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Current "Chemicals in the water, turning the friggin' frogs gay!" - Alex Jones
1 day ago
Make french toast instead.
1 day ago
"Little homoerotic gang of...mustaches!" - Alex Jones
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4 days ago
I dunno, Tundra, but I hope it's doable. I'll be all over that shit.
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I'm going to have to bow out. Feel free to keep using my NPC's, and you can make Declan an NPC if you wish. Best of luck.
Checking in! About to get cracking on a CS.
I can dig it. Room for me?
And the thread is up. I can edit this, at some point. Or we can do that 0th post thing.

Anyways, here we go!

Here's the characters; we've lost three males and three females.

Well. That's convenient.
@Panic Still here! I'll post soon, and probably jump a little ahead, time-wise.

Anyone excited to see those pairings?
If anyone wants to interact with Edwyn, just shoot me a PM.
Sorry for the spotiness. There's my promised second NPC, I'll get cracking on a post now.
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