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Current Then life happens. Hiatus. Sorry, and thank you. May we cross paths again someday, peeps.
9 mos ago
Busy, busy day. Sad that the only writing I could do today was writing this guild status. ~.~
9 mos ago
Each night close to bedtime I tell myself, "fuck work!" only to be fucked by work the next day.
9 mos ago
Today is the happier yet sadder day of the month. Because today is the day salary comes in and immediately flies out of the bank account like it didn't even happen :(
9 mos ago
*whispers* Ze washing machine ate it...


"Well, be good now and say hi, I can see you there, stranger," a feminine voice spoke out of nowhere, its owner hidden from plain sight. One could say it sounded like a challenge, to lure visitors into obeying her command and dropping a PM or a VM on her profile, but if one were to listen carefully, it was more of an awkward attempt to befriend the newcomer who had consciously or unconsciously stumbled upon her domain.

"Not listening, are you? Oh fine, I'll come greet you instead." Some indiscernible noises and an oops dammit later, a petite figure emerged from behind the shadows of the guild looking at her visitor curiously yet somewhat wary of whoever who was now present at her doorstep, her steps slow but purposeful. She was not one to engage in chats, not for the lack of friendliness, but she was often afraid of saying the wrong things, awkward things, which may scare visitors away.

It can't be helped; she was more of an introvert after all, and years of being cooped in her small home did nothing to improve her communication skills with others. It only made her fail to express her true desires and intentions with the right words, often causing confusion to everyone who made contact with her. She decided that withdrawing into her own world might be best - that way she wouldn't inconvenience others nor would she ever send the wrong kind of message.

Though every now and then, she found herself wishing she could at least break free from her introvert shell. She did try of course, on days when she had a bit more courage and a bit more confidence, then she screwed up again and ran back to her hidey-hole to weep in disappointment. Today was one of such days; she felt braver than usual, plus she couldn't seem to ignore the presence of this stranger lurking around her profile.

Putting on her best smile, she said, "Hello, I'm Jonisca. Who are you?"


Hi there, Profile Visitor! I know I don't have much to offer at the moment, because I don't even know what I can offer haha. The above story/post/idunnowhattocallit? can be a reference to those who want a glimpse of my writing capability (or incapability for that matter .__.). I love reading stories with interesting plots and romance, preferably in medieval or some otherworldly fantasy settings but in terms of writing in this kind of genre...I have yet to discover if I have such flair. Gotta roleplay to know eh?

I cannot vouch for whether I can write up to anyone's expectations; if I am good, yay! If I am bad...*sadface* Jokes aside, feel free to throw constructive criticisms at me. I promise I will accept them most graciously...*looks with sad puppy eyes*

Areas I may be interested in:
- Generally romance, (feel free to PM me your idea to check if I'll be interested, since romance is pretty wide lol. Just fyi, I hardly write smut though as I lean more to light + slow burn romance)
- Medieval fantasy
- Adventure
- Tempted to do high fantasy but posts will probably be slow due to overthinking
- Time travel
- Paranormal fiction, preferably something unique other than vampires and werewolves
- Romance xianxia aka Chinese cultivation fantasy involving immortals and Chinese mythology

Not inclined to do:
- Sci-fi
- Fandoms, due to my limited knowledge in movies, anime, drama series
- Historical fiction, mainly because it would take too long to research
- Military
- School settings, unless the plot is good
- Modern, unless it's mixed with heavy otherworldly setting

Looking forward to interacting with most of you, and I hope to rp with you guys! Most of all, have fun, and have a good day! :D

Fun Fact 1: I reply quick. as soon as I can.
Fun Fact 2: I can lose interest easily in a RP with uninspiring plots and posts.
Fun Fact 3: I love me some romance C-dramas. *activates hopeless romantic mode*

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Sorry peeps, got caught up with work that I couldn't find a proper time to write for a week now hmm.

Will take a while, but feel free to post ahead of me, thank you!

