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Gah so super out if the loop, need to catch up tonight and get myself in before the time skip.
Alright I am now back home, replies will now be more frequent and consistent lol
Kei Kinzo

Everything was happening so fast at the time, it was getting a bit confusing for Kei to follow, so as soon as Marlin decided to go up and take the spotlight he turned himself the other way and laid his head against the arm rest. Letting out a loud sigh he drowned out all the outside noise with his own thoughts, as he was slowly drifting away in his thoughts, he was abruptly brought out from his day dream by the sound of the fire alarm going off and water from the sprinklers splashing all over him. Looking up he was confused. Without a second moment of thought he got up from his seat and began heading towards the door as every other patron was doing, there was no point to staying inside the venue and getting both soaked and deafened at the same time.

He slowly began shuffling towards the door, looking at his surrouding to see if everyone he knew was also getting out and was safe.

SO very very short post but nothing major from me, no worries I will keep up and catch myself up!
Ok ok sorry been a bit busy since I have been out and about with the girlfriend the past few days but I have some down time right nopw so let me pump out a post!
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Great post. Il make sure to have fun with that ;)

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Lengh is what lengh your happy with, and how you think it will best work.
If you write 3 or 30 paragraphs, it's OK.

We like lonver as you get more detail, story and such in it.
But if short, we'll it is short because it's how it's best written. :)

Il reply to everyone tonight. This may take a while though.

Guess I shall make a small post then in the mean time.
I will have a post sometime tomorrow had a long plane ride today lol.
What an interesting situation this is becoming lol, everyone is getting involved with each other. Wonder how this is going to turn out.
Kei is rich from both day trading and small arms dealing, if that gives you any ideas for future encounters. One thing though, he does not like flaunting it. Rather he hates it, he likes to live simply despite his riches.
Kei Kinzo

After Kei's insistance on moving locations, Ren took it a step further and led the three of them to a nice little lounge area, somehow it was open and free of people. All things considered Kei figured all the nice lounging areas would have been taken up by all the other guests but they got lucky and was able to secure a nice quiet area that could comfortably sit a small group. The three of them got settled in, Marlin took a seat, Ren was looking around a bit and Kei decided to take a seat as well within the lounge area, after a bit of exploring from Ren he let both Marlin and Kei know that he was going to grab himself a drink at the bar. Before Ren was out of sight Marlin yelled for him to get her a drink as well, a virgin sex on the beach. Kei didn't say anything about a drink for himself as he had already enjoyed himself a drink and didn't want to run the risk of getting too much alcohol in his system considering he drove himself to the event. Once Ren was engulfed by the crowd of people Marlin relaxed into her seat and stretched out slightly, revealing some of her well-toned legs. Kei was unsure if that was directed towards him or Ren and as such he disregarded it. Once was all said and done it was just the two of them.

Marlin finally got around to answering his question about why she was there personally, seeing as she was here just to have a good time, Kei nodded in agreement. After all he wasn't keen on jazz but a social event was a social event. After telling him that she was there to have a good time, she followed up with a question as to his interest in jazz.

「I myself am just here to be here, not super keen on jazz myself. This event was just an excuse for me to get out of my house and stretch my legs.」

As he was talking he heard a new set playing, this time with some vocals. he looked towards the source of the voice and saw someone familiar on the stage. It was even to the point that Marlin also made a remark about the guy being someone that she recognized from the Starboard. Upon hearing that Kei nodded in agreement, he definitely recognized the guy from the other night, while he may have not exchanged any words with him, he was still in a sense an acquaintance.

As Kei was going to open his mouth to strike a conversation with Marlin a very arrogant sounding voice broken the calm atmosphere of the venue. Shuddering at the sound of it, Kei turned his head towards the source once more and gazed upon a trio. They were an interesting trio. Their outfits were unique to say the least. Kei honestly felt that the outfits were tacky and unappealing, despite that the three didn't seem to care, they seemed to be proud about wearing what they were. Kei groaned audibly.

「what the hell is going on?」

Again as he went to strike up a conversation with Marlin a second voice, an extremely narcissistic sounding voice interrupted him. It was rinse and repeat but this time the person speaking was even tackier than the other two. They seemed full of them self, it was quiet a spectacle hearing them talk about how they were the greatest people out of all the people within the venue, how their riches made this city what it is today.

Shaking his head in denial he scoffed lightly and looked away from the trio as looking at them any longer would give Kei second hand embarrassment. He could not fathom as to how the three could be so brazen. It was obvious they were spoiled since they were babies and did not know a single bit of shame or have a proper moral upbringing. After all they were talking about how rich they were. It was annoying and uncalled for.

Closing his eyes he sighed loudly, he was kind of annoyed he never expected to be exposed to such people. In the middle of his second hand embarrassment Marlin made some remarks that he very much so agreed with.

「How I feel the same. So shameless and tactless. How can they just feel that it is ok to do that? Spoiled little children that don't have any self control.」

Kei was more than likely younger than them but he just felt that spoiled little children was the best way to describe the three. They were just an eye and ear sore at this point. It was a quick way for the overall good vibes and amazing atmosphere to be ruined.

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