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Current I won't bring my own beer, but I will bring da muthafuckin' ruckus.
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Fuck. It's been a while since I've been pissed off. Usually, I just get sad, so this is a welcome change of pace.
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Paul Baribeau is my favorite person ever.
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Wow. Woman Beating Jackass won against a guy from a completely different sport. Is he proud of that?
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"Personality, I mean that's what counts, right? That's what keeps a relationship going through the years. Like heroin, I mean heroin's got a great fucking personality."


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And the IC is up. Go wild. I changed my mind about a posting order. Just make sure you don't bullet post. Give some other people a chance, yeah?

Also, sorry about that post. It's shitty, I know. I promise that subsequent posts of mine will be of greater quality.
Lance Corporal Connor Webley and Sergeant Sofia Vargas

"Y'know." Connor began, leaning up against the cryo pod that had, up until a few hours ago, housed him. "This ship is never fuckin' quiet, but it's real goddamn loud today."

"You think it has something to with the fact that thousands of soldiers are all beginning to prepare for deployment?" Sofia retorted, sarcastically. She, unlike her Corpsman, was already in her BDU. She was composed, well-kempt, not at all like Webley. Connor could not look messier if he were trying.

"Look, I'm not asking for them to be quiet, I'm just wondering if they coul-" He was interrupted by the sound of a crate being dropped, followed by shouting. Connor rolled his eyes, stood up, and walked past the rows of empty cryo pods, to the room's entrance. Then, he shouted. "I'm just wondering if any of these Jarheads could use their fucking inside voices!"

"Connor, do you ever shut up?"

"Gee, I dunno Sarge, do you ever manage to get the stick out of your ass?"

"Go get your BDU and your gear, meet me in the Hangar."

"Where's everyone else?"

"Hopefully headed to the Hangar, too. We leave in less than an hour."

"Oh boy. I'm ever-so-excited to go and die for a lifeless rock."

"You're from ED-2. Where's your Outtie pride and solidarity?"

"I just think it's stupid to try and recapture a planet we can't live on when there're other Colonies that need defending."

"Careful with that shit, Webley. You never know when the spooks are listening."


"Ha. That's real funny." Vargas pinched the bridge of her nose in frustration. "Go get your shit together, Conn." To her surprise, the Corpsman actually started moving.

"Whatever you say, Sarge."
@datadogie @ReusableSword @CaptainBritton @FrostedCaramel @Raknarion @Driving Park @NarayanK

I have elected to let players decide on their own gear. All I ask is that you please do be reasonable.

The IC will start Sunday, 8/27! Prepare yourselves.

Interacting with: @Ambra

MacCready’s was an Irish bar with a Scottish name, owned by a Russian, and managed by an American. The bar was a dive, essentially, but by the simple matter of keeping it clean, it was considered ironically shitty. It was either the shittiest good bar ever, or the best shitty bar ever. Between the graffiti scratched into the tables and chairs and barstools, the visibly smoky air, and the painfully pretentious music that Thomas liked to play, MacCready’s was...unique. Only two things kept the regulars coming back. The relatively cheap booze (especially when compared to the bars near the college) and the Darkwell Tribune-voted best bartender in Darkwell, two years running.

Or, so he liked to think.

It was probably the cheap booze.

It was quiet tonight. It was quiet most nights, really, but tonight was especially slow. If he didn’t have the news running on the tv above the bar, he might’ve wondered why. The sound was turned off, and music was playing, but he could read the subtitles.

”Tonight, a third victim was found seemingly-mauled. The woman, whose name has not been released, has been checked into a hospital. Police on the scene refused to comment on her condition. This follows two deaths, and conflicting reports of what the attackers might’ve looked like.”

People are scared…

Thomas winced, turning away from the screen. He heard Garrett, one of his regulars, order another glass of rum. He nodded, distractedly, occasionally glancing at the TV screen as he filled the glass. He only snapped out of his reprieve when he handed the drink to him.

”You alright, man?” Thomas asked, raising an eyebrow. He knew his regulars. He knew that Garrett didn’t look well. ”You look like hammered shit. No offense.” He knew that he’d looked about as bad, if not worse, not too long ago. Worst fever he’d had in ages. Enough to make him miss work, which didn't happen very often. He stayed in his apartment, ate saltine crackers, and watched movies. For the first time in a while, he didn't worry about the bar. It would've been nice if it hadn't been for the dangerously high fever.
@ReusableSword It's well formatted, clean, and interesting. It's a solid sheet, but the issues that @datadogie mentioned are there. It's mostly lore stuff. If you can change everything he mentioned, fantastic, but at least provide some more info as to how he went from being ONI's golden boy to being some random-ass marine in Whiskey Squad. Also, your sheet insinuates that Whiskey Squad has been together for some time, but it hasn't. I'll concede, that's my bad, since I've never really explicitly mentioned that. Fix those issues, and I'll be a happy camper. Fix everything datadogie mentioned, and I'll be a very happy camper.
@CaptainBritton Alright. Looks good. I'll put him up when I get the chance.
NOTE: Do not post in the character tab. I'll be throwing all the sheets in one master post, for the sake of keeping it clean.

@FrostedCaramel Fantastic sheet, welcome to the crew. I'll throw him up when I get the chance.

@Raknarion Awesome. All I'm going to nitpick you on is a little discrepancy. He just came out of boot camp, but he's a Private First Class. To my knowledge, in the real USMC, completing training makes you a PFC (according to Wikipedia). However, in the Halo Universe, marines straight out of training are Privates and are later promoted to PFC (Accord to the Halo Wiki). If you could change either his experience or his rank, then you're all set.

@caliban22 There's nothing really wrong about your sheet, but I'm going to ask that you clean it up a bit. Just make it a little nicer looking, so it's not just a wall of text, and see if you can patch up a few of the grammatical errors that I caught. Other than that, there's the fact that you mention Adam's uncle, and then promptly go on to talking about his cousin, totally forgetting about the uncle. Essentially, it's an alright sheet, it just needs to be cleaned up a bit.
Alright. As of 10:11 PM Central Standard time, I'm closing the thread. Anyone who has expressed interest so far, either on the thread or on the interest check, may make a sheet. From here on out, spots will be filled on a first come, first serve basis. I was going to operate on 8, including myself, but we'll make it 8 plus me. Datadogie, Driving Park, and NarayanK have filled three spots. CaptainBritton and FrostedCaramel have proved active in the discord, so that's 2 more filled. Three spots left, guys. Go wild. Sorry, if you end up getting screwed by the timezones or something. That's just the way it happened. Spots will probably open up, eventually.

On the "relationships section"...

If you'd like, you can fill it out after more sheets come in. It's just for pre existing friendships and shit.

On a related note, if anyone was planning on playing a Former CMA character, let me know. Our characters probably knew each other.
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