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12 mos ago
Current I've returned, and found out what spidersona's are, goofy ahh stuff-
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12 mos ago
Playing doom eternal rn, mancubus' are annoying.
1 yr ago
Also in a different match I managed to quickscope headshot people 2 times, skill issue.
1 yr ago
So I played a match of BFV and we couldn't even set a foot on a beach lol, the japanese were just having a vice grip on it.
1 yr ago
Just feeling like looking out my window with binoculars and just watching lol
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Male, Furry. (Eastern sergal. Head view included.) Unsure of what my tastes are, I got a joke about protogens. So my joke is what diseases would a protogen catch? Protozoa, Tetanus (as in toaster.) A second joke I have is about kiwi birds, what's it called when a kiwi bird eats a kiwi fruit? Cannibalism. Aromantic lol. Fursona employment: Mercenary for hire.

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@BaileyBlue302DID I HEAR... FURRY?!
I mean like seriously, It feels like I'm the only one here.
@LegendBegins I tried going back and uh I think it worked.
@NuttsnBolts I had a stroke trying to read that but I think I kinda understood it-
@LegendBegins Okay so when I get a message it doesn't show up immediatly so I either have to come back to the website on a different tab. But close the tab I was using for this website.
For some reason it never shows up immediatly, why's that?
@Kuro Mkmkmkmkmkmk
I've been looking and yeah nothing feels interesting.
@DayzeeLewis1121 Mmm I hope so.
Dead thread (real.)
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