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Garrett swung into action not far behind his comrades-in-arms. The targets were clear and obvious - just the way he liked it; a simple mission with a simple objectives, and simple targets. With a howl of engines, the Sentinel sped forward, thrusters giving enough power to move in ground-effect; faster than a run and not quite flying. As Valika and R-18 went after the enemy MA's, Garrett followed in Sara's wake, engaging the heavy gun batteries.
"Good hits, Rabbit! Following your lead. Solid locks confirmed-"
Another of the heavy gun emplacements slid into view as Garrett skidded the Sentinel like a power-skater on its' cloud of flaring blue thrust. Crosshairs projected into his vision turned green as multiple missiles locked on.
"Snow, targets locked. Missiles away!"
Shoulder covers popped open and winding smoke trails blasted away from both bulky shoulder pads as armour-piercing plasma-warhead missiles screamed and corkscrewed through the air and blasted into globular, eye-searing, explosions against one of the heavy turrets, blasting it to pieces as it turned to bear.
Still skidding at high-speed, crosshairs projected into Garrett's single-eyed vision locked over targets. The lighter armoured vehicles might not have been much threat, but they were still a threat; his head-mounted vulcan cannon burst into a burbling roar, shells streaming into the vehicles hulls in clouds of dirty smoke and flame as the twin-linked guns opened fire, empty casings streaming out along with clouds of gunsmoke.
"Enemy vehicles neutralised; shifting to next targets!"
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Fallen Angel

"Comms squad, listen close. Here's how we'll do the attack run. Heavy kinetic cannons're our biggest problem, so knock them out first. Following that, pick targets of opportunity, but try to focus on the MAs if you can. I'll take the lead and draw their fire. FA, you'll follow after and clean up while they're distracted. Watcher, you've got free reign to go wild. Everything clear? Good. Break!"

Oh thank the gods, something easy. Stel thought as the commands from Banshee came through. In the few moments since launching, she'd gotten a bit more into the groove of things, now that her stomach had calmed down from the roll and her mind adapted to the situation. There was only one problem.

"I told you we're not playing cleanup here, Stel."

"I don't think that what you mean by that is what she means by that."

Adam seemed to be about to respond when Watcher single-handedly collapsed the platform the cannon that Adam had intended to draw the fire of, and Banshee took out a kinetic cannon and an enemy Mobile Armor. Stel barely had time to process what had happened before Platzragen's attack took down the antenna and an entire squad of MAs. She blinked, and something inside her snapped.

As if it could predict Stel's next words, Adam spoke up. "Diverting power from Brimstone. Switching targets from enemy weapons to enemy Mobile Armors. Non-lethal combat approved, since I know you'll try for it anyway."

"Perfect. Listen up. We're going to get down there and save a few lives."

Red Power took a diagonal beeline straight for the sole pack of MAs that had been left alone by the other two AUGs, moving at speeds that would put most other mechs to shame. Stel found herself holding her breath as she dove towards her target, only breathing out when she nearly hit the ground and pulled herself and her AUG horizontal. Unfortunately for them, most of the MAs didn't notice her before getting their heads and weapons cut off by her high-vibration blade. Much more fortunately for them, none of them took fatal damage from the attack, leaving most of them in barely more than an intact cockpit. But one of them did notice, and had already put up a rather sad, small shield on its left arm. Red Power simply thrust through it, the vibrating tip of its sword cutting through the metal with ease, and further still until it hit the MA's power source, cutting it out from its innards in a few simple strokes like a master butcher.

"That's all I'm picking up in this area. Take a minute to calm down and get prepared for a counterattack." Adam told its pilot as it redirected power back to its Gatling, and Stel returned them to the sky. Maybe their first real mission wouldn't turn out in the disaster she had expected.
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Silas gently swayed in his hammock, hung up in the cramped habitation module of the JAMMER, humming along to the steady synthesized beat he had playing on a speaker from the cockpit. Snug over his eyes was an old virtual headset, flashing images projecting over his eyes. While his body was onboard a dropship heading for Himinbjorg, his mind was running through an old simulation of the Battle of Bifrost. He had run the simulation dozens of times, an impossible wartime scenario reconstructed from various battle reports and fragmentations of audio-visual recordings from scrapped AUGs in the fields by EINHERJAR. It wasn't perfect, but machine learning and careful tweaking to the program made for good training in how quickly firefights can shift from good to bad... and from bad to worse. While his eyes were watching the playback, his fingers occasionally coiled around imaginary triggers. He had run this sim enough times that his muscles almost acted on their own.

