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History has always been my favorite subject in school, especially during high school. It helps us understand the past and how society functioned during periods of prosperity and despair. It can also be interpreted differently, which allows us to have a discussion about that difference in perspectives. History are stories of us. Stories that were not made up by an author looking for fame and recognition by the masses. They are based on something and/or someone in time that had enough impact on the world to change the direction of history. It is also fascinating to think about the "what ifs." What if President John F Kennedy survived the assassination attempt? Would he had been a great or a terrible president? Could the Space Age lasted a bit longer under the Kennedy administration? You see, there are so many questions that will be left unanswered if we didn’t know what the past was like.

Overall, history is the most interesting subject that I have learned during middle and high school because of how meaningful it is to humanity. It expands our perspectives on things while we are learning how everything came into place. It helps us form our own moral sense of what is right and wrong, good and evil. And history can make us understand the past, how we came to existence, and why we are living with the decisions made in the past. We would of never been able to understand the struggles of the people from the Middle Ages since they did not have cell phones or electricity without history. It's important to appreciate the things that we take for granted.

And people often talk about how they want to buy a time machine so they could visit the past. Why would you want to do that? We already have the perfect time machine: the history book.



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I dab on all of you

Here's another post! And another issue finished (unless I am told otherwise and I will just post one extra part).
Velinsky, Trasnia
Present Day

Issue #2.04

Inside the old room within the Old Fox Pub, Wonder Woman was caught off guard by Aladdin's sudden appearance. She didn't know who the man was but knew that he was trouble. Her sword was still pointed at him and ready to strike if he responded with conflict. Yet, it didn't bother Aladdin at all and went towards the empty Iron Man suit.

"Isn't it impressive?" Aladdin asked Diana while he rubbed the metal shoulder.

"Where is the person inside the suit?" Wonder Woman dodged his question and asked her own towards the man.

"There never was anyone in the suit. A simple levitation spell kept it afloat before it was hit by the missile. Of course, the hardest part was making the iron suit look precisely like the real one. It won't last a single day out in combat, but it will get you first place in a costume contest." Aladdin explained and then processed to grab the mask piece. "It took weeks to make it look convincing enough. I guess it worked perfectly. However, I am here to see you."


Aladdin put the mask piece back into place and responded, "Because you are an essential piece of my plan. Your ruthless methods of killing the enemy never genuinely changed with the times. Almost everything about you changed except for that. While you may think and even defend your actions, the world will judge you until you are forgotten and replaced by the new generation of heroes. Speaking of which, let's see how the world is reacting to the footage of your brutality."

Aladdin shook his right hand for a few seconds until a remote appeared out of nowhere. Wonder Woman knew she was dealing with a different type of magic that she never saw before. She started to question it until the monitors began to show newscasters throughout the world. Each one of them talked about leaked footage, received from an anonymous source, of Wonder Woman excessively killing Trasnian rebels. One of the news channels, GCN, warned viewers of the graphic content before showing some of the footages. Meanwhile, news anchors from the BBC told their viewers that the footages were too explicit to display even when it was heavily censored.

Diana stood bewildered while the screens kept on playing. Aladdin grinned delightfully at the sight of a confused Wonder Woman. Before she could say anything, he walked towards and explained that he leaked the footage to the media. Then, he turned the remote into a cell phone and began browsing Twitter.

Glancing down at his phone, Aladdin began to mock Diana before looking towards her.

"Well," He began, his tone full of taunt as he spoke, "At least you're trending worldwide."

Diana looked at Aladdin's smug smile and immediately felt hatred towards him. She knew that Aladdin understood how releasing the footage was going to be used by her opponents like Senator Swanwick and Veronica Cale. In response to the mockery, Diana spat at Aladdin and snarled, "You bastard!"

"Being one is my specialty." Aladdin responded with a wink, but his time with Wonder Woman was over. For now. "Unfortunately, I have places to be and friends to meet up. I know that I will see you soon. Until we meet again, I wish you well during these troubled times."

With a snap of his fingers, the several television screens vanished as Aladdin walked out of the room. Wonder Woman tried to give chase and capture him for good; however, a familiar face was waiting for her. Doctor Poison sprayed Wonder Woman with some gas designed to slow her down for a few minutes. The effects were almost immediate and Diana felt weak before collapsing to the ground.

"That gas will prevent you from chasing us for a few minutes. But regrettably, you will be fine." Doctor Poison said coldly towards Wonder Woman before escorting Aladdin out of the pub. She was unable to move and felt severely defeated for the first time in a long time. There was nothing she could do to make everything normal again. Then, she realized that her reputation was tarnished forever due to her reckless disregard of her actions. That was when she started to cry out loud.

Diana stopped crying once she realized that she could move again and headed outside. Petrovich and his men were able to escape with all of their equipment without any resistance. She stared at the ground in shame until she heard vehicles nearby. It was when she knew that Etta was looking for her to talk about the footage. And it brought up thoughts about her friends' reactions to her brutality. She froze in place while she listened to the vehicles stopping and their engines shutting off. Diana knew that she wasn't ready to deal with her friends. Not yet. When she heard a car door opening, Diana already made her choice.

