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Reposted from interest check.
I have ideas for: House Manderly, House Stark, and House Mallister. Help me decide.

I think any of those sound cool but House Stark is probably the coolest.

I understand where vance is coming from. Overpowered characters are generally a bad thing.

However this is Overlord isn't it? Pretty much the whole premise is that the characters are Over Powered. And when talking about the challenges we will face? Wouldn't it be like the same ones Ainz faces? Doesn't Ainz destroy absolutely everyone he meets without breaking a sweat?

I think people here need to step back and chill a bit because it seems to be getting pretty heated for no good reason and its sad to see people drop out of RPs for silly things like that.
If it helps I can decrease the level of my character a bit, I am not too bothered about the whole thing I just think we should all chill and have fun.
I will try and get the Baratheons up soon :)
I think we've got enough interest to begin. I'll start on the OOC tonight. In the meanwhile, tentative claims on houses would be nice.

Hmm, I think I will go for a claim on House Baratheon then.
Here is my character sheet, I got stuck a few times. Especially on the items and abilities part.

Sorry my internet was out for a day there so I didn't actually get to start on my CS lol. Will do so now.
I'll start working on mine when I get home.
I won't be on until tomorrow so hopefully this gets some interest :)
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