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5 yrs ago
I'm gonna call it quits.
5 yrs ago
Going to no longer talk to anyone unless its for a RP.
5 yrs ago
Don't know how I feel about wanting to RP for much longer...
5 yrs ago
I would do most of my RPs in public forums, but as its this sites rules here to keep mature content private I have little choice. But I guess I'll have to take on those false labels as a 1x1 RP-er.
5 yrs ago
Just new to this site but not to RP. So I just want to ask before I make a request thread, are non-fandom RPs ok? It's just that I see a lot of fandom related threads. Just want to make sure.


I'm done with stop/starting my RPs. If you happen to come here to message me for a RP, no can do, I'm done.

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Well... here we go once again.

Sorry if the request thread isn't going to look all fancy or be filled to the brim with text showing off my skill level, which is understandable when viewing such briefly made threads and wondering if that someone is going to meet any sort of expectations. But still, I've gone through this so much I honestly struggle to keep writing out the same request thread so many times over. So... yeah... I'll place down the gist of what I look for and the plots I'm hoping to get a story going, so, bare with me on this.

Right. So...

Slow burn
I like a good story, though I'm also not against doing smut. By all means, go for it. I'm just after something that focuses more on the plot than the smut. The same goes for the romantic build up. There will be plots I'm looking for where such a things is just gonna take time. A lot. Hell, a romantic connection probably won't even be a thing between the characters at the start of things. But it'll get there eventually. It'll just be nice getting something out where that doesn't have the characters sucking each others faces immediately, you know what I mean? I like playing off against characters that clash heads. In some cases the characters are going to start out as enemies.

FxF focus
As the Prefix show, I'm looking for RPs that focus on the pairing between 2 female characters. Not MxF. Not MxM. >>>FxF<<<. I will check and I will ask that you're sure you got the right person, because, believe it or not, I've been getting a few too many PMs elsewhere asking for something I don't look for.

I even play as or against Futa characters (please tell me none of you here find that term suddenly offensive, because I really don't see why it should)

I consider myself to be what I boldly put as "a basic bitch". Meaning that with anything smut, I don't typically do things covered in 50 layers of kinks. And I don't really take most or all of them to the extreme either. However, if there's anything you might want to do, ask. Just saying it now though I can't guarantee a 'yes'. That, and there are the usual hard 'No's such as toilet play, etc.

Monster girls
I like playing non-human characters. Or against them. Such as Anthro characters, Demons, Aliens (though not the weird ones...), and anything else expected when thinking about Monster girls. Though not all plots will need them. I will point them out which ones do.

Conflict/Power struggle
This is more to refer things on the Dom/Sub dynamic. And to put it plainly, I'm not looking for that kind of stuff. At least not to an extend where one is abusive and the other a doormat. I like a bit of hate sex when it happens and the characters fight over who should be in charge while doing the dirty. When it fits with the characters of course. I'm not gonna ask for 2 characters to have a swearing contest and the like if they are meant to be kinder characters that are intend to just make love with the other.

Some effort
This is for general posting if we do write together. While I get people have lives and things can happen, I would like there to still be at least a regular stream of posts. A couple of times a week minimum. It just gets difficult following a story when the space between posts get too wide. I lose interest as well as lose track on what my character was like in the moment, what was said, etc. While, yes, simply reading the previous posts can do the trick. I often need to go further back to really get back into the mindset of the character and what's happening to feel like I'll get the appropriate response out. And that'll just become too much of a hassle otherwise.

And if anything does happen. At least a notice would help.

Posting length, I would also ask there to be at least something. Not asking for an avalanche of text along with expert wording, spelling and literature skills. I'm not a novel writer myself, clearly, but I do still put in the effort to set the scene, write what the character is feeling and/or thinking and so on. I just ask not to give me short responses or worse, one liners.

Now onto the plots

--Heart of a Demon--
Fantasy based. Demon on Human. Violence. Multi character required. (Preferably looking to play as the demon).

