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8 mos ago
Current Friends are out partying while I'm watching cartoons and writing up RP post ideas in my bathrobe. Perfect Saturday Night.
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8 mos ago
When you put a lot of effort into something and it doesn't get acknowledged.
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8 mos ago
I currently made a sci-fi/fantasy space opera hybrid. Come check it out!


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@ClocktowerEchos nice! That can be the standard sentry armor, since mostly everyone that joined doesn't have specialized armor in their inventory.
@Utrax @Utrax I'll try and get a quick response up today.
No worries! Take your time. Hope school is getting less stressful on ya. It's about to get pretty rough on me this week.
@DepressedSoviet DJ Gabe and Bear are accepted! You can park that Chevy in the character garage

this would be a cool car to us, too bad its ginormous

Actually, I'd like to use this for an upcoming mission... Thanks for sharing it! As for which car you want to drive, I like the van if you're going the Siamese twin route. You mentioned long range so I'm assuming one twin will be a sniper and the other the spot? I also like that idea.

With Merc Lord and potentially @Nariata looking to apply, I'm going to close up applications. We'll start no later than Tuesday afternoon 4pm-ish (Pacific Standard Time) so try to have your sheets turned in before then. Thanks for being patient everyone!

@Mercenary Lord I like that idea! I'm totally down with that.

@ClocktowerEchos Awesome work. Ifanyr is accepted!

@Lady Selune would've liked a bit more detail in the bio but I understand what you're trying to go for. Madhev is accepted.
@Zetsuko Sorry! I asked who was finished with their sheets and @Treue was the only one that responded.

Dre is accepted! Go ahead and park M35 in the character garage.

Observe Glory, response: Glory to the Road??

I posted my main. FYI, I'm going to be gone all day tomorrow. Will try to respond/go through character sheets when I can.

@Paradoxial I love the support role idea so much that I think my main will be one. He'll slingshot from Clives car to whoever as an offensive support guy and also breacher/saboteur to enemy vehicles.
Great ideas so far. I like st. Crispins day speech and Into The Breach as well. I'll put my two cents in. Everyone else can do the same and I guess we'll vote for it.

There's Desperta Ferro!, which means Awake Iron (almogavor battle cry) - that can be something we all shout as we start our engines.

Ride To The Sun! / Ride to Glory! - battle cry

Honor Me! - bit on ththe nose to Witness me, but can be shouted whenever someone does something badass to which those who witness it yell back Glory to the Road!

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