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3 mos ago
Current "some people can't face the world. it doesn't mean they're weak, just scared." - finka, rainbow six siege (2018).
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4 mos ago
my ass is going to be busy for a few days while I help my sister get ready to go out of state.
4 mos ago
I finally got my name changed!
4 mos ago
Who thinks I should change my username to Star-Lord?
4 mos ago
Bethesda is trash. Fallout 76 is going to be shit. Where's Fallout 3 Remastered instead of an online only 'Fallout' game?


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History has always been my favorite subject in school, especially during high school. It helps us understand the past and how society functioned during periods of prosperity and despair. It can also be interpreted differently, which allows us to have a discussion about that difference in perspectives. History are stories of us. Stories that were not made up by an author looking for fame and recognition by the masses. They are based on something and/or someone in time that had enough impact on the world to change the direction of history. It is also fascinating to think about the "what ifs." What if President John F Kennedy survived the assassination attempt? Would he had been a great or a terrible president? Could the Space Age lasted a bit longer under the Kennedy administration? You see, there are so many questions that will be left unanswered if we didn’t know what the past was like.

Overall, history is the most interesting subject that I have learned during middle and high school because of how meaningful it is to humanity. It expands our perspectives on things while we are learning how everything came into place. It helps us form our own moral sense of what is right and wrong, good and evil. And history can make us understand the past, how we came to existence, and why we are living with the decisions made in the past. We would of never been able to understand the struggles of the people from the Middle Ages since they did not have cell phones or electricity without history. It's important to appreciate the things that we take for granted.

And people often talk about how they want to buy a time machine so they could visit the past. Why would you want to do that? We already have the perfect time machine: the history book.



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<Snipped quote by Sep>

2011, give or take.

Don't you mean... this?
@Sep Good luck!
Man, I hate allergies so much.
I had my existential crisis before I started to distract myself with the good things in my life. Also, I studied very hard with books and other things used during studying time.
My weekend was spent questioning life after I failed two midterms for the first time. And reading up on Red Dead 2. Other than, I should have a post up today.
You're right; that was a loaded topic. Let's go for something more digestible, y'know? Something light and breezy...

Understanding that perception is simply a matter of the brain interpreting signals from your senses, can we ever really say that we "observe" anything? I mean, in an objective sense, how can we ever know that what we're seeing/hearing/feeling is real and not simply an artificial construct created by our brain to simplify a world of endless noise?

... man, @Sep's a lot better at these...

... okay, so Titans. Has someone seen it yet?
Everyone is sick and/or going to get sick. Also, no politics on here please. I have deal with it often enough.
Well, midterms are basically over. (and guess who failed their math midterm?) I will try to start up a post today after I finish up with some school work.
@Sep Speaking of having ideas, I have some ideas on everyone's favorite gorilla: ULTRA-HUMA- GORILLA GRODD. If it isn't too early, to start planning it out.

Also, does anyone else want to meet up with the Black Panther at some point in the season?
To the people that use pictures in their posts, where do you find them? Especially the ones that are textless.
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