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I've grown bored and discontent with the site and not wanting to spend more time on something where I am no longer having any fun: I have decided to cease logging in.

Farewell! May your days be full of mirth and substance.

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Notice of Cancellation:

Sorry to everyone interested, I'm canceling the project. I had a custom system I'd been working on, but between the Roleplayer Guild being not very helpful for formatting and the workload of making the system taking up too much time in my other hobbies, I've decided to can it.
Caleb's Stand: the Town of the Dirgewood

(WIP: still adding to this experiment.)
@twannyman I'm not well enough versed in the lore of Oldhammer to say whether or not it is like Mordheim. The closest comparison might rather be something like The Hamlet from Darkest Dungeon. Regardless, the setting tonally will have definite consistencies with Oldhammer (pre-endtimes mind you as the writers of that reek of Tolkien's fetid bones).
What is a man but a miserab- *BUMP*

    1.) First and foremost I don't pull punches and this RP will likely contain graphic content. By applying you are agreeing that you are 18 years or older.

    2.) I have a high literacy ceiling. You need not use such verbose language but you should be able to read it.

    3.) There is no "you must be this gender" or such, just keep in mind the setting is low fantasy. So your not going to play that kitsune grand sorcerous you may be thinking of...

    4.) The character in question should be rather mundane in wealth, power, and influence. In short: no FuCkInG DeMi-GoDs.

    5.) I RP over DM's. Apply by sending me one and we'll see if we mesh.

The Long Road to Heildsberg

The bitter, long, dangerous journey to the isolated town of Heildsberg has taken much, yet despite the journey you have arrived before it. The perpetually shrouded, misty, forested holdout of corrupted law, reprobates, and degenerates living on cursed soil... The town: a large, hive-like congregation of stone brick structures piled high like a mound of ruble surrounded by the simultaneously impressive yet clearly worn walls and gates. Looming over the eternally darkened ruble hive is the oppressive grand manor of the viscount and de-facto lord of Heildsberg, Doltry Hostine.

The town as ever throughout its history is under crisis. The dead must be cremated or sanctified immediately, for they do not remain where they lay long. Brigands, slavers, wildlife, and worse stalk the forests that maroon the *bastion of civilization*. Inside wall is not too much safer, crime is rampant and the enforcement quite brutal. Far worse however, is the ancient mines and catacombs that seem to stretch on endlessly beneath the town. Bringing forth an endless slew of monstrosities and treasures for those willing to take the risk, or the fools the baron hires on to pursue his various fools' errands.

Now that your here, maybe you should turn back? Suicide is always an option. Then again, chaos can be an excellent source of revenue and you could always make friends in low places...
Vampiris Lux-Flagellatus

"These fiends all! How many of us have lost kith and kin to these abominable corruptions of the spirit? No more! No more, I say! Brandish your steel and flame! Praise thy god and make ready! Tonight the flock will overwhelm the wolves!"
-Father Malachi of the Graceful Concordat's rallying cry

Table of Contents:

    1.) History
    2.) Infection
    3.) The Nature of the Beast
    4.) Treatment


The exact origins of the scourge of vampirism is a hotly debated topic amongst doctors and religious leaders alike. Most peoples recorded histories have some story or another about nocturnal bloodsucking monsters. However, these stories are drenched in superstition. More recent repots however, recent by four-hundred years more about, regard them as having an origin in the red Plague of the ancient (now ruined) city of Sargal.

The all resources are strictly second hand. All accounts congruently regard the water as being tainted, causing a mass plague to break out across the great city. Reportedly those who drank the tainted, pinkish water became infected with blood leaking out from every orifice. Most died. This resulted in the ruling class quarantining most of the city and eventually abandoning it. The inhabitants, effectively left to starve in their prison turned to cannibalism to survive. The populous was no more. What remained and it thought to have escaped that ruined city would be the progenitors of vampires we are dealing with today.


The Nature of the Beast
The vampire: a biologically distinct mutation stemming from humanity and now biologically immortal creature is hyper aggressive entity that must digest human blood in order to survive. They are however not without higher reasoning capabilities, resulting in them nesting themselves in societies. The longevity of the species means a devious intelligence from advanced age. Phycological screening of captured subjects suggests a commonality of these disorders: anti-social personality disorder, psychopathy, and sociopathy.

