage down with the power of his arm strength and careful maneuvering of his body. As his feet landed one the ground, he was reminded of why he hated Firefly models. Damn bunks felt like a grave.

He didn’t have much in the way of luggage. It was what he could stuff into his leather pack and tow from ship to ship. He tended to Lucky’s cage first. Securing it to the hull with a thick chord and setting out some food and water for the bird. He undid the latch, letting the door swing down much like a drawbridge. It would give a place for the bird to sit and watch him. And Lucky did, after grabbing some processed bird food that cost more than Rex could consume in a week—in food. His black eyes watched the tall human maneuver through the room, and chirped up when Rex started whistling.

The clothes were packed away first. The trinkets, like a lucky golden cat (much to Lucky’s ire), a hand sewn flag with a mixture of galactic symbols, and a few books started to fill the empty space of the room. He even threw that plumb colored scarf over a light, adding a rather mauve ambiance.

Rex pulled his jacket off, placing it on the bed that he had made and adorned with a small blanket that had a lot more sentimental value than one might first realize. He stood there in the bright blue shirt with pink flowers adoring it. It was tucked in the front of his pants that displayed his belt with a bawdy buckle in front and a leather knife holder at his side—he’d hung his gun up, it was more a hazard on Rex’s person than anything. His arms were bare, tanned from the weather rather than genetics. Surprisingly, he didn’t have tattoos. He did have quite a few jingly bangles and tied pieces of leather around his wrists. They barely hid the puckered white scars that adorned both of his wrists. He ran his ringed hand through his hair, pulling his glasses off and setting them to the side. He rubbed his eyes.

Lucky fluffed up, content to be off the streets of Persephone. The bird started singing a repetitive ditty, and Rex joined in with his whistling—surprisingly matching the song.

Into the belly of the ship, the captain met empty hallways up to the gangway. Cal had half a mind to pop in on Penelope and see how things were going, or if they were still on reserve power while Badger’s mechanics buttoned up the boat. That’s when he heard a strange, yet familiar sound. It was the whistling that caught Cal’s ear.

Rex had been on the China Doll before. In fact, the pair had shared near on two years aboard the ship before the unfortunate circumstances which parted them ways. Seeing as Rex saw fit to show his face here again, and as a mate no less, Cal needed to look the man in the eye. And so it was with a kick to the hatch below that Cal summoned Rex from above.

Rex’s whistling came to an abrupt halt. Lucky was startled at the noise and flew towards Rex, landing on his shoulder and burying himself into the collar of the tacky shirt. “Occupied! Find some other bunk to kick at.” He turned to the bird, who was trying to find sanctuary in his short-trimmed beard. “How green is this crew that they don’t even know how hatches work? I fully expect to find one licking fire by tonight.” Before he could finish his laugh with his avain companion, another stern, summoning kick came from above.

He tossed aside the old book he was thumbing through and climbed up the ladder. Pushing the hatch up, he started speaking before he could see who was above him. “If you don’t stop, we’re at a perfect angle that I can punch you in the nuts, and if you’re a…” his words trailed off as he saw Cal above him. A smile passed across his lips. “Well, if it isn’t the man himself, Captain Strand. Not dead or fat, I see. Though you might be working towards one of those.”

Strand stepped aside while stroking his chin and watched the man climb out of the bunk. “See, now I’m confused.” He waited a beat. “Near on two years since I’ve heard the name Rex Black. I believe it was the night before the chicken-shit job, when you slipped out on a stopover in Ariel. After we fueled up I thought you was passed out in this very bunk, ‘til we touched down in Hera. You know, we sat there for hours with a mountain of chicken shit in the boiling heat waiting for your contact to show?” He arched his brow at Rex. “Poor Jesse and Phil had to scrub the la shi from the Doll and it still smelled like fowl for a month.”

Rex pulled himself out, closing the hatch behind him as he did. The ceilings of these ships were always lower than he’d like, giving a feeling of claustrophobic compression. So, he had a tendency to hunch. “Wait, what?” He asked. He started to thumb one of the beaded bracelets on his wrist in thought. “Look. That was a humanitarian mission. It was supposed to be fertilizer for a small colony planet out in the Border. Why the hell Mikkel wouldn’t show is…” He paused. “Well, at the time he was one of the Alliance’s most wanted. Or was that before the Great Bovine Escapade? Oh man, did you see that on your cortex? That shit was insane.”

