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God damn did that feel good to finally post after so long.
Kei Kinzo

It had been a while since Kei was able to get out of the house, for the past while he had been coped up in his house dealing with some personal stuff that had come up on emergency, while it was an inconvenience to Kei he still trudged along and got through it all come out of it alive and well, to say the least. While it was nothing really physical on his part it was still something that required a great deal of attention otherwise he would have been ruined for the rest of his life.

Sitting at his desk he pulled his chair out from underneath the desk and stretchered out both is arms and legs. They were cramping and overall uncomfortable he had been sitting at this desk for days on end and could not find a time to rest, well that was until now. Raising his arms over his head he let out a loud sigh of relief and slumped down into his chair. He was finally done and was it refreshing for him to be able to get his eyes off the computer screen. At that moment he felt like a prisoner, he hadn't been out in days, only ate instant food or take-out, and hadn't showered in what felt like weeks. As he sat slumped in his comfortable computer chair, he sat and listened to the ambient sounds around his house. The most prevalent sound was the low hum that came from his computer. He sat and listened for what seemed like eternities, but once he was satisfied he reached up, grabbed his mouse and navigated the computer screen until he put it into sleep mode. Retracing his hand back towards his body he listened as the low hum slowly came to a complete silence as the computer finally went to sleep. Just to confirm he looked towards the computer's power light and watched as it blinked at a constant frequency, confirming the computer was put to sleep. He stretched out his body one more time in his chair before standing up. As he stood up his body creaked as if had aged several years from being in a chair for so long. He groaned at the tiny pain he felt but once it was all out of his system he was so relieved to be standing. With a few more stretches out of his system he went ahead and made his way to the shower, he wanted to freshen up and go out somewhere before he went stir crazy.

He took his time in the shower, he wanted to be clean and he was not satisfied until he had washed himself five times over. Obviously it was an exaggeration from his part but he really did take his time. After being in the shower for a good forty-five minutes he went and soaked in a tub for another thirty minutes to ensure being as fresh as possible. Once all was said and done he dried himself off and got himself dressed in some semi-professional clothes, he made sure he looked great and even went the extra mile to smell amazing. He had no specific plans but he was planning for any contingencies. Once he was satisfied with himself, he made his way to his garage and loaded up into his car.

Without missing a beat he quickly pulled out of his driveway and sped down the residential street. Sometimes he knew he shouldn't speed down such a tight space but sometimes he also just didn't care as it was generally never filled with human foot traffic. Once he was out of the main neighborhood area he finally realized that there was something pretty big going within the city hall it seemed. Being a NEET for the past few weeks really made it impossible for him to keep up with the events going on within the city. This was honestly the first time he was hearing about some events that had happened, that was how out of touch he was. Looking around he finally made his decision, he was going to go down to the city hall and see what was going on down over there.

AFter a short drive and a parking fiasco, Kei was able to safely make it to the city hall. The crowd was sizeable and it seemed to be an overall good time. First things first though, Kei made a bee line for the open bar, it had been a while since he was able to enjoy a simple drink and was he dying for one. Once he was up at the bar he motioned for the barkeep and immediately ordered himself a drink「Jameson and ginger ale please.」The barkeep nodded and smiled kindly and went back over to where the liquors were kept and began preparing the drink Kei had ordered. Once it was ready, the barkeep came back over and placed the drink before Kei ontop of a coaster. Kei handed the barkeep money, he was unsure if the drinks were free or not so either he was paying for his drink or he was tipping the man. Either way Kei nodded happily and let the barkeep be on his way. Taking the drink in hand he slowly sipped at it, letting the warm feeling of consuming alcohol flow over him as he began looking around his surroundings.
Gotcha, thank you for the summary
So I am going to be honest, despite me saying I would get back in, I wasn't able to, a death in the family happened, and that consumed my life for the past month and some change. Everything has now settled and I am in a better state now, so 100% this time I am back fully.
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Where you at?

Im still around, just school and work dominating most of my life, sorry about my absence. I still fully plan to be a part of this, just still adjusting to my schedule is all lol
Alright so cosnidering the extensive maintenance I could not access the link you gave for discord lol, add my discord and send it that way just in case we go down again, Robo27#1265
Tried to join the discord but the invite link expired
Hacing some connection issues to RPG it seems :(
Hacing some connection issues to RPG it seems :(
Just to be sure a time skip has happened or is it in progress?
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