Vieira Sanderson



Divine Parent:

Vieira has always been good with healing things, be it humans, plants or animals, as long as it is a living thing. With the touch of her palm for a brief moment, she can easily heal small cuts and minor surface wounds without the need for antiseptic and bandages. She herself is also able to heal faster than most people, having a strong regenerative power within her. She only realised her healing and regenerative abilities when she was in high school, when she was checking on an ugly bruise that a guy friend she cared a lot for had on the knee and instinctively placed a palm there. Both of them were surprised to see the bruised spot disappear as if the guy didn't have it at all. She also has the power to persuade others to bend to her will or have people naturally want to do her plenty of favors (she suspects it has to do with her beauty and wit for the most part), though this ability is much weaker compared to her healing powers.

Vieira has always been a good communicator since young, which lands her the saleslady job at a condom company without much effort. She is self-taught when it comes to stitching crafts like making soft toys as a hobby. She has green fingers thanks to her existing regenerative powers, so she's pretty good at gardening in terms of keeping plants alive, not so much at identifying the different plant species. She's good at social Latin dancing, with salsa and bachata being her favorite dance styles.

Personality Traits:
Adaptable, Sociable, Independent, Affectionate, Playful, Witty, Charming, Helpful, can be Blur on rare occasions

Vieira had always thought family means just her dad and her, together. She couldn't recall having a mother, and oddly, she didn't think to ask her father much about her. Perhaps she did once when she was a little girl, but Andrew Sanderson only shook his head and smiled wistfully while telling his cute daughter that Mommy had to be away and they only had one another for now. Little Vieira nodded innocently, thinking that she only needed Daddy in her life anyway. Mommy wasn't present much or at all, so she couldn't matter that much, right?

The fact that she had only a single parent with her made her stand out in school but Vieira didn't care what people thought of her. Then again, her charming, friendly and witty personality helped her blend in with her schoolmates and even made her one of the popular pretty girls in school whom all the boys would die to date. She had a few flings in between but she never got serious with any one of them.

Years flew by, and the grown-up Vieira was still contented to stay by her dad's side and remain her Daddy's little girl. But one fine day, she came home from work to walk into her dad kissing a beautiful lady. She was surprised; her dad had never considered dating anyone after her mom, so who was this sexy stranger lady?

It was then she found out that the lady was actually her long-lost mother. For better or worse, she also got to know that her mother was the Greek Goddess Aphrodite, except she was appearing in human form, adopting the mortal name Evelyn Hart. At first, Vieira had no reason to believe this beautiful lady's story. Then Evelyn held both her hands, and Vieira instantly felt the coming of spring, heard the gentle lapping of ocean waves and understood what it was to love and be loved, to desire and be desired; it was then Vieira realised she was granted a brief insight into her mother's being.

Without giving Vieira much time to absorb it all, her mother then foretold a prophecy that Vieira would make a fine full god should she decide to tread the path of ascension, provided she also fulfilled three conditions along the path to becoming a full god. Upon further enquiries, Vieira was given no additional hints except the opportunity to train and ascend begins this year and Pandora Agency should be her destination for all the questions she has about her destiny, godhood and beyond.

Her father was elated of course, being overwhelmed with joy that his goddess of a wife finally returned and that his demi-god of a daughter could be someone as great as his wife. He encouraged Vieira to pursue godhood so she could then be with her mother often after the ascension, but only if she was up for it. Vieira was less inclined, but the thought of becoming a full god did sound interesting and tempting. Was it even possible for a girl like her? There was only one way to find out - she would have to go to this mysterious Pandora Agency and discover where her destiny truly lies.
Torn between the 3 choices! Aahh, decisions, decisions!

> "There was something odd about the bookcase."
Banned because so much has happened after I woke up from eight hours of sleep LMAO
Banned because a simple bird shouldn't fluoresce and a dark lightbulb wouldn't be able to understand Moon, too.
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