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(Work in progress. Never memorized BBcode, so expect a use of that later for better presentation.)

Preferred settings
Generally I like dark fantasy, medieval European settings, gothic and Lovecraftian horror, but I'm not limited by such settings of course.

Roleplaying/Roleplayer Types
Put simply, I ABHOR censorship, and SFW/advertiser friendly/general audience nonsense. Call me an edge lord if you must but I like to be able to explore darker themes? Wicked behavior, the darkness of man and beast alike, how messy getting cut in half vertically really is? After all what is light wholesome joy without a bit of dark edgy misery to contrast? Granted it is far from my only focus, after all; a valiant warrior, true love, true faith, what makes or breaks an empire... all of these are well within my favorite tropes. With that said, yes I will partake in writing sexual situations, but smut is lazy and indulgent, give it some damn effort! Oh and as you can probably tell if your still reading, I like to have a post length of about a paragraph.

Character Architype Examples:

The embodiment of prodigious size, physical fitness, and fortitude. A daunting and fearless champion of might and martial prowess. this architype is all about the willingness to face anything head on. Balanced of course with a great intelligence, for without ample wisdom how can one aptly wield such might? The tower can be both a bulwark that others can rely on or a looming tyrant looking down upon those is has subjugated. Such is its nature, it excels at confronting enemies without, but is vulnerable to enemies within. Champion or tyrant: "...woe to those who dare assail the tower."

The embodiment of ambition, charisma, and noble visage. An exemplar of grace and the illusion of power. This architype is about the qualities that can bring people together or tear them apart. Commerce, persuasion, rallying cries, influence, and subversion are the links that make a strong chain to hold. Its presence can reassure the faltering, offering opportunity where ever it goes. There is a magnetism to it, pulling others around it. It relies on others to do the lifting and the fighting, as it is most vulnerable to overwelming force aimed at it directly. The question remains, will the anchor be the weight that stops all from being swept out by the tide or will it drag all down with it?

The embodiment of hunger, strife, and the power within. At a glance there is little of note, another feeble wanderer. Yet within the blood or perhaps the spirit: unspeakable power exudes. This architype is all about hidden power, sorcerous strength, and the unbreakable will. Meek though this form may appear, it is far more physically capable than any mere man and if pushed to do so, can transform into something far more dangerous than any mere army. A monstrous form of fathomless hunger and feral rage ever clawling at the mind to be let out, only held back by an indomitable will. In the blood the power to fell a hundred men, in the soul the power to endure, in the flesh humility. A shell hiding the pearl inside.

Most Recent Posts

Hello! I came across this thread and I wanted to know if you were still searching for an RP partner?

Perhaps a mercenary in the Duchess' employ? A yellow garbed, mouthy, flamboyant, great-swordsman bound by darker powers? Less subtly, a bit of a reference to cosmic horror.
@Mangrade @Gisk Hm, well with respect to the threads original poster I'd let her/him get in their to cents before continuing that train of thought. Don't want to hijack this thing with my pipe-dreams again...
Hail! Again? Well, if your looking for something with at least three of the above: I've wanted to do a mecha RP forever, and I have some ambitious ideas for how to do it. Should preface it by saying: not much of weeb so mileage of tropes may vary.
Horus the Horrowed


A heroic bloody warrior-mage! Seem familiar? If yes then your my kind of people. A wielder of the primal essence of life, able to give and take as nature. He's a man with many convictions: to return the dead to rest, to purge those who wield light for false means, and to bring upon himself the true limits of the mortal will!


A towering man at seven feet. Well built, but badly scarred. His hair is a tangle of curly red and white locks and his face is clean shaven. he wears a waist long covering of tattered cloth painted in blood, complemented by a well worn blood stained cloak torn at the chest. His footwear varies. His weapon of choice? A two-tailed flail of course, both a catalyst for his sorcery and a weapon to beat and bleed his enemies to death.