Something of a experimental RP I've been looking to try for years now. Demons (and other kinds of monsters if you will) are a constant plague of fear and death. The remedy? Demon hunters, or Holy Knights capable of dealing with such threats. One in particular has a history with one Demon that made a bit of a name for herself. And the plot basically starts where they cross paths once again and have a clash of fists, blades, magic, you name it. Only on this occasion, their clash may end up having a more literal meaning to it. As they go for a killing blow on each other, the Demon's body is supposedly destroyed and the Knight/Hunter declares it a win by having killed the demon.

Except, the Demon never really 'died', only loosing its physical body and her soul latched onto the Knight's. As it turns out, they're now sharing a body essentially. More in a way of the Knight/Hunter having a second voice in her head, that being the Demon's voice. With developments to this condition being an option later on.

This obviously can't stand and neither of them would want to be stuck in the situation together. The Knight/Hunter wouldn't want to have a Demon speaking inside her head. And the Demon wouldn't want to be stuck inside a lesser being. The only option, come up with just enough tolerance to work together and find a solution to their problem.

--One second is a long time--
Fantasy based. Anthro on Human. Also violence. Time travel.

An inspired idea I've gotten to want to try. In a basic sense, there are two opposing races that have been at war with one another for as long as they can really remember, or just refuse to believe that the piece time was even genuine if they do remember/know of it. But the point is, that, they've assembled to have one last great onslaught against one another, all in hopes that one side will be completely wiped and the other can set about getting rid of the rest of their kind. Only one race shall rule type of thing. You know?

But in the middle of that fighting, two individuals, each one being a leader of some kind for their respective race, catch sight with one another and come to the same idea. Kill the head and the rest will fall with it, so they fight it out.
Similar to the Demon plot about clashing spells/abilities, only for them it creates a rift that sends them through time at a point in the past where this war between races hasn't happened yet. What was months for these two characters, was only a mere second for everyone else. This PR would basically have the two characters disappear as enemies, come back as lovers, who then have to explain what happened and why they love each other now.
In short, this RP is, in a way, told through those characters.

--Mutated love--
Post apoc. Monster girl on Human. Survival.

This was it. The world really went and blew itself to hell when nuke after nuke were being fired at other countries and before you'd know it. Silence. The world turned into ruin in a matter of weeks up to a couple of months. Nothing is the same and ever will be from here on out. Not only that, but not everyone has been fortunate enough to make it into a safe shelter or bunker. Those that didn't make it typically died, but some... changed.

Years later. Humans were able to leave and return to the surface, but really, what was the point? Nothing was every going to grow properly again. The vast majority of the world still looked like it was just a baren wasteland. Little to no wild life in sight. Sun constantly behind a sheet of clouds, never able to properly shine like it used to. Nothing. But that wouldn't stop some from trying still. Society had to come back somehow and doing nothing wasn't an option. Some came together to rebuild a community within settlements here and there. Though some just wanted to scavenge for themselves, be it going around like a bandit or becoming a mercenary of sorts and earn a little bit of a living in a more honest way but still without the strings attached.

One woman became just that, going across the ashes of what was once a nice world, living by day by day all on her own. She didn't need anyone. Never has and never thought she would. So when she crosses paths with a girl that's mutated, she initially would want to get rid of her and go back to travelling alone. But that may not be so simple after a while.

--Plots that are a bit more on the smutty side--

--Neighbourhood MILF--
Preferably Anthro characters. Potential cheating (but not a must). Rather unwanted/unintentional impreg. Futa on Female.

Something that became a bit of a hankering lately was having a RP where one character (from anywhere of 17-20), getting it on with an older (25-35) but still attractive woman. Either as a one time thing or a more reoccurring thing that developed into an affair. One that's not really supposed to happen and will likely meet a fair bit of disapproval.

