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Current Messaging a friend and realising we ain't spoken in TWO WHOLE YEARS. I tell you, that whiplash hit like a brick
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I organise my uni year to be as efficient as possible. 8 months of clubbing and a desperate 3 weeks to save my degree
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Enemies think you wont react, or get back in any way that'll care about. Get into deep, meaningful relationships with their mothers
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was it really a good night out if you aren't regretting everything you did when you sober up
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Landlords when you have an issue be like: " "


Damn chief this place is empty you should turn back

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I actually want this rp to be good. Thank you very much.

so you're calling your own roleplays garbage?
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You would have brought the rp down.

I didn't want to give you hope
@TGM sorry mate, gonna have to drop out as well before I join too many rps then struggle to keep up with any of 'em.
So its just us people now...

*Western showdown music*

See y'all in the rp

Well, that was bizarre; well besides the whole cultist burglary thing there was too much to wrap your head around. The house was a wreck, some... 'thing' had appeared with three faces, some of his siblings ran off as though they had upped and vanished- that was HIS power, not theirs. So where did they go? To top it all off, however; Alexander, the other Alexander, had plunged his hand into the depths of the dead and pulled up the spirit of daddy dearest, skin and all but little else apart from that. Seeing his father and all his manhood was definitely something to talk to in therapy about, just thinking of the possible mental scarring that Junior could have picked up was a tale all in itself. But that's not now that's not the present, where they were just attacked, the present where they needed answers and whatever else their deceased father could pass along. So when instead he was the one asking questions, saying that he knew very little and couldn't offer up much, Junior finally spoke up.

"... Have you encountered a man named Thorton Walters at all?"

"Sorry me father," Junior's clothes were in tatters from all the flying debris and floods of water that had flown through the air moments ago. His dishevelled look was quite surprising, even to him, since he had been invisible and hiding for most of the duration. "It would be faster if you just tell us about him. Instead of asking what we know? That's why we've gone further with this 'expert' than his copy." he looked to Justin, recognizing he was managing to speed up this discussion quite a bit.
Lets get this done
@silvermist1116@The Man Emperor

Far as I can tell, Junior isn't in the main dining room anymore.

Yeah he isn't, not sure if it was hard to tell in my post but just in case I'll go over and rewrite it later tonight, make it clearer.

A beast charged through the wall and the remaining siblings scattered to all corners of the room. Junior found himself separated from the family, still in the archway that connected the Dining hall with the other rooms of the manor, while some of his brothers and sisters seemed up in arms and ready for a fight, some others panicked in the youngest's absence. Well it wasn't really surprising, at least they could be bothered to care about the youngest person here when some kind of monster was attacking.
"J-Junior! Where are you?!"

Junior realised his Abstraction was still active and masking him from the view of any eyes, though maybe that was for the best regardless if his siblings were worried about him, why would he let himself be seen if there was a god damn monster in the room?!
Debris flew as his siblings and the monster began to fight.
"Alexander! Answer us! We need to go!"

He heard another one of his sisters cry out for him... maybe he should disable his abstraction.. reassure them all. I mean if they're busy looking for him they can't concentrate on fighting that. He was as safe as could be really, being halfway out the door it wasn't like he was in any immediate danger..
Then chains flew and the hostage, the boy, was dragged out of the room barely conscious- and some more freaks turned up.

Man he really shouldn't be here.

“Junior, wait!”

Nah, forget that. thought Junior No way am I staying here with that thing.
The kid ran off, to leave his brothers and sisters to deal with the fire wall by themselves. He didn't have a place in mind, his legs just carried him further into the manor, into the other room where the Asian kid and most of his other siblings were- cleaving away at some vines and plants with their powers.
If anyone could help it wouldn't be one of his useless sisters or brothers, and this kid could throw fire! though he couldn't really help if he couldn't see Junior... so he disabled his distraction, returning to view around his siblings as the 'expert' ran off, pursuing the weird asses that had attacked the family.
"What the hell," were the first words Junoir spoke to his immediate family, appearing at their side as they watched their 'help' run off ahead of them. "what are you gonna do now? Cmon aren't you gonna follow him!?"
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