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Beorthric Ironshirt

Beorthric, son of Grahame Rockbreaker and Aldreda Ironshirt, is the oldest son of five siblings at the age of 112 years. He is of average hight for a dwarf, but broad and bulky. His head is kept clean shaven, as is customary among the warriors of certain families in Thrillem, but his copper beard beard is rich and full. A large scar on his forehead testifies of encounters with goblins in the deep mines below the halls of his people. Beorthric is usually well dressed - a sign of his status as a successful warrior.

The Ironshirts is a well reknowned family of warriors in the halls of Thrillem, responsible for defending the mines from goblin incursions. Beorthric has followed in his mothers footsteps and taken up the mantle of defender of his people. Most of his siblings have taken the path of miners, as was the tradition of his fathers family. He is betrothed to Everild Steelshaper, a smith from a rich family, and is expected to marry her on the return from the adventure.

As a warrior Beorthric is adept with shields and most melee weapons, although he favours one-handed battle axes over all. He is a fearsome foe on the battlefield, but has a few faults to his character that he doesn't like to speak of. He is greedy, as are all dwarves, but is proud too and of a short temper. He is quick to anger and judgement and slow to forgive. Another thing that Beorthric is ashamed of is his great grandfather Leofric Rockbreaker, who was a traitor to Thrillem and sold out his kin to marauding humans for the promise of riches. This shameful ancestry drove him to take on his mothers name and calling over his fathers. Beorthric is fond of music, as is customary, and likes to play the bagpipe.
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