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Skarsneek of the Red Hill

"You seen other goblins before? When?" Skarsneek asked, slightly surprised at that. He never knew goblins reached this far, he himself didn't consider coming east until there was a mission to screw the Varjans over.

"But me? I'm Skarsneek. I'm here to screw the Varjans over." He pointed a thumb to himself before getting to the meat of the story. "But as to why Takeshi there changed? Let's just say their defense of the beach went poorly. He was the only survivor, heard your lord was captured but he might be dead already."

"And the Varjans are worse. Much worse than you think." Skarsneek answered before pointing out the most significant reason. "They're attacking and conquering a nation of they can use this island to invade Zipangu as a whole."

Honestly, Varjan would've such an easier time if they just offered a joint effort. Although considering how Shizuyamans are, it'll be rejected out of sheer pride.

"This ain't just your Island business anymore, it's the entire east we're talking about here."

Once done, Skarsneek and Yurine attention drew to the reason why Atsuha and Hinami came here. To find a stopgap measure for her fury.

Come to think of it, was that the purpose of the talisman?

Honestly, the shocking thing wasn't them turning into monsters but trying a forbidden resurrection spell. Those things aren't lightly to be taken.

Slouching forward as Skarsneek squat down in contemplation.

Thinking on it further, that uncontrollable anger seemed similar to how a zombie or ghoul when first emerged. Only seeking to fill their desire to feed.

"...Atsuha, how long was this ago?" Skarsneek addressed her as he stood up and got closer to Hinami. The answer can't be that simple but it's a possible one.

It took a long while for normal undead to turn into ones capable of speech and coherent thought. Liches and Vampires skipped the process due to the former transformation of a strong background of magic while the latter was transferred or born to them.

So we getting started or waiting for more people before that?
As you may already know of course; the group size and number will be determined on the amount of players. Though NPC creation will be allowed to an extent. Im willing to play damn near anything in this particular universe to be honest but id hate to be a Marine under Sakazuki right now 😂😂😂

True, but for me, I just find it interesting to RP as a marine under Sakazuki since well, a lot of the pirates really ain't exactly the Luffy-type but more of the traditional pirates of raid, pillage, plunder and pilfer. So controlling and arresting them is gonna be a really great conflict. (Also sets a somewhat rival/antagonist if other players play pirates.).
Agreed on the need to focus on 1 group, but if the GM feels like they can handle it then it might be possible for them to do both group.

I am more partial to the marines, but that is my preference.

Skarsneek of the Red Hill

"Got ya," Skarsneek said with a thumbs up to Atsuha, not really going to argue since Hinami's conditions looked to be getting worse.

Admittedly, he really did wish Atsuha can tell him more about this. He didn't precisely like being left in the dark, especially when it was someone close to him.

So with that, they traveled in the mist carefully as a group. Skarsneek constantly scanned and watched their rear like a hawk. It took a while as they moved in silence until he saw Takeshi stopping in his tracks when they walked past a row of graves.

Turning his attention to a particular one, he noted the much more cared-for condition even as Takeshi explained further whose grave it belonged to.

He kept his comment to himself but when the nape of his neck rose, Skarsneek turned instantly to where a figure came from the mist.

Both clubs slammed into one as he readied for a fight, he hadn't even noticed until she was this close and that was only due to the figure shouted first.

Though when she muttered Takeshi's name, and the latter recognized her in turn. Skarsneek relaxed himself a little as he rested his quarter-staff against his shoulder.

"You're lucky, nearly everyone got wiped out in the first attack. Takeshi here is the only one that made it out. Not sure about your lord." Skarsneek gave a summarized version of current events to her. "We're rounding up everyone that can fight, and you're the few on that list."

Though taking a closer look at Yurine, she certainly aged gracefully in his opinion.

Skarsneek of the Red Hill

Listening to Takeshi and explaining more on Yurine, parts seemed like a cover-up. No way someone that strong or resourceful was just dumped into grave keeping.

Though then again, it's not that improbable. Maybe she just really does want to have some peace and quiet in that kind of job.

Oh well. He shrugged his shoulders at that. "Well, hopefully she got whatever we need to help out with Hinami there."

Arriving at the cemetery, the chilly air seems to soak into his bones as the mist hung over the. Takeshi pointing out that this was not natural had Skarsneek went down on all fours and placed his ears against the ground in order to get a clue or two.

"I wouldn't bother." Skarsneek said to Lunatea as he dusted himself. "You'll be wasting energy, and this might work out to our advantage."

"I mean, you're a rabbit right?" He gestured to her two long ears. "You should be able to pick up noises far better than all of us."

"Just stick together, Takeshi, you lead the way, Luna, stay in the middle so you can support and warn all of us." Skarsneek laid out a plan for their formation. "Atsuha, cover our rear by putting some web silk. That way we can tell if anything approach from the back."