No known treatments or cures have been discovered. It is recommended to consider euthanasian or extermination for the sufferers.

((Author's Note: given the dependence of a character of mine as well as a setting, it would be a good idea to define base line vampires in the said setting. It is worth considering moving these two entrys to my humanoids.))
I'm cooking up a dense dark fantasy RP set in a cursed city facing multiple crises at once. More of a focus on realism, exploration, and brutal combat. Is anyone even interested in something this specific?
Marmot the Vigilant

"A towering figure clad in blacked steel plate and chain of plain make. Abnormally tall in fact, around 7'2" and of lean build, or as is rumored. The gorget and visored full helm are chained and locked to the breastplate, making it impossible to be separated without tools or key. This man favors a spiked long mace. Keeping a heavy war-axe as a sidearm.

Pompous, sardonic, and grim. Marmot exudes an intriguing yet simultaneously repulsive soul. The imbittered and wizened outlook of a seasoned vagrant in combination with the grace and arrogance of a true blue noble. He is an entity of paradoxes if nothing else. Outwardly furtive and disdainful in nature. He easily shifts between uncouth and refined words. Spontaneous with his wealth the man drifts aloof from violent trade to violent trade, flushing his funds and then spending them just as quickly as he was payed. Yet regardless of his semi-misanthropic attitude, his reputation as a man hunter, mercenary, or killer for hire border on mythology."

-An excerpt from the letters of Sargent Ostian of the Empire of Serbec

To many, Marmot is a man with no past, no future, and no salvation. Yet all men have an origin. Doubtless once he was of some chivalric order or moreover militant and of inflamed ego. However, such things have faded from his far to ancient and far to deteriorated mind. An effect of advanced aging, living unnaturally beyond his years as well as the inevitable brain damage an existence filled with combat has wrought. Accounts vary as to who exactly the man was, if he has any decedents, or even what his actual name is. Surprise-surprise, people aren't usually named after a large rodent. Likewise his title, "the vigilant" is of recent acquisition. Of what can be definitively trace are loose connections to various mercenary bands or the odd paperwork for bounty hunting contractors.

This biologically immortal creature is a sufferer of a heavily mutated form of vampirism lux-flagellatus. Specifically, the mutant strain fallows the manner of infection and biological alteration but fails in one important manner. Cellular mitosis, or even more specifically the infected host lacks the ability to produce the unique hormone crimosaquinegine (typically produced by those afflicted with vampirism lux-flagellatus when they ingest glucose from a non infected humans' blood.) which is necessary for the infecteds' cellular mitosis. The only solution for the infected is to devour crimosaquinegine from the other infected with a stable strain. This produces a cannibal: a vampire that devours vampires.

Symptoms include:
-Albinism (the loss of pigment in the skin and hair)
-Ocular Albinism (light sensitivity)
-Hypersensitive musculature (acute reflexes and a constant tense state)
-Homeostasis temperature drops to 63.2`F (typical human homeostasis temperature is 98.6`F)
-Increased skeletal density (the marrow becomes more calcified increasing the bones density)
-Engorgement of the amygdala (the portion of the brain responsible for aggression and disagreeableness)
-Increased testosterone production (the chemical that causes muscle growth and affects aggression)
-The separation of mandibles, and the transformation of the tongue into a flexible proboscis (the human jaw, usually consisting of the left and right mandibles, split vertically at the center. Inward jagged barbs that will serve as teeth form from the separated mandibles.)

((Author's note: a *bane* sort of architype I've been dying to try to no avail, as well as a bit of a "I condemn you..." to the mountain of vampiric Mary Sue-likes everyone and their grandmother seem to have.))
Hello! I came across this thread and I wanted to know if you were still searching for an RP partner?

Perhaps a mercenary in the Duchess' employ? A yellow garbed, mouthy, flamboyant, great-swordsman bound by darker powers? Less subtly, a bit of a reference to cosmic horror.
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