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@Fat Boy Kyle I went from unemployed to full time employee over the course of less than a week, so I've honestly been exhausted enough that I completely forgot about this, but I'm gonna try and get my next post up within the next couple of days.
I'm looking for work while I take a pause from university. Actually waiting on a call from a possible employer at the moment, and if I get the job I'll be moving back home to my parents.

I should have my next post finished in the next couple of days.

The increasingly loud patter of rain against the roof above Cristina drew her out of her thoughts and her book as she looked up at the small window with a frown. With every moment that passed it seemed as if though the rain was only growing worse, and venturing onto the rooftops that evening would pretty much be suicide. She hadn’t worked much lately and was growing antsy as a result, but thankfully the coin she’d stashed away was still not close to running out. She’d just have to find some other way to occupy her time.

She put away the book and made sure she’d all the equipment she’d be likely to need for the night before heading down the ladder to the rest of the house. The bow she left behind in her concealed storage area, and her hair she braided and pulled into a bun.

Though it consisted of two floors if one didn’t count the attic or the cellar, the house was fairly small and only the second floor actually looked lived in. It was also the most well-kept part of the house, and a clear sign of her landlords’ priorities. The lower floor was where he conducted business. To most of the public it was simply a rundown pawnshop, but to the thieves of the town it was the home and workplace of a fairly well-known fence. One had to be well-liked to survive very long as a fence in a city where criminals were as hunted as in Telchar, and Eski had been in the business longer than most in town. His greying hair and wrinkled skin told of that.

He was looking through one of his ledgers when she came downstairs and didn’t do more than throw her a quick glance before looking back down again. “Do you need my help with anything before I head out for the night?” she questioned as she approached the counter and pulled her hood up to cover her head. He looked up again and looked her over quickly before meeting her eyes.

“Not at the moment, no. Might want you to hide something when you get back, so wake me if I’m sleeping will you?” She raised her brow slightly but didn’t comment. Hiding contraband with magic was something she helped him with rather often, and it was rarely very difficult.

“Alright.” With nothing more to say Cristina made her way over to the door and out into the narrow alley. She didn’t see any people until she made her way out onto the bigger roads, and they were mostly keeping their heads low and hurrying on their way to get out of the rain as quickly as possible.

She kept up a brisk pace as she made her way further north through the commons, keeping her eyes down and avoiding any of the more well-populated streets. Cristina was only a few blocks away from the central district when she found the door she was looking for. Though it was the entrance to a bar no sign hung over the door, the only thing that marked it as anything out of the ordinary was the two glosseghar that’d been scratched into the door-frame. One that marked it as protected and the other two quen signs side by side, showing that both mages and creatures where welcome there. The door was unlocked most hours of the day, though drinks were only actually served during the late evening and night.

There was only one way to go once inside; downstairs into the basement, and Cristina made sure to close the door behind her before making her way downstairs. There where only a few people present, all but two deep in conversation with their companions. Of those two one was a larger man sitting by the bar; the bouncer whose work didn’t truly begin until the alcohol started flowing, and a lean brunette sitting off to the side of the room at one of the smaller tables.

She made her way over to the brunette who looked up as she approached. “Hello Cris. What brings you to Donnans’ today?” Cristina didn’t wait for any further invitation before sinking down into the chair across from the other woman, then threw a glance at the rest of the room before speaking up.

“Thought it was time to check in,” she stated as the two eyed one another. The cellar was only lit by candlelight, the few windows present along the walls having been boarded up since the bar opened, and one of those candles was placed on the wall just behind the other woman, casting her face in shadow and casting Cristina’s face in as good of a light as was possible in the room.

“Work’s been slow lately, has it?” the brunette questioned with a slight smile, causing Cristina to shrug and smile in return.

“That too.” The brunette’s smile bled away as she leaned back in her chair and looked Cristina over.

“Not many people who need or are even looking for help at the moment. Church’s no closer to finding any mages than they were last time we spoke, though there are a couple of businesses in the central and port districts who could use some illusion work if you’re up for it. Of course, the reason they need work done is because both the church and the guard have a higher presence there.” Cristina frowned as she leaned back.