“I did,” he replied, “put me to mind of ‘18 when we steered a head straight for some no-name town on Beaumonde,” Cal shook his head, “when the baron’s men showed, surrounded on all sides; they were lookin’ for a five-fingered discount.” He laughed, “I think you missed every shot, but they were all lookin’ at that neon green shirt you had on.” Strand scratched the back of his neck, “Gǎnxiè fú, one of us can shoot.”

Rex laughed. That caused Lucky to make a somewhat light trill as he turned his head towards Cal. It was almost as if the bird’s eyes narrowed, but maybe he was just sleepy. “I’ve always been honest about my skills from day one. Why do you think I dress like this?” He paused. “Though, remember that time I got trapped with that Mayor’s daughter, Beatrice or something, without nothing but my gun? I was halfway across the field when I turned to shoot. I pressed the trigger. And bam the mayor’s goon went down. I was thanking Lady Luck that I’d finally figured out how to shoot. But turns out, it was you--like five feet behind me.” He tugged on his collar. “I still have that scar where he got half a brand off on my back. I was a little preoccupied at that moment. If you know what I mean. Speaking of which… did you and what’s-her-face ever work out?”

“Aw c’mon Rex, you know we can’t all be swashbuckling romantics out of some trashy holo like you.” Cal’s face relaxed. “Much as my pride hates to admit it, I could use your help here. I got a ship full of crew I don’t know and we’re runnin’ a job for Badger… Not my finest moment, but the China Doll’s still in the air, so that’s somethin’. This time I need to know I can count on you not to leave me holding the bag of bird shit when you’re out the door. Whaddya say, first mate?” He offered his hand to Rex.

“Badger?” Rex’s tone easily reflected the dubious nature of that deal. “Not your finest moment, indeed. But I’m not one to judge--obviously.” He extended his hand as Cal did. “I promise I won’t leave you high and dry this time. I won’t head out for a pack of year long cigarettes again.” It was then that he grabbed a hold of Cal’s hand and held it firmly. He drew the captain into a brisk hug, never one to enjoy a sterile greeting. Lucky took that moment to jump ship and hopped onto Cal’s shoulder.

“So, how green are we talking with this crew?” He said, pulling away. “Are we talking mint julep peach or so green a dog might accidentally shit on them?”

Cal’s eyes widened as the bird surveyed him from his shoulder, switching sides of its head probably to measure eye-plucking distance. “Let’s just say I met the doc while bleedin’ out the ear, the pilot kept me from shootin’ up a charlatan, and the deckhand hired the rest, even with all her personality.” Cal had raised a finger to Lucky’s beak height, maybe gauging to see if the bird felt the need to chew on flesh before he would scoop it up. “Damn, I could go for a pack of year-long cigarettes right now.” Then he moved closer to Rex, “Last job brought down a little more heat than I anticipated; partially why I needed Badger and t’ kick dirt ASAP.” Seeing as Lucky had deigned not to bite Cal’s finger, he ventured for a five-fingered pet of the colorful beast.

“Oh yeah, Cal Junior. I met her.” He smiled. “For a second there, I thought you had a kid, Captain. I was about to feel sorry for someone. Who? I don’t know.” There was only a beat before he really examined what Cal had said. “But it sounds like a decent group, even if it seems like you’re trying to pad your chances for romance.” He winked, still chuckling as Cal got closer. Lucky seemed wary for a moment, but allowed the Captain to give him a pet, even if it was only self-serving.

“Shit, Cal,” Rex said, keeping to their hushed tone. “What’d you do?” He then held his hands up. “Actually, don’t tell me. Just tell me what you want me to do when Badger arrives. We don’t want to spill the mint julep of our new crew all over him.”

“Hell, Don Juan, you never change, do you?” Cal said, impressing even himself with how good he was with animals. Retrieving his hand from the bird he rubbed it off on his shirt.

“Fill you in over a drink. For now, keep a handle on things here with the crew and passengers; I want to be in the sky within thirty of receiving the haul. The deck on the ramp knows to flag me when they show. ‘Sides, doubtful Badger will make an appearance. He only cares about one thing--” That’s when a crackly comm could be heard from the bridge, just a few paces away from them.

“Cap’n,” Abby keyed the mic, “cargo bay. Yah wanted tah know when them last crates showed up.”

“Right on queue,” the captain said to his first mate. Scooping up Lucky from his shoulder, Cal unceremoniously deposited him on Rex’s shoulder. “I wanna be nose up in fifteen,” he called over his shoulder. With that Captain Strand disappeared through the porthole to the cargo bay below.
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After her brief introductions with the doctor, Pen moseyed around the ship for a quick look to get familiar. Not wanting to be underfoot in the galley with Hook preppin' meals, she ventured down the stairs to have a glance over the hold. She had always been pretty good with visuals, and collecting a pretty picture of what made the ship herself was a pleasant enough way to spend her time till take-off. There was a hustle and bustle still goin' on - Abby had her hands full with directing the cargo, and not doin' a bad job, likely been at it a while. Folk were moving along here and there, and she opted to be one of them so she could see the other half of the ship.

