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I already suspect a majority of Tel's memos to the Captain will concern something related to or directly caused by Res.

"Message from Tel to Captain Scary-pants:

Res has created a society of micro-organisms in the refrigerator that now worship him as "the Many-Legged God", we have made attempts to drive them out using insecticides but so far it has not been successful. Alarmingly, despite their small size, these creatures appear to be extremely strong and have begun to master the basics of arcane magic. Crew member Johns suffered a small fireball to the face when he tried to physically remove the arctic invaders.

I have tried to convince Res that he should encourage his newfound followers to go on a pilgrimage to the the garbage compactor, but he said that would be rude, and said that they are an important part of his effort to develop Hot Dog Cake.

- Tel"


@Hologram Prose So it's a good thing I didn't go with my other idea for a character who was an honorable voidsharkman.

There is nothing more suspicious, dangerous, or potentially useful to a spy than someone with honor. :3
Pirates don't have honour, you're clearly a spy!
Why not both? :3

Tel could be the Captain's right hand man woman and Rogue's character could be more of a representative of the crew.
Tel nominates Res.
Is this still accepting? What are you missing? (I'd like to go for security tough guy, if it's still available) Where are you in terms of story?

I think so, but only @Dead Cruiser could say for sure.

In terms of story, I think we're just at the beginning of the beginning. ;)


Summary of Roles (Characters are posted in Character Sheet tab, was a bit too lazy to link it all):
@Hylozoist Ship's Steward (Cook)
@vFear Master-at-Arms (Security/Boarding Party Chief)
@Irisity Ship's Surgeon (Doctor)
@Dark Wind Helsman (Pilot)
@jasonwolf Boarding Party Member
@Hologram Prose Spymaster
@Cute Bumber Communications Master

Character's still waiting approval or WIP:
@Ink Blood is working on an owl-based Researcher/Navigator
@Rougespartan181 is working on a psionic-based unknown role character
@Jeyma expressed interest in writing a merchant

Stuff that's still missing from the very hop-shod list I compiled for the Interest Check (the list from the interest check was/is by no means exhaustive, it was just some of the roles I could think off of the top of my head):
First Officer
Ordnance Master

In general, the party is also very psionic heavy.


Does anyone have any suggestions as to what position Ildaz would be best suited to? Gimme a debate so I can make up my mind.

Boarding party always needs more meat shields troops. :P

Another option might be emphasizing his technological prowess a bit more than his combat prowess and swinging him more towards Chief Engineer.

Sounds good to me! :)


Only had time for a very quick read through (more boring reading called), but I quite liked it as an opening, set the tone for the RP very well for me (I'll be sure to write some very mean critique later). :3
@Iuniper and @Hologram Prose, both of you have until midnight GMT+1. I hope that will suffice. If you need help or have any questions, ask away.

Perfect, that gives me plenty of time to wrap things up. :D
Let me go and edit my role to be Ship's Cook and The Must Have Fashion Accessory Of The Decade.

"Tel, I need your help, what are those green things Kell wears on his feet, and more importantly what sauce would they go best with?"
@Hank Provided you don't cut it off early evening I should manage. :P
"Tel said it was a teachable moment on the dangers of talking to Res or really being anywhere near him."
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