“So there’s work to be done, but because it’s risky no one’s taken it yet.”

“That’s generally the case, yes.”
@Fat Boy Kyle Good to know you like it. I added another sign that warns for the Church/Warriors of Manannan & so the wiki entry is finished for now, but it's easy to add more signs if people think of any.

I've also started writing up a small wiki entry for the mage underground. The way I've figured it the mage underground isn't so much an actual organisation, but instead it's a case of almost every mage who lives in the city knowing and helping each other.

I'm working on my first IC post at the moment, but it's going to take a while longer since I prioritised the glosseghar wiki entry.

@MrDidact@BlackSam3091 The way I figure it Fridolf is only likely to already know the signs if he's previously worked in the city, but if he hasn't he might be aware of someone he could talk to in order to learn them.
I've got more to write about the use of the signs, and I'm gonna work out specifics for the different mage/creature specific signs, but these are the ones I've come up with so far. If someone thinks of any other signs that would be useful let me know and I can add them.

Well, Cristina wouldn't get involved in either contract unless she literally happened upon any of the involved or got dragged into it, so I'm thinking about possible jobs she could be working on.

@Fat Boy Kyle The dialogue looks good for me too, makes it far easier to see when different people are speaking.

And I've come up with an idea for a wiki entry. I was thinking that the criminal underground would have some signs decided like the shadowmarks in TES: Skyrim, though specific to the City of Telchar. They could then also have signs that marked if an establishment was mage and/or creature friendly, which would be of great use in a city that's as hostile towards them as Telchar. It seems likely that there would also exist some kind of mage underground focused on helping each other remain undetected, and the existence of such marks would be a potential help for any witcher who turned up to investigate Jaspar's death in finding people willing to help them.

As I'm already thinking about it I would be more than happy to write up specifics for a wiki entry or two.
@Rekaigan@GrizzTheMauler@Dealdric@Tybalt Capulet@Overlord Thraka

Aedre kept quiet as the guardian continued to speak, figuring she didn’t have much to add to the conversation, and instead watched the woman who had taken the shard – Yeva apparently – and her companion. She held the pistol she aimed at them with a steady grip, and given the way she hadn’t yet attacked or fled from the guardian despite his demeanour she likely had the skills to back up her confident stance. And the man certainly seemed to possess some sort of gift.

She was relieved when Yeva nodded and turned away, not wanting to linger any longer, and Aedre quickly followed as the other woman began to walk away. She looked over at Enigma when he spoke up again but didn’t offer any comment of her own for the time being, and then all of a sudden there were another couple of people walking up to them. Another two people from the bar, one of them the werelion who’d aided quite nicely in creating chaos amongst the patrons. But if the pirates were to turn up they’d be noticed in a moment with this many people, and the only place Enigma was likely to blend in was the city he’d been created in.

Smoke suddenly billowed up around them as she was watching the newcomers and hoping the guardian wasn’t going to pick another fight, and she only barely had time to see Yeva take off before she threw herself away from the smoke so as to inhale as little as possible. She pulled the staff close to her body as she rolled and got out of reach of the smoke, but hadn’t been able to avoid inhaling some of it and coughed violently for a few moments before getting back to her feet and looking at the group.

“Well, that’s certainly one way to get out of the situation,” she stated as she reached up to fix her hood that’d gotten slightly displaced in the tumble. With no idea of what exact direction Yeva had taken off in Aedre kept one eye on the strange group that had assembled and another on their surroundings as she considered how to proceed.
@Fat Boy Kyle Alright, I've finished the CS now.

Meet Cristina, an Aen Elle scout turned cat burglar!

This rp looks like it could be a lot of fun, and I'm working on the CS for a female Aen Elle who fled Tir ná Lia some years ago. I'm just wondering one thing about the sheets. If you're writing a mage of some sorts, do you have to detail every single spell they can cast? How detailed do you want it to be?
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