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Current Swiftly coming up to the big annual weekend job at Tutbury Castle! Which means slow replies from me.
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Do yourselves all a favour and watch the series 'From'. It's fantastic!
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The marvel SDCC Hall H panel last night was 🔥
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Trying to ignore it's father's Day is fracking difficult because 1) it's triggering for me to an extent and 2) no one is online to chat!
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I am not designed for UK heatwaves 🥵 pretty sure I'll be a puddle soon enough


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Kay couldn't say she understood everything Drake was saying but she was just thankful he wasn't insisting on getting up against her wishes for his health. "just rest Drake..." She said softly, "let me get you some pain relief and a cold cloth" she told him, standing up.

From where Fia and Chas stood, neither could fully hear what John was saying but Fia knew what to do. This was the kind of thing her dad had trained her for, what her whole family trained her for. With the combination of her phoenix flame and her mage abilities, she summoned a blade of fire as well as summoning the brightest of lights into her free hand. "Watch my back Chas" she told him, to which he simply gave a nod. She then ran forward toward the hound, pushing her hand forward forcefully, shooting the light from her hand straight toward the hound like a spear.
"then either myself or Bane will go, but you MUST stay here Drake. You'll only get yourself into more trouble and be a hindrance rather help for Fia." Kay replied, hating to see him so clearly hurting and not just physically, but emotionally as well. She made sure he remained sat on the bed and even made him lay down again. "So please, stay here" she begged again. She knew people wouldn't like the idea of her going out there, but she knew if Bane didn't, then she would have to. This was also Chas and John in trouble with Fia, she had to do something.

"Yeah yeah, I despise you too!" She sneered back at the hound that was barking at her, she was ready to fight when the shadow wolves appeared beside herself and Chas. "Get John to safety, even if it's in the cab. Just get him out of harm's way" she ordered. "One of you stay with myself and Chas to keep fighting the hound off, they're stubborn gits, they won't give up easily" she added. "I know this isn't the time Fia, but watch your language" Chas said, keeping his bat up and ready to swing if the hound came for them.
Kay didn't like how white Drake went, but seeing him still weak from the day before she wasn't going to let him go after them either. It wasn't safe and in his state she knew whatever danger they were in, he wasn't going to be of any use to the others. "No, you're in no fit state to help them. She's with John and Chas, they'll keep her safe. Bane sent shadows to follow them as well" she explained, trying to stop him from getting up.

With the incantation spoken, she moved her hands across her eyes then outward and with a blink, she saw what was attacking them. "Chas careful! It's Hellhounds!" she warned him, moving in front of him and inciting the incantation once more and did the same actions onto Chas' face so he could also see the Hellhounds. "Oh bloody hells!!" Chas cursed as he went from seeing nothing in front of them and in front of John, to seeing exactly what was throwing John around like a ragdoll. "Keep ya wits about ya Chas, this will be brutal" Fia said, absolutely hating Hellhounds. "Fine by me!" Chas replied, though he would have been lying if he said he wasn't rather freaked out by the sight of the hound.

Fia then ignited her hands in the same flare of her father, running over to try and give John some kind of cover, blasting fireballs of phoenix fire toward hellhound. "get back you ugly son of a bitch!" she growled.

The only thing that Nat was thankful about Mika's interruption was that it meant she didn't have to explain herself to Cason's words about her 'snuggling up to him a couple of seconds ago'. She was drunk, possibly a little more drunk than she would like to be or should be, certainly enough for her to be scolded by her brothers once they see her state, but not so drunk she can't get behind her steering wheel and drive back to the motel (though it probably should be someone else anyway due to her emotional and now stressed out state). She wasn't however going to let Mika know such a fact. Instead she watched on as Cason attempted to just disappear and exit the crypt in his usual flare, only to find he can't and has to try and exit like the rest of them. She watched him storm off through the crowd and find Anna, whom he dragged over rather roughly. She then too turned to Mika and glared back at her, fiercely shoving her arms out and toward where Cason was, "are you quite proud of yourself now!? Urgh, you're as frustrating as my brothers!!" she complained, storming off, battling between the students whilst pushing some of them ahead of her in the hopes that she could use all their bodies as a glorified battering ram on the gate.

"Nat!" Mika called after her, whilst pulling out a silver stake from her belt's back casing and stabbed it through a zombie's head via it's left temple, pushing it backwards and making it stumble backwards into others, knocking them over like bowling pins. She then made an effort to get through the crowd with the others when she finally caught sight of Sams hair on the outside and could suddenly hear him call out. "WE'RE ALL HERE!" She shouted back, in the hopes it would relieve some kind of worry to know they were all at least unharmed and alive. Looking around, she finally spotted Nat again after losing sight of her briefly due to he focusing on trying to let the brothers know they were all still okay. She saw how Nat was using the students as a battering ram and if they were in any other non life threatening moment, Mika would have found herself pinching the bridge of her nose in disbelief, but as it stood right now, she didn't have time for that.