The music lowered in volume automatically when a soft voice buzzed from the cockpit. It took the kid a moment to realize the briefing had started, and he quickly flung the headset off, recoiling at the sudden change in lighting. While blinking away at spots in his vision, he fumbled and fell out of his hammock and onto the metal grate of the habitation module. He groaned a little as he began pulling himself through the open hatch into the cockpit, hoisting himself up into his chair to listen to the briefing. While listening to the voice walk through the mission objectives, Silas pulled two side monitors into view and flicked a few overhead switches, activating the screens and various sensors and readouts. On the left screen ran an automated flight check of the JAMMER, ensuring no mechanical or sensor issues were being reported. On the right screen, all the AUG's sensors were running render checks of basic optical, thermal, and magnetic imaging displays. The quick flash of the thermal display showed Silas a quick view of several of his fellow pilots in their own AUGs, the faint trace of a cigarette or two glowing as clear bright spots on the sensors. He never understood mercs and their obsession with smokes. It was bad for the wires.

Once the briefing was done, several voices began calling out over the radio. Silas's view was quickly able to see small icons on his left screen with various callsigns lighting up as his team spoke up. It sounded like over half wanted to go for the comms, while a couple were eager to deal with the main force. He felt a little bit of anxiety cling up in his throat. This was his first mission, and the last thing he wanted to do was come off as too green. Some of the mercs were using their callsigns, some weren't. He took a deep breath as he unhooked his headset from over one of the monitors, nestling it over his ears and adjusting the mic in front of his lips. He flipped a switch, blocking outgoing transmission to run a quick mic check.

"One two, one two."

Nothing but static over the headset. Silas groaned, unharnessing himself in his seat and following the wires back to their plug: unsurprisingly, it was a bit twisted. Great. Silas flipped a switch on the comms array, playing the conversation on speaker while he uncoiled a fresh cable and went about splicing it quickly to fix his headset. It was quick work at this point, and a known issue with the cheap wires he usually worked with. Of course this would happen on his first day. Just as he finished his patch job, small warning lights began to light on the screen. They were dropping. Silas hastily scampered his way into his seat, just managing to get his harness on as the bay doors and clamps released JAMMER. He clutched at his controls and engaged the basic boosters to help minimize the fall... but JAMMER came down like a meteor into the landing zone. The shock absorbers helped to minimize the strain, but Silas felt shaken and disoriented. He had never experienced the kinetic forces like this before. This was going to be a lot different than his simulations.

Upon landing, Silas fixed his comms and joined the rest of the squad moving to disable the Comms array.

The air hummed like electric snow, the faint sound of radio static echoed around in the cockpit with Silas. His eyes were focused on his right screen, one hand on his movement controls while another was busy fiddling with various nobs and sliders on a sound-board of sorts that swung out of his lap. He was busy tuning between different radio frequencies, trying to get an idea of what channel the enemy was using... before finally, a small spike out of the sea of calm waves of sound. Silas pulled the nob back that he had adjusted, and flicked two switches to patch in. Silas quickly tapped two buttons on his console, flipped a switch, and watched as a loading bar filled the screen. He looked up briefly from his controls, watching through the large view-screen as Banshee, Watcher, and Fallen Angel began moving in to attack.

"Command, we have incoming! Three Matsuzawa Drive readings, closing in fast! We have AUGs on site, I repeat, we have AUGs on site! The lead's coming in at three times the speed of the others!"

"All Ultima Universal forces, we are under attack! I repeat, we are under attack!"

Script smiled slightly. It looked like the other team was engaging as well. He flipped to the EINHERJAR communications line, encryption locking in on both teams. "Turn down all radio receivers except this line, team. I'm going to start flooding their comms."

As soon as the loading bar finished and was complete, Script flipped his comms over to Ultima Universal's channel. "Let's Jam!" He pressed the play button on his sound-board, and smiled as the harsh static began to flood their comms system, bouncing off the satellite array in an attempt to overwhelm and flood any attempt at enemy communication.

Once that was in position, Script took control of JAMMER's controls and forced the AUG to kneel on his vantage point. He lowered his chassis, and flipped to his left screen to a top-mounted camera on JAMMER's back. He made a few adjustments, before squeezing a big red button on his left control stick, firing off two EMP AA missiles at the farthest Kinetic Projectile Cannon. They weren't strong enough to destroy it outright... but the farthest cannon's sensors and targeting systems would surely be knocked out until the team could move in and disable it.