Etta left the car and headed toward Wonder Woman while fully aware of the footage. But, she wanted to hear her boss' side of the story. However, Wonder Woman flew away without hesitation and headed west. Etta tried to call out her name, but it didn't stop her. Meanwhile, Diana started to cry again as she flew towards the place that she considered safe. The place where she lived the best moments of her life with her lover.

H A W K E Y E &

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This is where you outline your vision for the character including any notable changes or differences from the regularly accepted canon. This should be a short summary that provides insight into where the character is in terms of their overall progress and development.

C H A R A C T E R M O T I V A T I O N S & G O A L S:
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Why do you want to play this character, what is the driving motivation behind both this desire and the character themselves. What do you hope to accomplish and where do you want the character's story/stories to go?

C H A R A C T E R N O T E S:
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To be honest, I won't mind if there was a LOSH to handle extraterrestrial threats/matters while a Justice League/Avengers to handle inner threats/matters.
I like your Luther post...
Velinsky, Trasnia
Present Day

Issue #2.03

The militants had sped up the moving process with some of them starting to leave the town. It was clear that they were retreating; however, there was enough firepower to repel any threat to them. Wonder Woman, still on the rooftop, stealthily went around the square until she saw Petrovich leaving the pub. A white car was awaiting him while the driver was smoking and talking to a soldier. He threw the cigarette away once he saw Petrovich walking towards him and entered the car. There were still too many men for Diana to capture him. She couldn't do anything to get to him without alerting every man in the area; but, she decided to attack anyway.

Wonder Woman landed on the hood of the car hard enough to damage it beyond use. The soldiers quickly surrounded her with guns pointed at her while Petrovich nearly fell to the ground in surprise. She got off the hood and drew her sword intended for a bloody fight. Yet, Petrovich told his men to stand down to prevent further bloodshed. His men, at first, were confused until they were told again to lower their guard. "We already lost so many men thanks to her," Petrovich said in disgust towards Wonder Woman.

"Your men were killing civilians and officers," Diana responded while she was slowly pulling her sword away. "You will answer for your crimes, including Iron Man's death."

"While I might have committed crimes today, murdering Iron Man wasn't one of them," Petrovich answered.

"What do you mean? There was footage of-"

"His armor seems to be strong enough to withstand the missile but not the person inside. He's still unconscious if you want to free him." Petrovich explained and saw that she remained skeptical. He got closer to her and pointed at the Lasso of Truth. "If you don't believe me, then use it on me, and I will tell you where we put him."

Wonder Woman hesitated to tie the lasso on his wrist because she was suspicious of him. Yet, she followed through with his suggestion and asked him about the current whereabouts of Iron Man. Petrovich calmly compelled with the lasso and answered her question, "I ordered my men to place him in the pub. Now, how about we make a deal."

"No deal, Petrovich. You might not have killed Iron Man, but you are under arrest for unspeakable crimes." Wonder Woman interpreted him and grabbed his hand, which caused his men to draw their weapons at her. She looked at them and added, "You will be wasting your bullets."

Petrovich tried to resist arrest, but seemly gave up and accepted his fate. "Men, it's alright. Surrender now, and we will live another day to fight for the liberation of our home," he said towards his men with no emotion to his voice. Now, she was even more suspicious of his motive; yet, she effectively ended the civil war with his arrest. While she was dragging him inside the pub, his men were confused about their leader's sudden surrounded and began dropping their guns.

Once inside The Old Fox pub, Petrovich pointed to the room that Iron Man was being kept. To ensure that he won't escape, Wonder Woman grabbed his head and smashed it against the counter. Then, she grabbed a bar stool and ripped off one of its metal legs and bent it around his leg and the railing beneath the counter. Now with him secured, Diana was able to focus on rescuing Iron Man. She approached the door and slowly opened it to get a peek of the room. It was when she saw the familiar red iron leg and quickly opened the door. Iron Man was genuinely alive after all.

Wonder Woman rushed over towards him and untied him from the chair; but, he wasn't moving or responding whatsoever. That was when she decided to take off the mask piece of his helmet to see if he was breathing or not. But, she was met with a dummy instead of a real person. The reveal caught her off guard that she dropped the mask piece to the ground. Both she and the lasso were tricked for the first time in a long time. And with that, she planned on confronting Petrovich about it before taking him to the nearest cell. When she turned around, however, Diana was met with a wall of television screens.

At first, there was nothing on the screens besides static until one of them showed footage of Diana beheading a soldier from earlier in the day. Then, the monitors started to show more footage of her killing person after person. She didn't understand how someone could have managed to film her without notice, and why would someone do it. Suddenly, she heard a voice behind her.

"It's always amazing watching you in action primarily how easy you make decapitating someone. Of course, you are Wonder Woman! You make lifting cars look as easy as a pushup."