Some of the folk offered a polite smile as she moved through the common area, getting a peek at the infirmary only so long enough to see if the doc was in before heading up the stairs to get an eye on the engine. That’s what she’d been seeking out, in truth. She might be the pilot, but if the console she worked was the brains, this was the heart. All was quiet while the girl rested, but soon… well, she'd conclude her self-guided tour in time for that.

The smell of dinner cookin' was nice and it seemed like some folks had found their way up, but it was no one's surprise that she found herself back at the dash by the time the captain came a'callin, opting to pass through with a wave rather than sit down for a chat. Had some secondary checks to do to make sure she knew what was what and all.

She was just getting her hands on some loose cords to bundle when she heard the ruckus from the galley echoing up. That small ever-present smile spread a little with a glance over her shoulder turning back on the cables in her hand. In the lull that followed a short while later, perhaps mouths being filled up with the good cookin’ wafting up this way or havin’ horfed it all down and departed, Pen heard a pounding behind her. Knit brows of concentration turned a glance to see what the noise was, but beings she was over her console, she couldn’t see much of nothin’ elevated up like she was. It was more’a instinct than anything else. Besides, after the second thumpin’, she heard an unfamiliar voice huffin’ about being distrubed, sounded like.

Then she heard her captain’s name, and that had her interest. And so did the panel closer to the door that needed some tinkering. It was crooked, at least from this angle, and definitely was from the side she stood against to adjust it. Hazel eyes happened to get a glance down the hall just before they slipped down to the panel her fingerless gloved hand was moving towards, and sure enough, there was her captain. And she’d seen the formidable figure emerging from the hatch below. Another crew member, her eyes crinkled at the thought.

Couldn’t be the mechanic because there’s no way he’d be down in his bunk before a take-off, and from what she could catch of their tone, they sounded friendly. So, they knew one another - had stories. Fun stories, she grinned a bit as the panel she was harassing finally shifted the way she wanted. Easier to get to know a person listenin’ to them talk to someone else, but that wasn’t somethin’ Penelope wanted to make a habit of - so she told herself - as she started to return to the console. But, then something interesting popped up again, and there she was tightening up the strap holding up a length of cord.

So we’re all new, ‘cept this big guy… The thought didn’t bother Pen, not at all. She was used to working with new folk regularly. Though she was most familiar with O’Malley and his crew, she didn’t stay solely with them. Pilots can have their pick of the starlit sea if they were flexible and willing, and Pen hadn’t found any roots to tie her up just yet. She liked one thing - and that was to fly. Shore leave was fun once in a while, but more often than not she was back out - caring less about where or when and more about what and how. Now, the answer was a Firefly at full burn for three days.

She was lost in her thoughts on that now as she retwisted and wrapped rather than paying attention to how hushed the conversation had gotten. Comms coming up with Abby’s voice got her attention - that meant soon. Penelope’s bright grin returned as she returned to the flight console, giving the edge a nice stroke outward of her gloved hands across it, fingertips uncovered and feeling the cool metal. “Soon it’s going to be just you and me, girl. I can’t wait ta get ta know ya.”

There’d be time for the crew later. A pilot’s first mate was the ship. And she had one more diagnostic to run and a few more cables to attend to if she wanted the China Doll lookin’ pretty before take off.
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Meals, Mahjong, Meeting Up

The China Doll Galley

Joint post with @Gunther, @MK Blitzen, @Winters, @Yule

Mathias, Cyd, Isaac, Hook

Hook was almost finished with the meal when the three young people entered the Galley. He nodded to them as they entered and took seats at the table. There was space at one end for their game.

“Heya,” Cyd greeted with a bright smile, taking a seat next to her brother as she placed her cortex on the table. The oldest of the three, Mathias - set up the mahjong tiles. At least he claimed to be the oldest, but Cyd had her doubts. He was definitely the tallest if that counted for anything, and in his own eyes it counted for everything. The crewman in the galley was about her Yobo’s height, 6 feet and a bit of change.

Mathias, gave a wave to the man cooking in response. He was going to be a bother while the man was working and figured there would be plenty of time for introductions. He was quickly making a subtle bop to Isaac’s idle drumming, slipped out a baggie of Mahjong tiles flipping them character side down as he mixed them on the table. He couldn’t help but clack the tiles to the rhythm as well while dealing and stacking them out. “Eldest or youngest first?”