With that, JAMMER slid down the small cliff with the Variable-Munitions Rifle drawn and set to burst fire as he pushed in to cover the team's rear flank... and clean up any MAs, vehicles, or cannons that Fallen Angel missed in the mad dash forward. "I bought us some time, I think... but this won't hold them long."
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Ultima Universal Himinbjord Base

The EINHERJAR forces tore through the first wave of Ultima Universal's defenses. Mobile Armors selected for their lowest bidding price over any practical combat considerations stood no chance against the barrage of grenades, missiles, and gunfire raining down on them. Barely any were able to get a shot off in response, with only the last few managing some sporadic bursts of inaccurate gunfire before they were silenced completely.

By now, only a blind and deaf person wouldn't be able to tell the base was under attack, and alarms began to sound all over the base. The team assaulting Himinbjord Base came into range of the complex's turrets. Though the squad had eliminated two of the heavy cannons, four still remained, along with the light railgun, all sprinkled around the base. These five turrets all began locking on to the intruders, acquiring firing solutions. Meanwhile, VALKYRIE managed to pick up some of the opfor's communications, forwarding them to the squad to keep them alerted.

<<"All units, mobilize immediately! Keep the intruders bogged down for the artillery to take out! Someone get me an ID on these bastards, I want to know who we're up against!">>

<<"XIFF reads unaffiliated, sir. Independents, probably mercenaries.">>

<<"God damn it, ready my mech! Start warming up the special project, we need all hands on deck for this!">>

As if on cue, a second wave of MAs launched from the base's hangers and garages, already opening fire on the various AUGs attacking. Their accuracy was middling at best, and the caliber of rounds light compared to AUG weaponry, but enough careless scratches could still seriously threaten an EINHERJAR's armor integrity. By now, the heavy cannons also finished locking on, and unleashed their first salvo against the attacking force, capable of doing severe damage should their payloads hit on target.


The thunder-like sound of one of the heavy cannons roaring to life signaled its kinetic load was hurtling towards Valika.

But there was no way she was going to get hit!

She could almost feel it, as she jerked the joystick to the side. Even inside of the protective layers of armor that sealed her machine's innards from the outside world, the girl could practically feel the wind whipping past her, the impact of the round as it buried itself in the moon's surface some distance behind them, likely halfway disintegrated.

It was. to be frank, exhilarating. But she wasn't just a thrill junky, not by a longshot.

Those cannons had to go.

Plus, they had to worry about the base commander's machine and the rest of the reinforcements. That meant that there was a pretty obvious priority target for her and MORDRED.

"Redknight here!" she said, twisting the sticks to evade the targeting systems of the Heavy Cannons, "Can you keep them off me? I'm going to take down those heavy cannons, they won't know what hit them!"

Ultima Universal Communications Array

The racket over communications were certainly playing hell for the defense squad, especially given the fact that so many of them had been torn to shreds. Cheap, mass-produced MAs were never going to be the biggest threat to any well-maintained AUGs, which meant the cannons were by far the most dangerous threat. While the one that had gotten a direct hit near the base by a high explosive seemed like it was out of commission, the others were up and kicking.

Fire splashed across their frontal armor, as a low-pitched whine gradually grew in volume. Those that were still functional were picking their targets.

And that wasn't all, as a heavy blast door opened from one of the building near the comes array.

Most of the time, MAs were always going to be inferior in armor and weaponry compared to an AUG.


The Arthropod line was different.

Slow, certainly. Lacking in maneuverability, of course. But the six legs and the nonhumanoid shape counted for something, as the bulky machine strode out, a heavy laser cannon mounted on its back with a number of smaller turrets lining its sides.

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Watcher was content to spot that his first salvo had been effective on all counts. The dish had taken critical damage, the one team of MAs had been torn to shreds by the smart munitions, and the turret housing the cannon he had targeted was down for the count. Fire support effective, and while monitoring other pilot activities, he noted that Fallen Angel was effectively engaging the enemy, though not engaging in lethal tactics. He was tracking targets as they went down, noting the attacks had disabled rather than killed. As long as the enemy was dealt with and couldn't get back up, that would suffice for these circumstances. In an actual war, that was not the best plan, because while dragging back downed allies did take more resources, they could be sent back into combat at a later point. Dead was dead, and would require fully replacing. But, given the situation, it would not be worth pursuing any sort of commentary.