"get out of my way bitch!!" one male student shouted at Nat, being fed up of her using him to break free. He saw a zombie coming and shoved Nat back towards it which made Mika see complete red, pushing through the students to get to Nat whilst also taking this brief moment to punch the student right in the nose, hearing the bone crack even over all the screaming. "Touch her again and I'll feed you to these monsters myself!" she growled at him, freaking the boy out so much he could have sworn he saw fire burn in her eyes, but figured it was just the fear of the situation making him see things.

Eventually Mika's attention turned to the gate and seeing it shake on its hinges- Dean was about to knock it down and people would be collateral damage if they didn't budge. "EVERYONE MOVE! THE GATE IS COMING DOWN!" She yelled just in time as the gate came crashing down and Dean came barreling in in what seemed like a blink of eye, but in reality it wasn't. He saw Anna and Cason exit, took that brief moment to get a weapon or two before rushing in.

"Nat let's go!" she yelled, grabbing her pseudo sister in law by the arm and pushing her outside and over to Sam....


Sam hated that he could hear Annabeth one moment then not the next. He glanced over as Dean was deciding to go 'old school' with his methods of breaking into the crypt. He kept looking out for the girls and Cason when he saw Mika's hair for a brief moment as she punched a student square in the nose and it visibly made him wince, wondering what caused her to do such an action, but didn't wonder about it too long as he had more important things to be thinking and focusing on. Anna's scream and then nothing freaked him out more, all of the worst scenarios soaring through his head until he saw Cason grab her.

He didn't stop keeping his eyes on the crowd and trying to find the girls until the gate came down and Cason had shoved Anna into him. He instantly grabbed Anna to check on her when he saw her run her bloodied hands through her hair, just as Dean was. He looked at his brother as the orders were practically barked at him. He wanted to protest, he wanted to tell Dean that he wasn't to do this alone, that it was practically a suicide mission, but he knew just by looking at Dean's facial expression, it wasn't the right thing to say and it was better to just nod and comply.

"Anna stay out of the way back there, I'm grabbing the other two girls" he told her, looking her in the eyes to truly make sure that she was really unharmed. He stepped forward and looked around, letting students go passed him when he finally saw Mika and Nat once more, reaching out for them both. "GIRLS! HERE!" He shouted, making them both turned toward his voice and ran toward him. "We should help Dean!" Mika told him once she reached him, but Sam shook his head, "No, I need to get you all out of here, he can handle this! His orders!" he replied, "Fine by me!" Nat replied, coming in quickly and running straight out of the crypt and over to where Annabeth was.

Sam got Mika out and walked over to everyone when they were in the clear, checking them all over and the first thing he noticed was Nat's eyes slightly glazed over. "How much has she drunk?" he asked Mika and Anna, waiting for one of them to answer. "Enough to be not insanely drunk, but more than just tipsy" Mika explained. "so what if I'm ever so slightly drunk! I still managed to do my job without being a problem!" Nat snapped back, folding her arms in a huff. Sam wasn't impressed and he knew Dean would lose his shit if he saw the state of her. "I'm driving your car back to the motel Nat" he said sternly, then turned back to Annabeth.

"Now...are you truly okay?" he asked her worried about her, checking her over himself and seeing the red mark on her arm that Cason left. He found himself checking it for any bite marks or breaking of the skin in general but found himself sighing with relief as he saw nothing that would cause a problem. "Right, lets get you back to the motel" He suggested to everyone, to which Mika nodded at the plan, even though she didn't particularly like leaving Dean alone, and Nat just huffed in response.

He lead them all to the cars and silently gestured to Nat to hand him her car keys. Initially she refused but he gestured slightly more sternly at her which made her hand them over. "Anna, in the front, Meeko you keep an eye on Nat in the back" he suggested to them, he was not in the mood to deal with Natalia right now. Walking around the car to the driver's side he unlocked the car and got in the driver's seat, waited for the girls to get in and when everyone was in, he began to drive back to the motel.
When Drake said about an ambush but not at the mill House, Kay's blood ran cold metaphorically. She knew exactly what it meant and it was her concern from the moment that John said he was going to go now. "It does to me. John, Chas and Fia went to the key lines point of crossover. It's how the demons and such are finding us, they're using them as a tracker" she told him. She didn't know how he'd take the news of Fia being in danger, but she guessed not well judging by how close they seemed to be.