“Shoot for it,” Cyd said with indignity, tapping Mathias’ chair with her foot. “Give the middle kid a chance.”

"Yeah, how come you never choose middle, Mat? Isaac said, not making eye contact with either sibling as he drummed on the table without even thinking about it. He was engrossed with the shiny little combination lock Mathias picked up for him not too long ago. Only he neglected to save the verdomde paper with the combination.

“Or the youngest could go last from now on ... “ Mathias said with a nonchalant shrug and a sly smile. He waited to see how quick that tune was going to change now as he moved the tiles into place neatly in front of Isaac, Cyd and himself.

"Muukhai." Isaac grumbled with a stink eye to his brother. Suddenly, his eyes lit up. "26, 14 33!!" He immediately stopped drumming and picked up the lock, taking his time to enter the numbers. He pulled on the shackle...no good. He put the lock back in it's place on the table and reflexively began drumming again.

“Not an answer …” Mathias saing leaning back in his chair as he rolled a tile between his fingers. “ … what say you Cyd?” He offered since the youngest was dodging any responsibility.

“I’m all for LoLo always going last,” she giggled. “My chances just went from 33 to 50.”

"High score on a run of 5 goes first?" the youngest asked.

“Sorry LoLo it’s between me and Cyd now!” Mathias said in a merry tone putting his tile back in place.

"You just gonna let him go first like that?" Isaac goaded his sister as he lightly padded the table. He didn't need to get grief for knocking the tiles out of position.

Mathias eyes flashed to his hand thinking. “Speed round, first to three plums?” He challenged his sister.

“First to three plums!” She agreed happily. Mathias would be first to three plums.

He was always first to three plums.

The twin vied for the win in a rapid fire game. It was honestly through sheer luck when Mathias face of concentration broke out into a smile. "Sik." He announced showing his hand.

“You Chitlins’ want some grub? Hep yerself,” Hook offered as he flipped some burgers off the grill and onto a plate. He added dogs as well.

Isaac trembled with excitement as he looked to Mathias, then Cyd, then the plate of freshly cooked meats at the far end of the table. This repeated a few more times: Mathias, Cyd, food as the teen did his best impression of a pathetic puppy. Manners weren't exactly his strong suit, especially when it came to 'grub', but the boy held position until he got the blessing from one of the killjoys sitting next to him.

Cyd ticked her head towards the food, releasing the hound she snickered to herself. “Shot, mate,” she told the man she assumed was the cook. “Thanks, this looks lekker, smells great too. Oh, I’m Cyd, this is my brother, Mathias, and my other brother, Isaac. “

"Shot mate ... And for the love of … remember your manners you weren't raised entirely in a barn." Mathias chided at Isaac.

Isaac let out a playful whinny as he gave a grateful nod to the founder of the feast. "Shot, mate!" he concurred with his sibs before making a beeline to the other end of the table, pausing for only a moment to point menacingly at the combination lock that was still stubbornly closed on the table. "I'll deal with you later." he said with all the menace of an archenemy.

“You know where about on New Melbourne we’ll be touching down?” Cyd asked the shipmate.

“Nice to meet you folks,” Joe answered the trio. “The name’s Joe. Joe Hooker, but most folks call me Hook. I just hired onto the China Doll t’day. All I knows is that’s where we headin’ Should be just over a three day trip, but where on that fish bowl we’s landin’? No clue.”

Cyd nodded as the man spoke. Two people just hired. Maiden voyage, or revolving door of crewmates? “Bon Bagay, congrats on the new job, Hook,” she toasted.

"Congwaduwafums." Isaac added to his sister's good wishes through a mouthful of hot dog.

"I swear we tried to teach him good manners, he was unfortunately raised mostly by wolves so we're just happy he's house broken." Mathais snarked. "And yes, Bon Bagay, Congrats on the job. You play?" He offered. "We can deal you in."

“No thanks,” Hook retorted softly with a smile. “I need to clean the place up and check in with Miss Abby. Sounds like some more freight arrived down in the cargo bay.”

"Don't let us get in your way then." Mathais said agreeably. Work first, play later, he understood and the last thing he wanted to do was prevent the man from doing his job.

“Nice to meetcha, Hook!” Cyd called. Hook the cook, that would be easy to remember. She rolled one of the tiles to the back of her hand. “Middle goes first? Yes?” Hopefully they were in for smooth sailing. There would be plenty of work on New Melbourne - she had a good feeling.

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