The warning on avoiding his ear drums getting blown out by the wall of noise being sent towards the Ultima comms channels. Better them than Watcher, though he synced his fire control systems with the newcomer as well, gathering further information while considering the circumstances. Four Augs were a tough thing to slow down, let alone stop, and that would continue to be the case when he picked up a new target while preparing to continue mopping up cannons before they could target lock and open fire. Arthropod, slow, durable, and capable of bringing incredible force into the battlefield. Besides the obvious main heavy laser cannon, the variety of turrets meant possible point defenses. He couldn't hammer it down alone, but he didn't have to. Right now he was in a relatively safe spot to act, being the farthest away, and in spite of the locking cannons and sudden Arthropod line threat, his voice was dead calm.

"Blinding the Arthropod with countermeasures, stay clear. Recommend focus firing cannons during countermeasure window, then coordinating all points attack on the Arthropod." While Walker spoke, he was loading another missile firing sequence into PAMS. First missile was HMAA, aimed at one of the cannons still operational. A top/down strike by the missile would hopefully bypass armor. The remaining three missiles in this batch would fire nearly at the same time, one HMAA and the deliberately named 'Countermeasures', two of his three WPCF missiles. The first HMAA would hopefully draw initial point defense fire, so that one of the WPCF missiles could effectively blind the Arthropod. With everything in order, Watcher sent the launch signal, the next batch of missiles firing off. The HMAA tasked towards a cannon would arc deliberately high before spiking down towards the, hopefully, vulnerable top armor. The remaining three would hurtle towards the Arthropod, the HMAA aimed for the base of the heavy laser cannon. The two WPCF missiles would be armed to detonate in front of the Arthropod, scattering an initial screen of chaff and flares to interfere with non visual targeting systems, while the White Phosphorus smoke screen would block visual acquisitions. With the agility of the team, they would be able to move around the blocking screen if need be should it overstay its welcome, and buy them enough time to finish the cannons ideally. Almost as an afterthought, Watcher fired his reloaded Thermal Accelerators, aiming at the cannon he had sent an HMAA missile towards, focusing his fire to bring another cannon down before beginning to reload all spent systems.
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On the bright side, the mystery fourth man on their team seemed to have finally materialized on the commnet. JAMMER's readouts flashed across her HUD briefly before Ariela shoved the display off into a corner, keeping half an eye on it as the rest of her attention focused on firing on the remaining MAs. Fortunate that this Script was running some good EW.

<<"Alright, good to see your ass is online, Script.">> Banshee said over comms as she delivered two three-round bursts into the head of another MA, sending it crashing to the ground. <<"Goddamn AI could at least let us know about problems if it's gonna play babysitter.">> She groused, switching her attention briefly to the tactical readout. They'd done a good deal of damage so far, but there were still kinetic batteries online, and the rest of the garrison had to be waking up any second now. Watcher damn well knew what he was going, and Fallen Angel was more competent than she'd been expecting. Seemed she wasn't being totally carried by her machine after all. She was wasting time and exposing herself unnecessarily by trying to avoid fatalities, but that was a conversation for later.

Before LINEBREAKER could start another attack run on the cannons, a different problem showed its face: an Arthropod. Great. A big gun on legs with point defense. Not something she hadn't dealt with before, but combined with the remaining turrets on-site, it could prove to be a problem. Watcher showed good initiative and awareness in his immediate response, and Banshee nodded to herself as she started the charging sequence on her shoulder cannon.

<<"Good copy, Watcher, initiating! All units, go for the other batteries, then we finish off the Arthropod! Make these maggots bleed!">> She pushed the sticks forward, and LINEBREAKER hopped over its cover, locking onto another heavy kinetic cannon and firing a fully charged laser cannon at it. With that done, Ariela had her AUG leap into the air and fire its boosters, starting to rise above the smokescreen and prepare for an attack run on the Arthropod from straight above it.