Fia and Chas kept watch but saw nothing out of the ordinary. Fia however could feel something was off and it was putting her on edge. "I don't like this Chas..." She stayed, "me neither Kiddo but John knows what he's do-----" he began to reply when he suddenly saw John go flying backwards and into a bench, putting him into defensive mode instantly. He quickly ran to the car and opened the trunk to grab a baseball bat in the hopes it would at least keep whatever it was back. "John!!" Fia shouted, she needed to know if he was still conscious as her eyes darted all round to try and find the attacker, to no avail.

"Shit!" She cursed, then remembered she knew a spell she could use, "if your gonna play it that way, let's play" she muttered as she started to recite an incantation to give her the sight to see the invisible.
Kay's instincts to help someone in need kicked in the moment she saw Drake shaking on the floor. Waking over, she helped him up onto his feet then to sit on the bed. "What kind of danger?" She asked him, not liking what she was being told whatsoever. She didn't even find herself asking how he knew some of them weren't in the mill House, his statement about the shadows telling him about danger answering her initial moment of being baffled.

Fia was okay with the plan but Chas wasn't happy about it at all. He didn't like the idea of John being further than arm's reach to him and Fia incase something were to go wrong. Yet he also knew his mate like he knew himself, and agreed to the plan anyway. They both gave it a few moments for John to get ahead of them then both got out of the cab and stood by it, watching him and their surroundings intensely. "I got a bad feeling about this Chas" Fia commented as she looked around, "me too kiddo, me too" he replied.
"yeah...I guess so" Kay replied to Bane, remembering that John had given her one book a while ago but so far she hadn't found anything particularly relevant to her internal questions she just aired to Bane. When the thud was heard, she too looked upward. "I think it was. I'm gonna go see what's going on" she told him, hopping off of the table and heading upstairs, checking each room and the hallway for anything out of sorts, when she came to the bedroom with Drake in it. "Drake you okay??" She asked, walking inside.

Fia nodded, understanding what he was saying. She got the odd side effect to demons being in the facility, one trait she had inherited from her father, but it feeling weaker in this time than in her time. "Okay" she simply replied when Chas eventually found the area they were needing. "I think we're in the area Kay pointed out" he told them both.
When Bane blinked and looked down, Kay then realised what was happening and she couldn't say she exactly approved of Fee using her without her permission, but she let it slide as it did make the headache slightly less painful. "I agree, I feel like we're missing an important part of the puzzle and that missing puzzle piece is to do with her lineage" she replied. "I also wish I knew more about my history, or at kind's history, I find myself wondering if there is a reason in that history to why I seem to be so important to the Downworld and Hell.." she added.

Fia listened to her father's words and have a nod. "We'll figure it all out" she replied from the back seat, seeing him rub his head, knowing that meant he was getting a headache of sorts. "You alright?" She asked him with concern whilst Chas continued to drive.
Kay watched Bane touch the map, not expecting him to mention Fee for some reason, so when he did she had to pause to think about her answer. "I have no clue, she's....stubborn sometimes when it comes to wanting to give information." She explained. "I've been thinking it all over, not being stubborn Kay" Fee then spoke up in her head, making Kay flinch slightly. "Apparently she's been thinking it all over" she explained to Bane. "From what I can see and have heard, John Constantine is correct in his theory, they are using the leylines to track yourself and miss Serena. Leylines are extremely powerful and hold great ancient energy. I am not sure how he can cut that off however, but mages aren't my forté. It also difficult to say accurately what would be brewing when it has been millennia since our kind have been truly around and had access to our full power" Fee explained, making Kay rub her temples as she listened. Little did she realise, her free hand was writing everything Fee was saying down on some paper for Bane.

Fia sighed, wishing at this point that she could say something to John with the knowledge she has of the future. But she knew it wasn't allowed in the basic rules of time travel. "They don't deserve to be in hiding...I agree with you there" she replied, knowing damn well not much will change for years, especially with her personally.
"I worry too" Kay replied, perching on the table beside the map instead of sitting on a chair like Bane was doing. "I really hope it goes alright for them" she added, looking down at the map, seeing all the dried old spots of cases from the past that John had done.

"You underestimate them ya know" Fia said leaning forward behind John's seat. "Ok, sit back and seatbelt" Chas said, lightly slapping Fia's hands off the back of John's seat, his fatherly side kicking in out of habit. Fia didn't take it badly, and instead smirked in amusement as she sat back properly and put her seatbelt on. "Happy now?" She asked teasingly, "yeah" Chas replied, turning the keys in the ignition and driving off to the location they needed.
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