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Where you at?

Im still around, just school and work dominating most of my life, sorry about my absence. I still fully plan to be a part of this, just still adjusting to my schedule is all lol
Alright so cosnidering the extensive maintenance I could not access the link you gave for discord lol, add my discord and send it that way just in case we go down again, Robo27#1265
Tried to join the discord but the invite link expired
Hacing some connection issues to RPG it seems :(
Hacing some connection issues to RPG it seems :(
Just to be sure a time skip has happened or is it in progress?
I promise I am not dead, just school has started up
<Snipped quote by Robo27>

Victoria is free.
She sat by the dance floor, near the bars in a quieter spot with Milo and Ravija.

He can always bump into her and say hi if you want.

Perfect that will do!
So wanting get a post up but kinda behind so if someone is available to interact with another character give me a heads up and I shall make an interaction post.
Been in and out of the house a lot recently I will have a post up tomorrow!
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