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Garrett grimaced and swore colourfully in a handful of languages as the Arthropod lumbered its' way onto the scope. Of course, most of those languages he only knew for those swear words, but the effect was what he wanted.
Valika's message came over the comm channels, and Garrett gave a curt nod of approval as he replied.
"Roger, Redknight. I'll give you some covering fire; you concentrate on those cannons before they can make a mess of us, over!"
Slaloming and weaving to give a harder target, the Sentinel dodged and surged between the plumes of dirty smoke thrown up by near-misses. Even under the enclosing womb of armour around the machines' cockpit, he could hear debris patter and ring off of the armoured hull of the AUG. Deft and quick movements of his fingers and hands bought the AUGs' smart beam gun into play, the long-barrelled weapon unfolding into position to be grippd in the metal-shod hands. Immediately, the barrel started to weave and bob as it tracked in on targets and with a distinctive sound, bright charged particle beams whipped off, targeted at MA's even as they fired at the AUG. Snow's shots were decisive and true; guided both by the smartgun's tracking and his own sharp, albeit single-eyed, gaze, and the MA's he targeted exploded or slumped into piles of scrap.
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Tallow didn't stop. For a heavy AUG like HIGH IMPACT, stopping in the range of a defensive placement was a death sentence. The speed that she had built up was one of the few advantages she had.

Bullets fired from small arms as MAs advanced towards her. It was like the sound of rain. Though, the shrill reverberation of metal took away from any peace that could be found. Streaks of silver formed as rounds deflected off of HIGH IMPACT's carapace-like armour. Paint was, at the very least, cheap and easy to fix.

Tallow aimed at the ground in front of her and waited. While her right hand kept carefully aiming at the ground, her left hand was held above to carefully manage an overhead switchboard.

A heavy cannon slowly turned to put HIGH IMPACT in its line of fire.

"I know you want to..." She sang to herself. "But you're going to miss..."

Every single warning system screamed at her. The blaring sirens and alerts overwhelmed the raindrops called bullets.

Then she pulled the trigger.

A great plume of dust erupted in front of her.

Swiftly, she flicked an overhead switch and slammed her arm into HIGH IMPACT's controls. Her AUG was blinded. No sensors to track.

The heavy cannon fired. Was it panic from losing target lock or prophetic timing?

The round pieced through the dust and shattered the earth.

HIGH IMPACT had managed to turn its way out the round's path using a massive impulse from its right thrusters.

"Hire people who have patience, dickheads!"

Tallow bit her lip. HIGH IMPACT didn't have the engine to do that a second time. No, she was already running at capacity. Momentum was the only reason why she could run at high speeds for any longer than a brief second.

Still, she had seconds to work with as her warning systems had yet to yell.

It was actually quite pleasant. No bullets deflecting off her baby. No blaring sirens. Just the blissful noise of a muffled battlefield.

She aimed in front of her again. This time, she wasn't aiming at the ground. She unleashed a cacophony of grenades that took out MAs and shredded what fortifications were in front of her.
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Fallen Angel

"Other batteries, got it." Stel said to Adam. "Should we get them now or close up?"

"We're fast enough to get there before they can hit us, but that means more possibility of errors." A pause. "If LINEBREAKER is hitting the Arthropod, then we need to distract." A crosshair became visible on the various screen Stel was looking at, and a hum could be heard as the Brimstone charged its single-shot plasma blast. "Shoot at one and hit the next up close."

"Got it." The Red Power flew past the Arthropod, Stel carefully aiming in her cockpit and the AUG following suit, pulling up the Gatling-turned-cannon in front of it and firing its plasma blast at the furthest enemy cannon. She didn't quite hit, but the blast struck just below the target and sent it reeling for a few moments. They didn't waste the advantage, continuing on to the nearest target in a swerving pattern until finally pivoting and rolling over it, slicing through the barrels from above.

It wasn't until they were well behind the cannon that Stel let out a deep breath, still concerned about whether she had hurt anyone. "Let's hope that's enough of a distraction. And hey, that was pretty cool piloting, right?"

"We'll find out soon, I'm sure." Adam replied, ignoring Stel's praise for herself.
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Sara 'Rabbit' Lin

"I think they're mad!" Sara giggled over the squad comms as she brought her Aug back around and into the fight. They were all well within range now, and the base definitely knew they were there. Out of the corner of her perception, Sara heard the telltale whine of an alarm. The light rail gun had gotten a bead on her. Without missing a beat, Sara threw her machine into a sharp dive, the ground rapidly rising up to meet her. In the distance, she heard the rumble of the cannons, and her cockpit shuddered as the cannon shells flew past her.

