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*Sighs* . . . . .
I got it! I think! Friend request launched.
Ah, I thought it was something of the sort. I am on the guild's discord if that counts, I'm also on discord in general.

Majin Eve

The pink skinned girl ran quickly, but had to slow to down to avoid running into people, she tried to catch up to Jackie Chun but lost him in the crowd.

"Darn where'd he go?..."

She thought aloud as she looked left and right, her brows upturned. She closed her eyes and shook her head.

"I guess I'll just try and find him later, the tournament is still going on, maybe he'll stick around to see who wins."

Eve smiled lightly before heading back, slightly disappointed she wouldn't be able to find out why Jackie Chun gave up the fight. She got back just in time to see the winner decided for the last battle today. She pouted, only seeing the end of the fight.

"Naw, I can't believe I missed the whole fight!"

She frowned, stamping a foot onto the ground.

"But that attack was pretty cool, I guess... Haahh... Guess I'll find somewhere to hang out until tomorrow."

The Majin's stomach lightly gurgled at her, reminding her that that Jackie Chun guy mentioned something about taking her out to eat, twice, before their fight and during it. Letting out a sigh, she pat her stomach before heading towards the exit.
IM services? What? ^-^;
Time is but a concept man hath created, tis good to read from ye once again. ^-^
@rhema13 You're alive!
How goes it my fellow roleplayers? ^-^
. . . . Welp, only one thing to do now. *Quickly sets up a small camp site* ^w^
So anyway who doesn't start fighting soon, shall essentially forfeit their lives, just so you know, that way I can continue on without worry.

Oh goodness... 0w0;
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