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Current my ass is going to be busy for a few days while I help my sister get ready to go out of state.
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I finally got my name changed!
1 mo ago
Who thinks I should change my username to Star-Lord?
1 mo ago
Bethesda is trash. Fallout 76 is going to be shit. Where's Fallout 3 Remastered instead of an online only 'Fallout' game?
2 mos ago
Everybody, who wants to make a roleplay, should realize that some of their ideas will go nowhere and die. However, that doesn't mean we shouldn't give up. Learn for your mistakes and move on (2/2).


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History has always been my favorite subject in school, especially during high school. It helps us understand the past and how society functioned during periods of prosperity and despair. It can also be interpreted differently, which allows us to have a discussion about that difference in perspectives. History are stories of us. Stories that were not made up by an author looking for fame and recognition by the masses. They are based on something and/or someone in time that had enough impact on the world to change the direction of history. It is also fascinating to think about the "what ifs." What if President John F Kennedy survived the assassination attempt? Would he had been a great or a terrible president? Could the Space Age lasted a bit longer under the Kennedy administration? You see, there are so many questions that will be left unanswered if we didn’t know what the past was like.

Overall, history is the most interesting subject that I have learned during middle and high school because of how meaningful it is to humanity. It expands our perspectives on things while we are learning how everything came into place. It helps us form our own moral sense of what is right and wrong, good and evil. And history can make us understand the past, how we came to existence, and why we are living with the decisions made in the past. We would of never been able to understand the struggles of the people from the Middle Ages since they did not have cell phones or electricity without history. It's important to appreciate the things that we take for granted.

And people often talk about how they want to buy a time machine so they could visit the past. Why would you want to do that? We already have the perfect time machine: the history book.



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The only thing that bugs about Young Justice (and Clone Wars) is how they are only on their own streaming services. You will have to pay a lot of money just to use it only once.
You really believe that his tweets in question were edgy jokes? Personally, I hope that either Taika Waititi or Nicole Perlman replace him for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. Three. And what's going to happen to the script that Gunn already wrote? Are they just going to use it or make a new one?

"Just move yourself
And glide like a seven-forty-seven
And lose you're self in the sky
Among the clouds in the heavens 'cause"

Only one day passed by since the confrontation with Zynsalak took place in Yanus. In the hopes of getting answers, they were left with more questions than ever before. Hopefully, more questions will be answered whenever Rocket finishes repairing the black box. Peter Quill decided to look into the data from the flash drive while Rocket was still working on the box. On the other hand, Kraglin was keeping the Milano afloat while it was going to Knowhere. He sat there alone while Groot was most likely staring at a window. After spending ten minutes on the box, Rocket went to the dining area to grab something to drink. That was when he saw Quill working on finding clues.

He was finishing up looking into the first part of the logs when Rocket entered and headed for the fridge. "You want something to drink?" the raccoon asked while holding a bottle of alcohol for himself.


Quill closed the logs and got up to grab himself a bottle. He earned a break. Rocket drank the bottle empty and threw it in the trash can, where it landed on. He was impressed with himself for making the long shot. Quill closed the fridge and asked Rocket about the black box.

"Oh, that thing." Rocket sighed. "Zynsalak was right about it having some damage, but he wasn't specific about it. Since we are going to Knowhere, I need to gather a few parts in the black box."

"Alright, that sounds like a good idea." Quill responded and started to drink the alcohol.

"By the way, how is the hunt going?" Rocket asked with a smirk while pointing at the device on the table.

Quill laughed sarcastically and said, "It has been a pain in the ass. I found nothing of worth. I might give up by the end of the week. I won't be surprised if the information that we want was wiped clear."

He finished the bottle and threw it away. "I should check on Kraglin and see if we are almost there." Rocket waved goodbye and watched as Quill left for the bridge. Quill made his way to the bridge and heard nothing. It was unusual at first, but he saw Kraglin placing another bottle on the ground. He was done with his sixth bottle of rum. It wasn't an impressive feat. Quill clearly remembered the time that he drank fifteen glasses before passing out.

Quill slowly approached Kraglin while picking up the bottles off of the floor. "You know it would be good for everyone else if you didn't drink all of the boozes."

However, there was no response. And soon enough, he saw Kraglin pass out on the job. He was kind enough to make sure that the Milano was on autopilot. Quill rolled his eyes at Kraglin before leaving for the kitchen to throw the bottles away. Once he was done with that, Quill returned to the bridge and sat down on the seat near Kraglin. The best feature of the Milano was it's ability for someone else to pilot it. If one of Quill's "visitors" wanted to fly his ship, he would give control over to them. That easy.

Once Quill had control of the Milano, he turned the autopilot off and began flying the ship to Knowhere. Both Yondu and Kraglin tried to teach Quill how to keep a spacecraft afloat, but he wasn't able to get the hang of it. Not to say that he was terrible, but he could use some work. Regardless, he flew to Knowhere and landed in one of the hangers after talking to flight control.

After landing his beloved ship, Quill left Kraglin to sleep alone in the bridge. He soon saw both Rocket and Groot near the ramp getting ready to shop for parts. Groot waved at Quill and said, "I am Groot."

"Hi, Groot." Quill addressed Groot while waving and then walking towards Rocket.

"You know what to get, right?" Quill asked the raccoon.

Rocket rolled his eyes and responded sassy, "Of course, I do. I have repaired dozens of things before this black box. You just worry about that rock."

"It isn't a rock, dude. It's-."

"I don't care!" Rocket interrupted Quill before he could start. "Just find out if it's worth something and sell the thing."

Rocket and Groot soon left the Milano to look for parts while Quill went off towards a place that he knew. There he would find one of Yondu's assets that he still used after leaving the Ravagers. The asset in question knew well enough about mysterious artifacts and rare items. That issue was whether he was in Knowhere or not.
I really like posts that explain how normal people are reacting to superheroes and the impact it's having on everything. I don't know why but that kind of stuff makes me really happy.

Also, I am almost done with my (rather short and depressing) post. Here it is. I made it shorter so I could finally post something before the deadline.
Then, I need to get my shit together and finish up my post.
Is today my last day as well?
Akiva Goldsman, the writer of 'Batman and Robin' and 'Batman Forever,' is one of the men who helped develope 'Titans.' That should explain a lot.
Are there going to be events for spacefaring characters like Star-Lord and Kai-ro?
Flash's (and Sep's) reaction right now.

@Sep I didn't know we were linking the Infinity War soundtrack.

Infinity War soundtrack.

Infinity War

just kidding. gonna watch it 10+ times on my 4k tv and then cry.
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