Pulling up on the controls, Sara flew low to the ground, passing by High Impact and into the cloud of dust it had just kicked up to further mess with the tracking of the weapons. As the heavier mech took care of a formation in front of them and started getting to work on the fortifications, Sara finally put herself back on the ground, turning towards a small team of MA's attempting to flank them.

"Redknight gets Snow to cover her- so I guess you're stuck with me." Sara teased her fellow Bifrosti, as she casually flicked a few switches on her control panel and targeted the oncoming MA's. In one hand, the Chevalier leveled it's autocannon, the other hefted it's rocket launcher. Pulling both triggers, Sara let loose a storm of autocannon shells, punctuated by a pair of rockets fired in quick succession into the small grouping of machines.

As the dust cleared, the Chevalier leaped back into the air, it's powerful thrusters sending it screaming back into the sky. "Pretty sure we've gotten their attention now."
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JAMMER, being the slow tank of a machine it was, had just managed to catch up to the back line of EINHERJAR's attack force when the arthropod emerged. Script swore to himself. "Couldn't be easy now, could it?" His eyes scanned briefly over to his status screens. The MAs seemed to be dropping like flies, either switching off their radios or having gotten torn up from fire. While cleaning up the rear of the Communications squad's formation, Script's left ring finger and pinky were maneuvering a back-mounted analogue stick and button on the left control stick. This swung the shoulder-mounted chaingun wildly, laying down suppressive fire and ripping through the cheap MAs still desperately swinging back for a counter offensive. The light thrum of the gun added a bass-filled backdrop to Script's harsh symphony. With most of the MAs now firmly out of commission, Script turned his sights to what was left of the battle.

<<"Good copy, Watcher, initiating! All units, go for the other batteries, then we finish off the Arthropod! Make these maggots bleed!">>

Script watched on the scanners as Banshee and Fallen Angel took this to heart, swooping towards the remaining kinetic cannons. The flash of steel alloy that was Fallen Angel seemed to be handling the cannons fine, and with most of the MAs down... Script scanned the Arthropod before them. Point Defense was going to be a problem for a more straight, forward run, and Watcher's smoke screen posed a significant issue with a direct scan. Script pushed his controls forward, thrusting JAMMER into a dead sprint towards the Arthropod's left flank, making sure to keep a good enough distance to try and avoid triggering the defense systems just yet. He slid into a small dip in the terrain, lowering itself to keep steady. The Point Defense turrets were going to be an issue, as Script saw Banshee boost up into the air to get in position for a run at the Arthropod.

Script ran a quick scan, small red triangles marking the locations of the various turrets on his HUD. Once the locks were in place, JAMMER quickly reloaded his rifle with longer-range incendiary rounds and switched to burst-fire mode. Script switched over to the local EINHERJAR comms, opening up his mic. <<"Sorry WATCHER, I can't let you have all the glory. BANSHEE, I'm opening up the left flank for you. Try not to miss, I've only got so much smoke.">> He switched his mic off, moved his left hand off the control stick to manually type in a line of code. JAMMER's legs and head locked into place as Script switched protocols. He could take a few hits from the turrets if need be. The turret scans locked in place on Script's HUD as his left hand took back to its control sticks. He manually triggered his own electronic smoke, copying Watcher's move. "Alright... Locked and loaded. Let's see if this will do the trick... worst case, I give them something to focus on."

Almost instantaneously the screen's visual feed began glitching. That was fine, as the red triangles remained locked as a static image on his HUD. Script moved his right control stick and began unloading his rifle in the direction of the locked turrets in a calculated sweep of the Arthropod's left flank. By the end, visuals were almost completely gone as JAMMER had emptied his rifle in a serious of calculated burst-fire shots. If his math was right, visual confirmation was unnecessary. Even if he had missed, the volley of shots would be enough to get the attention of the auto-turrets. But with a large smoke cloud fully obscuring the area surrounding JAMMER, the auto-turrets should fire wildly and blindly around JAMMER. He would take a couple hits... but that's what JAMMER'S armor was for. After all, better him at this range than BANSHEE.

As soon as JAMMER's rifle was empty, Script tapped the enter key on his keyboard and pulled the controls backwards, his middle fingers pressing hard into small triggers on the back of the control sticks. The leg-mounted thrusters on JAMMER activated, thrusting the AUG backwards in the cloud of smoke as Script threw his aug's arms up defensively to help further protect the cockpit from any stray fire coming his way.
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