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The closing day of YGGDRASIL had been a sentimental one for Spring, in the final moments he could not help bit feel bittersweet as he looked back on all his old memories. He should have been shocked when the game did not shut down when it was supposed to, but in fact he was relieved. Spring had always been bad when it came to handling change, so just a few extra minutes in this game he loved so much only brought a smile to his face and a warm chuckle. He looked beside him at Sapphire. Her presence had brought him comfort, with her at his side he felt that his old guild mates were too with him. Spring parted his mouth to begin speaking a quiet thanks to the NPC but before the words could leave his mouth...

Something was attacking the Apocalypse Now guildhall. What is this?!? A raid?!? Spring thought to himself as the feeling of adrenaline began to surge through his body. One last fight didn't seem like such a bad idea and so with a wolfish grin Spring readied his spear. His mind had become so focused on combat so quickly that he failed to notice the differences from YGGDRASIL, Springs hands tightened around the shaft of his spear getting a firm grip on it and he steadied his breathing. Everything was different and yet the same, this was not his body yet it was.

But he did not have to wait long to see what was happening, a knight was charging a monster. A beholder... The grotesque being was sending red beams of energy out from its eye. This discovery caused Spring to hesitate for a few moments, which allowed him to start on questioning things. He had never felt anxiety before combat within the game so why now was he suddenly growing colder, a slight sweat starting to form on his brow.

A sense of dread began to eat away at Spring like never before. However. A light gasp to his side pulled Spring's gaze. Sapphire was staring at the raging Beholder, her face no more expressive than it was when the night began; however, her hands shifted in front of her as she repositioned her grip on Faith's hilt. Spring could tell how tense her body was, one warrior to another. But she didn't move. Her eyes came down briefly and met his.

In one brief moment of understanding, he could see the question she wasn't voicing. She wanted permission to engage. Springs mind was clear of all negative thoughts, with the brave Sapphire next to him his resolve hardened and when he looked back at the beholder once more he no longer felt anxious. He felt his muscles relax as his body loosened up, he did not realise how worried he really was in that moment.

His cheeks turned slightly red from embarrassment as he turned once more to Sapphire. "We shall strike this beast together. Now with me Sapphire, let us slay this abomination." Spring began to move forward to engage the beholder. His movements were that of such vigour and confidence that none would have guessed this seemingly brave warrior had almost became a coward a few moments before.

@TaroAndSelia @Lord Zee @BurningDaisies @Stern Algorithm @Anyone else in the guildhall.
I will try and gets a post up soon. To be honest I wasn't expecting for us to be making posts in the game, idk why but I thought we would be starting in the New World.

@IceHeart made the edits you wanted do I just move the character to the CS?
Major W.I.P

Alright trying to get House Baratheon finally up today :)
My power was out for a few days so I wasn't able to do what I had wished. My apologies once more.
Lol I said soon and have like taken more than 3 days. Sorry about that.

Reposted from interest check.
I have ideas for: House Manderly, House Stark, and House Mallister. Help me decide.

I think any of those sound cool but House Stark is probably the coolest.
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