WELL! That's going to vary quite a bit from setting to setting... generally I envisioned him as a dark prophet of sorts, aware of things both heretical to the dominant faith and generally no mortal mind should ever bear the burden of knowing. He would be a he, human-ish, anti-villain, and of extremely dark origins that contrast with a setting. I'm talking grimdark Gachi dungeon in Camelot kind of dark contrast. Specifically, he was some shmoe who through some horrible torture that he simply did not deserve would go on to be awakened to the powers of the blood, and glimpses into the darkest recesses of the soul. The pain and madness of the scenario making him just so damn hard to break any any other situation by comparison, endowed with a new pure purpose.

Role, Tactics, and Abilities

Keep in mind all of this goes right out the window as soon as an actual table top system is in place... Tactically, he is an in-your-face, leach-tank(-healer?), bruiser. Focusing on taking damage, reflecting it, and draining the life from those who stand in his way (only if they *live* of course). He would become increasingly powerful with his strikes and spells the closer to death he gets. I envisioned him being able to heal others by sacrificing his own vitality, or curing diseases by bleeding them to near death. Power in the blood, eh?
The rattling wooden pull cart filled with scavenged odds and ends was tugged along by the tall iron clad figure wearing the remains of a cape around the air holes of his helm in order to keep the ash out of his lungs. He was semi-stumbling forth, he was tired. So tired. Huldmans Stand, a small fortress before all shattered was somewhere in this area, maybe it would be intact? Maybe it would have other survivors? Maybe he was going to die tired in this wasteland. He'd have to rest soon, but for now at least; in the dim, brief, bitter flashes of light he could march a little further. He mumbled bitterly, "...God damn them all..."
Gambler in Yellow

A tall Caucasian man of about average build, six-three in height, and about one-hundred-ninety pounds in weight. Scruffy red curls, a handle-bar mustache with goatee, and bright green eyes. Wears a dark yellow leather riding coat with a yellow wide-brim leather cowboy hat to match. A pair of grey-blue jeans, black riding boots, and engraved 32. special brass-plated revolvers on each hip. He walks with a upright cocky swagger at all times.

Known Information:
He's a "friend" of the mayor, or at least one of the few people he'll see. Comes and goes with the seasons, but he's been a regular in this town since its founding eight years ago. Comes to gamble and drink at the saloon mostly, but does a bit of shopping at the shops. He's used a few different names over the years, most predominately "Mr. Stahre". Such misinformation has resulted in most of the locals having a good bit of distrust to the man, dubbing him as the "Gambler in Yellow" or just yellow both as an insult and to make damn sure they don't play his game. He's detached mostly, cold but flamboyant. Generally a sarcastic joker, but he's got a mean streak, he has put men who took offence to him in the ground though dueling.
CS? I'm assuming you don't mean code segment. It's a Jump in RP. Make a disturbed western character, give 'em a reason to be visiting this creepy town, interact with other characters and the town, try (not) to be undone by things beyond human understanding.
Like I said, I can't say I haven't seen it before. One example was a biopunk RP that had rapidly evolving/mutating animal people as a whole faction. Granted that was not on this site so you could say I'm a pedantic arse. Don't feel like I'm pissing on your parade though, that's still a neat concept that not many would tackle.

Also, me? Sarcasm? Never... (sarcasm)
With hundreds of topics posted it can be hard to find specific topics/time frames. I humbly propose for the sake of ease of navigation an option to filter topics by tags, date posted (newest/oldest), and user. Additionally a search bar for searching the title of the topic would be an excellent tool for navigation. That is all, and to whoever has been kind enough to read my humble suggestion: I hope you are having a wonderful day.
The sky is choked with dust, only the occasional ground shaking crash and reddish light of the lighting and thunder that permeates the thick grey smog that prevents sight for more than a ten meters ahead. Low roaring of winds can be heard all across this land, only broken on occasion by the sound of stone falling onto stone, or even more rarely the vague cry of something mimicking the human voice. The landscape is dotted with ashen, blackish, crumbling brick buildings. Scattered across are the remains of the ashen silhouettes of people frozen in place as the catastrophe struck. It's enough to wonder if anyone could survive in this desolate place...
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