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The fighting that arose from her other allies who attacked first made her realize she needed to take action rather than stand there on the beach sands. Turning to her entourage, the imperial princess spoke. “We may need the intel from our enemies, so an attempt to wrap them in chains will be an action to take.” Looking up to the wall of light that covered them, her Noble Arm appeared in front of her as the royal took the katana in both hands. Her own country was a great superpower at one point and controlled their territories with colonization, but the Chinese communists were now worse in the modern era of figureheads and constitutional monarchies.

Out of the Chinese war vehicles which came their way as an infantry battalion, they had water cannons which were an annoying countermeasure to the katana’s flames. “Rin-san, I suggest you use your ice to freeze the water. Your ability is most useful for my own weapon to turn this battle to our allies’ favor.” She ordered the kunoichi while Fuyuko herself had the katana send a tidal wave of fire to split off into fireballs that honed in on an enemy ground tank.

There was the aircraft to target, but one needed to be smart about it. She did want to focus more on taking out the infantry and if the measures to counter her fire were done, all she needed was to deal with them too.
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On behalf of her country, the ninth daughter of the current Emperor of Japan was deployed to the front lines in the gulf. She expected that the Chinese forces would be no slouch in military combat, so she’d had to be careful. The princess gave a nod to the young Fillipino man, the fire from the sun goddess will burn through the Chinese soldiers for their crimes over the atrocities they committed. “The flames of Amaterasu will give them their due punishment as a divine sign.” Her response was filled with zeal over the ancestress of the Japanese Imperial House and for the longest time, they were treated like gods until the end of the Second World War.

Her own outfit at the battlefield wasn't very much what a Japanese royal lady should be. The red military uniform and gold cherry-blossom engraved cap with gold medals signified that the girl was a commander of her own troop in spite of her age. Being Second Lieutenant of the Japanese Self-Defense Force taught her so much of warfare and military tactics, so today, the Phillipines will be safer under her watch.
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