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2 mos ago
I drink water now, like lots of water. The only reason it hasn't made me too powerful is because I always have to pee now and idk if that payoff is fair tbh
2 mos ago
It's funny how a song I haven't heard in almost a decade will suddenly have a chokehold on me and my music taste for a week.
8 mos ago
Today on things roleplays made me google search that's adding me to a watch list "Suicide bomber radius"
9 mos ago
No one remembers when corn kid said 'not everyone has to love it for it to be the best' and that quote hits deep
4 yrs ago
Never did I think I'd be avoiding my roommates to avoid getting asked why there was a fake wedding in the lounge room but here we are, thanks DnD


My brain just goes 'beep boop' and sometimes 'Ahhhh' and occasionally spills out something half-wise or half-decent writing.

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@Crimson Flame Lmao Kenji bouta go seduce the enemy

It'll be a distraction technique XD
Ooooo Consider me interested
Ioooh count me interested
Ooh You've piqed my interest
Possibly interested!
@SouffleGirl123 Oh, did Ayaka not notice the horns on Hanazawa? I was planning for all of our characters to notice that and it gives us a reason to start a dialogue.

Done! Sorry it's quick. Full break? What's that? Who's she? I think you mean catching up on the last 5 hours of documentation cus what is sitting down? Lol
@Blu Oh I forgot haha I'll edit the post to notice them on my break/before work if I have time

Kentaro was already present when Ayaka walked into the room. As he greeted her and commented on her outfit she gave a light exacerbated sigh. "Kentaro-san," Ayaka greets him simply. Usually Ayaka would find amusement in good-natured flirty remarks and would take pleasure in any chance she got to use that voice of hers but there was something about Kentaro's... was it humour or was he truly that full of himself? Ayaka swore that in the rare moments a caring soul took light but they were so fleeting she was unsure if it were true or her tendency to want to see good in her peers. Regardless his remarks fell much more on the sleazy side than general entertainment and thus Ayaka struggled to find pleasure in most of their many conversations.

As Kentaro brought up reports Ayaka gave a nod, "Of course, just bring them over in the next couple of hours," and with that returns to her conversation with Emi.

Ayaka expelled a sigh of relief as the announcement was called. She was safe... for now. Generally Ayaka didn't care for the politics of the company. The Taishi could change hands and upper management would care and she couldn't care less but something seemed... off about this situation. She twiddled her pen in her fingers between writing points for the recap email she was to send out. She scrawled half-cohesive sarcastic thoughts that would undoubtedly need to be highly reworked or removed from the proper sent put version- Ayaka didn't need Hanazawa's scurinty.

Rich to get richer she scrawled
Useless vague 'we're making a good change' comment, sure you are buddy

Ayaka looked up again noticing something on Hanazawa's head. Were they horns? No, they couldn't be. She blinked a few times to adjust her eyes. What else could they be though? The sleep deprivation and her 2 year old's imagination must be driving her mad. Still, she returned to her notepad

The Demon Middle Manager is taking his title way too seriously

Eventually the group were dismissed. Ayaka gave a small bow to her boss and his new superior and retired to her desk. She slipped into her swivel chair and wheeled herself to her desk where she logged in to her computer, insulting it a couple of times as it's cold screen instructed her her password was wrong (all though she was positive she was right.)

"Let me in, your stupid hunk of metal!" she snaps, giving the monitor a gentle whack, at that it finally let her in. A smile resurfaced on Ayaka's face as she went to work, opening all of the calendars of sales representatives and complaints officers, ready to book in calls and consultations. It would be a good day she decided.
This was my fave spam thread back in the day (and weirdly where I bonded with a few guilders) but it's comment locked so here's a reboot

It's simple. Shuffle your playlist on your prefered music service and post your first 10 songs. Doesn't matter how 'dumb' or cringy they are, no cheating!

Here's mine!
Last Night For A Table Of Two ~ Mayday Parade
Missing You ~ Set It Off
Snakes ~ Pvris
All I Need (Live Version) ~ Within Temptation
Warning Call ~ Chvrches
Awake and Alive ~ Skillet
Told You So ~ Paramore
Bright ~ Echosmith
When I Get Home, You're So Dead ~ Mayday Parade
Won't Say I'm in Love (Mashup) ~ Thomas Sanders
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