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Current Well, it’s been five years it seems, but I’m ready to get back into the action!
5 yrs ago
What do you call a German online weapons store? Kriegslist
6 yrs ago
This world is blessed to have baby elephants in it.
7 yrs ago
TT night here in Assen was the tits omg. Burnt rubber and AC/DC; fuck yeah.
7 yrs ago
My second dnd character also made two orcs explode, after which she cooked part of one to near perfection. One party member refused to eat. 'That's fine. I'm not mad. Whatever. '



Gonna use this for a quick overview of my rp interests. People can pm me at any time, really.
- 1x1's only, unless it's a group rp with a really small amount of people and not too fast-paced.
- Fantasy, both modern and otherwise
- Action, love it
- Adventure, yaaaaas
- Horror, though not all kinds of it. I do love the supernatural stuff, though
- I'm not very good at sci-fi, but willing to try if you're okay with me not being great at it.

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Thanks :D
Hi there!

About me;
- 29, female and not a native English speaker
- Work often kicks my ass, so I tend to reply a few times a week usually, but it does really depend on energy levels
- Casual-ish in reply length for the same reason, but my replies are usually tailored to what I feel the scene needs; longer if exposition, description etc. feels appropriate and fitting, shorter when dialogue is a quick back and forth, or if action seems to benefit from quick, short posts in which we both have equal agency in the twists and turns of the scene.
- Any pairing goes tbh.
- Most of the characters I write are male

What I look for in a writing partner;
- Someone preferably around my age. A bit older or younger is fine, but I prefer not to write with minors. That’s absolutely not a judgement of value, I simply find that I just gel best with people in my age range.
- Preferably female
- Lots of ooc banter and gushing! I want to bounce ideas off of each other and do lots of fun brainstorming.
- Equal weight distribution in terms of plotting/‘carrying’ the rp

Stuff I’m always excited for;
- Enemies to lovers or friends
- Characters that are in way over their heads
- Unlikely allies
- Hurt/comfort stuff; as much as I enjoy pushing characters to their limits, I do like it when they can find solace in each other’s company in the aftermath, you know?
- Urban fantasy!

Some rough plot ideas;
- Character A, a small time crook messes with someone way above their paygrade, character B, at the orders of someone high up in organizes crime. When B comes after them, B realizes that this person is not their real enemy, in a sense, and A is more than happy to use B’s power to get away from under the yoke of their supereriors, and B would very much like to get to the bottom of who is targeting them and why. B may be powerful, but A has the contacts and knowledge needed to get to their boss, and thus begins an unlikely alliance between the two, where they each have their own reasons to want to overthrow the organisation that hired/pressured A into working for them.
My preference here would be for role A.
- Two characters are both pressured into working for someone, each for their own reasons. As time goes on, both grow more and more fed up, and under the radar, together they attempt to find a way out.

More to be added soon!
Characters that would normally not really collaborate being force to by circumstance!
Thank you!
Hi! I’m Sprokkelhout, I’m a 29 year old lady from the Netherlands, and it looks like my last activity here was a whopping five years ago!

I’m a big, big sucker for urban fantasy, high stakes, pushing characters to their absolute limits and slow burn relationships, which includes platonic, too!

When not RPing, I like to take photo’s (wildlife, urban things, insects, etc.), draw my characters and stories, play games or just hang out with friends.

Looking forward to meeting new people here!
Interested in either a witch x wizard or a mercenary x target sort of plot
Love it! I probably wouldn't use them for character's as is, but it's definitely a fun way to quickly get interesting referece pics to use for drawing a new character, so that's pretty neat.
Character A and B share a youtube channel that does reasonably well, but not quite as well as they'd like, and one dat get their hands on what appears to be a code or 'treasure map' of some variety with everything on it well-coded. It comes into their possession by accident as they find it in a library book one of the characters took home from the university library.
They share its progress on their channel and make it a habit to try out the most upvoted suggestions, which makes them go viral. The hype surrounding their series gets bigger and bigger and, quite frankly, soon enough it becomes bigger than what they could possibly deliver, but they just ride that high without really considering the consequences.
Then someone who claims to know exactly what to do gets upvoted like crazy and, once he/she has proven to indeed know more, starts making increasingly risky demands that the duo feels compelled to comply with, now that they are neckdeep into this and not quite willing to let their newfound fame die down.

What I'm looking for:
- Decent English. It's not my native language, so I'm definitely going to bitch on a mistake or two, it happens, but it has to be well-readable. The characters are the ones cracking codes, not us.
- Effort in a post. I hate 'enforcing' a bare minimum, but I do prefer it when me and an RP partner write posts with similar levels of content. For me posts tend to range between 300 and 500 words. No particular reason why, that just appears to be my sweet spot. So someone who can match something like that without a need for filler that doesn't add anything would be great.
- I'm fine with the antagonist becoming pretty extreme in his or her demands, but I do want there to be proper build-up. The characters are 100% fair game to be dragged through hell and back, as long as the progression of events makes sense, basically. Let's make it juicy, but solid.
- A pro-active partner. I don't want to be the only one dragging the thread along.

Feel free to ask if you'd prefer to see a sample of my writing first.
Awesome, thanks!
Thank you! And definitely
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