"Who are you?!" Wonder Woman drew out her sword and pointed at the person.

"Woah! Chill out, Diana! I was just complimenting on your technique. I mean, who taught you to do that? I bet that it was your father since nobody else would have-"

"Last chance, who are you?"

"Alright, then. Keep your secrets." the person put their hands up and walked closer towards Wonder Woman. "Even know I have a surname, I'd prefer if you call me Aladdin. It's the type of nickname that you usually never forget."

Inspired by Leftovers, Avengers: Infinity War, and Avengers: Endgame

With finals finally over, I had time to post!
Velinsky, Trasnia
Present Day

Issue #2.02

Wonder Woman looked from a distance at a police station occupied by the militants. The station was being raided for weapons and gears to use against any possible threats. She saw that the surviving police officers were being rounded up. It was clear that the militants were going to execute them. They were armed to the teeth with assault rifles and wearing tactical gear taken from the officers. One of the militants was patrolling for any signs of possible threats. The young soldier was clearly annoyed that he was forced to patrol basically nothing. He knew that nobody was going to stupid enough to attack armed men. Then, he turned around and saw Wonder Woman in front of him.

Inside the courtyard of the station, the remaining police officer was found and dragged towards the others. Three militants with rifles lined up and aimed towards the officers. Before they could open fire, the young soldier on watch cried out for help while two shots rang out. Everyone in the station rushed outside and pointed their weapons at the entrance. There was silence for a brief moment as the soldiers were nervous. Suddenly, a truck flew through the doors and landed in the courtyard. Wonder Woman flew towards the three men and cut them down with ease.

Wonder Woman hid behind the truck while the soldiers open fire at her. She pulled out her shield and flew towards one of the windows. Inside the station, the soldier turned towards her and fired their rifles again. She used her shield to bash one of the soldiers and stabbed him with the sword. The remaining soldiers started to fall back to the commissioner's office. Wonder Woman followed them and was immediately noticed one of the militants managed to find a shotgun. She protected herself from the bullets and threw her shield towards the wall, which bounced and hit the soldier reloading. It was a technique that she learned from watching Captain America during her time with him.

The other militants barred themselves in the office and prepared themselves to face off against Wonder Woman. However, they didn't expect her to kick down the door so quickly. She used one of the soldiers to throw at one of the men while using her shield to block the bullets. Then, she threw it towards another soldier and pulled out her sword. The sword managed to cut off the arm of the third militant. He let out a blood-curdling scream before she decapitated him. The two remaining soldiers looked in horror as their comrade was brutality taken out and surrendered.

"You are a monster!" one of the soldiers shouted at Wonder Woman in Trasnian.

"Says the man planning on killing innocent cops." Wonder Woman replied with coldness in her voice while throwing her lasso on the other soldier.

"Where is Petrovich?"

"He has set up shop in The Old Fox, a pub nearby the square." the soldier answered.

Wonder Woman thanked him before knocking both of them out and went back to the courtyard. She freed the officers and told them about the S.H.I.E.L.D. and World Veterans Federation camp near the border. The officers went on their way towards the site while Wonder Woman flew towards the square. Eventually, she found both the pub and square to be filled with Petrovich's men. It seemed that her presence has them running away with their tails between their legs. But, she spotted something truly incredible. Iron Man was still alive and being taken to the pub as a hostage.

The Old Fox // Velinsky

"Iron Man is secure and in place, sir."

"Thank you, brother." Yuri Petrovich smiled and placed his hand on the soldier's shoulder. "Tell the others to finish packing up. We may have lost the battle, but not the war. We will live to fight another day."

Petrovich watched as the soldier joined the others in clearing up. Admittedly, he hated leaving empty-handed and losing so many men and equipment thanks to Wonder Woman. He grabbed a bottle and started drinking while he entered one of the empty rooms to think. Unfortunately, it seemed that someone was already occupying the space.

"Nice pep talk. Let's hope that your men don't straight up abandon you after this mess." Aladdin smirked and finished drinking from a shiny cup provided by the pub. It was clear that Petrovich wasn't in the mood to deal with his bullshit.

"What do you want now?" Petrovich said irritated towards him.

"I just wanna warn you that she's close by an-"

"She's here?!" Petrovich shouted in surprise and went towards the door; however, the door handle vanished. He turned towards Aladdin and growled, "What's the meaning of this!"

"You are overreacting, friend." Aladdin explained his action. "Remember our little agreement? Well, it's time to listen to honor it and follow my advice: let me handle her. You take your posse, leave town, and hide at our meeting spot. It will take a while, but I will uphold my end of the deal. Got it?"

Petrovich sighed and drank the bottle dry. "Fine, I will listen. Just don't forget to uphold your part of the deal or you're fucked."

"Don't worry, I will be there." Aladdin smiled and snapped the door handle back into existence. Petrovich left the room and told the men to pack up faster while he started to help them out.

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