One such idea being that the younger character is forced to move into her best friends home due to... whichever reason we can brainstorm over, but whatever the case is she doesn't like it and likes it even less that she's forced to do so. While there, she'd be asked to at least try to behave and cause as little issue as possible (as she would be known for that). And to her credit, she'd try. But then... who's to say that streak would even last once the older woman gets involved.

(I say preferably anthro characters to include the events of the older woman being in heat for the younger Futa character to get roped into having sex with)

--Strange housemate. Stranger relationship--
Futa Human on Anthro. Goth with a cat girl. One sided sexual act. Eventual impreg.

One of my latest idea that I've frankly gotten interested in. Something I discussed with my only partner currently over discord, but to be honest, he have so much else going on it's hard to write all the ideas flooding out of me.

Anyway. The point of this smut plot is that a goth teen (18 or 19) is forced to endure a rather strange new house mate. A humanoid cat girl. Now, on one hand, it's a situation the Goth is more than ok with just going "I don't care about her" and move on from it. But on the other hand. What is that girls stinking problem? For starters, the cat girl doesn't talk. Like, at all. Nothing. No sir. Because apparently, according to her Mom (cat girls Mom or Goth girls Mom, doesn't matter), the cat girl simply chooses not to talk to humans. The excuse being its because she's that shy around being's she unfamiliar with that she just won't speak to them.

Even if that were so, Goth girl still takes slight offence to that and often rants about it with her friends whenever the cat girl is brought up in conversation or texts.

But then, one day, seemingly out of nowhere. While Goth girl is chilling out in her room and talking to her friend over the phone/laptop. The cat girl just comes waltzing into her room and just, god knows why, tries helping herself to get into Goth girls pants. From there, things just take a weird turn between them where at times, only whenever the cat girl seemed to feel like it, they just start having sex.

And that damn cat girl still refuses to say a word.

--Fuck. My Aunt is too hot.--
A Aunt x Futa Niece smut plot. Mostly anal sex. Incest.

As it says on the tin. A Niece and an Aunt get it on with one another over the following months since the Niece was forced to move in for one reason or another. That's literally the gist of it. However, as nice as it may be to play/against characters that are completely down with the sex any time at any place, it would still be nice to just have that sense of drama or conflict about it. Something the pair would eventually work through and even come to the realisation that, not only do they like fucking each other, but they may even fall in love together.

(It may be a smut based RP, but I don't need every character to be horny sluts. It what I'm basically saying.)

--A for Effort Anal--
Futa student x Teacher. Preferably Anthro characters. Also mostly Anal (FYI: Anal typically isn't one of my top kinks, it's just something that's fitting for this sort of pairing)
Again, as it implies. A student, who's a bit of a trouble maker of sorts and doesn't listen well to teachers, ends up getting into enough detention that she starts catching the eye of a Teacher. One that the student (admittedly) finds hot, but too much of a stick in the mud. Which she kind of is. Neither of them really get along all too well.

However, only because it's part of her job, the Teacher is reluctant to accept the position to be the Student's one-on-one tutor for a set amount of time to help her study, get the grades up and over all prepare her to do well so that coming end of the year when the exams hit. But given how difficult the Student is making things, the Teacher... even more reluctantly, decides to try and... 'reward' her. Especially after finding out something interesting about the student.

(This Teacher/Student pairing has a potential One-shot if anyone just wants something short-term)

--More to come--
I've spent a good hour and a half just typing all this, getting distracted, being tired, etc. But there will be more. In fact you can always ask me for more on what I would put down soon. Or we can brainstorm something together from a list of pairings.

Scientist x Alien
Human x Multi Monster girls (Harem, Modern)
Former thief x Knight (Fantasy, transformation. Possible cheating)

Some pairings for a more smut focused RP, though for most/all of them I would prefer one of the characters to be a futa.
Student x Teacher
GF x GFs ex
Mother x Daughter or Sister x Sister
Absolutely Fucking Nothing
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