"Hinami, you're with me and behind Takeshi."

Whether they follow his plan or not, it's entirely up to them. Skarsneek was more than willing to change or adapt according to their suggestions.

"Distracted?" She sent him a glare, crossing her arms with a huff. "Who do you think I am? I always take fights seriously, you know. I might be a scholar but that doesn't mean I don't face my share of danger going out there exploring ancient ruins."

"If you say so." Skarsneek teased and shrugged his shoulders before clearing his throat.

"But really, if you get in danger, holler out." He spoke much mroe earnestly to her and tapped her shoulders playfully. "I'll be right there."

"Yeah, I head the man back when he introduced himself, thanks. She felt that this little goober was going to be one of those pesky jerkys who'd get on her nerves somehow. "And as you can all plainly see--" She used one of her mechanical arm to lightly tap the large, hulking workbench and cargo-which-lay-upon-it that was located right behind her. "-- I got a bit of luggage to unpack. So, thanks for offering, but I really should set everything I'll need up before I go exploring an island full of monster-hating invaders and locals, don't you agree?" She gave a slight sneer at the young lord as she said this.

"Try not to get kill!" Skarsneek waved to Relica as the latter departed.

Once she's gone, Skarsneek slapped both hands together and turned to the group. "Alright, let's go find ourselves the undertaker."

With that, Skarsneek quickly went and packed a few supplies. Just in case, one can never be too careful without water, food, torch and some ropes.

"Say, Takeshi, what do you think Yurine? Feels weird that she's a grave keeper yet from your words, sounds like she was a fighter before that." Skarsneek asked and prodded, after all, it seems like she was around even before Takeshi was born and possibly even the previous lord. "Also, kind of skewed priority or there's something else within those cemeteries. You know, with the fight all."

Maybe there was stash or supplies kept there? Hopefully, it's something they can use, otherwise, well, Io might be able to do something about the dead.

Was it sacrilegious and disrespectful? Absolutely.

But they need every arms right now, and Skarsneek doubt that their own ancestor would've sit back in their graves doing nothing.

Still, better not to mention it Takeshi out right.

Skarsneek of the Red Hill

"Hey, looks like we're working together." Skarsneek opened his arms and smiled at the wererabbit and teased her. "Try not to get too distracted, wouldn't want me to pull you out of trouble, would we?"

Though the light from the temple distracted him as he narrowed his eyes before releasing that tension away. He remembered seeing that in his travel, looks like more backup had arrived.

Great timing too since the scope of this operation, was already a lot bigger than he expected.

Seeing the new presence was a Gremlin however, had him slightly disappointed, but he'll take whatever he can get at this point. Though it was rare for him to see one.

"Welcome to Shizuyama island, Relica." Skarsneek said with a smile and extended a hand to her. "Where it's always sunny with a chance of a catapult, arrows and Varjan attacks. Also, the locals are just as likely to attack you since they're raised to hate Mamono!"

"But enough of that, I'm Skarsneek by the way, and here's our dashing leader, Takeshi Oja!" He swiveled to Takeshi as he moved in to settle the awkward moment before whispering to him. "Relica's a Gremlin, no worries, everyone gets confused. I couldn't tell most of the time actually. Best way to figure it out are their fancy metal toys."

Though he looked up and down on her, he added a bit more information. "She's a little bit bigger than most of them. So there's that too."

"We're about to go on a mission." Skarsneek added before pointing and gesturing to the rest of the team. "If you're feeling up to it, you're more than welcome to join in."
Just to inform you all but I'm busy till Saturday, so if people want to reply first without me, go ahead.


Skarsneek of the Red Hill

Standing around the plaza as he relaxed himself, Skarsneek kept eyes and ears out for any information he can find.

Though a familiar skittering had him smiling and turned, that quickly changed as he noticed the unusually serious look of his wife and sister.

Being dragged off quite forcefully, Skarsneek had to double his steps if due to the rapid speed and long legs of Atsuha. He then turned to Hinami and quickly inquired. "What's wrong?"

In between receiving his answer, Atsuha finally stopped as they came by Takeshi and a monk. The two looking at a hot spring.

Come to think of it, he never been in Shizuyama hot spring until now. A lecherous thought came and snickered, it'll certainly be a good place for a quick coitus-

"Hey, young master." Skarsneek shook that thought away when he heard his name being mentioned. Looks like they have to find this Yurine the Death Keeper.

Honestly with a title like that, it was not an auspicious title. He wagered that it hides some really nasty things, if his experience with necromancers and undead was to be believed. "If she joins, try to make sure she doesn't kill Io or try to put her to an early grave a second time."

"Get it?" He then snickered.
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